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  1. NJTRPII - I think you got this this wrong bud. Only range I see in the Hanover Board Township Minutes is the case on 36 South Jefferson Road, Cedar Knolls.
  2. I am in the same boat. I applied for 3 more P2P's on October 28th. I have a brand new Sig P226 Stainless Elite 9mm sitting at my FFL waiting to come home. Township wont even return my phone calls. They said 3-4 months so we will see. The first go for initial FID and 2 P2P's took 2.5 months because I made a stink emailing the mayor and added the chief of police. I let this one ride out and sure enough they are taking their sweet time.
  3. Took me 10 weeks but only because I pushed and wrote an email to the mayor at about week 4. Try it. Cant hurt. Sparta told me 3-4 months when I applied for my FID and 2 P2P's initially. I applied for 3 more P2P's on Oct 28th and my references didnt even get contacted yet. Sparta PD had contacted them within the first week the first go so I dont get it. I even called the admin lady who works all the paperwork at the PD who I got to know some and left her a voicemail. No call back. I got 2 pistols and a 22lr conversion kit for one of them so Im not so anxious as I was the first go but I do have a special order Sig P226 Stainless Elite (my avatar) waiting for me at my FFL that came in early I really want to pickup.
  4. Thank you for all the responses and confirmations guys. Off to my local PD I go! Hope I get them sooner than expected.
  5. I did a quick search but didn't find anything. I already got 2 P2P's and want to get another 3. Is it ok when I submit my paperwork to my local PD tomorrow that I list the same 2 people I put down on the first go or do they need to be 2 different/new references? I don't want a reason or any cause for delay on getting these permits. Bad enough it will already take me 3 months without any issues. Thanks.
  6. No worries. I feel everyone's pain. Hang in there guys. Hopefully soon for the both of you too.
  7. Newly ordered Glock 21 is in route to my FFL. My Sig P226 Stainless Elite is ordered and will take at least 4 months to get.
  8. Well folks... Thought I'd post the good news finally. Certainly not rubbing it in to others getting dragged in the process but I just wanted to report so folks know. I got the letter from the township that FID and permits are ready. Exactly 3.5 months from date of applying but I can certainly say that without a doubt it would have been longer if not emailing the higher ups in my town and stopping in to see the administration women in the dept. I got it just short of 2 weeks after stopping in. I feel, if done in a professional and polished manor, you can decrease your time against the usual wait if you take the right approach. Hopefully my documented experience in this thread I started will assist others.
  9. I got it covered guys. I'm comparing apples to apples for price. Including tax. I made sure of this with my local FFL. He says he can meet the price. So going back to my last question, all that is left is the NICS cost correct?
  10. This much is clear that he is matching the cost of the pistol. My question was on the usual transfer cost from FFL to FFL which obviously there isn't one now since I am buying direct from my local FFL. He will just do the NICS is all right? That would save me $25 right there in avoiding the transfer cost so I would be ahead of the game even with him matching the pistol cost. Another benefit I would gather.
  11. Well...I feel pretty good that I should have within a month. Man....I hope I am right. Another questions guys...my local FFL said he could match the price I got on the pistol so I would support him locally of course. I know my price for the pistol walking out the door. So all that remains is the NICS cost for him to charge right? No transfer involved here since he is selling the gun to me new.
  12. Thank you too Dave. Storage?..wow on a 16" x 16" case? I would hope not. He's doing the transfer and NICS for me.
  13. Did some searching but didn't find anything concrete. I think this could be done and next step was to get in touch with my local FFL just to be sure but thought I'd ask here. I am interested in buying a gun from an FFL on Gunbroker. Price is pretty decent. I should have my FID and P2P's in my hand within the next month (I hope!). I know how crazy Jersey is with dates - 30 day rule etc so this got me thinking. If I buy this pistol and it ships to my FFL now and he holds it until I get my P2P, am I still within the law? Does this earlier sale date or purchase from the selling FFL to me raise an illegal issue and red flag for when I complete the transfer through my local FFL say in a month from now? If so, as a second option I can always just pay and have the selling FFL hold the pistol for me and tell him to ship it when the P2P's are in my hand. I'd prefer to have my local FFL already have the pistol in his hands when I get the P2P's though. Thanks.
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