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  1. What's going on R14 shooters. Some folks from the /r/NJGuns subreddit started up a Discord, and from there we've been organizing some meetups. Today we had our second meetup, and it went well with a wide variety of guns. I'm new to NJGF, but I'd also like to extent the invite to members of this forum as we plan out future meetups. As of right now, the next R14 meetup hasn't been planned, but outside of the range, folks have planned a visit to the Clinton WMA on Aug 10 (9AM) for some clay shooting. Whether you're familiar or foreign to the Discord platform, feel free to join! NJGuns Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/d8EveFv
  2. No questions asked. I'm looking for a camera mount that allows for forward- and rear-facing GoPro recording. I've seen picatinny-mounted cameras on long rifles, and cams directly in front of the trigger guard. I'm looking for the capability to do this. Do I just find some weird reach around arm for a Go Pro? Any that this forum recommends?
  3. Hey - don't know how I came across this. But recently delved into the possibility into owning 1st AR-15 style firearm. Somehow through the 100s of Google Chrome tab-hopping I did this week, I found this forum. I've been looking for legislation, explanations, suggestions, and so on. Looking forward to exploring this community. FYI: looking into an M&P Sport II or Ruger AR 556.
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