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  1. Tex and Voyager AR meetup!
  2. Or you could jus ask Voyager
  3. I was in the same boat as you. Considering an mp from tanners in pa. jus bought 2 lowers. YouTube and the guys/gals here are your friend. The problem is sooooo much of a large market . Hard the separate the chaff from the wey
  4. It's the shoulder thingy that goes up!
  5. Lol was told" we are new to optics, hiring more staff, and we are taking everything no question asked...."
  6. Um, cough....
  7. Was good on Saturday @ 1 30 min.
  8. Not so fast. Stun gun ruled unconstitutional in another state. Nj AG admits it. We have a test case here. but it's the Scotus that needs to rule on " good reason" or " justifiable need" language. It's at the district level now.
  9. The polls.... lol.
  10. I see it more as, liberation forces are gaining ground and the front is approaching our porches.
  11. You my friend are worth way more then my praise. Good on ya bro!