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  1. This is out of box thinking but how about a sling and using it to stabilize the rifle?
  2. You don’t mean to break the law I’m assuming? Anyways pretty much no retailer would ship any mags beyond 10 rounds to NJ.
  3. Well I guess they gotta hit something to mushroom no?
  4. Ammo gods rained on you today huh? None of them look fired? Any wind today?
  5. The one I am using is the one JohnnyB referenced. It has that additional tip that guides the round into the AR barrel. If you are plinking this is a great option. Yes .22lr ammo can be very dirty and yes some brands work better than others. as for accuracy I am able to put on target out to 50 yards easily. If I had better eyes maybe 100 yards but others online have been able to shoot this very accurately. Here’s a video from 22plinkster and his experience with the adapter.
  6. That's between you and your FFL but I would say they wont do that. The funny thing it its legal to order the parts separately but once it's assembled the FFL is obligated to make it compliant before it's transferred to the buyer. Some retailers won't even ship non compliant rifles to NJ as they don't want to deal with the drama. and NJ laws. Most FFLs do the compliance work and charge accordingly. Do you already have an FFL in mind? In Manalapan/ Marlboro area I use Steve @ Monmouth Arms he's also a forum vendor and a great guy to deal with. Many people here will speak highly of him.
  7. Yes it works fine on an AR barrel .223 and 5.56 nato are essentially the same round. the kits sometimes includes 1 or 3 mags and you obviously need the one that has a 10 round capacity. No need to use this if you have a dedicated .22lr AR You remove your existing bolt and drop this adapter in. The action is self contained in the bolt.
  8. Just make sure the real issues are addressed. Stock is pinned muzzle brake installed on a threaded barrel pinned/welded. no bayonet lug if using A2 sight
  9. Yea i hear ya. Thanks for the write up. Usually I do a google search on it but for some reason the brain was in neutral.. I guess my 8am run to Shooters drained my brain cells...lol.
  10. A pic is worth a 1000 words but videos just makes everyone's life easier?? Thanks Dooly.
  11. Simple enough gonna give that a try on my ARs. Looks very effective. Thx Jrfly!
  12. Used Spikes, PSA, Aero and even Bushmaster if you can even find those anymore!. All GTG. Of those only Aero has the tension screw which I never touched. I did try the wedge but its a very very tight fit. Didn't care for that neither. Anyone got pics of the O ring fix? You know a pic just fills the blanks. A pic of Scorpio64's painters tape fix would be great too. Thanks!
  13. Dang nab it really?? Was there today. My buddy picked up his CZ75 Shadow 2 in grey. Any deals when we drop NJGF going forward? (Joking of course.) We've been going there to shop recently since they have such a nice inventory. Its like a candy store in there but go early if you go on the weekends. Can Dajonga PM me his name next time so I can say "Hi"? For those that are not in the know, if you know what firearm you want you can pay for it in advance and you can send copies of your ID/docs to run NICs in advance this way you only make one trip. If you choose a rife that needs compliance work then you will have to make two trips regardless, The compliance work is not done on the spot. We found out the hard way today when trying to add a long gun to the order. LOL.
  14. Another buddy of mine also grabbed one from Shooters also. It was the Walther WAI Hammerli. Also a nice one too. Check it out on their website. Item # 5760500. Best to call to check on availability as it could be a trek for most people.
  15. Going off topic but a buddy of mine grabbed a Tippmann .22lr AR from Cheyenne. made from mil spec parts and feels a lot more solid. Give them a call and see if they taking orders or if you can leave a down payment for one. Not sure what your budget is but it was over 500 and within the last 6 months or so.
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