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  1. I think you all need to chill... this is posted in the general discussion section and in case you missed the part about asking advise from anyone who slept in a holiday inn last night it was meant to be a little tong in cheek humorous.. I think most of you got that with responses like Botfly and flesh eating virus.. the rest need to lighten up on the caffeine. As for the other post last week re: mental health my question was in regards to loosing gun rights due to a voluntary vs involuntary committal. Everyone choose to ignore my question and offer mental health advise. People post about all kinds of shit here... We recently had an active discussion on where is the best place to buy automobile tires??
  2. One of these is basal cell carcinoma cancer the other is on my leg.... is anyone here a dermatologist or at least sleep at a holiday inn last night. I have an appointment with a real dr. In 3 weeks but that is a long wait. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  3. They have decided to try out patient treatment first and reassess in a few weeks. The initial therapist and ER Dr. we both meeting her for the first time last week.. There was no immediate danger and the therapist should not have sent her to the ER... She may still do a voluntary in-house but after spending a few sessions with someone who gets to know her.
  4. “I would seriously consider moving them out of the home and legally store them elsewhere (e.g. Gunsitters in Whippany, NJ) and do so ASAP. “ Good suggestion re: Gunsitters.... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  5. A friend has a 16 year old daughter going to counseling. She is depressed, and had a friend from school commit suicide last year. On occasion she hears voices described as a muffled crowd in the distance. She is not currently on any medication, has no history of suicide attempts, other then spending most of her time in her room while home, she has no outward suicidal indicators. she has active social life, tons of friends, good grades at school, desire to do even better to get into elite colleges. The concern is today she told the therapist she sometime thinks about suicide but would never act on it. This set off alarm bell with therapist and parents were advised to bring her to Hackensack ER for evaluation by a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist is recommending a voluntary committal ( can last 3-7 day) and if parents refuse Deyfus(sp?) will be called to force them. She said if she is forced she will never speak to a therapist again. The girls health and safety Is the main priority however, The psychiatrist sees no negative concerns with a committal and we know that is not true. Do Juvenal committals follow you into adulthood? Any advise on voluntary or in-voluntary? She has plans to become a police officer some day. Can this ruin her chances. Any help or advice is appreciated Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  6. Does anyone have the number for the Bergan County Expediter? Does he accept Paypal? Most likely Postal Money orders or BitCoin.
  7. You read in the news all the time about someone getting jacked up for something illegal they had in the bottom of the closet. Land lords enter and can see and report something, domestic issue, post something concerning on line, It does not even have to be something you did, perhaps your adult kids are not angels.. I verbally thru a repairman out of my house a few years back for over charging. He went to the police and said I had a gun ( he saw a replica old west gun hanging on the wall in my office) I had 3 cops in my house looking for guns... They came to my door and asked to come in to talk. Once in they were like bees swarming around looking all around. In hind sight I should have said I’ll come outside and talk to you. Lesson learned, Don’t display replica weapons, Keep anything you can’t have in NJ in your Florida condo. Never invite the police in. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  8. I am looking for 10 round Beretta 92Fs mags. I can get OEM for about $30 or The Mec-Gar for $23. How do the Mec-Gar compare to OEM mags? Are there any other quality brand options I should consider? (I do not consider Promag to be a quality option) Also if someone can tell me why Steyr AUG 30 and 42 round mags are available for $30 and AUG 10 round mags are $45? It is not a recent gouging issue. They have been priced like that for years. I can’t think of another OEM mag that has pricing like that for the full vs reduced capacity mags. Pisses me off now that I have to purchase them.... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  9. I remember someone made a double 10round mag. It was two 10 rounders made as if connected butt to butt. So it was as long as a 20+ round mag. Looked cool and I think a better solution then these side couplers. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  10. Maybe look into Piano movers.... similar skill set and tools required. I used a piano mover and they had all kinds of gadgets to do the job with just two guys... Most piano stores either have or can refer you to a piano moving crew. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  11. A nice old lade came and sat at my kitchen table and explained the rules. Basically how to enter info into you books. No big deal and no inspection was done.
  12. This my collection. I travel a bit for business. Idaho, washington just required a stopin to the police HQ. Nevada and texas required training class in state. The rest are mail order. The only one i did not get was Michigan. It requires taking training in state as well. South Carolina is available if you own property there.
  13. Troy makes a Pump Action AR. I’m think of an assisted action AR that stores the recoil/gas energy and then release it with just the slightest motion and cycles the weapon.. Even goes so far as to create a new action type. A “Button Action”. After firing the non tripper hand presses a button to allow the rifle to cycle. The goal is to avoid having the rifle classified as a semi auto yet be able to cycle almost as fast by pressing a button/second trigger to cycle. Has this ever been tried? Would it be an effective alternative to semi-auto and all the restrictions associated with semi-auto rifles?
  14. That info goes into your file and if they ever get a call for service to your home depending on the nature of the call they will adjust their tactics accordingly. The less they know the better... there will never be a scenario where you will be thinking if I had only informed the police of my firearms I’d be better off... it only goes the other way... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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