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  1. Figures it'd be opening up in the north... North Jersey is essentially the reason for NJ being such a f*ed up state with guns, why do they get all the good stuff? lmao
  2. Here's to hoping they don't have astronomical range fees and extremely high prices like a certain other indoor range just off 130... I'll be checkin' it out!
  3. Buddy told me you can use goose anywhere you'd use beef... Crockpot roast, jerky and teriyaki sticks some things I've got lined up if my rather ambitious plans work out...
  4. So... I just went on Amazon and priced out decoys... Holy hell they're expensive. I did pick up this swanky goose call and have been *seriously* anoying the shit out of my girlfriend with it. Hey, gotta practice right? lol but, anyway... How important are the decoys? I mean if I get in the right spot where they're flying over and I'm on point with the calls and the flag will I still have a shot at some?
  5. Very possible they just don't realize their error... I'd politely bring it up to them. And if they already know exactly what it is they've done... Well... *Drifts off into a string of creative thoughts*
  6. I roll up paper and put it in the bolt to keep paint outta there. I like to hang it up to paint it. For my shotgun I punched out the primer on a spent shell, put a string through it, tied it to a small washer, put the shell in the barrel and the string came out the end of the barrel I hung it on a hook. Worked like a charm. Imagine it'd work just as well with an AR though never tried. Edit: Until the damn string broke and I just hung it as you see in the pic. LOL
  7. Ataimwolsol Is that just the picture making it look reflective, or did that clearcoat give it a bit of a shine? That's what I don't want to happen :/
  8. Should hold up, I didn't use that generic camo paint I used the 1,000+ degree engine paint. Kinda wish I got Olive for the base instead of tan now but little late for that heh. The only clearcoat they had that was 1,000+ degree was fucking super gloss. And yeah I saw those reviews lol thanks anyway tho!!
  9. So... This happened today. I'm happy with it... But now I'm torn. It has a really nice, ultra-flat finish you can't really see well in the photo. I want to preserve the paint as long as possible, which leads me to want to put a layer or two of clear coat on it.... But I don't want to end up with a semi-gloss finish or really ANY reflectivity at all with the clear coat. Anyone "been-there-done-that" recommend a good sealer / clear coat that will NOT add reflectivity?
  10. Yeah I thought it'd be too good to be true to use that ammo... I'll grab myself a few boxes of BB. So what would the #4 steel be good for? Anything? So I'm pondering going to the Millville WMA. Never been there but from what I can gather from the website and this NJ hunting app I have it's the closest WMA to me that I can hunt geese on. I may be a little silly here... But I'm debating on making it a camping weekend. I have a buddy that wants to go but doesn't have a hunting license but is down for camping. Thinking pitch a tent, bring a cooler with some dry ice so I can breast and preserve whatever I can bag during the day and do some campfire chillin' at night. Is it "legal" for me to breast the geese on the WMA and bury the bodies? Is it... I guess "acceptable" to set up a camp on the WMA? I mean common sense tells me it's preserved land for that very purpose but friggin' A knowing New Jersey there's some stupid regulations/laws that somehow ban camping... The regulations say "WMA's are closed from 9pm to 5am unless engaged in lawful hunting, fishing or trapping activities..." so, I mean, if I just post up near a body of water and cast a line I'm technically "engaged in a lawful fishing activity", right? lol
  11. I see you're in my area. Any chance you could recommend a good spot/area?
  12. Good to know... Still haven't actually gotten the license yet. Did the safety course last year but money wasnt there to buy any gear so I never got the license. Still have the card from the safety course I just gotta go get it. What's the total cost for the license + stamp, if ya know? I actually have 1/2 a case of #4 steel already that was given to me last year by a friend. Not 100% sure what he used them for but he said he just didn't need em anymore and I'm not one to turn down free ammo... And hey man... I'd be willing to take a day trip to the hilly north if you're lookin for some company for goose. Hell I'll share my ammo and buy beers in exchange for some periodic pro advice throughout the day. Besides you're less than an hour away...
  13. Reading up on the NJ site, September 1 - 30 is open season on Canadian Geese... Never been bird huntin' before, wanna give it a go but no idea where. Got a license and a gun. Anybody goin' out in the south want company or have any advice? Gonna pick up a set of decoys, a call and a flag in the coming weeks.
  14. Where'd ya find the Trump shirt? I need one... Took my little guy fishing the other day. I was out for catfish, set him up with a little bobber. He got 1, I basically offered a worm buffet. 99 bites but a hook aint one. ... Fishing for bass is too complicated for me I like to just cast the line and sip beer until something bites it.
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