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  1. This. I have two AR's that I built from two stripped lowers. If you look around for deals you can built an AR-15 for cheap.
  2. Check out cold steel knifes. I love the mini tuff lites but sadly they don't make them anymore .
  3. Still selling the bolt carrier group and the red dot? I am interested
  4. I for one will be picking up this stock once its out on the market.
  5. This carbine is NJ legal besides the magazines right?
  6. I'll buy a few tickets in hopes of being lucky.
  7. I already have a Henry lever action model h001 and a Henry Golden Boy Eagle Scout edition rifle both in 22lr. The h001 is my beater/shooter and my Eagle Scout rifle is my wall hanger.
  8. I'm interested, the question is can you shoot that in the rimfire range in Clinton?
  9. I'm looking to buy a new rimfire for the spring. I have two 22lr rifles and I love shooting them, but I want to spice up the range trips to Clinton in the spring. I want to get a 22 magnum or a 17hmr, preferably in a bolt action (I'm down for a lever action.) I don't like Semi auto rimfires, not my slice of pie, you burn up too much ammo with them
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