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  1. This was my take as well on the how “others” would be classified. And here in NJ it then becomes completely illegal to own.
  2. The ATF just release proposed changes with regards to Pistol Braces and there something that reference that if the gun has a vertical for grip the Brace is give 4 points. ( 4 point being over the limit to qualify as a brace.) if this gets passed does it effect the Troy A4? They mostly talk about pistol vs rifle vs sbr status... No mention was made of “other” “Firearm” classification. Will these still be available to buy / own? I was interested to get one but now no sure if: A) I should rush to buy one and be grand fathered or B) Be glad I didn’t get one because they will need to be gotten rids of.
  3. I am selling .22 LR ammo. I priced it at 75% of what I see it available in stock on ammoseek. If you see available for less let me know.and i can adjust pricing. so at 75% current pricing and no shipping you will save almost 50%. I don’t want to split up. Everything goes to one buyer. Face 2 Face Sale in Oakland, NJ. Paypal amd Venmo preferred for payment Federal Primum HV Match 500rds, ammoseek price $90 x.75 = $67.50 Federal Ammo Match 325rds ammoseek price $48.74 x.75 $36.55 x 4 Boxes = $146 Winchester 555rds ammoseek price $105 x .75 =$78 Total = $291
  4. Hi Tom, Yes, I can meet you at the Range tonight. txt my cell. XXX-XXX-XXXX post in the threat that you will take it.
  5. Apple Silver IPad Pro 11” 2nd Generation 128GB WiFi and Cellular. $800 I have Two units for sale. They are brand new factory sealed .. This is the current newest model for sale now on apple.com for $999.00. Save $200... Even if you don’t need an iPad You could flip these on eBay or Craigslist and make close to a $100 profit. Looking for a quick turn around here. Face to Face sale in Oakland, NJ. PayPal or Venmo preferred.
  6. For Sale 250rds of Orca Arms remanufactured .38Spl $100 Includes Nylon zipper case. Face to Face Sale Oakland, NJ
  7. For Sale 170rds of CCI Blazer 357Sig 125gr TMJ $80 Face to Face Sale, Oakland, NJ
  8. For Sale 18 50rd boxes of Hot Shot Elite 124gr 9mm. Face to Face Sale Oakland, NJ
  9. I think you all need to chill... this is posted in the general discussion section and in case you missed the part about asking advise from anyone who slept in a holiday inn last night it was meant to be a little tong in cheek humorous.. I think most of you got that with responses like Botfly and flesh eating virus.. the rest need to lighten up on the caffeine. As for the other post last week re: mental health my question was in regards to loosing gun rights due to a voluntary vs involuntary committal. Everyone choose to ignore my question and offer mental health advise. People post about all kinds of shit here... We recently had an active discussion on where is the best place to buy automobile tires??
  10. One of these is basal cell carcinoma cancer the other is on my leg.... is anyone here a dermatologist or at least sleep at a holiday inn last night. I have an appointment with a real dr. In 3 weeks but that is a long wait. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  11. They have decided to try out patient treatment first and reassess in a few weeks. The initial therapist and ER Dr. we both meeting her for the first time last week.. There was no immediate danger and the therapist should not have sent her to the ER... She may still do a voluntary in-house but after spending a few sessions with someone who gets to know her.
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