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  1. So sorry I saw Keltec but my brain was in AR15 mode.
  2. As far as I know most muzzle brakes are legal in NJ. Dunno if it holds any water but if yer pinky can fit in there it’s illegal lol. basically the hole on the front should be no larger than the bullet diameter where as flash hiders are wide open hence the pinky can fit and that’s the no go. As always others can correct me and or chime in. If you have a particular brake then maybe mention the type. I’m sure others may already have one installed but that’s not gospel neither.
  3. Sure if you don't mind posting here that's fine or PM me directly
  4. Andy was it you that usually does the woodwork with the bottle openers etc? I saw the post on NJGF once during the holidays and thought it was you. I only recall the post also indicated that he was a Range 14 member and that they could pick up from there.
  5. They now offer 22 rifle spots but if you don't book by the 3rd day the spots will be all taken. I ended up joining Cherry Ridge. For me its 45 mins to Range-14 for 2 hours of shooting versus 1:15 drive and 4- 5 hours of shooting. Also the $10 i save I can use for lunch! The only down side is $25/ for a guest but if they get to shoot for 4 hours its not that bad I guess. Great groupings on that first bottle! What magnification u using? 1x -6x?
  6. I will take the Sig P320 compact mag. PM inbound! Just wanted to confirm its for a 9mm?
  7. Will prob fit the MkIII Target too no?
  8. When my wife asks me is that another AR I just say I changed some parts that's why it looks different.
  9. I'm sorry am I missing something here. If you have an AR and never plan to shoot it why get a second one based on FOMO? You should wait till you move out of NJ and buy something else otherwise you will have to take both ARs on a fishing trip if Biden gets his way.
  10. Rob got the scopes in the mail yesterday thanks again.
  11. @dajonga is it ok to post for price and availability here for Shooters NJ or u rather PM’s? Not sure if the mods approve or if conflict but figured it would be good for other members see as well if they are also interested. How are NICs checks going by the way?
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