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  1. Yeah i figure 5-10 seconds firing that thing would be my entire years allowance for range ammo
  2. i was looking at Cabellas but didn’t see any on the shelf
  3. https://www.today.com/video/dick-s-sporting-goods-sales-fall-amid-gun-policy-backlash-1383630403676 Nice to see people are hitting them in the wallet!
  4. Instead of a raffle just make it a “free gift” to one person who donates a certain amount. Even in NJ gifting is legal, lol
  5. So my camera showed up last night, and so far I’m pleased. The system was very easy to set up once you download the app. The video quality day and night is pretty good. You can set up clip length, motion sensitivity and motion field. The field of view is pretty big but you can choose which areas of the field will trigger recordings. This is great because there’s a sidewalk 15 feet from my door. If someone stays on the sidewalk and doesn’t move towards my door, they are in view, but don’t trigger the camera. It’s easy to view and also share video clips so if you did need to get then to an LEO it’s no sweat. You can also choose how long the clips are stored , up to one year! For the money and what I’m using this for i am very pleased.
  6. Now your making it personal so guess you are the one that's upset here. Another internet tough guy.
  7. I’m not upset, just stating there’s people out there that have different experience than you. For the record, i rent a small condo with one point of entry. The one camera set up is all i needed. I already have cameras inside the house ( keep an eye on my dogs) so i didn’t need a four camera set up. Here’s my point, you are correct if your looking to set up a legit security system with all the best options, these aren’t for you. If your in a situation like mine where hard wire is not an option and all I’m doing is basically keeping an eye on my front door this camera is more than fine. Blink also records video to the cloud for free, Ring has a monthly fee. You can download the clips and email them, if you needed to pass them on to an LEO.
  8. I bought this system because a good friend uses them. He has had a much better experience with them. Putting indoor cameras outside and them not lasting is not the fault of the cameras. I don’t know what you had the cameras set up at but my buddy has his over a year and hasn’t changed the batteries. I’ve seen his clips, day and night and both are solid. Yes I’m sure a hard wired system that costs 10 times more would be preferable. For me , i rent so i don’t have the option of opening up walls and ceilings to run wiring. For the cost i think the Blink camera serves its purpose well. Again I’m sure there are better systems out there, but for 75 bucks I have a little more piece of mind.
  9. First off, sorry to the mods if this is in the wrong spot. if anyone is looking for a wireless camera system for indoors or out Blink is having a great sale this weekend. I got a $130 system for $80. If your not familiar with the Blink cameras they are wireless and run on AA batteries for up to 2 years. I ordered one for my front door after a recent porch pirate incident.
  10. I wouldn’t keep them. Knowing my luck they just shot 30 orphans and 15 nuns with them and I’d get pulled over with them in my possession
  11. I always check the trunk of my rental cars when i pick them up and drop them off. SMHhttps://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/rental-car-returned-with-guns-drugs-ski-masks-in-trunk/867920467
  12. Get yourself a claymore. You and your entire family can have meat for years to come
  13. This is a county course so I doubt they would let anyone hunt on it. The course is also surrounded by residential neighborhoods so I doubt they could even let.someone in with a bow if they wanted to