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  1. Welcome from Tampa Bay, FL, from a former Warren County NJ'ian!
  2. I concur that "motive/intent" should play a role in deciding what charge the defendant should face. IIRC, NJ has three degrees of "Homicide" - "Criminally Negligent Homicide" ( {NJSA 2C 11-5} 3rd Degree Crime including Vehicular, etc.), "Manslaughter" ( {2C 11-4} 2nd degree - but without pre-meditation), and "Murder" ( {2C 11-3} 1st Degree - with pre-meditation). For the crime mentioned in the OP (one punch knockout resulting in death), I would charge at least with "Manslaughter" (NJSA 2C 11-4), unless the confrontation evidence demonstrated sufficient "pre-meditation," at which point I'd charge with Murder (2C 11-3).
  3. However we can supoort you Rob just let us know. I had to do this for one of my childhood Dobies.... It was heartbreaking having to head off to school that morning. I'm sure you'll make the right decision that's in the best interest of the dog. Again, we're all here for ya.
  4. When/where I lived in Independence Twp, (Warren County) the initial FPID + 2 P2P's took 23 calendar days. Two subsequent requests for 2 P2Ps took 16 calendar days, each. Very efficient... very courteous.
  5. Congrats Rosie!
  6. Sorry... It can't be something "imaginary." See the OP.. It has to be something that exists and is acquirable by any civilian.
  7. A different thread (the "I'm done with Guns" thread) caused me to think of something that I thought I'd ask the group. What's your "Holy Grail" firearm? That is, the one for which you keep striving to acquire in your lifetime but, for whatever reasons (cost, availability, etc.), it always seems to elude you, throughout your life, It should be a conventional existing (not imaginary - no "light sabers" ) firearm that could be acquired generally (i.e. not "restricted" to the Military, etc), I have one in several different categories (categories like "long range sniper rifle", "NFA," large caliber, etc.). But at EOD, I'd have to say, at present, the one that stands out of those is my NFA choice: The Thompson "Chicago Typewriter" with drum mags.
  8. Thankfully, I started "collecting inventory" in earnest rather late in life. Thus, hopefully, the "need to buy" will be with me for the rest of my life. I feel assured that there will always be a "Holy Grail" of firearms that I'll always strive for, even if I can't ever acquire it for whatever reason (cost, availability, etc.).
  9. Glad to see forward progress, here. I live in the same county as New Port Richey. You'lll like it!
  10. Again, the "one we know of." And, even if it is only one, in this case, one is one too many.
  11. Well, as stated, that's the "one we know about..." We don't know about the others....But even so, If I have alternatives, why not take them if I can? I don't have any problems with an LEA that stops people at a tunnel entrance if they believe the vehicle might be carrying suspect cargo or prohibited items (explosives, etc.). I want them to protect the tunnels. I have family that travel through them all the time. However, I don't believe conventional firearms or ammo, transported FOPA style should be considered "prohibited" (bulk "black powder" might be questionable, but...). But it seems the MTAP stopped Mr. Fillipidis for that reason only, and that's unacceptable.
  12. Of course, the one very public incident we know about is Mr. Fillipidis. But one is enough, I think, to make anyone take reasonable precautions or plan alternate routes. I mean, why take the route if you do have alternatives? If you have no alternatives and you must take the route then, of course, take it and be very careful. But if it's not a big deal to go a different way, then why even entertain the possibility of an incident? And does PAPD have ALPR cameras and access to CCW databases?
  13. Fair enough. From where I lived in NJ, it was only 40 miles longer, But, as mentioned above, you might also want to consider the traffic you'll encounter on I-95 going all the way down. Depending on dates/times of travel, taking that extra 2 hours/100 miles might actually save you time by avoiding all the I-95 traffic, the crazy drivers, the perpetual construction in VA just south of DC, rush hour delays on the Cap. Beltway, etc. etc. etc. Now, that said, you do get a lot of line haul trucks on the I-81/i-77 route, and there's a reason for that. They know it's a much better route than I-95. It's also a much more scenic and pleasant route to travel. You're right in the middle of the Shenandoah valley in VA and it's gorgeous. As you head towards the VA-NC border, you'll be up on some mountainous areas where you'll be going down the back ends of those mountains as your cross the state line. THe views of the valley from those mountains are spectacular. So much so, that they're a distraction from driving. You have to really keep focused on the driving as you come down those mountain slopes. If you're traveling with someone, get them to shoot pictures/video of it. The only traffic issues on that route, really, is when you reach Charlotte, NC (about maybe 1hr prior to reaching downtown, which you'll pass right by on I-77). Another 5-10 miles thereafter and you will cross the state line into SC, and there will be a brand spanking new Cabela's waiting for you right on the state line. You can see it from I-77.
  14. I don't think that's the issue. I think it's more the "ready/willing/ableness" of the MTAP to stop people and ransack their cars looking for weapons, explosives, etc. that probably aren't even there. All justified by the need to protect the tunnels from any explosive activity. In NJ, I don't believe the NJSP has access to FPID data in their vehicles and most probably don't have an ALPR camera that can id the plate and look that stuff up quickly. The MTAP does have those resources at their fingertips. And they like to use it!
  15. Where in SC? If you can get to I-78W, then I recommend the original I-81/I-77 route. It's actually only 40 miles longer in terms of distance, and it will dump you onto I-95 right parallel to Charleston. You can also use it if your SC destination is near Columbia or Fort Jackson, etc. But if it's "Florence, SC" or thereabouts (Dillon, etc), then yeah, take the US-301 route, as mentioned.