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  1. Haha . I was actually shooting the nuts off of horseflies at 70 yards, lol
  2. Ok update time. Cleaned and oiled the VP9 last night. Just put 150 yards down range not a single issue! Thanks for the input everyone
  3. I took a one on one lesson with an instructor recently and my grip was good then . I am planning on working on and checking my grip, next trip to the range.
  4. Thanks guys, first time pistol owner so i did not break it down and clean it before. I did clean and lube it when i got home though. I’ll try to get to the range again tomorrow and see what happens.
  5. So today i put the first 150 rounds through my brand new VP9 and towards the end of my session i had a couple FTF jams. I’ve been reading that it’s common with new VP9s because it has a stiff recoil spring. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I was shooting PMC 115 grain FMJ so it’s not crappy ammo.
  6. Are you a member at TTC? I plan on shooting there this week hopefully. Haven’t shot there yet
  7. I shoot at RTSP too, let me know when your heading that way!
  8. Today is the last day of the gun show at The Oaks. I was there yesterday and there were tons of mags from many different sellers if you can get there today.
  9. Thanks, I’m loving it so far. Haven’t put a lot of rounds down range yet but i loaded up on ammo yesterday so I’m ready to put it through it’s paces
  10. I bought 2 cases of Pmc bronze at 180 a Case. I also bought a box of Home defenses
  11. I went to the gun show at The Oaks this morning and was glad i did. I picked up 2 cases of 9 mm ammo at a slight discount to the online retailers, and its home , not waiting for delivery. Most prices were okay, not fantastic. Did get to see some cool guns though, a great way to kill a rainy morning.
  12. Hey everyone, moved to Franklin Township about a year ago and picked up my first handgun today. ( H&K VP9 LE) I’m still trying to decide on a range to call Home. I’ll most likely wait til RTSP opens their new location and then make my choice. If anyone has any insight I’ll gladly take it!
  13. Thanks for the input guys. I may wait till the new RTSP location opens before making a decision
  14. Pretty much in the middle of the 2. Was hoping for some insight beyond what i could muster in a few months
  15. I’m a new shooter trying to decide between RTSP and TTC as a home range, just looking for some genuine input on either range. I’ve been to both and liked both. Just wondering what more experienced shooters think