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  1. 14 days for total for my check. was told 19, so i'm pretty happy it only took 14. Just about 6 months total from the time I applied for my permits til I got to bring my 1911 home. big props to Al Bodnar from Weapons and Accessories for making my transaction smooth. Now just gotta decide what to get next.
  2. Mine was submitted yesterday, 5/13, and was told 19 day wait. YAY, MORE WAITING
  3. Finally received my permits and FIDC today. 1 week shy of four months. now if I could only find ammo
  4. Buy an arcade version and transfer the hard drive. sell the bad one on ebay. there are people that buy the ones with rrod so they can fix and sell them. I did this couple years ago and have not had a problem since. After you sell the rrod console your total cost should be around $50 and you have a working console.
  5. Went to P.D. this morning to get an update on my fidc and permits. I was told mine were in the last part of background check and they should be in with a week to 10 days. If this is true it would be exactly three months. I hope this is true cause im tired of waiting
  6. Show was a waste of time and money. prices were ridiculous. ammo was overpriced, let alone mostly russian ammo, all crap. picked up two military ammo boxes. place is horrible to have a show at. no room to walk. this is my second show at this location this year and definitely my last. whatever happened to them being hosted at the expo center? Another thing that was irritating was people were walking in and buying handguns and walking out with them 20 minutes later, why do we in NJ have to wait close to 7 days or more for the NICS but theirs are almost instant.
  7. i'm heading up in the morning and yes it gets very crowded. you would thinnk with that huge building they would be able to give us a little more room to move around
  8. My references were contacted within 1 week of getting finger printed. It was by mail and they sent them back next day. It's been 7 or 8 weeks and my work has not even been contacted yet. Its all bs. police station is just dragging their ass. Ladies that handle it are total bitches also.
  9. Gave Al (Weapons and Accessories) a call this morning. His shop is by appointment only and he does a lot of transfers for people through Buds Gun Shop. Fee is $30 for transfer and $16 for background check. nice guy to talk to and he takes the time to answer all questions you have
  10. I guess I'll take a ride there tomorrow and inform all of us about this place.
  11. No, have been to Ed's before years ago to have some work done on one of my pistols. Wasnt very pleasant and told me it would take over a month to do some work where it took Winters two days. I used to go to Bob's all the time when I had a membership to the range but never purchased anything from him other than ammo and the range membership. Just trying to make the transaction as smooth as possible and use one of their preferred vendors seeing they already have all their information and license info.
  12. There is no link thats why I'm asking. It is one of buds gun shop preferred transfer FFL shops and it is close to me. Trying to get some info on them and was trying to get the Forums feedback. I'm off tomorrow so was gonna take a ride over there
  13. Has Anybody bought or transferred a hand gun from/to here? Not far from me and wanted to check it out.
  14. Depends on where you live. I'm going on 6 weeks since my references were contacted
  15. Went to the P.D. today and I was told another 4-5 weeks. This is ridiculous, already has been 7 weeks. Good thing I applied for more than 1 permit
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