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  1. I looked over the info on the ammo I thought was steel core and it is not its lead core. It does not say lead core on the box though so I'll still not bring it indoors . I don't know if its illegal to import sreel core though. As for EFGA like I said I'm done with that range. I might be moving out of state next year so I'm not going to waste my money renwing. I'm glad most of you guys have good expericances ther . We just did not have the same luck. So I'll make the best if a bad situation until I move. I did buy some tula ammo for the range to show them.
  2. The EFGA thing with closings first : I always checked. Weeks days and the day of to make sure. At least 2 times we drove out and the police had taken over the range . no listings online no email alrets no nothing . We contacted the board but they did nothing. Another time we planned a tip for my birthday . The day before they added a range closing for training from blank to blank times. We change plans and.come an hour later then planed so the class will be over . They stay on the range another hour after that. I always use my ranges ammo when I rent firearms. I'm a poster child for knowing the ammo you should bring to an Indoor range. The ammo they let you shoot when renting an AK there still sticks to the magnet. And most comblock ammo is not steel.core anymore, but most won't put a label on the box that says that. I make sure my boxes do say that they are lead core. I'm not arguing checking the ammo at the door is a bad thing. I always have a box out to show the . Its when they hassle you when your abiding by the rules due to their ignorance of ammo. And don't get me wrong I'd love to go to an out door range and blast my Ak. But since I can t seem to find a range close by that's to my liking the indoor will be fine to shoot a few rounds( I don't even shoot more then maybe 80 rounds max from my AK there I mostly shoot my pistols ). And honestly this is the first issue iv ever had there.
  3. they bust balls because idiots dont read the rules and shoot green tips/ AP ammo. I can understand if i where to show up to the range with an ammo can with loose ammo and/or boxes with no writing that says " lead core" but I never do. I show up with everything in order per their rules ( even emailed the manager before I started bringing my ak there.) if their Ro's dont know the difference between steel core and steel cased then Ill have to educate them. if 7.62x39 is messing up the backstop then way not ban 5.56 then? most of the damage done is by guys with AR15s shooting green tip ammo there from what the other range officers have told me. (also they rent aks there and have for a long time im sure if the backstop was being destroyed by that caliber they would have stopped renting those out a long time ago) I have fun shooting my ak on a short indoor range. its just fun. EFGA was a waste of my money. everytime I planned a trip there where unannounced closings by the police, or a training class that over stayed their time, or it was massively crowded, or no one would take a break so we could set up targets when we finally got a bench, or some ass would play gun ho jerk, or in the case of my dad's friend have people fire after the range has been called cold and you're down range. a year of trips with all that drama and BS is why its not worth my "$5" a month. Im sure you like most have had no troubles there but I and my family are i guess part of the few that have had bad luck with efga.
  4. thanks guys. i just wanted to make sure they didnt make a mistake. I like their credit program. if i had the time id sell it here but they make it easy. i sent 14lbs in on a $40 order after shipping my order only cost me 13 and change. Im still in the testing part of my relationship with FM. seeing how clean everything comes and how it cycles. so far 9mm is a winner. have a few boxes of reman in hp and rn to try now but they all looked pretty clean. only a few spots on some of the RN. then ill try their .223 and 5.56. wish they did 30-30 as well that ammo gets pricey lol . ill def be making bigger orders from them soon.
  5. Any idea why they would send it Instead of normal brass? Like I said I didn't order nickel. Also can I send it back in for brass credit after I shoot i??
  6. I ordered a few boxes during the last free shipping. I ordered a box of 9mm 124gn hp reman. For some reason its nickel plate?? Any idea why? I didn't order any nickel lol.
  7. All the research iv done has said steel core can spark not lead core. I use pretty decent lacquer coated steel cased rounds. Also its an AK with a chrome.lined barrel . Not going to be wearing out anytime soon . I did join EFGA . had a few bad experiences and let my membership run out last month.
  8. I'm shooting a converted saiga 7.62x39. All com block steel cased ammo. I can buy non magnet ammo but it costs.a lot more and makes no sense for just target ammo when the only difference is that its just not magnetic. Everything else is ecxatly the same.
  9. Yeah sorry it was the heritage gun guild for a while in rahway where I'm near . Force of habit. I know a lot of ranges magnet test. They never did before though. I guess someone abused it and shot green tips or something . what ammo did you shoot that passed a magnet test that's comblock steel case? No I only buy comblock steel cased lead core ammo. ( besides the 100 RDS of wolf military steel core.I got cheap and just have stored. )
  10. So I went to the gun guild sat. Iv been going there for 2 years ( crackshot members) been shooting my AK there for the 6 months iv owned it. Never shot anything but lead core ammo there as to not damage the back stop . Always let them look at the boxes and read them to make sure. So sat one of the ros wants to see.my ammo. Is say no problem. He opens my box and magnet tests it. Be 4 he says a word I'm already saying to him its going to stick. Its comblock steel case. They all stick. The other ro looks at the box and says he'd let.me shoot i . The one ro proceeds to tell me I can't that its steel penitrator . so I basically had to tell him off, that its lead core its not steel core penetrators . he said something like " all ammo is lead core" to which I replyed " no I have steel core ammo at home. I won't bring it here because I know the rules" . so just a heads up if anyone is shooting comblock steel cased you might get hassled now.
  11. Do you guys know if they magnet test ammo. ? I have lead core ammo for my Akm but its comblock so it sticks. Been having issues at my normal range lately.
  12. But does it matter with HP and sp if its steel core or not? Case and point wolf has their military classic ammo that's def steel core, but they sell it in HP and sp . can I shoot that indoors without damgeing the backstop?
  13. Can't magnet steel cased ammo from what I have read. Magnet sticks to it no matter what. Some ranges won't let you even use steel cased ammo having a " of it sticks its a no go" rule.
  14. Hey guys, I dont know how many of you guys shoot at the gun guild in Easton but I do. I like it a bit better then efga even though its only indoors. my question is i know they have ammo restrictions but I cant find an answer. I know they dont allow steel core ammo so when i bring my saiga 7.62x39 I make sure i have lead core ammo. i normally shoot stuff like steel cased: tula fmj, golden tiger fmj, and red army standard fmj, all these say lead core on the box. Its been a lot harder to find these at reasonable prices. most of the stuff i can find for cheap does not say if its lead or steel core. if im not sure would buying HP or SP ammo be a way to go? Im not sure if steel and lead core have any effect on HP and SP ammo and if the gun guild would allow it. sorry if tis is a noob question. like i said i looked around and cant seem to find an answer.
  15. Check atlanticfirearms.com they took care of me when buying my AK. Take a look at the wasr ( Atlantic QC checks them) and the npap. Both great rifles for the price (they won't ship with mags but standard double stacked ak pinned and 10 round mags are not hard to get ). Also depending where you live Steve at Monmouth arms can do any compliance work if needed for a reasonable price + a pretty cheap ffl transfer + he's fun to talk to . He pinned and welded my muzzle device on my saiga and it look great.
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