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  1. An update for everyone that responded to my question, I even got a refund from the finger print company! and three weeks after applying I have my P2P thanks again for the replies.
  2. Thanks to all who have replied, I only had a one page application to fill out and the officer I met at first said I had to go be fingerprinted even though I had been fingerprinted before so I made the appointment and paid online the 60 dollars for it. Later that day the officer called me on the phone and apologized and said I did not need to be fingerprinted again. I did the online 212a already and the officer actually drove to my house to pick up the paperwork for my P2P. I had been "inked" at the police station in 2007 when my wallet was stolen and I needed to replace my card so they did have my prints on file. I was checking as I thought I had read somewhere online that for the P2P you needed to be fingerprinted every time and wanted to make sure I had done everything as it needed so they could not claim I had not done something that was needed. The last time I purchased a handgun all I did was go to the police station , talk to the woman in the Chiefs office for a few minutes filled out the paperwork and waited while she brought it in to the chief and came out with my permit it sure has gotten complicated. Its been a week now hopefully it wont take too many more weeks . Thanks again for the replies.
  3. Hello to all, Its been a long time since I purchased a handgun (30 years or so) and I'm finding conflicting info so I would like to find out how everything works. When I went to my local PD they gave me a package of stuff and said I had to be fingerprinted first. I have had my FID since 1978 and was fingerprinted then. When I moved to the town I live in now (Raritan Boro in 1998) I changed my address with no problem but 2 years or so later my wallet was stolen and my FID was in my wallet. When I went back to the PD they gave me a little trouble and made me reapply and I ended up having to go to court but the judge granted my request on appeal I was fingerprinted again at this time. I made the appointment to get fingerprinted but got a call from the police dept saying I did not need to get finger printed so I cancelled my appointment. Now in searching on the internet to make sure everything was correct I thought I saw something that said you have to be fingerprinted every time you purchase a handgun in NJ , I need to know if this is true so I can make sure I have done everything I can to ensure a good decision with least possible wait. Another question is there a one month wait on purchasing in NJ? If anyone can give me the up to date requirements I would be very grateful
  4. Hi I found the sight with an online search, its been a long time since I purchased a hand gun in NJ so I have a question or two