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  1. Nucrunner

    Sjsc conditions

    Went this morning and can confirm what Golf battery has already pointed out - lots of water! All of the ranges are usable. I would recommend some kind of water repellant footwear, and you may need to follow a trail along the side of whichever range you plan to use to set and retrieve targets.
  2. Practice reloads.....
  3. Nucrunner

    WTB weight plates

    Recommendation.... Play It Again Sports (if nothing works out from this forum).
  4. Nucrunner

    FS: MINT SW 19-5

    Is that 3 T’s? Target trigger, target hammer and target grip?
  5. Nucrunner

    Birdcage on Netflix

    ....add to the confusion..... Bird on a Wire
  6. Nucrunner

    Good shop near Glassboro for Transfers?@

    $35 is correct (as of today). Good guy, stop in and talk to him. His shop is fairly new, but he’s the kind of guy you want to see to become successful (good gun guy, fair, not out to make a killing).
  7. So, there are federal laws about possession of marijuana, Gov. Murphy doesn’t like them so he chooses to ignor them... ....there are federal laws around illeagal immigration and sanctuary cities, Gov. Murphy doesn’t like those laws, so he chooses to ignor them... ...citizens have a right under the constitution of the United States to “keep and bear arms”..., Gov. Murphy doesn’t like that so he chooses to ignor that.... ....I’m not a smart man, but.....
  8. Nucrunner

    Good shop near Glassboro for Transfers?@

    Duces Den 437 Woodbury-Glassboro Rd Sewell, NJ 08080 1-609-706-0972 (across from the old Sony Records) You can Thank me later...,
  9. Nucrunner

    And we wonder why we always lose. No unity.

    Experienced the issue with last weeks episode.....just went to your website and listened from there... Awesome job on this weeks. I think all of your episodes make for good listening and a better informed gun owner, but this weeks was especially good!
  10. GREAT episode.... Nice job with Scott Bach providing some detail and strategies of the NRA and ANJRPC with dealing with the current leagal issues between law abiding gun owners and the state. ....of course Ant and Sandy provide plenty of info and color to Scott’s info. Everyone would benefit by giving this a listen....
  11. Nucrunner

    Making handgun mags compliant

    What do dentist use to put caps on teeth? ‘I’ve had a couple of caps, seems my dentist can fix the cap on securely, but weeks and sometimes years later she uses a gun like tool to soften it up enough to make it easy to pry off.
  12. Nucrunner

    Quit smoking help please

    SEX life! You’ll get your wind and endurance back.... Now that you won’t stink of cigarettes, you mlight need that wind and endurance.
  13. Nucrunner

    Hello from Gloucester County

    Welcome from still another Gloucester County resident. Member SJSC and Quinton, and you are right, can’t do much with a shotgun at SJSC but a lot to do at Quinton. Just a thought, wonder if it’s possible for SJSC to convert all that old archery course to something for shotgunners ... maybe a short clays course or something like that...
  14. Nucrunner

    Quit smoking help please

    Quit cold turkey in 86, best decision in my life. No long story from me, just go back and read InFamous and Fatty’s posts, they hit the nail on the head. Good luck, don’t expect it to be easy, it’s the toughest battle you’re likely to ever have - your opponent being yourself.... I’d like to tell you the urge to smoke goes away in a few weeks - not true, could take at least a year. About 30 days into quitting smoking, you’ll be coughing up grey slugs of goop, that’s your lungs clearing up - it’s a good thing. Good luck (luck won’t help, this is real work). Keep us posted, come back and tell us how your making out. Be honest, again your opponent is yourself.

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