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  1. And Florida Takes the Silver Medal!!! I would consider Idaho, but the winter weather would keep me away. That, and I do enjoy being close enough to "the city life" but far enough away to not be "affected" by "the city life." Also, it helps to have a couple of airports within reasonable proximity and I can get places. Actually, I wish it hadn't. Now all the libs and progressives will flock here and try to infiltrate the legislature, getting gun control passed. More than the FL Legislature is, already "infiltrated." Anyway, I hope these new litigations will be fruitful for NJ. The ones based on Bruen. God knows y'all need some relief.
  2. Former NJ Gov. Jim Florio, Dead at 85. I recall a political cartoon in the newspapers (I forget the artist), but it's a picture of Sadam Hussein. In the first frame, he's standing all Narcissistic in front of a mirror: And in the second frame, you see him totally pissed off and yelling in a phone....
  3. Well.... except there's one "fleabag" in Starke at which I'd never stay.... (i.e. where the Execution Chambers are located)....
  4. First of all, I'm so sorry for the loss of your son. Parents should never have to bury/cremate their children. I know FL had some issues historically with Narcs and with those "prescription factories," but the state has cracked down on that. Now, yes, Fentanyl is a different problem since almost all the traffic in it is illegal. It should never be prescribed for home use and is really only valid for hospital/surgical settings. I hope they do fix that quickly. Yes, hire more Border Patrol agents. I guess I've had luck with the people with which I've dealt in FL. My original realtor was great and the house was in pretty good shape for one 13 years old (built in 2003). I just had my roof re-done and my HVAC replaced, both for "relatively" reasonable prices and the work was total quality for both. It had to be in order to pass county inspection rules. There have been some merchants I've not done business with as I did not get good vibes from them, so I am being careful. I still would prefer FL over PA or any place north of I-10, due to the weather, primarily and the ability to go diving, etc.
  5. They already do that, to an extent. Amtrak does not allow the carrying on of firearms unless you are Amtrak Police. And they only allow firearms to be "checked" on long distance trains where there's a baggage car with a secure cage. Sadly, that knocks out the "Auto Train" as there's no "baggage car." You may not see a sign on their premises but it's definitely in their regs on the website. And, just like airlines, all baggage is subject to search by dogs, etc. I believe the same applies to bus lines, and other forms of transportation, even if it's not always enforced. I think it's more enforced on airplanes as that's an easier target to hit. I have seen it enforced on the Auto Train. On occasion, they'll have the dogs do a quick sniff search of the cars before they're loaded onto the containers. They'll also bring the dog into the terminal at times (officially to give the dog a break from the heat) but unofficially to sniff people's carry on baggage.
  6. What did you mean by that? Just to be clear, what I was stating is that, given the way things are, currently, if Constitutional Carry were to be passed in FL today, the "Rodent/FRF" would insist that no gun signs acquire the force/weight of law, where they currently do not. But, even without the force/weight of law, the signs at least give you the merchant's position on the matter. The only thing the merchant can do without force of law is order you to leave if you are caught carrying (either concealed or open). If you refuse to leave, it becomes a crime (armed trespass - A felony). With Force/weight of law, the fact that you carried in the establishment, on its own, creates a crime, regardless of whether you leave or not.
  7. None. They do not honor permits from other states. That said, I just looked at the USA Concealed Carry website that has the best map for showing "reciprocity." Take a look at this: You'll see, clearly, that NJ does not honor any other state's permits or licenses. Now, I flip it to States that Honor my permit and lo and behold: And Glory be.... NJ appears to be "Shall Issue" to residents and non-residents! A quick check of "handgunlaw.us" reveals the following: The above appears to be a more realistic report of what happened. So, NJ just might be, technically, "Shall Issue" in that if you meet all the other requirements, you no longer need to present "Justifiable need." But like it says, up here, watch for more "No guns allowed" signs to pop up all over the place. We have that same issue before us in Florida. If we go ahead with Constitutional carry, the "Rodent" and the FRF (Florida retail Federation) will screem and cry for "no gun" signs that carry the force/weight of law. Right now, they don't. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, up there.
  8. As I suspected. Thanks for restoring my faith in my knowledge of NJ workings.
  9. I was browsing a thread on one of my Florida gun forums where the claim was made that, thanks to the Bruen case, NJ "wiggled a little" and now offers "by the book Shall issue." I couldn't believe it! Is that the case now? If true, that would be a heck of a milestone for NJ. And I'm sure all the CLEOs are buzzing over that! Any truth to that, and if yes, has anyone tried it and what has been the experience?
  10. There is one of these at my Wally World in FL. But they are smart enough to know that No gun signs do not carry the force/weight of law in Florida. Do they have the force of law in NJ? And that's the biggest bone of contention about getting Constitutional Carry passed in FL. If they try to do it, the "Rodent" and the FRF will demand that No gun signs acquire the force of law (which is what they demanded the last time it came up... the only way to stop no gun signs with the force of law was not to pass constitutional carry). The only thing a merchant/store owner can do if you are caught carrying openly (or your concealed weapon is deliberately "exposed") in FL is order you to leave. If you refuse to leave, it then becomes a felony - "Armed Trespass." If gun signs get the force of law, then if you're caught in that store, it becomes a crime immediately - no option to "just leave."
  11. Agreed, there is no one single fact. But I think the DL/State ID offers the most immediate and widely accepted proof of residency. Yes, where you pay taxes might also be a factor, but remember Florida has no State Income tax (not yet anyway.... ) only sales and property taxes. I don't know how many people keep readily available records of that to present as proof of domicile. Maybe Voter registration might also help, a little.
  12. Correct. What matters is where your "primary domicile" is. Usually, that's determined by your Driver's License/State ID, plus any utility bills, receipts etc. that show that address. But I think it's possible to use a boating license (in NJ anyway) as a domicile indicator as well. Never tried that. Didn't own a boat.
  13. Unfortunately, TN still has some snow in the Winter, so that would be a deal breaker for me. It's also little too close to "Tornado Alley." I'll stick with FL.
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