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  1. CAM

    3 Gun Holster...

    i have a gls for sale!
  2. I guess this post has been abandoned and not being updated?
  3. CAM

    Two Gun Matches

    I don’t think there are any consistently quality 2gun matches out there. Your best bet would be to shoot 3gun matches but not for score. You could get a cheap semi auto shotgun and not even worry about reloading, essentially bomb each stage for score due to low shotgun score, but not have to deal with reloading if that bothers you. You would still get the exposure to rifle and handgun. 3Gun is the hottest ticket there is right now. There one thing I hear from practically every new shooter is “Wow! I can’t believe I waited this long to try this. It’s so much fun!” Quinton Sportsmen’s Club in Salem puts on an awesome 3gun match every 4th Sunday of the month.
  4. Please add the following for Quinton Sportsmen’s Club. 2nd Saturday of the Month- USPSA 4th Sunday of the Month- 3Gun
  5. CAM


    Consult with a legitimate Financial Advisor before following the herd. I hear this stuff daily and it’s widely misunderstood and could get a lot of people in a world of hurt.
  6. Remember those.....lmaoooooooo Whoaaa what’s wrong with fanny packs!
  7. True but depends on what your shooting. I see someone every month at a match shoot a non threat target at least once if not multiple times. Vision a threat target flanked vertically by non threat targets both above and below it. Stages are often built that way to be challenging and for those that don’t know their holdovers end up confused as to why they hit the hostage. I’ve ran the 50 yard zero my whole life until most recently specifically only if shooting at Quinton or a 100 yard range. Different strokes for different folks but either can work. The best best zero is the one you train with and know well.
  8. You should consider setting your zero at 50yards or 100yards instead of just 25. 25 is fine to get your hits on paper initially but I would really dial it in further. No reason not to, since you have a range large enough. Then shoot at multiple distances 1 yard, 10 yard, 25 yard, 50 yard, 100 yard and 200 yard and record your hits. Depending on where you zero, you will have different holds for each distance. Knowing those by memory is key. I personally prefer prefer a 100 yard zero for Quinton 3Gun since that’s furthest we shoot. Holdovers are simple, hold 3 inch high for everything 1-50 yards and POA/POI for almost everything 50-100. If our matches had longer distances I would do a 50 yard zero
  9. Stipple looks great bud. Let’s see the loading port from Benny Hill!
  10. The M3K actually already comes with a polished recoil spring tube. Same shotgun I run for 3gun. There is really no better value out there and I paid about $625 for mine without all these add ons. This is a great deal!
  11. Selling an Eotech voucher that is good for $22.50 from their web store. I am looking to get $10 for this.

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