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  1. If you have no objections on buying used, may I suggest the old line of S&W semi-autos, such as the Model 39 series or the Model 59 series.
  2. This. I have two AR's that I built from two stripped lowers. If you look around for deals you can built an AR-15 for cheap.
  3. Check out cold steel knifes. I love the mini tuff lites but sadly they don't make them anymore .
  4. Still selling the bolt carrier group and the red dot? I am interested
  5. I for one will be picking up this stock once its out on the market.
  6. This carbine is NJ legal besides the magazines right?
  7. I'll buy a few tickets in hopes of being lucky.
  8. I already have a Henry lever action model h001 and a Henry Golden Boy Eagle Scout edition rifle both in 22lr. The h001 is my beater/shooter and my Eagle Scout rifle is my wall hanger.
  9. I'm interested, the question is can you shoot that in the rimfire range in Clinton?
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