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  1. I am very interested! I am going to PM you my number so we can get something set up!
  2. If 30-06 is gonna be a little tough to reload, I will definitely take my time to learn to reload 38 special. It is just that I save my brass with my 30-06 since I got my rifle. Those hunting loads may be available but they can get pricy. I haven't saved my brass yet for 38 special since I have not shot my model ten yet. But I will be saving my brass up.
  3. I don't have a semi auto for my 30-06 rifle, its a pump action rifle.
  4. I will be a beginner with reloading, better take my time with it.
  5. As the title states, if anyone has a single stage reloading press used for sale, let me know. Also if you got some extra reloading equipment like dies for a 30-06 or 38 special, let me know. I want to get into reloading.
  6. I am just looking at some ammo prices online and holy cow, stuff has sky rocketed. I want to get into reloading now, I know bad timing, but I don't know really know how to get into it. I know I want to reload rifle rounds (30-06, 223. I already been saving my 30-06 brass) and pistol rounds (38 special for now since I can save my brass pretty easily but eventually want to reload for the common 3 semi auto rounds 9mm, 40 s&w and 45 acp. Heck I don't even have a 45 yet but eventually I will!) What resources should I look into and good beginner presses and dies should I look into also?
  7. Just sent ya a text message on the number listed on your post
  8. All indoor ranges will be open on july 2nd. RTSP is coming out with some guidelines this monday on what is coming
  9. I am gonna have to give these grips a serious consideration. Hopefully one day I have a collection of fine Smith and Wesson handguns like you Pizza Bob.
  10. The first model 10 I ever shot had stag grips on it and it looked beautiful and felt great. Honestly new grips are due because although these grips look nice they are not the most durable. There is a small chunk of fake pearl wrapped around the grip screw that is preventing me from taking off the grip.
  11. My dad always told me to "keep my pimp hand strong." I think he was joking but I took it a little too literally. Maybe there will be an N frame 357 magnum with some ivory grips is in my future. Shame it will be faux ivory like these faux pearl. Real ivory is a little expensive and a little illegal in NJ.
  12. Newest purchase, Smith and Wesson Model 10-5 snub nose. Always wanted a model 10 and this one spoke to me on Gunbroker. Something about the old Smiths really excites you when you hold one in your hand. Time to take her shooting.
  13. Holy cow! See if ANJRPC can help you out, and you have to deal with a State Police Barracks?
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