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  1. Who's moving your stuff? They moving your safe?
  2. 85% of cell towers down... Maria looks to be following Jose maybe even more east.
  3. Looking in 20 g how does your wife like it?
  4. You pin it, it's still threaded. now @Krdshrk being very helpful above said jus grind the threads on bottom. but; its a Larue... don't do that..
  5. Same. Concur; etc.
  6. How's that battery working out fur ya ace?
  7. Let me rephrase. The territory's revenue can no longer service its debt...ergo interest.
  8. Oh.... I see that angle..
  9. You are; not helpful. Lol
  10. Tac sac. Lmao!!!!
  11. I'm jus looking for lower priced alternatives to recommend. She has her own card.... Soooo my friends for my sake, let's think best value....
  12. I didn't soil it.
  13. She shot @Displaced Texan browning citori all day, I mean all day. Loved it so much she tried to leave him there after his shottie was loaded in our rig. guys, recoil is not a factor.
  14. Dude, @High Exposureis like darth Vader. Don't be enticed by the dark side....
  15. @Mrs.Zeke has a 20gauuge 11/87 currently. Says it's too heavy. Lop may to much also..