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  1. These new restriction are going to have people upholstering and unloading then reholstering and loading several times per outing. I don’t under stand how the legislature does not see that as an issue. Forget about the increased likely hood of 911 calls reporting suspicious people handling firearms. Dont most police locker rooms have a safe containers officers are required to point there firearm in whenever loading or unloading to prevent the frequent accidental discharges from killing other officers or themselves? Where do I point my gun when doing this in my cramped car? I think the reality is we are going to become a car carry state, It is just so impractical and so few places you are allowed to carry on your person to realistically take advance of the permitt. Our best realistic use to to keep it secure in your vehicle, carry it occasionally and have delayed access should a situation arise where you have time to receive and load it from your vehicle but for some reason driving away in your vehicle is not possible.
  2. Hello Texan, I need keep all the parts together as a set.. I think most people looking for an AUG would not want the USR 20” crowned barrel as their only option. The USR 20” barrel is incredible. much much better then the standard 16” AUG. It is Heavy Bull made by ADI with Target crown. Many say the most accurate AUG barrel available but it fills more of a specific sniper role as apossed to a general all purpose tactical role.
  3. All Reasonable offers considered and potentially a few unreasonable offers. If you would be willing to buy it for a better price let me know. I 100% want to sell and the longer it takes to more reasonable I will become.
  4. Not at this point in time… I just purchased a Desert Tech MDRX I need to recover $$ Cash for at the moment…. If it is still unsold in a month or two and my wife has recovered from the sticker shock on the credit card ask again. As 007 says, “ One is not enough and three is too many”. So one of the Bull Pups has to go……
  5. Steyr USR (AUG A2) $3500 $3400 OBO First “ I’ll take it” post here will get it… All NJGunForum rules apply. Looking to Sell my Steyr USR. I am selling the Original USR stock and grip and the 20” ADI heavy barrel with Target crown, both the removable Steyr 1.5x Optic scope and picatinny rail all with the original manual, sling and box. Two 10 round Magazines ( Not the 20 round mags shown in photo). Everything to preserve the collective value of the USR. Only 3000 were imported into the USA. Plus In addition, you get a Steyr AUG Burnt Bronze Cerekote Stock, Grip and 16” Barrel to turn the Steyr USR virtually into Steyr AUG A2. The Scope and Picatinny rail both Mount rock solid with zero play. It also includes the Ratworks shell deflector, Hybrid Lefty Bolt, Corvus enhanced magazine release as well as the case deflector patch, the Trigger Tamer and Neu-Trigger Installed. (This provides a very acceptable trigger pull) All original trigger parts and Right hand bolt are included I purchased the rifle New in the box unfired about 5 years ago and put less then 500 rounds thru it.. Mostly thru the 16” barrel. The 20” ADI crown barrel is extremely high performance and has excellent reviews. My total cost for the Steyr USR and all the additional parts was $3900. ( see the cost breakdown below) Ratwork Hybrid Lefty bolt $125 Ratwork shell deflector $15 Corvus Enhanced Mag release $90 Neu-Trigger $30 TriggerTamer $60 Case deflector patch $25 Barrel Quick release button $30 Spare Aug Stock $325 Spare Foldable Front grip $50 Spare 16” Barrel with Grip $375 Professional Bronze Cerekote $275 Steyr USR cost $2500 I’m located in Bergan County and can meet at Gun For Hire to transfer or have them ship to your FFL. All fees are on your dime. Steyr USR History and detailed information http://www.steyr-aug.com/usr.htm
  6. Does it look like there would be room for a third to be printed on the ones you have seen?
  7. I submitted my application a couple week back with two qualifications. They called and asked for a better copy of my passport and I said I would drop it off next week as I want to provide a third qualification of a better sized Cary gun I just purchased. I was told that I would have to pick which of the first two submitted to be removed from the application as they can only accept two pistols maximum to be included on my permit. is this a know limit I just was not aware of? Has anyone been able to submit more then two? is it because only two can fit and be printed on the card?
  8. Is Gun for Hire notarizing everyone Qualification document? Mine is not. Did I skip a step when I was there?
  9. So I literally just dropped off my Application to Carry in Franklin Lakes… The officer was was nice and helpful but two interesting take aways. 1) He thought my Qualification letter from Gun for Hire had to be Notorized but accepted anyway, We’re they supposed to Notify it before I left? 2) I completed the Pistole permit request on July 6th and got my Fingerprints at Identico on Wednesday using the case number provided. Today the officer gave me instruction to get finger printed for the carry permit with a different Case Number. I explained I was just printed on Wednesday and provided the receipt and Pistol Purchase finger print instructions. He advised me to go and get printed again using the carry application case number because he could not guarantee it would not be rejected. So back to Identico in go, twice in one week. 3) He advise since I compete the Pistol purchase permit on July 6th it would be on hold indefinitely until a new State process was implemented. If I had completed on July 5th it would be grandfathered in and I would have gotten pistol purchase permits in about 3 weeks. 4) when I get my PPP and buy a carry gun I like I will have to complete the entire application process again 100% to add an additional gun to my permitt.
  10. There is a good Chance the DA’s will hesitate to prosecute CCW holders for carrying on Public Transit and most other places. Even a public defender would be able to win the case sighting Bruen and set president so it can no longer be enforced. They will write the Law as a felony to scar everyone into compliance, Then plea bargain anyone they catch down to a fine and disorderly person offense to pull your Permitt but not risk setting president. Any Thoughts?? Yes, No, Maybe?..
  11. If they can’t do it on the computer see if then can stand back about 3’ when taking the photo.. That will will reduce your image to better match the 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” format.
  12. Just and FYI Staples does two 2 x 2 passport photos for $14. So $28+ for four. If you request they will reduce the image and leave blank space above your head and on the side of your shoulders. This way when you Trim a 1/4” off each side to make it 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” the picture looks correct. If you trim down a normal 2” x 2” passport photo it will look zoomed in on your face when cut down.
  13. So at the Top of the Application is say make Money Order payable to “State of New Jersey - Treasurer but on the Application Instruction Sheet it says “Treasurer, State of New Jersey” I assume either will be accepted. However the Application Bottom Right of second Page references the photo size of 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” and the application instruction sheet says Passport Size photos which are 2” x 2”. That difference I would think matters…
  14. So I see Gun For hit is offering the shoot Qualification needed to complete the application. What about the Training requirement? Regardless of previous experience / training you need to pass e certified test on the NJ Use of Force laws right? How do we complete that?
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