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  1. Well, if Marion Barry could be re-elected mayor of DC after his "convictions...."
  2. Well.... "HBecwithFn7" is posting on NJGF.... Not my real identity...
  3. I'm not worried about the police finding me. If they want to find me, they will. So I may as well not bother to hide. My concern with all of this is strictly to ward off all the collection of my data for "marketing/merchandising" purposes... that' just plain creepy..
  4. But the locations where I may be are perishable info. If I really wanted to disappear, I'd just simply power down the phone, and then go back to a place where I can then turn it back on. If wanted to stay "off the grid" permanently, I'd not be able to have a smart phone. I don't think I'd be that much "off the grid...." ever.
  5. No, I don't do farcebook. I have an account, but I keep it locked down with no content and no activity. I almost never log into it. And I certainly don't do Interweb through it.
  6. Well, we'll see. I'm not one to download a bunch of apps... only the ones I need (mobile banking, home security.... etc.). I also have Malwarebytes loaded on my phone as well.
  7. In that case, no sweat... I do read the permission requests and deny what I need to. if the app can't install or function as a result of the denial, then "too bad... so sorry..." No app will gain access to the microphone or cameras. In general I install only what's necessary to install, and nothing else (eg. my home banking app, my home security app), things like that. If they're snooping, then maybe I do have an issue or two to resolve, but I don't think so.
  8. I do have a GS5. I don't ever turn on "voice command" mode. But I will be needing to get a new one shortly (probably a GS10). Otherwise, nada.... I'm not concerned with the GS5 in re: the "paranoia" context, and I'll vet whatever replaces it and handle it accordingly (i.e. power down if I have to... but I don't think I'll have to).
  9. I have an old(er) smart phone (a GS5... which I'll need to replace soon), but I do not have a smart TV with a mic (although it does have Internet access). I have no voice activated anything else. I don't see the need for the smart frig and any/all other IOT devices. If I can't remember what I need to buy at the grocery store, I'm in real, bad shape. And I will not be getting any of those things, anytime soon.
  10. And that is why i haven't one, single, solitary device of that nature in my house, and I really don't need one. I presently don't have Wifi in the house, either. All my devices are wired with wired switches and routers. I won't completely keep Wifi off the table if there's something I really need it for but, for now, all I need to do, I can do wired.
  11. Still alive... Still fighting. Florida is quickly losing it's luster as a "2A friendly state." But, still, we fight.
  12. Articles like this are why I say the antis are a lot smarter then we pro-2A folks give them credit. They know what they're doing. They've recognized that there's a group of "sheeples" that will believe whatever they're told... either by themselves or, especially, by the liberal MSM, the most charismatic force out there. We have to be just as charismatic... perhaps even more so. We have to start at the basics, though. We have to teach our children not to believe what they're told, but to analyze and question what they're told.... They need to learn how to think for themselves. I think the sheeples are as large a group as they are because they don't want to be bothered with alll that "Thesis...Antithesis....Synthesis." I recall visiting the Thomas Edison lab in West Orange, NJ, and one of the souvenirs was a card with his primary motto on it... a motto he borrowed from Sir Joshua Reynolds: We need to start with our kids and teach them how to think for themselves, and then teach them the value of that skill.
  13. It's because i am so familiar with the technology and how it's being used by these creeps, I don't have any of that in my house. No Amazon Echo, Google Home Nest, any of that. No IOT refrig, or anything. I actually dread having to purchase my next TV because I'm sure it will be Internet based. I guess as long as it doesn't have a Mic or a Tv camera embedded in it....Heck I don't even have Wifi. I have a completely "wired" network. I do have a FiOS router but I've disabled the Wifi part. I have to have that to have FiOS TV. Ah well.
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