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  1. Been to cold for us to try. As soon as it warms up and we go, I’ll report.
  2. Lol. The public doesn’t have standing any more because the public policy has been changed. But yes it caused the public mental distress... Further legal action is now entirely up to the affected parties ( suspended students and families)
  3. https://gardenstateshootingcenter.com/
  4. That one, you think chalk was added to the powder?
  5. On what grounds can you sue once the change has been made? The illegal suspensions are up to the individuals.
  6. Of this... I have no doubt. Lol
  7. Na, the school being untruthful? Spinning the issues. Lol! No way! Never!
  8. Been to this range 2x in the last 2 months. Nice, clean, good people! Would recommend! Sorry to necro...
  9. Well when you do something wrong you either get sued, or arrested, depending on the issue.
  10. 1000%^^^^ and she modified her research based on our recommendations. But I’ll wait to read her article to measure her.
  11. http://nj1015.com/nj-school-changes-gun-rule-after-nra-groups-lawsuit-threat/ looks like it worked.
  12. I have a feeling the school policy is going to change this week.
  13. http://s.nj.com/6VCm6Ek It’s in N.J.com Now.
  14. Yes @Indianajonze no one is capable of playing 3D chess