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  1. If it was between Ira and Steve I would go the Steve route. Just based on my experiences. I never got the warm fuzzy feelings from Ira like I do when I'm at Steve's. LOL. Hey @Steve when can i grab my 10/22 with replacement rear sight?? No rush.
  2. Awesome story and the three generations too.
  3. Hows the charging handle holding up? Any issues? For $9.00 its a steal.
  4. Using code GIVE25 you can get 25% off your order. Expires 12/31/20. 92FS 10 round OEM mags after discount comes out to a little more than $19 bux ea. They also have the steel upgrade kit for the 92FS online as well.
  5. Do we really want to jump in at these prices? Unless u have a permit expiring and it was somewhat reasonable I would wait for the buyers remorse maybe 6 months from now and pick them off. Just sucks for them new gun owners. Also with the 9mm going for .60pr it’s getting insane.
  6. if it aint raining its a good day. Who know what holds for the following Sunday. If it's a wash then that would be close to 3 weeks no shooting. Can't have that now. Prob will try to get out there on Friday 2pm session if you heading out.
  7. Went today and it was windy and cold. Luckily had the long johns and a down jacket today.
  8. I've seen as anywhere from .30 -.60 per round depending on steel or brass but then tack on the tax and shipping unless you buying from a member.
  9. how was the temps out there today? Brisk?
  10. Unfortunately most manufacters do source from China on some of their product lines. I hear ya and try to do the same when possible. Even the BIG three car manufacturers source many parts from abroad. Just curious if all the MTM ammo cans are made here in the USA. Would hate to have to get rid of my Zombie ammo cans!
  11. A buddy off mine passed this info to me..... Placed my order and it works. Currently on SALE for $35.99. Add coupon code BENCH20 and shipped for 28.79. Free shipping site wide. Other items on sale as well. https://www.wheelertools.com/gunsmithing-tools/wrenches-and-screwdrivers/f.a.t.-wrench-with-10-bit-set/553556.html
  12. Gabonk nice to meet ya today and smooth transaction! Thanks again for the ammo.
  13. i need to get the other rifles and handguns in the other calibers so I can get the most outta all that cleaning kit!!
  14. My1stGlock

    Ruger mini-30

    Reviving this post to see if any other forum members own a newer model that's 10 year old or less. I see alot videos reviews online saying to stay away from the steel cased ammo and lots of FTE. Is that still the general consensus? Also has anyone used the ProMag 10 round magazines and any good or bad reviews on those as well? Winki did you ever pull the trigger on this? LOL. NO pun intended.
  15. I got caught up with all the cleaning kits when I first started out. Now I just used the Hoppes Boresnakes for quick clean and lube. it's compact and caliber specific. There'a bunch of other copy cats out there but Hoppes is the orginal one. https://smile.amazon.com/s?k=hoppes+bore+snake+viper&crid=23M6UXSIJALJO&sprefix=hoppes+bore%2Caps%2C183&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-a-p_10_11 The full cleaning kit still has a purpose but to quickly clean and lube this is the best in my opinion. You decide....
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