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  1. Would a Model 10 be a good first revolver?. I know sometimes .38 can be a thumbs down by many., however. What do you guys think? Mainly as a backup Home Defense weapon.
  2. cool, I'll give Ramsey a shot. I know Dick's sells stuff, but I have a feeling it would be minimal....
  3. New shooter, looking for a place locally that sells ammo boxes/wallets for .22lr and 9mm? I know there's the internet and online ordering, but looking for a place that sells these locally (North Jersey) if possible. Thanks guys!
  4. What do you guys recommend as a secondary storage for home carry? I've heard some use a portable safe and bring from room to room etc. Not looking to holster carry, or on person. Just safe, place to keep it for easy access when not stored in the primary storage area.
  5. Exactly! If it were illegal, you wouldn't be allowed to purchase it...period.
  6. Thanks Guys. Plenty of options to digest. Anyone know what local LE carry? I've heard it can be a safe choice to use similar.... Also, can the critical duty be bought by non-leo? Just noticed the stamping on the box...
  7. Yes, I've used the search feature on this already and curious on what you guys think. What ammo do you guys recommend for a Glock 19 for SD? Thanks!
  8. I was asking Red Dot Firearms for a price on a Glock 19 Gen 4. And here was their response: "there are none that are available right now because the Navy has a contract out on him for about 24,000 of them" Luckily I was able to order one through Ira @ Legends. Anyone else have problems finding em?
  9. Whoops, just realized this should prob me moved to the General Firearms Section...sorry.
  10. I'm in North Jersey (Morris County)
  11. Just ordered a Ruger SR22 Pistol for my wife (and me) from Ira. Wondering where guys recommend that has a plinking range.
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