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  1. Thank you for your help, and to everybody else on this thread. Much appreciated
  2. Last update on this: I have gotten back my stock.
  3. Hello and thank you!
  4. I have! Are you nearby?! I'm relatively new to the community so I'm up for making new friends.
  5. Hi! Joined a little over a week ago and have exchanged messages with several of you. Glad to be here. PS I sneeze in even numbers only
  6. lol sounds perfect- looking to update landscape lighting for my place.
  7. Well then.. stopping by soon.
  8. From what I hear, he is the owner of the range/store. I believe he is. I did try to be as courteous to him earlier when I told him that the stock was legal for my pump shotgun and he was receptive enough of my explanation. Tempted..but no rag within reach at the time.
  9. Thanks @njJoniGuy, appreciate it.
  10. Yet another update to this saga: Spoke with the FFL and will have their guys search the dumpster for the adjustable stock. According to the FFL there has been no pick up of the dumpster since I was last there due to the snow condition so he's certain the stock will be found by his staff.He apologized as well. Before I called him up, I checked with a local Mossberg dealer regarding the issue and they have also confirmed the same - although the guy did just say "adjustable stocks are OK for shotguns, not for any other rifle". Probably missed the illegality of collapsible stocks for semi-auto shotguns(needed additional back up source in case he won't believe me and this thread's valuable inputs). Thanks again everyone.
  11. I'll do my very best to impart with the FFL the wisdom I have gained from this thread. Really would like to think that he just thought the adjustable stock was illegal across all firearms in NJ..
  12. Hi everyone I'll reach out to the FFL tomorrow as they were closed today (heavy snow). I'll update this thread what happens. How he responds will probably give us an idea if he really didn't know it's legal or what..
  13. Hey everyone. I'm thankful for everybody's help here, even to the FFL who had done my transfer (even after me losing the adjustable stock). Didn't want to ruin anybody's business as there's also a possibility that he did not know..that's primarily the reason I just PM'd those who had asked in the thread. I would gladly help the next person who will most likely have the same issue/questions around our area. As it is, we only have 2 FFLs nearby - being new to firearms and firearm community in general, I would not like to be banned/be an outcast from stores/FFLs most accessible to me. Could it be partly my fault since I should have pressed that pump-action shottys can have adjustable stock in them? Makes one think... Now if an admin can either nuke this thread(or perhaps delete that reference to the FFL), that would be great (IMO).
  14. Wish I could do that.. he literally had me throw it in the dumpster before he will proceed with the paperwork. While he was pointing out how in big trouble I can be with the adjustable stock, he also show me other rifles he had that had the pinned stock and said that those were legal (in my mind, of course they were, those were ARs and really had to have pinned stock). Oh well....
  15. Yeah that's what I thought. I read this rule/regulation over and over again before we headed over to the FFL. Now that he had me remove the stock, doesn't it make my shotgun NOW illegal since it's most likely less than 26" overall? Would the Mossberg 500 Tactical be considered a semi-automatic shotgun though? It does say it has '6' for capacity. But I think I have to pump it every time I need to chamber a round/shell?