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  1. I am not sure, check the NJSP firearms division website to see how you can do that. Besides the defacto registration with handguns in this state with the pistol permit system, registration of nj legal long guns and handguns that were legally acquired outside of NJ are not required to be registered.
  2. Where are you moving too? Even though registration is voluntary in this state, you may want to consider registration of said firearm to create some paperwork for the gun.
  3. Good morning, I am looking to get an other handgun to supplement the permits I got recently. I got my bases covered (a browning buck mark 22lr, and a smith and wesson 439 in 9mm) so I am looking to branch out in an other semi auto, in an different caliber (don't worry revolver lovers, I will get a revolver, would love a K frame in 38 special.) I have noticed on several online retailers of police surplus handguns many in 40 S&W of several manufacturers such as Glocks, S&W M&P's and SIG P226 and p229 in the DAK trigger. These handguns are pretty cheap and come with night sights and weapon light rails which a nice feature, I wouldn't mind the caliber because variety is the spice of life. I am wonder if any forum member ever picked up a police trade in handgun online, their experience on it and what 40 S&W handgun; Glock, S&W or SIG?
  4. Somerset is a blue county now, there are a few places in the county such as Raritan and Warren were they are still Republican controlled, the 2019 election you had towns such as Watchung flip blue and now a Democrat controlled freeholders and a new democrat sheriff in the sheriff's office. It is the first time in 50 years since you had Democrat control in Somerset county.
  5. I recently acquired a few pistols to transfer my father's handguns to my procession. Upon filling out the first handgun permit under the seller section, he put his phone number under the seller's address portion. What should I do? Is everything okay to be sent out to the issuing department and the state police or do we have to go to the police department to get the error fixed. My father has two handguns and I applied and got six permits. The forum's help will be appreciated.
  6. Was scrolling through the subreddit of r/NJGuns and came across this post of new laws being proposed for 2020. It is quite a few laws so I will leave a link here so you guys can take a look.
  7. I don't have a scale to weigh the rifle, but looking on High Tower Armory's website, the chassis alone weighs 3.5 pounds. I would say the whole set up might weigh around 8 pounds if I had to guess. The weight is towards the back of the rifle with the stock so you can hold it one handed.
  8. I have a hi point 995ts carbine in a high tower armory mbs95 bullpup stock. The cheapest option to get into a bullpup, especially in 9mm and works great. One of my favorite rifles to shoot! It has been reliable and I hit what I am aim at.
  9. If you have no objections on buying used, may I suggest the old line of S&W semi-autos, such as the Model 39 series or the Model 59 series.
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