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  1. As i figured the cruise missle news story is bullshit. Probably the same guy that reported that an AR 47 has a high capacity clip that fires 30 magazines per second
  2. On the news last night they said cruise missles were used. That’s a big difference than a drone attack. Just wondering if it was just another case of misinformation by the clueless media
  3. What was crazy was they attacked with drones! I had heard the NYPD was worried terrorists would use drones, i guess they were right to worry
  4. Went down this morning and checked out the range. Got to watch some of the steel matches too. People were friendly range seams pretty cool. I have to find a Sunday when i can go shoot steel! It only took me 25 minutes to get there so that was a pleasant surprise. One guy there said the indoor range isn’t that great, anyone have input on that?
  5. One of my favorite quotes is “ I don’t know enough to know what i don’t know” i am open minded and would love to do all different types of shooting. I’ll be down to check the club out as soon as i can
  6. If I’m not working Saturday I’ll definitely come down, even if i just spectate. Ive been interested in the steel matches and even bought myself a belt and a holster. I’m not worried about my car getting dirty, lol. Louu I’ll let you know if I’m coming down, we could meet up. Thanks
  7. Anyone have the GSG MP5 clone collecting dust they want to pass on? I’d like to have one and would be happy to help someone thin their herd
  8. How big is it, i have a small space in my closet I’d like to stick a cabinet in
  9. I want to join a range , preferably one with more than just an indoor range. I like what I’m reading about Old Bridge, just curious what the members think of the place. How’s the traffic around there in the weekends? Is it tough to get to?
  10. Wasn’t trying to poo poo your truck. She is a beauty, wish i could afford one too. One in college and one in private high school. I probably have at least 4 more years till a new truck will be in my driveway! Good luck with her!
  11. Sorry i didn’t make that clear enough. It’s not getting 10 mpg. I don’t know the actual numbers but Ford says it gets 27 ( made that number up) but people are actually getting 17 or something along those lines. I read the article about 6 weeks ago so the details are fuzzy in my head
  12. I read an article that there’s actually a class action lawsuit out there because the advertised gas mileage is way off, i think people were getting 10 miles to the gallon less or something like that. Nice looking truck though
  13. Has anyone seen these fake tactical vests that are being sold in “urban” clothing stores? They look like a plate carrier with Velcro patches on the front and back. I saw one in the store last week and saw a teen on the street wearing one the other day. All i can see is someone call this in to the cops and some poor kid gets popped pulling out his cell phone! https://www.jimmyjazz.com/mens/clothing/rich-star-icons-vest/OA6300005-OLV?color=Green hope the link works
  14. Was the gun illegal? I know him having it was illegal, was it a family members legal gun or was it something picked up on the street?
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