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  1. Amazon LLC has "tax nexus" in NJ due to the warehouses it built there. They've been there for quite some time. So it has to charge sales tax for any orders shipped to NJ addresses. Same thing in Florida. It's why, probably, Amazon got all kinds of incentives by the state govts. for building the warehouses in those states. Thus, anything sold by Amazon LLC itself will incur sales tax if shipped to a state where it has tax nexus. If the item is sold by a partner (but "fulfilled by Amazon") and that partner does not have tax nexus in the state to which the merchandise is being shipped, then it might not incur sales tax, or if it's a full 3rd party merchant, etc. that doesn't have tax nexus in NJ. As for Cabelas, could it be that they also built some facility in NJ that would give it tax nexus, or perhaps the merger has completed enough that there is only one corporate entity with merged assets that would also give tax nexus to Cabelas? To be honest, I was wondering where this merger stood, as I'd figure that Bass Pro would, eventually, consume the Cabela's brand and make them all Bass Pro, and that hasn't seemed to have happened.... not yet.
  2. Mary Ann....
  3. Welcome from Tampa Bay, Florida, from a former NJ'an. I spent my "Wonder Bread" years, growing up in Essex County (Glen Ridge).
  4. Now now..... You saw that news report where the anchors got "Bababooeied" with those names when that aircraft crashed in San Franscisco.... (We Tu Lo, etc.).
  5. Man, I haven't had Chinese in at least a couple of years. Been trying to lose weight and avoid the sodium/MSG. But when I did: 1) Shrimp & Lobster Sauce; 2) Moo Goo Gai Pan 3) Shrimp Egg Foo Yung 4) Beef/Roast Pork Lo Mein 5) Egg Rolls 6) Beef (or Shrimp) & Broccoli etc. etc. Yeah, probably standard Americanized take out, but it was good where I had it. I used to love to go to Jing Fong in NYC for Dim Sum. So much so, that actually going for Dim Sum In Hong Kong was a bit of a let down. "Real" Dim Sum seems to de-emphasize (if not eliminate) fried things like "pigs in a blanket" or "bacon wrapped scallops" or "crab claws" etc. etc.
  6. Yes, they did. And there was resistance to do it again in other cases. Which is why it may not happen with this one. But if ever there was a case for braking that policy, national reciprocity is it!
  7. I think the county prosecutor would probably be reluctant to bring such charges against the PD. Remember, they are co-dependent on each other in re: their regular work. It's just like good LEOs tolerating bad ones and not ratting them out. You might just have to depend on that bad LEO for backup in a deep dark alley one night.
  8. But how long will that take (until summary adjudication)? The state can delay...delay....delay until the plaintiff runs out of money and can't proceed any further. But the one thing they do understand is receipt of Federal aid. They understand that real good.
  9. Sadly, this mindset is what I fear you'll have to look forward to if/when "national reciprocity" ever happens. States like the PRNJ will totally ignore it... taking a "So sue us..." position... knowing they'll probably have the legal/financial resources to outlast any such plaintiff. Again, the only way to ensure compliance with national reciprocity that I think would be effective is to tie it to federal funding to that given state.
  10. Have you noticed, though, that the local LE authorities no longer participate in the show? During the first season, the Virginia ABC was directly involved. In subsequent seasons, the Sheriff from Graham County, NC was directly featured on the show. Now, none of them are involved, and the only LE we see is if they get stopped by a local LE for a traffic violation or something. I'm wondering which side decided to withdraw LE's presence on the show - either LE itself, or the producers.... This leads me to believe that it's possible that the show is "scripted..." (i.e. they aren't really producing shine but are only going through the motions for the TV show). This, to avoid any *real* legal issues...
  11. You'll owe the Taxman *anyway.* At least for any income you earn in NJ or property you own there. You'll have to file a "NJ Non Resident" return. I kept my pink P2P copies. In fact, I still have one unused P2P, originally authorized by my former CLEO (expired now, of course) that I intend to "frame" as a memento of what I went through up there.
  12. Precisely. That's what I did, my first trip down (i.e. my "official move" trip). I packed my car and headed down. The relief I felt when I crossed over the Del. River on I-78 was phenomenal. The only other concern was the brief 10 minutes I had to spend driving through MD on I-81. After that, not a care in the world.
  13. Isn't it pretty much "northern VA" that's the issue, rather than the entire state? Granted it's turned Blue anyway, but most of it being from Northern VA and the DC influence, right?
  14. So sorry to hear of this. I enjoyed our "debates." We didn't see eye to eye on everything, but who ever does? Condolences to his family and friends. RIP.
  15. So Sorry for your loss... But, hopefully, you'll see it as a gain, in time. Remember, you can always visit your friends or have them visit you. In fact, that could be a new business opportunity. Open a bed & breakfast and charger "peak season" rates in the Autumn (i.e. "Autumn in New England..."), etc. etc. Best of success in your new ventures.