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  1. Zeke

    Hawt yoga

    Wow.... coin brah for spandexes. Hangbrain like @Handyman
  2. Ya. @Mr.Stu it’s not my first time
  3. If you can run footing and leader drains to “ daylight “ your in awesome shape. Can’t always happen.
  4. Zeke

    Hawt yoga

    Well what does @Smiles31 say...
  5. Zeke

    Hawt yoga

    @DirtyDigz i found this article interesting and very informative https://tacticalgear.com/tactical-yoga-pants
  6. beer choice awesomeness! ribs go in the crockpot. pineapple goes on the meatloaf on the grill. @DirtyDigz goes to hawt yoga to meet chics. dont screw it up again
  7. Zeke

    Hawt yoga

    @High Exposure prolly has tactical yoga pants
  8. Zeke

    Hawt yoga

    Actually better Brad was telling me bout hawt weather underwear last year.
  9. Zeke

    Hawt yoga

    @Rob0115 probably knows. Or @Bully
  10. Zeke

    Hawt yoga

    Soo do they make tactical yoga pants? for men? asking for a friend
  11. Anyone doing it? Apparently @DirtyDigz picks up chics at yoga class. i know @kc17 @Bighungry618 @Displaced Texan are very interested. Even @Smiles31 is considered it. Thoughts... I’m on the fence @Stonecoldchavez
  12. That’s interesting.. price ? And are they metal?
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