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  1. I'm sure anyone that' been there has bought those zip ties for flags. Another option is a whole roll of weed whacker string. Cut to lenght and put wire nuts on one end. Just make sure the wire nuts are large enough so they don't fall into the chamber. One more thing when the cease fire IS called. If you are fast going down range to swap targets etc then also take the empty mags off the table and keep some ammo in the trunk or car so you can load the mags while waiting for the others.....Yes also reverse into your spot to make it easier to unload and load too.
  2. Can you post pics of the backside of the bottle openers? Just want to see how big the magnets are.
  3. One more suggestion. Keep in your lane when you put out multiple targets. What looks like is in lane when you are down range can end up in your neighbor's lanes when you get back to to the line.
  4. Ditto everything Scorpio64 said and add some chamber flags. Whatever is on the table needs to stays open, saftey on with chamber flag inserted when cease fires are called.
  5. If Marlboro is close by then give @Steve from Monmouth Arms a call. He's a forum sponsor, local retailer, does NJ compliance work as well as my go to FFL.
  6. I dunno about remixer. I’ve had him do compliance work on my last 5 ARs and not sure if his work is any good. I’ll follow up after my 10th one. I think any NJ FFL can accept a non compliant gun/rifle but it would need to be made NJ compliant before it’s transferred to you. The other prob is some stores will not even ship to NJ and some FFLs are not competent or able to do compliance work. Correct me if I am wrong but yea Steve is my goto guy and he should be yours too!
  7. Hmmm odd unless they pulled the free shipping. My bad.......
  8. Palmetto State Armory has CCI 9mm 115 grain 1000 round bulk count ammo on sale for $159.99 delivered. https://palmettostatearmory.com/cci-5200-9mm-115-grain-1000-round-bulk-pack-cc5000bk1000.html SKU: 5165447812 UPC: 50004544639356 You will need to provide copy of your FID card if you never ordered from them in the past.
  9. For those that are still looking for 10 round OEM Glock mags for their G17 or G19. Not retail boxed but brand new. Big Tex is GTG. Ordered them last time they were on sale. https://www.bigtexoutdoors.com/product/oem-glock-10rd-mags-2/
  10. you could just grab some OEM mags on sale. Sale at Big Tex for OEM 10 rounders for $11.50. Ordered from them and they are GTG. https://www.bigtexoutdoors.com/product/oem-glock-10rd-mags-2/
  11. If you want to sell to those places like Cars for Cash I think Kelly Blue Book has participating dealers that buy cars but expect to be low balled. The advantage is you can have them come to you for quote and if you like you sell it to them. The only negative is that it is a 2002 with over 300K. I know about this as a buddy of mine does this in Long Island, Queens area. It's called Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer. Plug in the info on the website and they give you an estimated buy back value which the independent dealers will work with. https://www.kbb.com/sell-your-car/
  12. Thanks Lakota it was late and I wasnt thinking.
  13. Put them in the ammo cans that are indescript and put them in the garage with your tool box less one box for the bedroom dresser drawer!
  14. Found this on Palmetto State Armory. 1000 rounds 169.99 delivered. You will need to send them a copy of your FID initially and all future orders will ship without issues unless the laws change. https://palmettostatearmory.com/cci-5200-9mm-115-grain-1000-round-bulk-pack-cc5000bk1000.html
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