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  1. I reached out again and got no answer so i have to assume the are folding up shop in our area. I know the head guy moved out of NJ and was working out of country
  2. Unfortunately me and Mrs Mich will be out of town for a wedding that weekend.
  3. A guy I work with got a direct message from someone saying the same thing. At first he laughed but they actually sent him a screen shot of him at his computer. He laughed and told them.his family knows he's a degenerate, go ahead and send the video. Lol
  4. For 40 bucks I might order the spotting scope. How bad can it be
  5. I’m probably signing up for both of those this week
  6. Zeke will you be taking this? I’m teetering in taking it
  7. Wow, in what part of who’s mind was this a good idea?? How is this protecting anyone beseides criminals
  8. I just read that under HR8 that if an intruder is in my house and my wife shoots him with my gun she will automatically be charged with a felony. Anyone know if this is true? Can anyone explain to me how this helps keep anyone safe besides criminals, while jeopardizing innocents??
  9. So I’ve been drooling over a Kimber KHX 1911 and was wondering if anyone had one and what they thought of it. Thanks in advance guys!
  10. I’m still waiting to hear if they accepted me or not. Do you know if they let you know if they don’t accept you? I haven’t heard anything in several weeks.
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