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  1. You must have just moved to New Jersey snowflake if you think anything is going to change. I will also give you the benefit of the doubt. Just keep throwing your money at losing organizations and I'll keep standing by laughing. Your energy would be better spent planining your move out of this state like a lot of us are.
  2. No one gets CCW in NJ. I have a friend who is a judge and he was denied!
  3. That ANJRPC is worthless and should not get a dime more of our money. They couldn't win a case if their life depended on it!
  4. You mean give less or nothing at all. I commend them for nothing! They lose every case!
  5. By that point the 15 rounders will still be illegal and Im not buying any 10 round mags.
  6. No idea who you are talking about. Unfortunately game IS over. Correct. 900,000 more registered democrats so they win every time.
  7. Then find someone capable of arguing the case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. And they will lose this also.
  9. This is the main reason I give ZERO to any NJ pro 2a organizations. They continue to lose cases and couldn't win one if their life depended on it. The state is a lost cause. Just plan a move out.
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yhlgy5xbymqymnq/18cv10507_73.pdf?dl=0‬
  11. Judge just ruled. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yhlgy5xbymqymnq/18cv10507_73.pdf?dl=0‬
  12. Just read over on Facebook the mag ban was upheld.
  13. No.
  14. I don't know anyone that owns 15 round mags.