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  1. Why? A lot of manufacturers don't offer 10 round. So no thanks. I'll just keep my 15 rounders. Why sell. Just don't comply. People in NY and Ct. did the same thing. Just ignore.
  2. Makes no difference. Democrats out number republicans in New Germany.
  3. Sure they do. HexMags are perfectly legal and they have a letter from the State Police that says that.
  4. They do vote. Majority of residents are democratic so that's who wins. If it passes my 15 rounders don't go anywhere.
  5. Try $250K. That's what it's costing our range to upgrade.
  6. I have a brand new Anderson Stripped Upper and Lower. Will sell together for $60. Pm me if interested. Or anyone else for that matter. I would post pics but it keeps saying the file is too large which it isn't. You can pm me for pics.
  7. Years. ANJRPC is not the NRA. Good try though.
  8. They don't make 5 round mags for semi auto so I will be keeping mine. As everyone else should. I will not comply.
  9. It never left.
  10. You musr live in another state to not know that your opinion means nothing to these people.
  11. Why do you people waste your time responding or emailing these politicians?
  12. Because the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed loses in court time after time.
  13. This is what Nappen pushed on the club and they signed off on it. It also relaxes travel restrictions point to point. See attached pdf. Somerset Fish and Game002.pdf
  14. Our club just went through this. If the club registers with the state police which they did then the temporary transfer rule doesn't apply.