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  1. Buy for 2. Lol! Not funny
  2. I was on hexmags web site and saw some neoprene covers for optics. You guys use them? We, cough, we have currently realized we need another safe. but in the interim I’m trying to reduce hanger rash/parking lot pox
  3. I hope he gets sunburnt
  4. Lol... what a horrible problem
  5. Welcome!
  6. @Displaced Texan I told @Bighungry618was hardcore..
  7. In the defense of a nation.. do we have time for semantics?
  8. Dirty is dirty! We arnt talking cast iron skillets here!
  9. First off. You ain’t going to range soon. im going on Wednesday.. im not changing shit. I feel your interpretation is wrong. bigly
  10. We are starting to get into to flash hider / brake arguments. If I buy a 10 round mag, listed as a 10 round mag, it’s a 10 round mag. but I’m currently not buying shit! Exclamation point
  11. Jus buy 10/30 hexmags. But I’d wait. ill say this for you mag jumpers. Send $ equivalent of 1 mag to Anjrpc. Have some semblance of heart
  12. I wunder what they put down as their justifiable need on the application.