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  1. Call it a hunch, but something tells me she is one hell of a lay and head job.
  2. Dont have a meme or mene yet? here goes a joke Got a joke. What sound does a pig make? Oink, What sound does a turkey make? Gobble, gobble. What sound does a democrat make? Tax it and make those who work pay for those who dont. What sound has donald trump been making when democrats try to take him down and will make this time? MEEP MEEP ( see looney tunes road runner)
  3. considering the results of the 2018 elections in the House i will say I do think lots of people forget what happened, who did it and who supports more of them coming here.
  4. 100% true and i wish democrats would not fight efforts to make that policy. We are one of the only countries that reward bad behavior.
  5. I really never figured out how self defense was a political issue Then it occured to me most thugs in jail would vote demcorat if they could and of course democrats dont want dead voters.
  6. On behalf of men everywhere I would like to thank you congresswoman and accept your decision. Maybe Tammy "tuna breath" baldiwn ( D-WI) will fix you up if you need it.
  7. The democrat party does that all the time with impunity it seems
  8. I do not want to give punjab any ideas, but I am surprised people are not hearing about the site because its listed as a enemy of the state or domestic terrorist website. Or is it?
  9. They are too damn skinny. They need to take more than that. There is that isis bride that wants to leave syria. She can go there.
  10. that is slander against the wicked witch of the west
  11. Translate to spanish and mayan and put this at the border and mean it. I actually like this sign.
  12. I know i am preaching to the chior, but honestly. Do they really think that will make the state safer? Are they that damn stupid?
  13. Just so i get this. Mag capacity was 15 or 20 rounds before this? And now they lowered it to 10? Is it supposed to be like NY where you are supposed to sell the higher cap ones out of state or get rid of them or is there an exception?
  14. I hope my brothers and sissters in NJ get their permits as well as MD. SOmething needs to be done and I am hoping we have the court to do it.
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