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  1. Excellent show Ant! To get the Sen. to go the full hour with you was quite an accomplishment. If nothing else, at least it demonstrates that we're willing to have that "dialogue." I certainly don't think either side has changed their mind, at all, but at least we're talking intelligently and without the vitriol. Bravo Zulu!
  2. Well, the thing is, you have to consider "Rush hour" traffic vs. when you want to travel. Cornelius is north of the Charlotte Beltway, and if you're leaving in the morning on a weekday, you are going right into the heart of rush hour, and all that that entails. Richburg is away from it. Even Fort Mill, SC is far enough away from it. You can leave right at 8am and not worry about getting stopped by the rush hour crawl. Furthermore, SC has lower fuel prices. You'd probably want to refuel before you start the next portion of the journey. I'd prefer to do that in Fort Mill, rather than anywhere near Charlotte. If, at least, you don't want to go all the way to Richburg, consider Fort Mill. Lower costs, better fuel prices, and the Cabela's is right on the State line!
  3. Welcome from Tampa Bay, FL, from a former resident of Englewood! Funny... I grew up there when "East Patterson" just became "Elmwood Park." I guess it took a lot longer for West Patterson to become "Woodland Park."
  4. I would go all he way to SC before stopping. Most likely Richburg. That said, if you want a palce to visit, Right on the SC State Line is the Cabela's they built in 2015. Nice Store! Perhaps bigger than the Christina, Del. store. That would be near Fort Mill, SC. Also, as you cross into North Carolina from VA (going South), You'll be at the top of a mountain range, headling down the back of that range. It has some really gorgeous views from above. So much so, that they are a distraction from your driving in a place where you need absolute focus on getting down those hills. If possible, I'd have a driving partner take the pictures while you drive (or vice versa). Of course, depending on the time of day, it might be foggy and cause further driving issues. Be careful!
  5. Perhaps, but why bother? I'd just add the FL plate (yes, FL is a one plate state) and get rid of the NJ plates. I sure did! Oh yeah. There may be a little "sticker shock" when it comes to getting your cars registered in FL. You'll have to pay the tax collector some taxes/fees to do so. I recall paying roughtly $318.00 to get a new FL based title for my vehicle and registering it. You'll find that such govt. fees are a little more expensive in FL than NJ. But remember, FL has no income tax, and property taxes are way lower. BTW, you can get all that registration stuff done at the tax collector's office of your county (or any branch office therein). Let me know if you need anything else. Regards, Arnold.
  6. Howard - Congrats on the move... the same one I made over 3 years ago! You should have no problems with the transport of your "inventory...." at least, once you leave NJ. Living in Morris County (IIIRC Randolph where I used to live). You should be able to come right down I-287 and then turn right onto I-78 W. Or, perhaps, find a better route to I-78 W (perhaps County Rd. 513 (Dover Chester Rd) to US-206 and then south to I-78W). And from there, once you cross the border into PA, you are home free. You can then follow this route: 1) I-78W all the way to I-81 South. 2) I-81 South through PA, MD, WVa, Va. You'll only be in MD a quick 10-12 minutes and 13 miles via this route. And you won't be anywhere near the MTAP with their ALPR cameras. 3) I-81 South to I-77 South near Roanoke, Va, then I-77 all the way through VA, NC and SC. 4) I-77 South to I-26 E near Columbia, SC. Then I-26 E to pick up I-95 again near Charlestown, well south of all the bad traffic. As long as you pack/store everything "FOPA" style, you should not have any difficulty. NO, you do not register any weapons in FL. Not necessary at all. There are no "transport/posession" issues if you don't have a FL CWFL, other than you can't carry concealed. To apply, go to the FL DOACS Website. It's easy. No such stupid laws that I know of, at present. You might want to stay out of Duval County (which is the City of Jacksonville itself), as it is the only real bastion of anti-gun sentiment in the area. Everywhere around it is, pretty much, all pro-2A. And in Northern FL, the only other place to avoid would be Tallahassee itself. Otherwise, feel free to run free, here. The only other thing I'd think of is that you should get a FL Driver's License ASAP. Shed that NJ Identity! Frame your NJ FPID and hang it up on the wall as a memento (assuming you still don't need it in NJ...). The sooner you identify as a Floridian, and not as a NJ, the sooner you become a "non-resident" for NJ Tax purposes, etc. Looking forward to your arrival! If you ever make it down Tampa way, we could have a drink and discuss olden times in Randolph. Regards, Arnold.
  7. So Sorry for your loss, Max.... Hope he's running free in Heaven.
  8. I have no idea if you can get permits in those states. I know only that the site says which states honor the permits you have, and which do not.
  9. According to the site I mentioned above, if you include AZ and CT, the following would be the states that would *not* honor the five permits you currently have: NJ (obviously) ; NY ; PA, MD; MAss, RI, Maine, SC, MI, IL, MN, CO, Calif, OR.
  10. Originally, while still living in NJ (2014), I had taken the "Multi-State" CCW course offered by "ShootersonTarget.com." It was offered at the Quinton Sportsmen's Club in Salem, NJ. Sadly, it appears as though it is no longer offered there, as the site is gone. Oh well. I'm sure there has to be someone offering to do paper prints for out of state apps. The course I took had a LEO who specialized in printing on site to take the prints. It was included in the course fee, along with the required app docs, photos, Notary services, a bunch of stuff. And they also offered the live fire portion at the Quinton Sportsmen's club (BYOG and ammo). Sorry they're no longer in business. They were pretty good.
  11. You can best track it though the USA Carry Reciprocity Website... You can see what combination of non-res permits you would need to cover most of the states you'd want. Click on the states where you have permits and it will say what other states honor them. For me, I have FL (Res) and UT/AZ (Non-Res) and I'm pretty much covered where I want to be. I don't need to be anywhere else my permits aren't honored.
  12. Welcome to the forum, from a former NJ'ian and current Floridian. Unfortunately, the answer to your question is "no," per this document from the Florida DOACS website. https://laso.freshfromflorida.com/documentTemplates/LASO_FP_Instructions.pdf
  13. To summarize what others have said, here (since I've done this)... 1) It is not necessary to have a NJ CCW to transport weapons in your car under FOPA rules. As long as you encase them and store them per those rules, you should be fine. 2) I concur with the I-81 route as mentioned above. It's what I've used all the time and it's a nice, scenic travel route throughout the Shenandoah valley in VA. If you live in/near Hunterdon County, it's the route to take. a) I-78W all the way out in PA to I-81 south b) I-81 S all the way through PA, MD, WVa, and VA. The travel time through MD is only 10 minutes and 12 miles. c) I-77 S (from I-81 S), all the way through VA, NC, and SC (Columbia), to I-26 E. d) I-26 E to I-95 South. Continue as you would if you had gone all the way down I-95. 3) The point of all the above (and the warnings about MD, etc), is to avoid the "Harbor Tunnels" at all costs! That is where the MTAP use those ALPR cameras and and all that data mined by the MCAC. If you got your FL CWFL some time ago (maybe 6-10 years ago), it is possible that MCAC has that information. If one of the Harbor tunnel patrols scans your plate and it flags you as a CCW holder, they *will* attempt to stop you and search your car for weapons. Refer to the case of Mr. John Fillipidis. 4) If you must travel down I-95 (i.e. you are closer to the Del. Memorial Bridge than I-81), you can take the US-301 alternate route down the Eastern Shore of MD and across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. That will take you across US-301/50 to the Capital Beltway and on to I-95 beyond Washington DC. you don't have to touch DC.. And yes, STAY OUT OF DC WITH ANY WEAPONS! To take the US -301 route: a) Find your way to I-95 (Del. Turnpike) however you get to it (either I-495 or Del. Memorial Bridge). b) Take Del Tpk to Del route 1. in Christina. You'll pass right by the Cabela's in the Christina Mall. c) Take Del 1 south All the way to Del-896 (Boyd's Corner Road). d) DL-896 (Boyd's Corner Road) West to US-301 South. Follow US 301-south all the way down to Bay Bridge. e) Continue US-301 S / 50 West to the Capital Beltway and then go south to I-95. Good Luck!
  14. Thanks for all that you do, Ant!
  15. So, to clarify, it's only "non resident" licenses that are affected by this (NH included). PA, for example will still honor "resident" permits from States like Florida... Here is the Hangunlaw.us listing for PA, effective today (tomorrow, officially):