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  1. I’ll be interested in some of it too if you wanted to break it up
  2. I’ll take the FMJ in 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 acp edit 10/13/23 pulling out due to distance up for grabs the FMJ
  3. That is a neat piece of history in your collection. Enjoy
  4. I am 26 years old and I still live in my parents house. I am focused on paying off my student loans which I paided over half of what I owe and only have two loans left. But once I pay off my loans and put more into savings, I don't know how I will find my own home in this state if things stay the same or get worse with the market. Realistically, I am going to live at home till I get married so at least it will be two incomes to contribute.
  5. My typical method of carry with my j frame has been appendix and off body in a fanny pack when I go running. I want to explore pocket carry and I am looking for pocket holsters specfically. If the pants are off the gun stays in the pocket is what I am looking for and it is off of the waist line. Can anyone reccomend me any good pocket holsters?
  6. If you have a firearm you rely on personal protection keep one in the pipe and have the magazine fully loaded. Since we are limited to 10 round magazines, I keep my M&P 40c with 1 in the pipe and 10 in the magazine. I want the most amount of rounds available to me. I might need those 11 rounds, with 10 rounds as a reload in my back pocket.
  7. I’ll take it if it’s factory fresh ammunition and not factory remanufactured ammo.
  8. I’m taking about my reload with the speed strip/ speed loader. Not reloaded or remanufactored ammunition. I carry factory fresh ammo
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