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  1. Great collection but when if it ever enough..... maybe add the following to the family....M1A, Mini14 or 30, a Remington 700....
  2. Swapping out the handguard ends up costing more later on especially if you want the ones that work with the A2 front sight.(Limited options) If you decide to remove the A2 sight you've wasted alot of money committing to this design just to swap later on. (trust us we all been there) If you haven't committed to an AR yet I would consider the free float handguard as a prerequisite. I like 13" guard on the 16" barrel to save some weight. If they have flip up sights that's a plus but if you going with magnifier/red dot combo that would be what I do. Also now you can also put on a flashlight if needed. Let us know what you decide on. I also forgot check this link on the forum for the other rigs other members have posted on this site. It can give you some other ideas.
  3. Was wondering if anyone was watching. Both deals were very reasonable.
  4. One can always thin out the inventory here and also unload the ammo so its'a win win for all! Just putting all the options out there!
  5. You mentioned looking for the free floating handguards so the S&W and Colts are traditional carbine handguard setups. Also are you looking for a A2 style front site? If not then the two mentioned above are not the ones you are looking for. The Colt and S&W are nice rifles to start with but is that what you want as the first AR or not? If you are handy and patient maybe it will be worthwhile to build your own by starting with a complete upper then build around that. It's really easy going that route. All mine have been built this way and I have not had any issues with any of them. Don't ask how many it becomes an obsession as many here can attest to.
  6. If he’s from NJ hopefully he posts some for sale here. I mean why pay commissions? just saying….
  7. You don't cowitness with the magnifier AND the BUIS. Either magnifier and red dot OR red dot and BUIS OR red dot alone. IMHO. The BUIS is just that BACK UP. Should the red dot break or run out of battery that's when you would use them. You have to figure out what you want to do with the AR at the end of the day. You mentioned home defense and range rifle. Maybe take the magnifier out of the equation. The other option as we all joked about was another AR with a diff setup? What about a 3x prism scope? One piece design instead of the two separate pieces and etched reticle so even without batteries u can still acquire target. Not to be used with the BUIS. If you still want those as Stu mentioned go with 45 degree BUIS. Vortex, Burris and Primary Arms all make one. https://vortexoptics.com/spitfire-hd-gen-ii-3x-prism-scope.html https://www.burrisoptics.com/sights/ar-sights-series/ar-332 https://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-slx-3x32mm-gen-iii-prism-scope-with-acss-556-cqb-m2-reticle Another option is a 1-6x scope. Not ideal for home defense if total darkness. But that's what flash lights are for right? Lots of options and end of the day you can spend more on optics than the rifle itself. That's another rabbit hole.
  8. Magnifier looks like its mounted correctly. With the dot on you can focus on the target fine? After you drop the magnifier in the view is tiny? Did you manipulate the focus ring? Another thing when you If you have the magnifier flipping to the right will it interfere with the ejection port?
  9. Does the magnifier flip to the left side? If not did you mount it backwards?
  10. Ok so no pinning and standard buffer. Any experience using the VLTOR buffer/tube to get a 11.5 barrel to 26" OAL?
  11. KrdShark what the OAL on that puppy? Standard buffer tube? Cute mag lol.
  12. No prob there. I can co-witness with my BUIS. If I want to use it I flip my irons up. That's what got on my setup. My rear site is mounted on the last possible point on the rail and the flip magnifier right in front of it. I just flip it out of the way to co-witness with the dot.
  13. Streamlights are reliable lights for the price. I actually use them for my handguns. Great bang for the buck. That model you referenced has some great reviews and 1000 lumens is plenty.
  14. Here's some pics of the setups I have.
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