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  1. Alright good plan. But just this morning I was listening to Ant-knee’s latest broadcast and thought he said to go there. But laundering through Rosie sounds good. Thanks. They hate us? What’s that about?
  2. Maybe she stroked out over Beto's tantrum the other night.
  3. Actually she does write on some business level though not entertainment. But @Mrs. Peel was gracious enough to allow my Wife and I to view some of the items she is liquidating from her late father's estate. When you see what some of what this man did you can easily see where Mrs. peel gets that artistic flare she has in writing. The projects he had around the house were real works of art. He was quite the craftsman. A lot of hand inlay and wood turnings. Hence she seemed to have developed the same attentions to detail and passion for one's work and.is quite the wordsmith.
  4. I tried to get on the Cheesman go fund me today to donate again but the site says it's closed. Anyone have info?
  5. Murphy took his show on the road he's trying to round up more governors to be an ash**e like him: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/sanctioning-businesses-for-supporting-the-second-amendment-is-senseless
  6. What if one wanted to see the leather working equipment?
  7. We are all opposed these ridiculous illegal laws. As a community we stand behind the defense that we are a nation of laws. That the constitution should prevail. We argue that we are legal gun owners staying within the unfair laws and only criminals should be prosecuted as we do nothing wrong. When there's a gang shooting, mass shooting, suicide, etc. we point how they broke the law somehow and we stay within the boundary so don't blame us. Each time someone does one of these reckless things we take an unjust hit. As a community of these law abiding citizens we frown on those who do what we feel is an ignorant illegal move. That being said I believe most in this thread are reading the article and taking it at what it says (as hard as that is it do these days). It doesn't read as one gun mistakenly misplaced. If it is to be believed, the guy had a load of illegal stuff displayed illegally. Should he have been allowed to? Absolutely. I count 5 "mistakes" in charges and I'm sure I'm missing some. I make the same trip several times a year to Maine as you do to VT. It's a pain in the ass isn't it? I can't stop for a hotel until NH. On the way home I have to stop on the interstate before I get to MA to be sure my mags are empty and put away my carry. But as a responsible gun owner who believes we will prevail with the constitution on our side I do it. I'm sorry but this guy wasn't wearing a 3 pointed hat screaming "give me liberty or give me death". He was being a sloppy knuckle head.
  8. And apparently Sotomayr is crying about it: https://www.vox.com/2019/9/12/20862320/sotomayor-supreme-court-favors-trump
  9. Correct. Or if they have a second home upstate they can’t bring it there either. And the number of ranges in the city are extremely limited.
  10. I wonder how much Federal grant money they receive? According to The American Alliance of Museums Historic preservation is on of the funding priorities. https://www.aam-us.org/programs/resource-library/financial-stability-resources/federal-funding/
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