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  1. I just don’t understand why CA can’t get their guns under control. https://www.foxnews.com/us/5-dead-including-three-children-under-10-after-shooting-at-san-diego-home (sarcasm)
  2. It's not always their choice. Depends on their Ins policy. Also they're probably not going to care about about setting precedent. Just on how to get out of this economically and gracefully with their skins.
  3. In the shadow of "money talks and BS walks" I'll say I don't think the Sandy Hookers will settle. They're fighting a cause. But! You never know....
  4. Still what will probably take place is although they should address the mother for allowing a minor to have access to guns, they’ll probably say she has suffered enough and not charge her. And as nobel as that is, when these parents aren’t charged it’s the whole country that suffers. Both future victims and law abiding gun owners.
  5. You won't be sorry. I was out with mine yesterday for 4 hours. I'd still be there if I didn't run out of ammo. It's just that much fun to shoot.
  6. Yes it can. The decision to issue is also somewhat discretionary on the authorities part. And that's as much as I will post online of that. But you are more than correct with you're advice to spend the $1000.00 and get it done. With an expungment one can look anyone in the eye and say I do not have a record - legally. One can check any box "no" that asks on any application that asks if you have a record - Legally.
  7. Well at 45, if he’s been clean since 24yrs old, then this is shit.
  8. Is this the same Kamala that has her concealed carry permit?
  9. On the application there is a question that asks directly if you have any expungements. The expungement is sealed by a judge and can only be opened by one. NJSP or local LEOs can’t. Did I miss it or is this guy’s age mentioned anywhere?
  10. Or is it? The stocks will definitely be down. The question is will they stay down? S&W and Ruger still haven’t bounced to where they should be.
  11. People sued Ford because Ford knew the Pinto would explode but they still marketed it knowingly. The issue is did Remington market the gun as a human killing machine? That’s the point the grabbers are trying to make. Intent.
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