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  1. Other than that a person wouldn't have to worry about the Gustapo coming for them ?
  2. I'm a little confused with the mag rules at the moment. If someone were to list 15 round magazines on Ebay right now is that legal till December?
  3. https://www.natchezss.com/cci-blazer-brass-handgun-ammunition-9mm-luger-115-gr-fmj-1145-fps-1000-ct-loose-pack.html?source=NA18104748-2&utm_campaign=last+day+-+flash+sale+free+shipping+on+select+ammo&email=1324757&sourcecode=NA18104748-2&utm_source=emailmarketing&utm_medium=email&utm_term=weblink&link=23 Got an email from Natchez shooting supplies and they have a bunch of stuff on sale and free shipping on a bunch of stuff too
  4. I don’t know how much there is do to for this event but let me know if you need help setting up or anything. I’m pretty sure I’ll be available to give a hand if needed.
  5. So it isn't necasary to have taken the NH CCW class?
  6. What's the Name and address of the shop? If lime.to check it out one day.
  7. I go.to NH every so often and was wondering about CCW there. I know it's a constitutional carry state but does that mean I can just bring my pistol and carry? Do I need to have taken a CCW course before doing so?
  8. Saw this on FB and had to re post
  9. Holy crap, the Zumwalt projectiles are 800k EACH! Makes for an expensive day at the range
  10. This was actually on the news last night too. They wouldn’t even let them back in the range to get there personal belongings. They had someone gather their stuff while they explained how many rules they broke and how dumb they were and then banned them for life.
  11. Wow, they are letting the rifff raff into the VIP section! If you are there early there is a large lounge area in the front where I’m sure you could leave your stuff.
  12. https://apple.news/ALvcYsZCdRp23CR0j2fyj2Q a sixty year old guy with a CCW stopped a homeless guy from beating a Starbucks Barista. It’s a shame there are so many people with mental issues on the streets.
  13. MrsPeel, are you still thinking of doing name tags? I was thinking if we did we could put our names , our handle and what we brought to shoot on our tags. This way if anyone is willing to let others try there guns , people will know what’s available. also is there a plan for guns while not shooting? I plan on bringing my VP9 LE but was wondering if I’d need to carry it with me all night or will there be a place to leave our guns while we mingle?