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  1. Follow the acorn and the direction that it points. That will give you the direction of the rotation. On the S&W it goes counter clockwise.... Don't ask me where I got that from someone else passed that info along to me a long time ago....
  2. Seems like insurance has become a shell game just like cellular service and cable/fios service. I too just switched from Liberty to Allstate and saved a crap load of money! Been with Liberty for close to 10 years and every year it would climb up for no reason. Had auto, home and umbrella. Even if it starts going up I'm still saving from resetting and starting at a lower threshold. If you don't try you'll never know. It's just like they said less than 15 mins and you can save some $$$.
  3. Not to get off topic but SWEET rides. Did u have run flats or regular tires? The run flats are horrible tires especially in the snow. That 550i must be a beast.
  4. Is that a BMW in the background? 3 series perhaps?
  5. I found the ITS Tactical videos to be very detailed and broken down in multiple video clips....
  6. The link from Glock has been replaced with the 30th anniversary They already pulled the article and replaced it w/ the Glock 30th anniversary article. Recoil has some info on it for those still curious. http://www.recoilweb.com/news-of-glocks-19x-pistol-leaked-132572.html
  7. Just saw this upgrade video detailing what's been changed. If its a dupe my bad. https://www.sigsauer.com/support/p320-voluntary-upgrade/#video
  8. I find all these products to be very bloated and really slow. Especially McAfee. More than one time has their products crap out a good PC after an update. At the end of the day it you must use a bit of common sense and avoid unknown/malicious sites and links. If you have multiple users create separate user profiles. Do not give them admin rights neither. Most malware are profile specific. If no need to have the kids on it then keep them off of it.
  9. Kudos to you and the GTO!
  10. Yeah sometimes people just get crazy and buffet etiquette goes out the door. "You here four hour!!!!" lol....
  11. Just posted this http://www.e-arms.com/hot-deals/aero-parts-sale/ on hot deals too. The Ghost Gun lowers by Aero Precision.
  12. Aero Precision AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver, Special Edition: Ghost Gun http://www.e-arms.com/hot-deals/aero-parts-sale/ Thanks Kevin De Leon...... 30 cal clip in 1/2 sec...........Grab them while they are on sale w/ FREE shipping!
  13. That I know but this one just works slightly differently. It is fixed on the buffer tube. The cheek weld is stationary and the bottom half of the stock is sliding on itself so I was just hoping....Guess not since at the end of the day the thing still collapses and extends.
  14. So as the title says are these types of stocks legal in NJ or do they fall under the category of collapsible stock and requires to be pinned as well? I didn't find anything on the forums here. Yeah yeah if I have to ask it prob is not legal......LOL. lemme know yer inputs.
  15. Welcome aboard Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk