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  1. No. It's a waste of time in this state.
  2. You can ship UPS. I did that a couple months ago. Has to go from a hub.
  3. There is no legal liability to purchase a complete upper because it is not the serialized part of the rifle.
  4. Nothing. Not even parts. Just found out today.
  5. So make a citizens arrest or get one of these worthless 2nd amendment groups to bring charges!
  6. Why do you people volunteer information that you don't have to??????????????????
  7. More concerned with the 10 round mag limit right now.
  8. So they can just make an electronic copy of the original.
  9. Why? A lot of manufacturers don't offer 10 round. So no thanks. I'll just keep my 15 rounders. Why sell. Just don't comply. People in NY and Ct. did the same thing. Just ignore.
  10. Makes no difference. Democrats out number republicans in New Germany.
  11. Sure they do. HexMags are perfectly legal and they have a letter from the State Police that says that.
  12. They do vote. Majority of residents are democratic so that's who wins. If it passes my 15 rounders don't go anywhere.
  13. Try $250K. That's what it's costing our range to upgrade.
  14. I have a brand new Anderson Stripped Upper and Lower. Will sell together for $60. Pm me if interested. Or anyone else for that matter. I would post pics but it keeps saying the file is too large which it isn't. You can pm me for pics.