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  1. https://www.sigsauer.com/store/p320-x-five-full-size-grip-module-9mm-40-auto-357sig.html modular...
  2. Waiting on the courts for their 10 agenda
  3. Ha! @silverado427 Ha!
  4. Ok @sota we are a definite maybe. With @Bighungry618. should I ask @voyager9? gotta get clays this weekend from Cheyenne.
  5. But but but! You’ll be on ... a list
  6. @45Doll apparently mag pulls can’t be legal either. Bro! You are better than this! Dammit! Jus better!
  7. Probably gonna pop. 2 weeks or so on gfh podcast talking smack. @diamondd817
  8. “ the way to get an active community is get the community active “ im pretty sure I jus coined that..
  9. Hey... I take them also!
  10. Probably, have to ask @High Exposure if dvd’s Are still ok. Apparently cds are no longer allowed in automobiles
  11. Clays in snow is awesomeness! oh.... my bad
  12. My wife ‘s goal is for every lady in the office to own a gun.. it’s a lot of ladies. I think she’s at +1/2 dozen shooting with her, and more are asking. Ownership not so much. The state makes it difficult by design. @Combat Auto I’m seeing what your seeing. At some point the guy has had enough beating and you’re gonna regret if you kill him. Philosophically speaking
  13. Could you imagine NJSP doin a full cavity shearch on @Handyman. Even Indiana Jone’s would be intrigued by those artifacts...