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  1. Not so "yesterday..." and not so "young" anymore. Rest in Peace, Roy. I actually loved to watch Hee Haw in its hey day... I loved the Archie Campbell routines
  2. I'd be a little worried though about the influx from Mass... fleeing the taxes, etc....
  3. OK, here it is folks! And A whole lot of changes! #1 - As always, Arizona, unchanged. #2 Idaho; #3 Alaska (drops from #2); #4 Kasnas. Lots of changes at the bottom and the middle. #51 - New York; #50 New Jersey; #49 Massachusetts; #48 Hawaii, #47 Wash, DC. (Hmmmmmm..... ); #46 California; #45 Connecticut; #44 Maryland etc.... Apparently, NJ is down to #50 (was #49 last year). Surprisingly, Washington DC is #47 Hmmmmmm (again)! As for Florida, we're down from #12 to #23 based mostly on bill #7026. Guns and Ammo: 2018 Best States for Gun Owners List....
  4. As long as she can breathe, get up and go to work, she will not retire. Not as long as the likes of President Trump are in office. She has had rib fractures before, so I don't think this one will be much of a stop to her, once she heals from it.
  5. Florida is being attacked from a couple of different directions. Of course, from the migration of Northeastern liberal carpetbaggers, but also from the Carribean Islands (Puerto Rico in particular, given last year's storms), Both are causing a serious problem for Florida.
  6. I don't know about chicken in NJ anymore (there were a couple of places I recall as a kid) but, here in Florida, my favorite place is up in cave country. Sisters Cafe in Branford, FL. (Yelp Review)... Roughly $9.50 all you can eat buffet of all different kinds of Southern soul food cooking...And trust, me, the chicken is to die for! The place is packed on Fridays (they have a fish fry on Fri. evenings) and Sunday Brunch. The price goe sup to $11+ on those days and the wait list can be a long time. The best chicken in the area!
  7. Of these two choices, I'd have to go with Popeye's...
  8. *My* logical approach?..... I'd agree. Their's? Yes, they have one, but nothing you or I would ever consider valid or sound. It goes something like, "Whatever fits our agenda is true.... everything else is false/wrong/racist, etc., etc," Anyway...
  9. You're killin' me with this stuff! You really are! How I long for authentic NJ "mom & pop" style Pizza down here in FL (e.g. Dickie Dee's). As for your reference to the Chalfonte Hotel, I had already known about it, having been lucky enough to catch the episode of the Phil Donahue show that featured the late Helen Dickerson and her daughter Dot Burton on the show, and having Phil actually trying some of the "soul food" cooked at the hotel (they brought a bunch of it to the studio in Chicago). I wish the ep. was on DVR, but I have it on VHS tape. If I can digitize it, I'll show you. It's the most hilarious thing I've ever seen... getting Phil to try and eat Pig's feet and Chitlins, etc.. Of course, the audience ate every bit of it that Phil and the production crew were passing out to them. But the funniest part of it were the interactions between the late Ms. Dickerson and Phil, and another guest on the show... Dr. I.D. Rotkin, a cancer specialist who was brought in to counter the menu choices and ingredients used as not being "healthy" and to suggest ways to prepare the food that would be a lot healthier (eliminating salt, bacon fat, etc.) Of course the doctor and Ms, Dickerson locked horns consistently. It was one of the best Phil Donahue shows I've seen and totally freakin' hilarious. If I can find it, I'll point you to it.
  10. As a former NJ'ian and current Floridian, I don't believe that's what they're thinking. They know that these increased laws won't stop the criminals. What they *will* stop are the law abiding citizens from defending their liberties.... thus allowing those "idiot liberal politicians" the power to keep control over the citizenry. That's what they want/need. Again, don't think Sandy Hook, or Las Vegas, or Parkland HS, etc. Think "Ruby Ridge..." think the "Bundy Ranch...." We law abiding pro 2A FL citizens are all extremely concerned about the Gov. election as well. We have to get every last GOP and independent vote out there to get Ron DeSantis elected, Early voting has started here, and the GOP voters seem to be turning out. I wish the MSM wouldn't report that. I want all in our community to think "the sky is falling" up until the last hour of election day to turn out as much of the vote as we can muster... our lives and liberties depend on it!
  11. All clear here in Tampa Bay! The costal areas of my county may have a little bit of storm surge with which to deal, but....
  12. It looks like it will scoot by us, here in the Tampa Bay area. But the panhandle will get hit hard. I hope they survive. We're talking about upwards of 14' storm surge.. And those are very low lying areas as well. My favorite BBQ place in FL is out there. Gotta hope they make it!
  13. Precisely! Financial Statements (Bank, CC, etc.) all get shredded before they go out in the trash. All shipping boxes (Amazon, etc,) get stripped of any labels that might be stuck on. before they go into recycling. If they're glued on, I'll take an X-acto knife and cut them out. This one's important for a couple of reasons. First, You don't want anyone to know what's being shipped to your house, lest it be targeted for a burglary ( I don't leave those boxes in front of my house), and you don't want any "govt authorities" knowing that info. either. Someone who throws out a box with, say, "Federal Ammo" branding on it.... is asking for trouble (and a potential visit from the 2A police). Also, it's not a huge deal today, but I continue to strip labels, etc. religiously off of Amazon boxes in case there were Dept. of Revenue agents looking to see if I had too may "internet sales" for which use tax might not have been paid. Again, not a huge deal today because Amazon got tax Nexus both in NJ and FL, so most shipments are already taxed (only if it's sold by a 3rd party but fulfilled by Amazon won't it get taxed if shipped out of state). It's funny... I recall an old film starring Hal Holbrook and Michael Douglas called "The Star Chamber.' It's about a group of judges that are upset over some of the rulings they have to make in certain cases that they feel were not "justice served," usually because the defendant got away with their crime. If, after review, the judges feel that the defendant was guilty, they enacted some "Street justice" unbeknownst to "the system." Well, the case that opens the movie involves a couple of undercover detectives that are seeking evidence from a BG in that BG's trash bin. They know they can't search the trash bin as it's attached to the house (and thus, they need a warrant). But they ponder the possibility of searching the garbage truck once the trash bin is dumped into it. They even get the truck driver to empty the truck scoop (one of those older trucks with the scoop in the back) before he dumps the suspect trash bin into it. They search the truck and find what they're looking for. At trial, the defense counsel made the argument that because the truck driver did not operate the scoop so that the trash did not transfer to the main body of the truck and mix with the other trash, then the truck scoop became an "extension" of the trash bin and was therefore subject to the 4th amendment protection of a search warrant. The judge in the case (Michael Douglas) was forced to rule for the defense. Hence, the first case he took to "The Start Chamber," after being invited to join the group by Hal Holbrook,
  14. I'm with you! I'm a "Ketchup on my Hot dog" kinda guy!
  15. Welcome from Tampa Bay, FL, from a former Warren County NJ'ian!