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  1. If we can get rid of the permit system, would it also get rid of the one handgun a month law?
  2. It took me a minute to realize that. Sarcasm was never my strong suit unfortunately.
  3. Highly unlikely, I am going to try and extend my permits.
  4. Just to collect and own a functional piece of history. I do own a few modern firearms which are practical for me, but I do like that old fashion wood and steel. Long guns are of course easier to obtain in NJ, but handguns I got to give it some thought and think which permit will be for vintage revolvers and semi autos or for some modern options like a glock for example.
  5. Not yet, gonna try and set up an appointment on Monday to get them extended. I must of read your post wrong.
  6. So you are telling me, I can't even extend the four remaining permits that expire April 6th???
  7. I heard these are great riot guns, I would love to add one to my collection.
  8. Is that middle shotgun a High Standard? Very nice collection
  9. If you don't mind me asking, but what town was that? I am in Watchung, and talked to the sergeant in charged of the firearm stuff in town and he said to get back to him next monday, so we will see. I put a deposit down on a S&W model 37 at my LGS and permits expire on April 6th, so we will see what happens.
  10. There goes extending my pistol permits
  11. You ain't wrong, pistols and non-nfa gotta go through a NJ FFL
  12. Is the NICS civilian personnel or NJSP Troopers?
  13. Say what?? That is crazy! When you mean 700 deep, do you mean 700 NICS for NJ or for one gunshop? I am a little confused.
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