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  1. Fully intend to bolt it in if it goes in the garage. I will also build A wall so the safe can’t be seen when the door is open. Thanks for the input guys
  2. I recently bought a small house with a nice size garage. There really isn’t a spot inside the house for a safe so I’m debating putting a safe in the garage. I know it’s not optimum but is it a terrible idea?
  3. Thanks for all the information guys!
  4. Probably a silly question but i figure better safe than sorry. I’ll hopefully be moving soon, within New Jersey. Do i need to notify the town I’m going to or the one I’m leaving?
  5. I just got an email that said all Bighorn gun safes were 200-500 dollars off if anyone is in the market for a safe.
  6. So i got a dollar bill with this stamp on it last week and i thought it was pretty cool. Anyone else come across them?
  7. And it turns out the suspect just got out of jail on a terrorism conviction. Great idea just letting his back to roam the city!
  8. So London needs to have roaming armed units? What a shock with their large Comunities of Peaceful Muslims.
  9. As is the story of my life , nothing goes to plan. I wound up having to work that Sunday, planning on the November meeting to try again.
  10. It’s 175 and the class is 8 hours, many I’ve seen are half that much trigger time
  11. The post office in Uganda must be really slow. I’ve been waiting 8 months and the check hasn’t gotten here yet. Weird
  12. I actually figured out how to send him a PM, thanks guys
  13. I’m technologically handicapped, could you please pass this along to Maks . He can reach out to me and I’d gladly provide more info. I don’t want to bury someone on a public forum if i am incorrect in my assumption
  14. I posted a WTB add a couple of weeks ago and got a response today from someone that had joined 2 hours earlier. As soon as I read their response i was on alert. Obviously someone who’s first language is NOT English, saying they would ship the item. Beware peeps.
  15. The solution is pretty basic. sorry, couldn’t help myself
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