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    43 years old Born and raised in Essex County moved to NW NJ in 2000 enjoying the Country life as a Republican.
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  1. I live in Morris County I'm looking to buy my first hand gun my permits are in and i want something used but cheap under $250 but all i find is old junk! Ivy Johnson or 100 years old 22 revolvers looks like toy cap guns! I don't see how old guns can cost close to the price of new gun they are not worth the metal! I heard about a private gun dealer in the Dover Rt 46 area i heard he had good used guns at great prices but i can't seem to locate him i heard alot of cops buy off duty guns from this guy maybe someone knows who I'm talking about?
  2. MT Olive NJ i put in for a change of address and 2 hand guns permits. I was told they was back up and to expect 45 days! 4 weeks later i was called to pick up my FID/2PP I signed and they took my one fingerprint and i was out the door in 10 minutes. I couldn't ask for anything more! everyone was friendly and very helpful. Thank you MO PD
  3. At Dover Sports Goods on RT 46 i bought a rifle the owner Lou he charged me $17 for the N.C.I.C. check this was the first gun i ever bought and i was expecting a transfer fee but there wasn't any NICE! I see places like RTSP in Randolph charge $75 for non members and $50 for members on transfer fees.
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