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  1. Give up on the NRA? Or Positively influence them? Interesting reading above.
  2. Not a fan of binary either.
  3. You mean binary? Or strictly release?
  4. It appears that shopping every year or so seems to be the answer.
  5. The only benefit I can possibly see is cost savings to the taxpayer for less incarceration. $300 million in tax revenue? Gimme a break. The illegal infrastructure is established. It’s not going away.
  6. Smert! Keep your booger hook of the trigger till you’re ready to shoot!
  7. Trigger work on release only...
  8. Please explain to @Ray Ray
  9. How much for the Aero?
  10. Did you watch the vid?
  11. Trap release goes against All of my software.
  12. Sooo 1/2 wolverine! Good enough!
  13. Now convincing wife to cut the cable cord. Thanks for all the responses! Maybe in a couple years we will shop again.