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  1. Thanks Lakota it was late and I wasnt thinking.
  2. Put them in the ammo cans that are indescript and put them in the garage with your tool box less one box for the bedroom dresser drawer!
  3. Found this on Palmetto State Armory. 1000 rounds 169.99 delivered. You will need to send them a copy of your FID initially and all future orders will ship without issues unless the laws change. https://palmettostatearmory.com/cci-5200-9mm-115-grain-1000-round-bulk-pack-cc5000bk1000.html
  4. Also on ocassions some of the forum members have deals too. I would definitely buy at 1000 round to maximize shipping and cost. If you don't want 1000 rounds the post online here and maybe a member will go in half on the order with you.
  5. All the ones I recommended are online vendors that I have bought from. They have great deals when they got free shipping and rebates. Palmetto State Armory https://palmettostatearmory.com/ Natchez https://www.natchezss.com/ Cabelas Bass Pro Shop https://www.cabelas.com/ The Armory https://www.the-armory.com/ Target Sports USA https://www.targetsportsusa.com/
  6. EDC Tactical AR15 Billet lower in purple for $52.50. Hey @Purple Patrick still stocking up on your fav color? https://www.primaryarms.com/edc-tactical-ar15-billet-lower-edc-15-std-wpu Link won't bring it up for some reason. Here's the SKU: EDC-15-STD-WPU
    So I've been a member for about 4+ years and the members here are pretty friendly here. The two indoor gun ranges are availabe 24 hours a day. They also have a trap station that's open to the public so even if you don't have membership you can still try that out and also try to get a tour of the place when members are around. The indoor ranges have state of the art filtration system and there's always a station for you to shoot at. If you are late night shooter then you will probably get the place to yourself. Heck if you go at 8pm you have a good chance of being by yourself when shooting. If you are interested in the range you can either check out their open house and fun shoots when they have the whole range open to the public. If you want to check it out PM me and if I'm available I'd be glad to bring you as a guest.
  7. Thanks Maks for lookin into this. Fingers crossed!
  8. I don't mind the posts to be locked by the mods after the sales are completed. It would be nice to gauge how the market is trending as far as pricing. I figured that's what u were doing as far as changing the subject. As for wasting space and bandwith I'm sure that I can find other useless posts elsewhere on the forum. To me and I'm sure others this info could be helpful. Either way just asking and not too worried either way. Thanks all!
  9. Maybe the ones I noticed are transactions that did not take place on this forum and at the OP's discretion they change the title on the post?
  10. I mean if it's sold the last post should indicate that by the OP and the mods can close it from additional posts but it would be great for refererence etc....Just curious....
  11. No Glocks in yer inventory I assume? Gotta have one at leasst Ray Ray! Don't say it is so!
  12. Hmmmmm question......... If it's sticks as you think should it not react the same way with the orginal mags? Once it's stuck it won't care which mag is in place correct?
  13. You talkin to me tuff guy? LOL @ Matthew2424....Anyways welcome to the boards. Another Central Jersian if that even exists.
  14. OK now I have 50MB. Another question what happens when I delete the images from my attachments folder? Will the original posts w/ those particular images get stripped of the images or will it only be removed from my folder?
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