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  1. I’m a member of MHR&PC, unfortunately I’ve already sponsored a new member this year, and we’re only allowed to sponsor one per year. I would recommend you check out our website, go ahead and submit an application. The listed membership requirements can be and often are waved. It’s a great little no frills rifle, pistol, and shotgun range. We run monthly CMP and pistol shoots (I call them shoots, rather than matches, as they are low key, non-competitive fun shoots). There is no clubhouse, no electricity, nor indoor plumbing. ‘Interesting membership, the club actually started on the Delaware River side of the state. Due to some zoning issues, the original Club was sold and the plot of land in Cumberland County was purchased and developed as the club exist today. Membership now represents folks from the original Delaware River side, a nice group from the shore areas, and most recently a lot of folks local to the club have joined. The guy that handles membership is a reasonable guy, let him know your current situation and he may be able to recommend some local members who may support you, or just have you come to a meeting and state your case.
  2. Thinking of giving some Cowboy Action a try. The only venue I know of is Delaware Blues in Quinton, NJ (I’m So Jersey). Two quick questions... Is a Henry Big Boy Steel (tube fed) .357 good to go for the rifle? With two holstered pistols, after shooting the 5 rounds from the first pistol, do you reholster the first pistol before pulling the second? Are there rules ensuring the safe status of that first pistol before pulling the second?
  3. Yeah, don’t need to be expensive to meet your needs, as a matter of fact you might be better off not having to worry about taking a big hit if lost, stolen, or damaged due to misuse (don’t lend your EDC to anyone). Kershaw Cryo (1555TI), meets all of your requirements and cost less than $40 (might even do better if you shop around). There are several sources out there where you can have it engraved with military, patriotic, sport, etc ensignias.
  4. It was a simple Jersey legal shotgun from Cabela’s
  5. Just bought a long gun in Delaware. Transported it home in the trunk of my car in compliance with NJ laws - no issues. Handguns are a different story, you’ll need to use an FFL to get it home.
  6. Don’t look at these shoots as a “Compitetion”, look at them as just the next step from putting holes in paper (or ringing steel). Bunch of great peoples (male and female), for the most part out to have fun and work through defensive scenarios. Don’t need fancy equipment (but you’ll see some) center fire pistol, holster, 3 mags, 2 mag carriers, and 100 rounds (bring 150 just in case).
  7. SJSC is a good range, notice all of the previous comments were positive, and I can attest to all of them being true. Just for the hell of it, check out Quinton Sportsman’s Club down in Salem County. Another great club here in South Jersey. Quinton is better suited if you have any shot guns in your arsenal. They also run some of the best USPSA, IDPA, and 3-Gun matches (all local matches). While you’re there, stop in at EMS Cafe, grab yourself a pork roll and egg sandwich....
  8. Hope I don’t cause any heartache with this topic. The way I see it, for right now if I want to do a private transfer of a long gun in NJ. All we need to do is download State of New Jersey Certificate of Eligibility (S.P. 634 [rev. 04/05]), both party’s fill out their respective sections. As long as all of the questions are answered appropriately and FID’s are good and match DL - we should be good? i believe that last batch of bills signed by Murphy will eliminate private transfer, but does not take effect until 90 days after he signed it? Thanks for any thoughts or advice...
  9. So I was a bit concerned... Long story short, I live within a few miles of Bob Bidden, being from the same area as Bob, I wanted to sign the petition for Anthony, but I felt there should be some loyalty to Bob (just because we were from the same area). Stopped in Bob’s shop the other day and was pleased to find (and sign) Anthony’s petition out on the counter at Bob’s Little Sport Shop in Glassboro. Bob was out, but his emplyee’s said Bob by all means supported Anthony for NRA Board of Directors. Problem solved....
  10. Ant, When do you need to have these petitions returned to you (I’ll sign, and I’ll try to drum up a few more signatures). ’Burp!’
  11. A couple place’s not previously mentioned to shoot... USANA Mullica Hill Rifle & Pistol and Quinton Sportsman’s Club, Quinton leads the pack down here with USPSA, IDPA, 3-gun, 5 Stand, Skeet and Sporting Clays. Sorry, Can’t comment on Glassboro’s politics or FID/Permit issues, I have no personal experience, but I have not heard any complaints.
  12. Live in the town right next to Wenonah, I even know of the McMasions you are speaking of. The area is ok, close to Philly, the Jersey Shore, even NYC, but far enough away to avoid the congestion. FID’s and pistol permits have been fine, local cops usually within the 30 day timeframe. Wenonah is looking at outsourcing their police department, they will go with Mantua, and I don’t know of any issues with permits from them. Wenonah has always been old school conservative, most recently starting to see a swing towards the left (younger people). Schools are rated pretty good. Tight community, several churches. Probably one of the best communities in Gloucester County, but expensive as far as taxes go.... Two indoor ranges, at least 4 decent outdoor ranges within a 40 minute drive. Ok IDPA and 3 gun at SJSC, GREAT IDPA, USPSA, & 3 GUN at Quinton Sportsman’s Club.
  13. Small but growing group of us are meeting at the ChicFilA on the Lowe’s parking lot in Deptford (near the mall). Meeting and leaving from ChicFilA at 0700, catching a ride on the RiverLine somewhere north of Camden. Looks like we can ride the train to Trenton Transit Center and a 15 minute walk to the War Memorial. Feel free to join us -
  14. FYI, FREE Stop the Bleed classes (2) in Clayton (Gloucester County), NJ (Yeah, that’s Taylor Pork Roll country)
  15. Thoughts? 6 shooter in 4 inch being most useful...speedloaders....holsters...if you get into shooting REV in IDPA.... In S&W I like the 686, I have a 586 in 6 inch..38/357nice, but it sits in the safe while I shoot other 4 inch models Might also want to take a long look at a Ruger GP100. Just my thoughts, you need to do what works for you...