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  1. If you are gonna sell the guns, you still would have to transfer them. You can always sell them here on the gun forum.
  2. NYC is where gun rights go to die. $500 initial fees, 1 year long background check where the whole household, employer, and references need to write why you are okay to own a gun, registration of all firearms on top of NY handgun registration, 5 round magazines for rifles and 10 round magazines for handguns, home visits if you got more than 5 handguns, and 200 round ammo limits without owning a special permit to own more. And of course no ccw for you in NYC unless you are a celebrity (Howard Steward and President Trump actually got NYC carry permits) You do not have a second amendment right in NYC, it even says it in the permitting process that NYPD can take them at any time. Can’t you move to like Jersey City or Hoboken or even the neighboring counties in NY to be close to the city?
  3. I am staying in this state. To be honest, the rest of the US can’t make a proper pizza
  4. How will this translate for here? I buy my a lot of my ammo from forum members here.
  5. Yep only handguns, long guns, receivers and non-nfa others are unregistered. If some can watch the press conference, please update us. I am at work
  6. Question one: if it’s a ban weapon from the 1990 NJ Assault Weapon ban (like a M1 carbine for example) then you can’t have it in this state. The registration period already passed a long time ago, so effectively keep your mouth shut. If the firearm in question is an AR-15 with evil features (collapsible stock, bayonet lug, threaded barrel) then separated the complete upper from the lower receiver, take the upper for compliance work at a gunsmith and once you get the upper compliant, then take lower to gun Smith to get the Burt stock pinned. For question two: if you are a cop then standard capacity magazines that hold more than ten rounds are legal. But if you aren’t a cop, then standard capacity magazines that hold more than ten rounds is illegal. If you got them, then keep your mouth shut, and if you ever want to sell them in this state or take them to the range then you have to order epoxy and mag blocks and permanently block the magazines. Ignorance of the law is not a good defense in a court of law, the burden to know the law is on you. Stick around the forum and join r/njguns on Reddit, plenty of discussions on our f-ed up gun laws so you can be informed. Also I highly recommend you get Evan Nappen’s book on NJ law, a highly recommended read, all NJ gun owners should have that book. And if you got anything illegal in this state, then KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!!!!!
  7. Glock any 9mm Glocks (26, 19, 17, 34) for sale?
  8. With that logic (or lack of anyway) others can be on the chopping block. To combat home builds of homemade firearms, potentially we could see a redefinition of what a firearm is.
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