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  1. Congrats and put some lead down range again.
  2. Don’t pull slide but push the grip? Better leverage overall?
  3. You thinking of an "other" which requires a VFG and minimally 26" OAL and no shoulder stock?
  4. Man those are the plushest black car rides ever! Never owned one but they would always have these cars for the ride home. Nice and roomy too! To bad they got discontinued. Heard working on the MKT were the worse.
  5. Ummmm how about this..... Its' along the route so he didn't deviate? He suffers from low sugar and needed ice cream so it was necessary?
  6. Eight months + for warranty work/replacement gun is a little extreme. Maybe another letter to Beretta expressing your disappointment might get you some freebies. It's the least they can do. This is a PR nightmare. Perhaps a coupon or discount codes to purchase another one of their guns? Hell even free extra mags. Worth a shot. It's part of doing business. Another idea why not get approval to buy a replacement barrel your self and submit it for reimbursement. It would be ironic if you went and ordered it directly from their website and got it fulfilled that way.
  7. Just curious if getting a replacement gun (new serial #) how does that work? Doesn't it have to go to the FFL and wouldn't a PPP be needed and another NICS run? Also if they just replacing the barrel are they just going to repair/correct the whole slide issue? That's the root cause anyways right?
  8. Thanks for the ammo and nice meeting ya. Thanks for giving me the tour of OBRPC too. Hope u got good range time today.
  9. Sounds like it started last Monday right after yer last visit. Cash is king either way. prepping lol.
  10. I heard they were adding a 3rd time slot. Glad they did since it’s reservation only.
  11. Anyone heading out today or tomorrow just got a recording that it’s CASH ONLY due to them having issues? That’s the recording I got from Kevin. Prob too late for the guys that headed out today but that’s what I was told on the voicemail for tomorrow. It would suck to not be able to shoot just cuz you didn’t have cash. Anyone went today that can confirm?
  12. This thread is coming along very well. The pics make it a lot easier for the new gun owner looking at the AR platform. Props to you for taking the time out to do all this.
  13. Off the top of my head I think stopping for gas and bathroom is allowed now unless some new legislation did away with that too. Aren’t transactions among immediate family allowed w/o the need for FFL? Does that apply to handguns and rifles or just rifles if I recollect?
  14. Is this for gaming or mining? Wow these prices are off the charts. Been a very long time since I’ve looked at separate video cards for desktop builds. Online banking and YouTube stream don’t call for that type of power
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