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  1. I don't have a scale to weigh the rifle, but looking on High Tower Armory's website, the chassis alone weighs 3.5 pounds. I would say the whole set up might weigh around 8 pounds if I had to guess. The weight is towards the back of the rifle with the stock so you can hold it one handed.
  2. I have a hi point 995ts carbine in a high tower armory mbs95 bullpup stock. The cheapest option to get into a bullpup, especially in 9mm and works great. One of my favorite rifles to shoot! It has been reliable and I hit what I am aim at.
  3. If you have no objections on buying used, may I suggest the old line of S&W semi-autos, such as the Model 39 series or the Model 59 series.
  4. This. I have two AR's that I built from two stripped lowers. If you look around for deals you can built an AR-15 for cheap.
  5. Check out cold steel knifes. I love the mini tuff lites but sadly they don't make them anymore .
  6. Still selling the bolt carrier group and the red dot? I am interested
  7. I for one will be picking up this stock once its out on the market.
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