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  1. What is gun life like for a Delaware resident?
  2. Which barracks?
  3. I had geico for years. Then they refused to take my ex off the policy. I dumped them for progressive and found t geico was charging TWICE what progressive wanted for my bike ins.
  4. VULTURES!!! Well I NEVER!!
  5. Which is why it was best he kept his cool and didn’t shoot to kill or even slap or handle anyone. Although he will probably go broke defending himself, in Hamilton he’ll probably end up ok. P.S. RWJ Hospital is not far away from there and is the most likely to have armed guards at night.
  6. WTB: Trench or riot gun Started by Samdjr74, December 2, 2017
  7. Not many. 62 here. But I can still mangle a Bill Joel lyric.
  8. Hot funk cool punk even if it's old junk its still dead pig to me. Sooooo, what kind of rifle does this poor little confused old lady need help with?
  9. Of course not. But we can circle for chum.
  10. Better yet, what is she selling?
  11. I know a good one. His name is Rocco. He'll be out in 5 years. I'll give him your number and tell him to give you a call.
  12. If this happens it is so it will alert the cop so he can ask “the question”.
  13. True. The NJSP has a special Dept for issuing to retired. But they must re-apply every 6 months and qualify every 6 months too.