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  1. Nope. Your regular run of the mill greedy lawyers. A civil case like that and they get a cut of the settlement. They’re probably lining up at the families door now.
  2. I don’t know about that. My girlfriend/domestic partner/fiancée is heavily involved with Manhattan federal court and Miami federal court and you can’t believe the cases. I believe a wrongful death suit would get a quick settlement and headlines.
  3. But the laws, including federal ones doesn’t seem to stop this administration. Pot will still be a federal crime and ICE has federal laws and judges behind it and they don’t care.
  4. Politicians like Murphy and his crew have a very simple plan: create a sanctuary state (city) to foster and train these people so they can then travel to red states to murder. It's almost as good as the mail in voter fraud flim-flam.
  5. I nominate Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
  6. The stones they have to over turn just to know if you have one never mind the warrant to look in one really makes it the best place. And there are all sizes. A couple of guys could chip in if need be.
  7. Yeah, a boiler making popping noises. Probably one of those disgruntled plumbers rigged the pipes. Gotta watch those guys.
  8. I bank at TD. I get a free box with my account. Been here there close to 15 years now.
  9. Get a box here. It’s really, really, really unlikely anyone will get a warrant for that. Most banks, if you have an account are free. Otherwise it’s about 12.00 a year.
  10. Well after all the Vegas shooting was at a C&W concert too. Don’t they back ground check these people?
  11. Or get a safety deposit box at your bank.
  12. One does have to wonder if he worries about his job security if the Supreme Court went our way.
  13. Yeah. I guess my question was almost subliminally rhetorical.
  14. Yeah. 3 this week. Is this an indication of how little reporting of these incidents there is? Or is there just more of this?
  15. I got to play with some at the outdoors show in Harrisburg. Most of the pistols seemed as cheaply made as they say but a couple seemed quite solid. I guess it’s a case by case.