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  1. Heller was always a terrible decision. Left the doors open for states to continue to write their own laws.
  2. Good. If we can't have they shouldn't.
  3. True. You could buy them at Heritage every day in NJ.
  4. Never saw a fake MecGar. Only Glock.
  5. reloaderguy

    Fear Mongering?

    Too bad they don't find someone more capable.
  6. I bought the MecGar 10 round for the CZ 75 a few weeks ago on ebay for $21 each. But the Czechmate takes the Tactical Sport mags and the CZ75 mags don't work.
  7. reloaderguy

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    Certainty is when you consider they say it's a burden to get a voter id card.
  8. reloaderguy

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    Burden=$50 I just payed for 1 mag for my CZ Czechmate and I have more guns to go.
  9. Just bought 1 mag for my CZ Czechmate 10 round and it cost me $50.
  10. Yes. I know. Was down in Florida looking at houses. Texas is next stop to look to buy.
  11. It gave states too much power to regulate and create their own laws.
  12. Not only that but it was a bad decision.
  13. I could care less. I'm leaving the state most likely this year moving to a free state. The state is a lost cause.

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