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  1. Um, Tex says he's purdy good.... jus sayen what he sayen
  2. Scrap the motor, and scrap the unit
  3. Purdy
  4. Why not go tripe? With remixers tab. I'm seeing sumtin
  5. I know of no one that fanatics over blood sausage
  6. Of whom here is going to argue with a lady?
  7. I like spam! Mrs Z hates it! Taylor pork roll! MrsZ has owned this in one final swish
  8. MrsZ, um , what's the best pork roll?
  9. Spamguy^^^
  10. It's called the porkroll festival. Jus sayen admit de feet, or get da shoe!
  11. I have a feeling this will never happen again. Unless Peel takes the plate
  12. #disappointed