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  1. So I just ask my local Police Department what the process was to add an additional firearm to my permit and approximately how long it would take for my son to get a permit after submitting all the paperwork and getting prints done. He said as per NJSP I can carry any legally owned pistol if my permitt is unrestricted and that they could issue a permit in 3-4 weeks now.. life if looking good.
  2. I just saw this… Out of State is not an issue… I just need to ship to your Local FFL. If you can’t do PM. I have a junk email address with Juno dot com… it is jfoster99 then the @ symbol. ( don’t want to write it or the email bots scan for it and send even more junk mail)
  3. Also, I’ll be at Cherry Ridge tomorrow morning from around 9AM - Noon. If you are interested I can bring the AUG it if you want to see / shoot it..
  4. Hi All, Quick question, I have to run out to do errands and also need to stop at my Dr. Office which is in the hospital. Can I unload and put it in the rear storage area? At the back hatch the floor has a latch and door that opens for access to spare tire, first aid kit, jumper cables etc.. It does not lock. I believe there are different vehicles storage requirements for Securing the gun while driving and securing the gun while parking in a restricted location. I believe one required a safe type container and could be up front and One had to be in the trunk/rear area? Don’t quote me on any of this.
  5. The Data on my Permit is the day the Judge approved it. The Local PD called me a week later to come pick it up.
  6. Designed to be held with two hands so can’t be a pistol. I believe it is then an NFA AOW that is illegal in NJ. A Non NFA Other has a minimum length requirement. If you took off the Brace you would have to add a longer barrel to meet minimum length. Or weld on a fake suppressor to extend it.
  7. So, even though the Pistol Storage Device has its own ATF Letter saying it is not a Stock and not a Pistol Brace that has no bearing? Anything that has “Surface Area” to be shouldered is now restricted? Am I understand this correctly?
  8. So according to what OldguysRule649 is saying In my Florida Condo I currently have a “Pistol Storage Device”. It has an ATF letter saying it is not a Shoulder Stock similar to the Stabilizing Braces. Is this in any way effected by the new ruling? Could everyone just put a Pistol Storage Device on instead of. Brace and be good to go?
  9. Great Answer… Thank you… So every time I have to unholster, unload, open the trunk, open my storage box to secure my weapon it will be plainly visible to anyone in a 10 meter radius. Could it be done in a stealthy manner, sure but to do it 3-4 times per typical outing as a normal course of action it will certainly be getting exposed. Not to mention the danger of all this loading and unloading… Did they know most Police Stations have a special bullet proof container to point the weapon in to load/unload because of all the accidental discharges that happen! I now have to point it at my balls in the front seat of my car to load/unload without being seen. My head just spins with all of this…
  10. What is a Minimis Infraction? Normally they word exceptions that at not illegal to be an exemption not a Minimus Infraction ( minimal infraction?) Does that mean it is only a little bit illegal? Perhaps depending on the opinion of the officer it can be considered illegal? So Minimal exposure is not Legal it is minimally illegal? Perhaps that means it is so minimally illegal that there are no consequences?
  11. Thanks to Gun for Hire and you for reposting.. If we can get the Beaches, Parks and Playgrounds added for myself and I’m sure many of you I would be able to go weeks maybe months without having to go anyplace without carrying.while we continue the fight for the rest of them. What about Public transit? Can you take a bus or train is you don’t go to or through a hub? Secaucus or Hoboken hub?
  12. If anyone had an interest in this whole package(not parts) please let me know. It has been for sale here for quite a bit now and I had said the longer it sits here the more reasonable an unreasonable off may seem. I will be going to plan “B” soon so if interested time is running out.
  13. When I picked up my permit officer said this was the last one the court would be issuing but that the town did not have any blank permits to issue moving forward. He then said I assume I will have to get down to the State Police HQ they will be able to issue them to us. He then laughed that everything is changing so fast it is almost impossible to keep up. Good guy caught in the middle doing the best he could. I have never had an issue with my town( Franklin Lakes), Always very responsive and respectful.
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