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  1. Our pd is doing this now. Just got the word
  2. Zeke

    First Time Handgun Purchase

    Wednesday was a state of emergency. No nics in joisey
  3. Zeke

    interesting article from arfcom

    East coast west coast yo!
  4. Jurist Constitutional philosophy difers greatly from “ they scared”.
  5. Nj offers neither open or concealed to the citizenry. I believe there is dicta on this with the DC case? I know I’ve read it in one of circuit opinions.
  6. I actually prefer spam She’s not a knuckle head!
  7. This is dumb. They same argument could be used by the gun grabbers that they are afraid of the gun owning fake noosers and the NRA. Oh wait they do that. I thought our side was the rational, honest, good guy side....
  8. Because they aren’t huge bagina’s? And they have security? Project much?
  9. Could deny, could move on. Joisey did this to draw out the $clock. It’s doubtful to me joisey will not represent itself here.
  10. Zeke

    Whats the story behind this? Henry Rifle Kaboom

    I surmise the crack happened after the obstruction, when the barrel torqued free of the dovetail
  11. Zeke

    Whats the story behind this? Henry Rifle Kaboom

    Barrel looks twisted in relationship to dovetail. like getting a drill bit stuck and the drill moves instead.

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