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  1. I stopped at Cabelas in Maine yesterday on the way back from a Maine vacation. I have points to burn so I stopped in and was turned down for a Ruger semi .22 rifle. It has a 15 round mag and we’re already on their restricted list.
  2. Probably by banning large capacity flash drives.
  3. I heard Murphy eliminated all Animal Cracker hunts in supermarkets that use plastic bags.
  4. Very nice time. And very good ribs. Thank you to Rosey and the CNJFO family for everything.
  5. Just something simple like this? https://www.homedepot.com/p/SentrySafe-Single-Gun-Capacity-Pistol-Safe-Quick-Access-Gun-Safe-Digital-Lock-QAP1E/203470577
  6. Wow where are you? In the 70's? No one has 3D faxed a gun in ages. It's all electronic now. I think its mostly because modern day weapons of war won't fit through those little Verizon copper lines.
  7. When that's done printing could you scan one over to me? I just got my 3D scanner online. Thanks.
  8. On Sunday early is the trick. A lot of guys start folding up their tents around noon.
  9. Look what I found on Google. Hey Turban Man, Ban Google!
  10. What BS. These emotional laws are a waste of tax dollars and just get the politicians to say they're doing something. Google "zip gun" images and you see the link below. We were making these as kids in the 70's. https://www.google.com/search?q=zip+guns&rlz=1C1AOHY_enUS708US709&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj_meyFz8vcAhXCpFkKHU3rBOMQ_AUICygC&biw=1920&bih=961
  11. Eight years ago, Princeton traffic court the security sent me back to my car with my Leatherman.
  12. Yes. I’ve seen that. Many times. As chicken liver or hooky as it sounds I’m really not in the position to elaborate but BELIEVE ME be able to prove solidly you were in imminent danger and had no where else to turn. “They” will pull out all the plugs and reach to the moon to prove otherwise.
  13. you’re in your first obligation is to run and/or hide even in your home. Only if the is no other recourse can you fight back. However you may have to be prepared to show the as proof. If you hide in your closet and the creep leaves you alone but continues to rob you blind so be it.