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  1. Thanks, I put one in yesterday. Ive waited as long as 3 weeks and as little as ten minutes - just trying to gauge the current situation
  2. Any NICs updates for January 5, 2021? (how long) Thanks ( Is there a place to look to see if this info is regularly posted?)
  3. Quinton Sportsmen’s Club, Mullica Hill Rifle & Pistol Club are two more to look at. They both allow guest and memberships at reasonable rates. ‘Quinton has a lot of programs....IDPA, USPSA, 3-Gun, Steel Challenge, Sporting Clays, Trap, 5-Stand.... MHRPC is a bare necessity club (and sometimes that’s all you need. Both clubs have websites with membership details.
  4. Anyone seen or know of any 2020 Colt Pythons available I know.... but thanks!
  5. Just sayin’ .....and Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. My highlights! I also recorded Anthony’s entire presentation. I’ll post that when I figure out how GREAT speakers though, I’m glad I went
  7. I’ll be there in a maroon CNJFO hoodie....and a Brownell’s NRA sports hat Be nice to meet and shake hands with you guys....
  8. Awesome show today. In the past I’ve heard bits and pieces of Ant’s legal issues. Today was the first time I heard them all in one sitting. It’s a must listen....#Redflaglaws
  9. How are you guys making out with this match? Still going on the second Saturday of the month?
  10. Thanks for all the input! Settled on a S&W 625 JM
  11. I would appreciate any comments as far as whether the KEL-TEC Gen2 SUB2000 is good to go “as is” in NJ? Is it a rifle or a Pistol? (Permit other than FID required?) I understand are some adjustments with the stock, will it be required to be pinned? Giving thought to purchase, would appreciate any pros or cons to owning one in NJ. No specific use, just another option at the range. Thanks!
  12. Am I missing something? That poster is from 2016, Banger’s is no longer in existence?
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