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  1. I don't know if facial disguises would matter, as the usually go after the registered owner, first, right? Is is not up to them to prove the weren't the driver?
  2. Hopefully, the property is *away* from the PRNJ!
  3. I can't forget, either. I was there. I was in my office on Greenwich St. in TriBeCa when the planes hit. Still, somewhat "in denial," I called a fellow employee (and internal client) of mine working at 7 WTC (where we had rented space). To my surprise, he answered! All the alarms going off in the background were horrific. He stayed on he phone for about 20 seconds and then had to go. Thankfully, he got out, as did everyone we had at 7WTC. Only 4 of our employees were casualties (4 people making sales calls in 1 & 2 WTC). Everyone evacuated my building and were just milling around on the ground, trying to account for co-workers, etc. We then heard this collective SCREAM from across the street. We all stepped into Greenwich St. just in time to witness the South Tower collapse right in front of us. Shortly thereafter, all those below a certain rank (which I was) were told to leave the area and head North. I found refuge at a cousin's apt. in Chelsea, and for the night in her parents' apartment nearby. This, because mass transit was completely shut down. I got home OK the next morning. We were not allowed back into TriBeCa for 3 weeks and, when we were allowed back, we had to show ID and proof of employment to LE that was maintaining a perimeter on Canal St. for another 3-4 weeks thereafter. The smell lingered on for months (i.e. burnt electrical wires and asbestos). Horrific. For me, it's not a question of "forgiveness." It's about holding people "accountable" for their actions, and "never forgetting.." i.e. never letting one's guard down against those that might do the same to us. Sure, I can forgive, but one still must accept the consequences of their actions. I could forgive a BG that murders a family member of mine, but I will ensure they still "ride the needle." And we must always be "on guard" to prevent any future attacks. I think, sometimes, people grow complacent after a long time has passed since the last "incident." Never grow complacent. Always stay "on guard." Never forget.
  4. Just out of curiosity (since I have wondered), is the "salute" exclusive to military/veterans only? Would it be bad form for a "civilian" to salute (if done properly and in good faith) if they wished to do so, as opposed to "hand over heart?" I recall, as a HS underclassman, being at one of the "commencement" ceremonies (with local LE present to watch over things) and seeing one of the LEOs salute at the National Anthem as opposed to hand over heart. Now, it's possible that he was a veteran, but I don't know. As for "cover" on or off, is not the location a factor as well? That is, cover "outdoors" uncover "indoors?" Some of my initial EMT training was at the Bergen County Police & Fire Academy in Mahwah, and I recall there being signs near the outer entrance to the building. As you entered, is says "Uncover..." with a drawing of a man without his cover on. One the way out, the opposite sign "Cover" with the converse drawing (man with cover on).
  5. All is well in Tampa Bay, this morning. The night passed well. No power loss, so far. I haven't been outside long enough for a full damage assessment, but it looks like there isn't much at all.Just some branches to rake up. All we're dealing with now are the back end winds of the trailing outer bands. We appeared to have been spared. I hope those that weren't recover quickly.. I'm worried about some friends that had to ride it out in the keys. Stay safe, all!
  6. Thanks! Put both on my "Wish list." I don't think they'd be delivered today or tomorrow, even with Amazon Prime. The night has passed well, but I expected that. The storm has started to turn northward, but did not get far enough out into the gulf for us to miss the eye or the eye wall winds. Key West is getting the worst right now, and Miami is getting there. Here's a spread of live webcams. My area is closes to the webcam on the lower right. We'll see. I'll be back later this evening if we still have power and Internet.
  7. My neighborhood has realatvely new houses (14+ years old). Built well after Andrew. But most of them don't even have shutters. One guy was lucky enough to to get some plywood and his his windows boarded up. But no one else. But they have been very good about bringing in any free objects that might be "projectiles." We'll see. Unless it goes further west into the gulf before it turns (which I hope it does), we'll start to get the outer bands tomorrow evening into Monday. We should get the eye by Monday Morning. I'll post again this time tomorrow with a status update if I still have power and Internet access.
  8. I guess that's the risk one has to be willing to take if you want to live on the shore, permanently and enjoy that. To me, it's not worth the risk. The shore is one of those proverbial, "nice place to visit... but I wouldn't want to live there..." kinda places. Besides, I think I'd get bored with it quickly if I lived there and saw it day after day. Anyway, I hope she stays safe.
  9. None that's being reported, so far. But one must remember, most people (especially most of the people that sheltered in place) are packin'.... Ya know those signs in Texas that say... "You Loot.... We Shoot..." If it weren't for a lack of a "DGU for property crimes law" in FL, we'd have them all over the place, here.
  10. She'll have it worse than me, as she'd be right on the water and in a storm surge zone. Is she in one of those high rises? I'm 30 miles inland from the gulf coast. For me, it will be a wind/flying debris issue, plus any loss of power, etc. etc. Thanks, I'll do my best to stay safe.
  11. Tampa Bay is now under a Hurricane warning. The only thing we don't know is how far west the eye will travel before it turns north. If it goes further west it could gain strength in the gulf. We just don't know. We're more likely to get the bad side of the 'caine now that it's gone this far west. I'm not in an evac zone, so I will shelter in place. We're told it should weaken to a CAT3, and the houses are supposed to be CAT 5 rated, so, we'll see. I'll be doing some last minute prep. Last minute groceries, pull my mailbox off the post, pull up my security sign, open my fence doors, etc. There is no plywood to be had, but I have some old bookshelves I can cut up. Other than that, it's shelter in place and hunker down! Here is the 8am Report.
  12. New / Port Richey is in my county. They are a "Class 'A' evac" zone. People there should be long gone by now. They're right on the gulf. Same with Elfers, Anclote, etc. I'm about 30 miles inland from those towns.
  13. As stated earlier, mobile and trailer park residents are being encouraged to evac. As of 8am, winds are down to 150mph, and the storm is now CAT4. But it's still tracking right up the center of the peninsula. My area is not under either watch or warning yet, but it's coming. If it tracks the way it's going, we'll get hit, but hopefully with only CAT2 or lower winds. We'll see. I'm going to go see if I can find some plywood for the windows. I'll keep all posted.
  14. Yeah, that's the other criteria for an evac. If you're in a "mobile" home (or one without a solid slab-on-grade foundation - few homes here actually have a full foundation), they want you to evac immediately. My house is slab-on-grade, Block & Stucco. The building code requires newly constructed homes (after Andrew, I believe), to withstand 150mph winds. So if it drops down to CAT 4 or lower, that criteria is met. According to the latest models (which will be updated in 20 min,), it's forecast to go down to CAT 2 by the time it reaches Orlando (the center is now set to track right up the middle of the peninsula). I may go buy some plywood to put up against the windows and my front door.
  15. Pretty much. They're trying to encourage only people who would be in "evac zones" to evac now. Or anyone who is under threat of storm surge. If it's just a wind issue (and it's under CAT 5 winds), they're advising people to "shelter in place" rather than evac. This, I think, to reduce traffic on the evac routes. As of the 11pm report, the track has jogged back west a little. so the eye might travel just slightly right of center up the peninsula. We're all still waiting to see what happpens. I'm still sheltering in place, for now.