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  1. Advice on the intronet is worth exactly what you pay for it.. but let us know how it goes, and what you disclosed or did not disclose.
  2. Dark, bud... very dark
  3. I’m living vicariously through these builds
  4. Even better! Fall air and spring air!
  5. There are no absolutes in life.
  6. I don’t believe this is the correct attitude or approach. Keep in mind you are not da police. Your job is self defense, or defense of others. It is not apprehension. ” In fear for my life” but if a dude wants to hang out till police arrive... cool.
  7. You have to switch the air minimum 2x a year. Summer air, winter air. @1LtCAP knows..
  8. @Mrs. Peelare you running winter air in the summer?
  9. No threat, no shoot. Holding or attempting to hold at gun point could be defined more as a deterrent to the threat you perceive. If they walk away so be it. Threat neutral
  10. Try it! You’ll like it
  11. Oh my wittle buddy @Ray Ray
  12. See @DaddyNick easiest way to shut voyager up.. mention range
  13. Yet he’s pro national reciprocity.. sometimes you jus take the win, and be gracious.
  14. We should go to the range this weekend.. I’ll make some more for you to try. Shooters, like 15 minutes from you