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  1. If the 2A fairy existed and could grant you three 2A wishes, what would you wish for? The only restriction being that you cannot wish for money for purchases. You'll have to earn that yourself. My pics: 1) Either Open Carry in FL or a clarification in the law that removes the "discretion" given to LE as to what constitutes "improper display" of a concealed weapon; 2) National reciprocity (not that it would do me any good, as I won't ever be traveling to an "anti" state with any inventory, but for those would benefit from it). 3) A serious curtailment if not total repeal of the NFA, and sporter clause of 1968 GCA and 1986 FOPA. such that i can buy whatever conventional firearms I want to buy without federal intervention
  2. Mine was that the mental health check comes from each county (i.e. "county adjuster" office). That is,the LEA has to send it to the county adjuster's office in the applicant's county of residence for a response. In fact, it even says so on the sp-066 form. Now, maybe if it's an NJSP barracks doing it, there is extra added bureaucracy in re: Trenton.
  3. Well, you're certainly entitled to your opinion. I come at it from a different perspective. I think if/when NJ implements "shall issue" concealed carry, or you choose to move to a state that does it, you might feel differently, Even here in FL, there are forces that still don't want people to carry and are doing whatever they can to thwart it. Hence, the reason why we still don't have OC (although our local equivalent of NJ2AS just filed with SCOTUS for Cert in a FL open carry case - See here.). That, and some of the people who've been arrested for "accidental display" of their concealed weapon, when they should never have been. I would not put it past some of the LEAs here to try some of those "tin foil hat" approaches. YMMV.
  4. Bearing Arms - Gun-Sniffing K9's: The Future of Gun Violence Prevention... I dunno... I get how/why the article says they want to use the dogs to search for guns, but I'm concerned with potential for abuses. Specifically, will these dogs be used to discourage law abiding citizens from carrying concealed, especially where they are licensed to do so? Will they have a bunch of these dogs in crowds just searching for people who are carrying concealed, in an effort to harass them (i.e., stop, detain and interrogate anyone carrying concealed, demand their CWFL, etc.)? I think Amtrak uses dogs like this already.
  5. So very sorry to hear. And that s/he's no longer suffering....
  6. One thing has always puzzled me, though, about Operation Strike Force. Assuming the "resistance" to the State Guidelines and procedures, docs, etc. is coming from the CLEO or someone above the CLEO, would enforcing via Op. Strike Force be all that effective? That is, would not said CLEO find other "alternate" means to gum up the works that have little to do with sticking to the State Guidelines? I mean, I can see where Strike Force would certainly help with eliminating requirements such as unnecessary forms, questions, interviews, etc., But they (LEAs) can still make things take time..... lots of time. IIRC, the "30 day clock" isn't supposed to begin until all required docs are "received" by the LEA. There are many, many ways for those docs to "be lost and not received..." Reference forms alone can cause a bunch of trouble. An "anti" CLEO can insist on checking references each and every time, and there's no way for a requester to verify whether or not the reference forms were received back by the dept. Likewise, it's difficult to verify whether or not the County Adjuster's office returned the mental health check. Is Strike Force addressing this part of the process?
  7. I tried to Google a website for the Elizabeth PD but came up empty. No reference to it on the "City of Elizabeth" website, nor any references to the FPID/P2P procedure there. I guess they're really trying to discourage it.
  8. I let the last one I ever had (which had already been extended) expire, only because I was in the process of moving to FL, and I figured I could wait until I got down there to buy my next gun. I figured I'd mount it (the P2P) as a souvenir, a reminder of what I had to go through...
  9. Delaware General Assembly - House Bill 222 Status... Doesn't even look like it's been assigned to committees, yet...
  10. I have one of my cameras (all are "wired") attached to the soffit under my roof. Should that particular camera (and/or any that our outdoors) be "grounded" especially? We had a Thunder Bumper down here on Sat., and I could swear that one lightning strike hit way too close to home. The thunder crack was immediate! And the circuit breaker on which the cameras reside, popped. I then discovered later that one AC Adaptor in a power strip on that circuit got cooked, and kept the circuit breaker popping. Nothng else seems to have been affected, though. I'm wondering it there's any additional grounding that might be needed for the cameras that are outdoors...
  11. Not sure there is a codified "statute" for it. It's probably all just NJAC regs, as well as the FBI granting the option for POC states.
  12. Well, no value to us, the consumers. But value to the State in that it helps them enforce things like OGAM.
  13. But they do use the FBI, They just prefer to make the call to the FBI on behalf of the FFL. This, of course, to enforce State firearms laws (most likely, OGAM in NJ's case). Ah, the joys of being a "POC" (Point Of Contact) state. FL is also a POC state as well, via the FDLE. In FL (as opposed to NJ with the NJSP), patrol and investigative divisions at the state level are separate. The FHP does the patrol, and the FDLE does the detective/investigative work.
  14. That's weird, because the store in Ocala (#2 on the list) has a huge "Going out of Business Sale" sign on it. I wonder if that's just to have a sale for the sake of seizing the opportunity to have a sale....
  15. Wow, looks like the Shutdown is in effect. Fox News is running a "stock ticker" line on it. What happened? Were they not able to pass a budget or any CR's???