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  1. That gives the weekend for Ginsberg to choke on a hamburger at a barbecue.
  2. Very true. But this next election we do have the opportunity to turn the worm. Almost every slime bucket in the Trenton swamp is up for re-election. If enough people were motivated we could drain that swamp and stop our orthodontically challenged governor in his tracks.
  3. I don’t think so. Permits could still be required but they can’t be assholes about issuing them. It would turn everywhere into a “shall issue”.
  4. Great father/son stuff. I do the same with my son in Maine. Bonding you can’t beat with a stick.
  5. Give Dad a day off for shooting! What better gift? Ranges should have specials. Father’s Day = Firing Day. I can see the Hallmark cards now.
  6. It cracks me up how they call these videos “gun fails” instead of “stooge pit” fails.
  7. They should never have gotten rid of the draft.
  8. And magazine sizes. Ammo purchase amounts. Ammo caliber size. Sounds like Animal Farm.
  9. Yeah. What are we? Democrats?
  10. If you read the comments below the article every one of them agrees what a nut job Booker is and his proposal is garbage.
  11. If it weren’t for so many apathetic Fudds and Murphy’s agenda as well as his hatred for Trump I’d almost believe that.
  12. @Smokin .50 I’ll bet you hurt a few days after that cleavage thing. Huh?
  13. And I’ll bet no one sees a dime from that production company.
  14. Yup. When I bought that up to them they quickly told me the permits were now 6 months.
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