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  1. I too used to order from Cablea's without issues. What was Bass Pro Shop's stance with online purchases for NJ residents? Cabelas did get aquired by Bass Pro so if their policy was never ship to NJ then Cabelas is just following their policy? It might have just taken some time after they cutover. Just saying.
  2. Sounds like he''s into Single action double action type guns. If he likes the CZ he can look at the CZ 75 perhaps Beretta 92 series? Buying anything these days you your neighbor is going to pay premium at the moment. If he likes .22LR how about the Ruger MK IV series, S&W Victory or a Browning Buckmark? Cheap ammo and great for target.
  3. For FFLs you can use Monmouth Arms, Howell Gun Works and Legend Firearms. Monmouth Arms is in Marlboro in the strip mall between Kohl’s and Rosalita’s on 9 North. Howel Gun Works is on 9 South and in Howell Legend Firearms is inside of Union Hill Gun Range. you can Google then for their exact addresses they are also on the forum.
  4. Welcome to the forums! You have your FID card or applying? While your at it just ask for 4 PPPs then figure out what to get.
  5. Have you handled the G26? Like you said we're in NJ. May have pinky hang. Maybe the G19 gen3 a better model to work with? I've seen a lot of deals on that model type lately. I heard Palmaetto State Armory has a really snappy lookin G19 clone. They call it the dagger and it's supposed to be starting at $299.for the base model. Just food for thought. Yeah I ain't helping. Sorry! To top it off it's not available yet. Supposed to have dropped but still nada. http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/2020/01/22/palmetto-state-armory-ps9-dagger/ Here's some other sites that I've seen parts fom. YMMV. https://www.spintaprecision.com/glock-parts/?sort=featured&page=1 https://3crtactical.com/ https://www.brownells.com/search/index.htm?k=glock+parts&ksubmit=y
  6. I've looked at this too but from what I've seen its not much of a savings if that's what you are looking to do. Add a barrel, bare slide and the slide kit your'e right up there with the cost. I guess you have the satisfaction of saying you building it. Other question is reliability unless you are going all OEM parts.
  7. Here's a youtube video of them "testing". Wow and they start @ 349.00.
  8. Yup got the 5M1 on two o my uppers.
  9. If only the Marlboro PD did that.... same day is awesome!
  10. I agree with dajonga as far as the deposit to hold it. Another thing my FFL does is he runs the NICS the day before I show so there's no other unnecessary waiting and they can fill out the paperwork when I show up. Another thing you could do is get an extension on your current purchase permit. It will be good for another 90 days. (I am assuming you haven't done that yet). There's no extra charges but you will have to bring the permit to the PD and leave it for them to extend and call you back for a pickup. Next time try to get the guns ordered in advance or order the next one as soon as you pick up your current one and when 30 days hit have the FFL run your NICS. Once approve just bring the purchase permit and the $$$. Since the process of getting purchase permits is so tedious get 4 permits at a time and get the 90 day extension prior to the expiration date. This way you will have a total of 6 months from the time you make your first purchase to burn the other permits. At $2/permit I will get the extra permits just to have rather than the whole process of applying again. Alot to digest. Any questions or clarification just ask....
  11. Although it's not a NJ establishment I believe West Side Rifle and Pistol Range is the last indoor gun range that exists in NYC of all places. I happen to know the guys and they are a great bunch of guys. I found out that they are also hurting like all other self owned businesses and someone mentioned they have a gofundme page currently. The fact that they are a 2A establishment and also the only one left in the NYC I figured i can let our forum members know about their page. They did not come to me about this but if I can help out a business/friend and spread the word I will do so and for a good bunch of guys. I understand that for some of us it's hard to donate but if you can that would be great. If you can also spread the word and post on your social media sites that would be great. I would do so but I don't have any accounts on FB, IG or other sites. If you do donate drop them a message that it was you heard about them via NJGF! https://www.gofundme.com/f/west-side-rifle-and-pistol-range-inc Thank you and sorry for asking......
  12. I think Maks got the deal going with them. If this post is still live it should be GTG. Follow his Amazon link at the beginning of the post. Provide the info he requested and wait for the refund and delivery. Worse case scenario you can return for free within the 30 days and that's from Amazon.
  13. Looks like it's on track If you just got them today maybe the payment will clear by Wednesday? Not sure why you got a Pending status on the payment. I don't recall seeing that on my PayPal account but I could have just missed that.
  14. If you guys didn't provide the order info then that's prob why you haven't gotten the refund via PayPal. Here's the link from Mak's NJGF post. They need some info from the order to properly vet and your PayPal info to refund the cost. http://bit.ly/2Q7WSlC
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