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  1. Just one AR-15? Sheeeeet, I got 5 plus a few stripped lowers just waiting to be built! Out of your options I would probably go with the M&P Sport 2. I have shot friend’s M&P Sport’s (both generations) and are good quality for the money. The nice thing about the AR platform is you can always upgrade parts and furniture very easily.
  2. After careful consideration and some ADHD moments, I just bought a Hungarian FEG SA58M. Just bought it off of Gunbroker. Now to figure out what magazines to buy now?
  3. Where is the executive order to stop Cuomo from sexually harassing women?
  4. Nah. My buddy has one and it’s terrible to shoot. And besides I already have x amount of AR rifles. You need spice in your life
  5. I have always wanted an AK rifle in my life. My friends have them and I have missed out when the good AKs were imported and could be picked up cheap (talking about the Norincos and Saigas). I know prices are slowly coming down and I figure to get one now. The question is which one to buy? I don’t want an American AK and I am looking into the Zastava M70 ZPAP and the WASR 10. Question is which one?
  6. I got a TL Racker for my H&R Parnder Protector (Remington 870 clone) and it works for me. Bright light, durable with the shooting trips that I have taken it in, inexpensive and it’s streamline compared to various other solutions in my opinion. Controls are simple to use too.
  7. Here is always_an_eagle’s advice on what you should do. You bought a bushmaster 13 years ago and you never shot it and again you’re questioning if you could sell it and buy another one when you have a New Jersey makes no no damn sense just keep the rifle you have. Shoot your rifle take it to the range and find out you know what you need for the rifle and run with it. New Jersey complaint rifles are alot better than a New York state or California state compliant rifle all you’re really missing is a bayonet lug, flash suppressor and collapse stock but you can always change those parts out easily once you get out of NJ. I say shoot your rifle find out what you need and if you do move out of New Jersey all you Gotta do is just get the barrel threaded for a flash suppressor and change the buffer tube and stock out. (Plus get standard capacity magazines once you are moved out of NJ)
  8. From Reddit, to summarize, these proposals will kill the legal non-nfa other firearm market!
  9. I believe it is, one of the most prominent NY gun lawyers have made an announcement about this, the FFL in question has actually been raided and made a statement to retain a lawyer, and the manufacturer of the non nfa other in question made a statement to stand with owners.
  10. This has been shared like crazy on Reddit and other social media accounts today. Here is the original link To summarized what happened; this individual bought a non-nfa other firearm, specifically a delta level defense other from a gun shop in New York State called Jerry’s gun and supply and the Suffolk County Police Department raids the gun shop and is now sending out letters to confiscate non-nfa other firearms. I think it’s something to watch for, New Jersey always seems to follow New York and vice versa.
  11. Very nice work. More recently, I picked up a police surplus S&W 915 from JW Imports off of gun broker. The dirtiest gun I have every received but it looks like it has some stories to tell for sure.
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