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  1. I understand a U.S. District Court is scheduled to hear argument on ANJRPC’s request for an injunction today.. that decision doesn't come in the same day no? Maybe in a few weeks?
  2. Upper greenwood lake? Hi Jim welcome
  3. Looks like this is very near me- exciting!
  4. Ok thank you, I will sign up and contribute. I also saw the suit in their website (18-cv-10507 I believe).
  5. I mentioned the 15-round magazines - twice. Why I asked - I just wanna get back to driving to range without being a test case for the 15-rd magazines in court.
  6. I just called the NJ State Police regarding disposal of 15-round magazines and if I could ship this to my cousin in VA since it's legal there - the lady on the line (who sounded like she wasn't in-charge) said it needs to be done dealer-to-dealer. Really? I would think no dealer would want anything to do with these magazines (here in NJ) since they're now contraband (or at least until the 180 days expire). Kinda bummed right now, really Is there any link/site where we can track how these injunctions are progressing? Or mainly just here or the news? Thanks
  7. Thank you, very helpful!
  8. Thanks @dajonga & @NJGF
  9. Another follow up: Is this something that will work with a Glock 19 gen5? -> https://www.magpul.com/products/pmag-10-gl9-glock19 and, what does it mean when they say "Drops free when loaded or empty"?
  10. Hi, If my permit expired mid-March, can I use that same document to have it renewed/extended? Or I'll have to go through the entire fingerprinting process again?
  11. Is anybody allowed to sell their 15-round magazine to somebody out of state? And, does USPS ship these out of NJ?
  12. Thank you for your help, and to everybody else on this thread. Much appreciated
  13. Last update on this: I have gotten back my stock.
  14. Hello and thank you!
  15. I have! Are you nearby?! I'm relatively new to the community so I'm up for making new friends.