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  1. With the tools you used that’s an amazing job! I love projects like this even when they fail they are fun to take on. Great work!
  2. Primary Arms has the Mag Pul 10 round mags for 10.99 right now. The cheapest way to ship them is 10.99 so the more you buy the better the average cost.
  3. I was stoked to get the shipping notification for my new Stag Arms Ar-15 on Tuesday saying it would be delivered Wednesday. I was then bummed when Fed Ex said they couldn’t deliver because the store was closed. Drive past my FFL and they are closed for 10 days! I will be on vacation after that so i won’t get my baby till damn near September. : (
  4. For me it’s just the compression on my spine, i could hang it any way i want and it still hurts
  5. I know it sound kooky to a lot of people but i swear by acupuncture, loosens my spassemed muscles better than anything else I’ve tried. Sorry to the OP for hi jacking his thread!
  6. Hunted i am a back pain sufferer too. I had a doctor how i was still walking never mind going to work. I have a laundry list of issues. Are you seeing a pain management specialist ? I’ve avoided surgery for years now, not every day is sunshine and rainbows but i get along pretty well without surgery. Feel free to PM me if you’d like some of my very non professional input. Oh and i bet a 26 pound rig, as sweet as it is will bother you. I can’t wear a backpack with much more than my lunch in it.
  7. Thanks for the input guys. I figure between the fact that its an upgrade I’m getting for free and all the feed back I’ve gotten, it’s worth waiting a little extra time
  8. Thanks for the info, by the article it sounds like a mid length is better all around, even if it isn’t by much
  9. I can upgrade my Stag Arms Trinity 15 to a mid length gas system for free, it will just delay my order. Is the mid length gas system worth the wait?
  10. Every day i am further disgusted with the lack of respect and empathy that people have today. Every other day on the news is another poor bastard getting brutalized for some non sensical reason. With that thought in mind , if you knock someone out ( not in self defense) and that person dies from the consequences of being knocked out, should you face a murder charge? I hate the idea of more laws and more big brother , but what else do we do to make people think twice?
  11. I was looking for a camera just to see if my dog walker actually showed up. I bought a really heap camera called Yi on Amazon. It’s about 30 bucks. Records 24 hours to a memory card or you can subscribe to their cloud service. I have it over a year and not a single problem.
  12. If this wasn’t house I’d have built in hidden compartments, unfortunately for right now my wife and i rent.
  13. My dogs! Thank you
  14. Looking for a smal gun safe, something that would fit in my closet. Not looking for Fort Knox . Just looking for something to keep guests and the cleaning people out of my guns.