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  1. I’ll take it if I’m able to pick up tomorrow or next weekend you are able to
  2. Update on my CCW. It is somewhere in the Somerset County Court systems. I keep calling the investigator for my PD but all I get is the voicemail.When I usually apply for my pistol permits, I am approved so I don't see an issue with the PD. From what I been hearing on r/NJguns from other somerset county redditers and on the Somerset County CCW facebook group, the hold up is in the courts. Apparently, they are awaiting guidance from the state, specific guidiance I am not so sure. It seems to me that other counties have figured out what to do. I tried to call the somerset county criminal case management clerk Rhonda Scott but went to her voicemail. I just hope there is no additonal restrictions like Ocean and Monmouth county is doing. It looks like Somerset county is anti ccw.
  3. Want to buy S&W 4006 series magazines, 10 round magazines of course. Looking to spend around $30 per magazine ideally.
  4. I do reccomend trying it out before buying. I have a 642 that I can get through 100 rounds before my hand starts to hurt with the stock boot grips. I changed out the grips to a Pachmayer compac grips. Fills my hand well, handles the recoil of the airweight and I am able to conceal it well with minimun printing with a harry's holster icon holster with the clothing I usually wear.
  5. I don’t plan on doing open carry. Too many Karens and cops who think I shouldn’t own a gun.
  6. I went to CVS in North Plainfield and they were able to do 8 1.5 x1.5 for $16
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