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  1. Thanks for all the information guys!
  2. Probably a silly question but i figure better safe than sorry. I’ll hopefully be moving soon, within New Jersey. Do i need to notify the town I’m going to or the one I’m leaving?
  3. I just got an email that said all Bighorn gun safes were 200-500 dollars off if anyone is in the market for a safe.
  4. So i got a dollar bill with this stamp on it last week and i thought it was pretty cool. Anyone else come across them?
  5. And it turns out the suspect just got out of jail on a terrorism conviction. Great idea just letting his back to roam the city!
  6. So London needs to have roaming armed units? What a shock with their large Comunities of Peaceful Muslims.
  7. As is the story of my life , nothing goes to plan. I wound up having to work that Sunday, planning on the November meeting to try again.
  8. It’s 175 and the class is 8 hours, many I’ve seen are half that much trigger time
  9. The post office in Uganda must be really slow. I’ve been waiting 8 months and the check hasn’t gotten here yet. Weird
  10. I actually figured out how to send him a PM, thanks guys
  11. I’m technologically handicapped, could you please pass this along to Maks . He can reach out to me and I’d gladly provide more info. I don’t want to bury someone on a public forum if i am incorrect in my assumption
  12. I posted a WTB add a couple of weeks ago and got a response today from someone that had joined 2 hours earlier. As soon as I read their response i was on alert. Obviously someone who’s first language is NOT English, saying they would ship the item. Beware peeps.
  13. The solution is pretty basic. sorry, couldn’t help myself
  14. Going to the orientation meeting this Sunday, should be all signed up!
  15. Joe sent me the info yesterday but I’m going to pass i think. Not sure I’m quite ready for low light action
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