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  1. https://www.guns.com/2018/07/30/court-rejects-bid-by-groups-to-block-3-d-firearm-files-states-step-in/
  2. The ATF already went over his books. He has had it for years. Early 40'S build. He is on his 4th renewel of his C&R. He has had his NJ C&R on its 4th renewal. So October 1st has nothing to do with it.
  3. I believe 62.
  4. I always thought you could not get one in NJ. Was at Easton today shooting with a guy who had an M1 carbine who lives in NJ and has renewed his C&R for the 4th time. Said anyone can get one in NJ. Even showed me a copy of his C&R FFL. Said ATF out of Newark came over his house and checked his books and said everything was good to go.
  5. Correct. Both CA and MA both have grandfather clauses for mags already owned.
  6. I have no problem moving to Florida.
  7. No where or will it happen.
  8. No. It's a waste of time in this state.
  9. You can ship UPS. I did that a couple months ago. Has to go from a hub.
  10. There is no legal liability to purchase a complete upper because it is not the serialized part of the rifle.
  11. Nothing. Not even parts. Just found out today.
  12. So make a citizens arrest or get one of these worthless 2nd amendment groups to bring charges!
  13. Why do you people volunteer information that you don't have to??????????????????
  14. More concerned with the 10 round mag limit right now.