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  1. 2/26 Submitted application for pistol permits. (references submitted questionnaire same day) 3/5 Email stating background check complete. 3/16 Email stating application was approved. 3/17 Received a call from local PD permits were ready. (Date on permits were 3/16)
  2. Interesting I guess I need to pick one up for the Gucci glock.
  3. Shore Shot, usually with a couple friends. Located around Toms River area.
  4. As the title states I reside in Ocean County. Often lurked the forums but finally decided to create an account. Just an average dude who enjoys shooting.
  5. Jagerwerks does great slide work as does Loki Tactical. Prefab though I'd say Zev, Southwest, L2D. Barrel/Comp: Primary Machine stealth comp, Agency barrel/comp, Texas Black Rifle Co, Mayhem Syndicate, Black List, Faxon... too many to name really. Barrel is a barrel in my opinion, some just have a bigger bling factor than others. Triggers: Agency, Apex, Overwatch, Tactical Trigger/Kineti-Tech which is what I am currently using.
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