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  1. They probably only ban semi automatic attack / assault lasers. If your sharks have lasers on their heads they are grandfathered in. SMH
  2. JMich3

    NYC Cops Friendly fire

    Thanks. There was no mention of th third officer in the broadcast i heard.
  3. Does anyone have any info on the fatal friendly fire incident in NYC? News said perp had a fake gun. 2 cops went in, both hit by friendly fire? What the hell happened? My heart goes out to these families.
  4. JMich3

    Used guns websites?

    Thanks guys.
  5. JMich3

    Used guns websites?

    What used gun websites do you guys use? I’m curious to see what deals are out there
  6. JMich3

    oaks gun show

    Did you go last year? How did this show compare to last years? I might take a ride just to look around and maybe pick up a case for my AR.
  7. JMich3

    2019 Training

    Ryan emailed me back, they are still planning on doing training, he wasn’t even aware their was a problem with their site.
  8. JMich3

    2019 Training

    Ryan from Servo group had given me hi personal email, maybe I’ll shoot him an email today if i get a chance
  9. JMich3

    2019 Training

    I was planning on training with Servo but it looks like,they took their website down. I know the head guy moved out of state and was recently out of country so maybe they closed shop?
  10. JMich3

    2019 Training

    Anyone have more info on S&T classes. I’d be interested
  11. I’m having a beware of HK sign made up, lol. All kidding aside it’s 11 yards from my bedroom door to my front door. Better believe i practice a lot at 11 yards. I can shoot from cover and land nice tight groups
  12. My dog is a fuzzy happy little fucker, through our door though he sounds ferocious. Best security system out there.
  13. JMich3

    Stag arms nightmare

    Which model did you get? I also ordered when they were having that great sale. I got the Trinity Force Stag 15 and i haven’t put a lot of rounds through it so far, but it’s been great. Nice looking AR you have there
  14. How many magazines/ rounds did he have? In a running gun fight he got at least 5 hits. I’d say that’s pretty good shootin
  15. JMich3

    Walking Dead...things that annoy me

    They had the perfect set up when they had the prison. Of course they never bothered to clear every building or fix the one hole in the wal that no one ever noticed so they had to abandon it! I always said find a prison or a small island in a swift moving river. And as someone already mentioned i always laughed at how perfectly manicured the lawns are in these abandoned towns. The zombies do a better job with their lawns than i do!

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