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  1. I do, in fact, that's primarily the reason for me jumping over to the Linux side of things (from Windows). I used to run this Internet cafe/gaming shop and got tired of having my WinGate (!) gateway getting DoS'd all the time. Hence the jump to Linux. In those times, the built-in ipchains program helped me configure the Linux gateway/firewall as my main route to the Internet. Since then, ipchains has been renamed to iptables, and most recently that has been replaced by 'firewalld' (at least on Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and it's clones like the CentOS). It is very tedious, however, you are able to fine-tune your firewall rulesets to your liking, with basics such as port blocking, allowing/blocking IP addresses to go in/out your local area network, specifying protocols to allow/block and doing NAT for your hosts sitting behind your Linux firewall. Old PCs are always a good way to practice Linux on, just make sure you set it up without the complete GUI and just have the fundamentals installed. By default, iptables/firewalld should be available on newer versions of Fedora/RHEL/CentOS. I'm not well-versed in Ubuntu but I would imagine they'd still have iptables by default. iptables - https://www.netfilter.org/ firewalld - https://firewalld.org/ As always, Google is your friend (also feel free to ask here). What exactly did you need help with regarding LAMP?
  2. I can help for any Linux-related questions around here.
  3. Hey Lambo - did you get around to attaching the magblock? How did it go?
  4. Ah! Thought it was the Philippine flag because of the white triangle: PH flag: Texas:
  5. The hat of the RO appears to sport the Philippine flag. But could be anywhere.
  6. Just think about it - doctors are just as exposed, if not more, than most individuals who are deprived of CCW in this state. To begin with, doctors treat *anybody* regardless of status in life - that includes criminals, illegals, drug dealers, the criminally insane, mental patients, gang members. Not to mention family/fellow gang members who are equally violent. This, on top of doctors' photos, telephone numbers, clinic/appointment hours being very well plastered over the internet and elsewhere. kind of makes them very easy to case, stalk and therefore an easy target.
  7. ..and going back to the original topic, I'm guessing no chance to get approved for a CCW for doctors even with a demonstrable, justifiable need?
  8. cap- would this mean everybody gets to carry, but wouldn't that make it even easier for criminals to get *and carry* firearms? not trolling, but curious.
  9. 180 days from when it passed, so Dec 10 2018.
  10. and, is it really true the politically-connected have higher chances of getting a carry permit? really?
  11. yeah man - brings it down to 9. if it's different for you, let us know.
  12. Griz - not exactly being stalked for drugs per se, but rather retribution for not giving the more-than-normal quantity of prescription drugs they ask for (among other things these clowns get mad at their doctor for)..
  13. Any doctors lurking in this forum? I'm curious if anybody's been successful in applying and getting a CCW approved with the reason that a doctor deny certain patients who are obviously drug-seeking/drug-dependent/violent. (e.g. they could be hanging in the parking lot, or stalk). EDIT: deny *medication*
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