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  1. The main concern is just "giving in" in general... and especially, without a counter concession (like national reciprocity, etc.). You give the antis one inch, they'll want a mile, the next day.... and 2 miles the next day thereafter, and 4 miles the following day, etc. etc. until they have everything they want. We cannot give one inch... not one.
  2. Yeah, Roberts is kinda flaky. We have to be careful with him. I know that "Notorious RBG" says she won't retire, but I don't know if she can hang on that long. We'll have to see. But yes, the "youngin's" (Sotomayor, Kagan, etc.) won't retire any time soon...
  3. Well.... "ineffective" in solving the problem(s) they purport the laws will solve... crime. But they *will* be effective in solving their underlying agenda... "disarming the law abiding public." As for NICS, any efforts to fix it must include a full "due process" treatment that will remove items that prohibit a person from firearms ownership as quickly as they are added. This, in the event they are added in error, or the person has met all the obligations for their removal (if possible). Any items added to the NICS system can only be done after that due process action (i.e. a court order, after a full hearing where the defendant has the opportunity to mount a defense).
  4. There are Fudds everywhere..... not just NJ.... We have them in FL.
  5. And that's the conundrum. I don't know what safeguards you could put in place to prevent abuses that would still keep the new restrictions desired "effective" in helping to solve the problem. Saying "People who are on medications A, B, C should not have access to firearms" is way too simplistic. Some meds, normally used for psychological issues can also be used for other purposes (sleep aids, etc.). And, even if there were some clear meds that could be listed as "prohibiting/restricting firearms ownership," what's to stop the patient from simply refusing to accept the prescription? Are we also going to mandate that the doctor file reports that they recommended the prescription but the patient refused? How would HIPAA deal with that? I still maintain that "adjudication" of mental illness by a court should be the only way a person can be restricted from ownership of firearms for reasons of mental health. This, after the full due process treatment and the ability to offer a defense. This is how it works for criminal activity. It should also work that way for mental health issues. That said, even more fundamentally, we must all re-examine our lives in this "free society" we all live in. What price are we willing to pay to live in that free society? There will me more incidents like this in the future, I'm afraid. Are we willing to pay that price for our liberty? I mean, yes, we should do whatever we can to prevent these incidents, where possible, but not if it compromises our rights and liberties as part of living in this free society.
  6. And that it's only in the "rural" areas of the country that those "gun nut rubes" exist.... <smh> Not only would the Rank and file beg to differ, but also some of the Sheriffs would also differ in counties pretty much out side major inner cities...
  7. If you want, you can disable it just for this site. I had to do that. All it enabled was just the commercials within the video. There aren't any "pop ups" or things like that.
  8. Here's the entire broadcast. CBS 60 minutes - 02/11/2018.... Be prepared to disable "Ad Blocker" if you have it enabled.
  9. Here's the entire broadcast. CBS 60 minutes - 02/11/2018.... Be prepared to disable "Ad Blocker" if you have it enabled. Of course, you didn't expect them to spin it to he pro-2A side, right?
  10. I was wondering about that. Would non-resident permits apply? I guess not.... Sucks....
  11. OK, I just finished watching. It was their usual slick job of "attempting" to seem "fair & balanced," but it was clear by the content, order of speakers, and the imagery (scenes of people in gun stores, of kids shooting guns, etc. etc.), that they were painting an anti-gun mindset picture. There were only two pro-2A reps - a congressman from North Carolina and the Pres. of USCCA. There were, maybe 3 times as many anti-reps including NY DA Cyrus Vance, NYC police commissioner, The Milwaukee Police chief, a rep from the Giffords institute (who tried to convince us that 2A does not guarantee a right to concealed carry... that 2A is only valid for home defense). In short, while they acknowledged that guns are part of the culture "in the rural parts of the country," they are condemned in major cities like NY, LA, Tuscon, Seattle, Milwaukee, etc. etc., DA Vance's position is that Feds shouldn't tell anti states / cities what to do... The USCCA guy did his best, but I think they manipulated his answers a bit, as they did with the NC congressman. They stated that they invited Wayne La Pierre on the segment but that he refused. Instead they showed a clip of his speech after the 2016 election imploring Pres. Elect Trump to enact National reciprocity. Oddly enough, they also mentioned the case of Shaneen Allen and plastered her picture (and, even, a profile of Evan Nappen), stating that if it weren't for Chris Christie pardoning her, she would have faced 10 years in prison (while not mentioning that before Christie pardoned her, she had gotten PTI only after Evan Nappen exposed the DA as being the same one who granted PTI to Ray Rice for a domestic violence charge.... Hmmmmmm...... Yeah... the message was slick and, while they didn't conclude anything directly, it was clear that they were suggesting that National Reciprocity is a bad thing for the big cities (where the 60 min. primary constituency lives), and thus bad for all.
  12. Actually, we do have democrat gun owners (military officers, actually) on our FL forums. Just as nastily liberal, but also as strongly pro-2A. Hopefully, you can bring 2 democrat "on the fencers" and convert them...
  13. CBS (60 minutes) is covering the National Reciprocity Bill this Sunday - Might be worth a look to see how they'll approach it. I'm sure we'll probably know how they will, but it will be interesting to see nonetheless... 60 Minutes - Recognizing Concealed Carry.....
  14. I guess I'm going to be different. I really don't want to see any original shows "remade." The remakes are, usually, just not as good. I'd rather see the older shows restored and preserved onto Digital media (DVD / Blu Ray). Then I'd want to see new shows created, perhaps with similar themes, but not the exact same remake. I recall when, for example, The "next" Karate Kid (with Hilary Swank) film was made (after the trilogy with Ralph Machio was finished). And, even though Pat Morita reprized his role as Miyagi, it just wasn't the same chemistry as the original trilogy. I saw the other day that they're going to do a "Crocodile Dundee" remake with the character being his "unknown" son.... I dunno.....
  15. Thankfully, all of the originals are well preserved on DVD (most of them, anyway). In fact, I have some Laser Discs of some of the cartoons before they were "politically corrected." If they aren't there, they're on YouTube. I was able to find decent clips of all the "Censored 11" cartoons on YouTube. And I also have a Laser disc with "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips" on it (before it was taken off), and a VHS tape containing "Tokyo Jokio" on it. You won't see things like those originals made these days. Remember the "Now I've seen everything..." clips where the character that has just "seen everything" shoots themselves, etc. This, or recall when "Herman" the Mouse made Katnip the cat ingest sleeping pills in the soda fountain store. That was also censored. I must have seen that cartoon a zillion times as a kid... and I never took (or caused someone else to take) sleeping pills like that. Not to mention all the racial/ethnic/sexist stuff...