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  1. For Pistols: 9mm & .45acp For Rifles: 5.56 For Shotgun 12G #8 Target load and/or 00-buck.
  2. It would appear that there are a plethora of, for example, the LE6920 OEM1 models out or sale, now. I am a little worried about the OEM2, which went out of stock and probably won't be replaced in the near future... So any that are still left in the open market might become a little pricey... Sucks as that's the one I wanted, as it doesn't have the built in front sight blocking my scope, as does the OEM1. I'm told you can remove the front sight but the lower portion of it houses the impingement tubes so i wouldn't want to mess with that. Anyway, I'm sure there are a good number of other models out there, and perhaps this is an opportunity to start from scratch (i.e. a lower) and do my own custom build... We'll see. A litle intimidating, but we'll see.
  3. Welcome from Tampa Bay, FL (formerly from Warren County, NJ)! And yes, it is much worse. To a great extent, it's why I'm in Florida, now, although it may not be for long if too many antis keep moving down here!
  4. Here is the 8am cone report for Sat. 08/31. Looks like we here in Tampa Bay might just get off with a "warning..." and only minimal winds/flooding. But it could still turn any which way, and we all have to be vigilant. If it continues along the current trend, it's heading right for Beaufort, SC. That might be bad for anyone along the coast from SE Georgia (where my Aunt and cousin are) to where they want to EVAC if need be. Here's hoping...
  5. Welcome from Tampa Bay, Florida, formerly Warren County, NJ!
  6. I definitely think we need at least one more conservative justice on the court (hopefully replacing the "Notorious RBG" or Breyer)... because of the concerns about Roberts. Then I think we can start to take on some of these cases.
  7. I speak very basic Japanese. But is the order in electronic form that you could run it through Google Translate?
  8. Let us all hope they are successful in that effort...
  9. I can only hope that SCOTUS will be the ones to break that log jam. But I think we need one more justice to make it happen. Because Roberts is just way too flaky. We need to replace 'Notrious RBG" ASAP.
  10. Oh, I'm sure many have told them... I'm even sure many actually know that for themselves... they just don't care... They ignore it in favor of their own agenda.
  11. I don't think so.... According to "handgunlaw.us," NJ is "may issue" both technically and in reality. Still, the law probably wouldn't be challenged, and that's the problem here. No one single individual or group of people have the resources to take NJ all the way through the court system to challenge it. And NJ plays on that. it has unlimited resources for fighting such challenges. Anyway, to answer the OP's question, the basic problem is that NJ feels they can take the position they do because no one will challenge them or has the resources to do it. And they count on that to make it work.
  12. And, thank goodness she's on the side of quashing it...
  13. We do, here in Florida. Because we know how easily FL can become just like the PRNJ, especially with so many of them moving down here. Already, there's a ballot initiative to ban "Assault" style weapons. We are fighting that vigorously! We raise noise down here. And we have a strong state org in Florida Carry....
  14. Well, "individual recidivism" for sure... In any event, I have always believed (and I'm sure Glen can verify from our previous "discussions"), that Capital Punishment really shouldn't serve that purpose, or any other purpose, except one... to be that "necessary and sufficient measure of justice..." for the committed crime and the circumstances surrounding it. It's all about the justice.... at least for me. It's all about the pursuit of justice for the victims of those crimes... especially those that are no longer with us to fight on their own. We fight for them, and their surviving families. I don't care about recidivism, deterrence or any of those other things. If they happen, then so much the better, but the only thing that matters to me is the service of justice. Is the justice system perfect? Absolutely not. And we need to do much better at ensuring that those who deserve Capital Punishment actually do. Does it cost a lot of $$$? Absolutely. But should cost be an excuse to deny justice to victims (and survivors) that deserve it? I think not. Thus, again, the one and only one question to be asked and answered is, "Are there crimes and circumstances for which the 'forfeiture of life' is that necessary and sufficient measure of justice?" My answer: Yes.
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