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  1. Mandatory shutdown sounds ominous like some sorta trouble. I saw your post that it was till the 23rd but who knows. I checked online today and still the same.
  2. Logged on today does anyone know what's going on? Ironic considering your topic! lol And no info or recording on the phone line neither. Attention: At this time the range is under mandatory shutdown at the range until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  3. If it’s a store bought gun that’s kinda crappy to charge for storage fees. This is NJ as it is. I would understand a transfer/mail order gun and getting charged storage fees. Maybe a visit to the store to explain the situation and see if they can waive it as a courtesy or even a reduced fee. You won’t know till you try. Fees may be stated up front but if the convenience of proximity to the store is what you want then just have to plan better and as others suggested buy after you have the permits. How I miss the days of the $2 permits.I’ll take 6 please!
  4. Midway has this on sale at the moment if anyone looking for a decent entry to mid level red dot. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1016224982 Sparc 2.jfif
  5. What scope ring marks? That’s pretty darn clean!
  6. Keychain not included that's a deal breaker!
  7. Anyone have issues opening the posts from their phones? I kept on getting an error. It's fine on a PC browser but should not make a diff? Just tried now and it looks like it's working now....
  8. This would even be sweeter if they just sold the lower assembly as another option! Save the extra cash for the ammo.
  9. Looks hot. MSRP of $1500 hopefully street prices will be around 800-1200 range.
  10. I think PK90 meant getting a 14.5" barrel and then welding a 1.5" muzzle brake for a total of 16"
  11. That would be good for NJ keeping the brace? The brace would have to be pinned too if collapsible? If the brace was only for the purpose of the "other" classification I'd prefer a rifle stock at that point.
  12. More or less. Question for you are you planning on replacing the barrel and the handguard on the existing upper or do you plan to swap out the whole upper with a new 16" OAL upper and a pinned muzzle brake if threaded? Might be alot cheaper going that route. If you plan on swapping out the existing upper you'll need an armorer's wrench minimally. You will also have get a new gas tube and block. Not sure if you can repurpose w/o damaging existing one or if its different on the new barrel you will have to get that separately. I assume the other is using a carbine gas system. Possibly reuse the handguard? If not then pickup another one. Stock can be a fixed one or a pinned one. It all depends on what you feel like doing. If I missed anything I'm sure the others on the forum will add or correct.
  13. HE thoughts on the PSA premium bolt versus this one? On par? Was also going for $69 Christmas till prob first week of New Year. Now back to $79. which is still a reasonable price too. https://palmettostatearmory.com/palmetto-state-armory-5-56-premium-full-auto-bolt-carrier-group-8779.html
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