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  1. Since I am picking up two of those NJGF PSA stripped lowers sometime this week, figured it is time to start doing an other rifle build with one of the lowers. I am pursuing on Reddit in the gun accessories for sale subreddits, and noticed one of these used for sale https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-18-rifle-length-223-wylde-1-7-stainless-steel-15-lightweight-m-lok-upper-with-bcg-ch-516445214.html My questions to the forums are this: 1. What things to look for when buying a used complete upper 2: how are PSA complete uppers? I am just going to be using it for a general shooter for the range, got a few other AR rifles for to use in the collection.
  2. I remember back in 2016 before the presidential election, I picked up an Anderson stripped lower for less than 50 dollars, along with a Hi Point carbine in 9mm for $280. I used that anderson lower for a budget build that I sourced parts on here. Now in this presidential election, I am able to take advantage of those NJGF PSA lowers. Gonna try and do one more budget rifle build. How are those PSA complete uppers? Might use one.
  3. If you can find it in stock, you can always go with Hornady Critical Defense or Critical Duty ammunition, which the NJSP has said is not hollowpoint ammunition, has a rubber tip that fills the cavity of the hollow point.
  4. Be careful what keltec you use in terms of ammo. If you are using a sub2000, keep in mind of NJ's restrictions on hollowpoint ammunition
  5. There are secure (double pad lock, video survalience) drop boxes in several locations in each county. If you are say register to vote in Somerset county for example, make sure you drop off your ballot in Somerset county. Also, to any Watchung residents, vote for the Ron Jubin and Freddie Hayeck ticket for town council! https://www.jubinhayeck.com/
  6. Would an non-nfa other firearm have the same travel parameters as a conventional long gun? With those mentioned guns such as the Troy or shockwave, they can fit in a smaller bag and be more handier in a vehicle. An other consideration to keep in mind with vehicle carry in NJ is ammunition travel restrictions such as conventional hollow points. A conventional trunk gun never really dwelled on me, but when I travel out of state to visit friends out in Vermont for example, a gun I do take with me is my "travel gun" a Stevens 311A 12 gauge sxs shotgun. Broken down, it fits in my duffel bag and when I am out of the car, I am not lugging around a conventional long gun case.
  7. I dressed up my 20 gauge 870 youth model with a choate +3 extension tube, tacstar 4 round side saddle and some electrical tape taped around the edges of the recoil pad so I can mount it to my shoulder without it getting caught up in my clothes. Still got to get a sling and a weapon mounted light on it. Same with my 12 gauge H&R pardner pump, sans extension tube as of right now, and that one has a six round side saddle on it.
  8. Bump, if you want to trade we can do that also. Just send me a pm.
  9. Thank you @Maksim on setting this up and hooking us up with some sweet lowers on the cheap! Can't beat a 65 dollar lower in this gun panic market, thats why I bought two! Time to figure out what to build once the NICS check comes back.
  10. I was at tech ops too! Paid for my two lowers for $150 also. NICS should take about two days to get done so excited to get them soon! Lia is great to deal with also.
  11. Anyone have a few boxes of 30-30 or 45 colt for sale?
  12. We need more conservative Supreme Court Judges to rule in our favor.
  13. @Bagel51 has one still for sale with ammo to boot!
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