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  1. Just met up with Jeff yesterday. Really cool guy and a quick transfer process. He also catered to my evening hours so that was a huge plus. Can't wait to deal with him again! Email is definitely the best way to reach him.
  2. Fair Lawn 1 P2P 4/5: Drop off paperwork with reference forms already signed by references (something Fair Lawn just started doing which apparently is incorrect but it does speed up the process) 4/13: Just received a call that they are ready to pick up
  3. Hope to meet some guys at the next one on the 23rd! It'll be my first one. Anyone need to know what time I should arrive as a first timer?
  4. Wait your line access went from $40 to $20 per SMART phone? I have to double check. I switched to the new ones b/c it's more data that we need (+ rollover) but I didn't see a change in line access.
  5. Oh, cool; good info guys. In that case, going to try to clear the schedule before reg closes tomorrow. Also, thanks for the generous offer, louu! I don't suppose you can use a chest rig for these events, can you? Embarassingly enough, I have a Condor chest rig that someone gifted me last xmas.
  6. Damn, wish I could make this one but only saw this now & don't have any mag pouches. For next time, what kind of mag holsters are you guys running? I need to pick some up.
  7. Dave Castro, the Director of CF games, is a retired Navy Seal & avid gun supporter so I think it's pretty great. Obviously, all the hoplophobes are flipping shit about it. There's even a protest today at Reebok Crossfit NYC. Unfortunately, Reebok already came out and said they don't support the decision so no help for us there. All the usual suspects are protesting today but we'll see who will actually show up in this blistering heat. https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/why-is-crossfit-games-giving-out-guns-as-a-prize-arent-they-already-strong-enough-or-what?utm_source=broadlytwitterus
  8. I have this from US PeaceKeeper ( http://amzn.to/2agv1M8 ) my AR with a 14.5" + pinned barrel; overall length is about 33.5". It's a 36" and the internal length is 35".
  9. One of the 4 I purchased can fit an extra. I have to contact them about it.
  10. Bought a few of the ACT 15 rounders for my M&P 9 from Greg Cote and tested them out at the range. Suitable for the range. Note, one of them may or may not have been able to hold an extra round. http://gregcotellc.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=165&products_id=1391
  11. Still haven't used the genny I just picked up a few months back, but how do you guys protect yours from the elements? I have an EZ up tent I could probably rig but this storm is causing some serious gusts.
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