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  1. Really depends on your budget. My two go to dressy knives would be my Wilson Combat Sebenza or my ZT 0450 in Carbon Fiber. I actually had my Sebenza on me for my wedding photos...haha.
  2. Ahh the old strider, I had one and sold it. It was a CC SMF. Great knife, beefy and not as heavy as you'd think. That Titainium scale is really light. I carried it but it filled up the pocket so much that it was a pain to reach past it to grab my wallet or anything else in my pocket. Overkill for edc for sure.
  3. As far as I know in Jersey you could carry a machete if you wanted to but you need to have a lawful purpose to do so. Self defense is not a lawful purpose because then it becomes a weapon. No autos, dirks or daggers but pretty much anything else goes. I've never had an issue and carry a knife everyday and always have. If you don't do anything stupid with it you'll be fine.
  4. Wow, this post is from 2013 and a lot has changed in my edc rotation. My "go to" nowadays would be my Wilson Combat Edition Large Chris Reeve Sebenza, my Spyderco Para Military 2, ZT 0450, Benchmade Griptillian, or my GEC bull buster. At work I carry mainly the GEC and also a county comm widgy bar and a Mathew Martin Clicky. My Sogzilla was stolen out of my luggage coming home from Florida last year....bummer. So new question for guys that posted in this a while ago........how has your EDC changed over the years?
  5. Just got a ZT 0561....that thing is a tank.....compliments my Sebbie perfectly.
  6. Love my griptillian, I've got a large and also got a pink mini grip for the lady. They can take a beating for sure!! People complain about the "plasticy" feel of them but they are just as solid if not more solid than most knives with G10 or Micarta scales.
  7. Ive been leaving my spyderco in my top drawer at work and have been ok, I always cover with something though. People with sticky fingers SUCK!!!
  8. So im kinda a gun/outdoor shop junky....spend way to much time "shopping". Anyway, when I purchased my Glock 19 from your shop it was by far my best gunshop experience. When you walk into ANY other shop in NJ you are always walking into that awkward atmosphere that I'm sure most of us know all to well. Sorta like the owner/worker knows all, very standoffish, just plain rude. RTSP is different, really a pleasure to walk into. Since the Glock I've purchased two more pistols and a shotgun from RTSP and I will continue to give you my business, even though its about a 40+ minute drive for me. I have a mom and pop shop like 2 minutes from my house and I refuse to go there. Keep up the great work.
  9. I do occasionally carry a ka bar neck knife. Or my favorite little deer gutter the kershaw minimalist, sometimes I wish it was just half an inch bigger but for gutting a whitetail it's been great, I just keep it razor sharp. My problem is I never wear a belt so a sheath just seems strange to carry around.
  10. I've tried and returned ua camo also. I also layer while hunting and its just not made for sitting in a stand all day. I think they cater to active hunters like spot and stalk and the like. My best advice would be to get bibs instead of pants for those freezing days. Hunting for hunting camo is not easy. Has to be silent without being to bulky, warm without making you sweat. I mainly bowhunt so being up in a tree looking like a marshmallow and warm will get you nowhere. Multiple thin layers with a jacket over top works. I wear ua 3.0 as a base, then a scent lok fleece layer and a wind,waterproof jacket over that with matching bibs. I do Sacrifice a little bulk to be warm but it works for me. If bowhunting I always sight my bow with my jacket on, you'd be surprised how much It can effect your shot.
  11. Wow, I started this thread over a year and a half ago and it's still going strong! My collection has changed very much since then, my beater work knife is now a spyderco para 2, my edc is a large Wilson combat Starbenza. I've also recently taken a liking to traditionals, I just picked up my first GEC. While they are so much different than modern tactical folders they are a joy to carry and use.
  12. The sebenza is such a simple knife. But worth every penny. Perfect edc blade. Also they have a great warranty, if needed just send it back to Idaho for a "spa" treatment.
  13. I currently own and carry over 50 differant folders. From cheap to upwards of $450. My most carried knife is my Chris Reeve Sebenza 21. It cost $410 and worth every penny. All of my knives are tools and get used no matter how much they cost. After years carrying in NJ I have yet to have an issue with LEO. If your not doing anything illegal you should be fine. I dont flash it around it just stays clipped to my front pocket until I need it then it goes right back. When I first started collecting I had my safe queens but they are really no fun....enjoy that knife you just spent a ton of money on. They cost alot because of the quality of materials and workmanship....they deserve to be used.
  14. I currently have 4 Kershaw blems from Kershawguy.com. I have the skyline, leek, shallot, and blur. All of these knives were perfect besides the XXXX on the blade. I could not find any blemish at all. I hear that it is usually a discoloration on the blade or handle that makes it a blemish, so if you can live with that they are great. Only other thing is that im pretty sure the blems do not carry the kershaw warrenty. If your buying it to be a user go for it, youll save a bunch of money!!!
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