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  1. She’ll fall flat on her face unless Congress continues to due nuffin
  2. I think it’s less to do with practice and more to do with winning
  3. Ive held off. But this week it’s time
  4. Hellery now stumping for Morphy? Sumtin is up with inside polls..
  5. Paul you suck! I hate you!
  6. Or have you not turned yours on yet? Me thinks next week fo sho.
  7. @1LtCAP https://www.nh.gov/safety/divisions/nhsp/ssb/permitslicensing/documents/dssp260.pdf @noobwitha22 welcome to the clubhouse. try and keep up umk. Most are good. Some are bad. Such is life
  8. Standby
  9. Ugg
  10. Ya my friend. It’s jus for purchasing long guns. Hand guns require a permit to purchase.
  11. Let’s not push our new friend noob. your on for mañana @Bighungry618
  12. Mañana? What is your nj permit? You mean your purchase card?
  13. It’s been sitting on my desk for 6 mos. 2 copies. 1 fo me and 1 fo @Mrs.Zeke ima gonna do it
  14. @Bighungry618and @Golf battery Never gonna grow until we foster; as parents. embrace, don’t turn off
  15. It’s online And no, you can’t carry in nj . Yet