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  1. It’s the way society has gone. Treat the symptoms and don’t worry about the cure. It’s why we have to take our shoes off to fly and why we’re moving statues around. We ban words, actions and ideas instead of correcting through education. I believe this causes a suppression that cumulates to anger and finally rage causing the emotional blow ups. These emotional blow ups turn into shooters and trucks driving down sidewalks. Our fix is take away legal guns and put up concrete barriers on walkways instead of addressing the root cause and correcting it.
  2. I firmly believe this is what's happening from lack of voter turn out. It mat be that Calif. is too far gone but you can't convince me that is everywhere. I continue to hear griping and bitching from people who don't vote. And probably still won't. I continue to believe if these people can be motivated in our upcoming mid-term elections we can still escape some of this madness for a while until we get rid of Murphy. The national picture has to wait for Ginsberg to die. our 2A gun support organizations (including NRA) might find some billboards on the highways promoting this money well spent. Not even mentioning who sponsored the ads or promote any one candidate. BAD POLITICIANS ARE ELECTED BY GOOD PEOPLE THAT DON'T VOTE
  3. Remember, every COE dated prior to this becoming law is a good f2f purchase. I’m not trying to promote anything here I’m just saying......
  4. Depending on the date on the COE. Not that I would do anything like that of course.
  5. Good question. I’ve often pondered this. I would assume as soon as the gun becomes the buyer’s that he secure it appropriately and leaves for a legal destination it should be good. But I’d like to hear what others chime in with.
  6. No. No you don't.
  7. Apparently it’s a lot harder to enter the man’s world of home care than it is the man’s world of guns.
  8. Well there's a que. In the old days before internet dating one would go to the supermarket to try to meet someone. Now prehaps a woman can go on a lawn forum to meet a guy. Who knows?
  9. I’m ready to pave it all.
  10. http://www.newjerseyhunter.com/forums/?tfr=1#/topics/307009
  11. Done. Do we get residuals for our likes and shares from the show?
  12. Which I have always found to be better than having a book in my nose. I think Poe for me mostly but “In Cold Blood” was the first time I realized there are books you can’t put down.
  13. Have they advertised this as such?