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  1. Are you sure it’s not backed up as usual?
  2. Then you obviously know it’s called porkroll! Welcome to the party
  3. @DirtyDigz can you bring your gun stand? We also have the pavilion at the campground if it rains for the bbq. The 27th looks to be sunny and 68!
  4. How long have you had “ the gunk” issue?
  5. Replace hoses? Mine has a inlet filter.
  6. Anything brass cased. I’ve never seen steal core 9, or armor piercing 9. I’m not sure they make such a beast in 9 I shoot 124 grain, and whatever is cheapest deal online. Currently it’s American Eagle in my inventory.
  7. I compare the 700 to the 1911, the rpr to the Glock. My problem with the rpr is it’s ugly as hell vs a 700 imho. And it’s moar dollars also.
  8. Idk. Thinking about building one from a 700 receiver. In 6.5c of course.
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