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  1. Quit cold turkey in 86, best decision in my life. No long story from me, just go back and read InFamous and Fatty’s posts, they hit the nail on the head. Good luck, don’t expect it to be easy, it’s the toughest battle you’re likely to ever have - your opponent being yourself.... I’d like to tell you the urge to smoke goes away in a few weeks - not true, could take at least a year. About 30 days into quitting smoking, you’ll be coughing up grey slugs of goop, that’s your lungs clearing up - it’s a good thing. Good luck (luck won’t help, this is real work). Keep us posted, come back and tell us how your making out. Be honest, again your opponent is yourself.
  2. Heading up from the southern part of the state for a conference next weekend. Staying at the Sheraton Parsippany. I plan on checking out the Gun4hire facility while I’m up there. Anything, anyplace else in the area that might interest a gun guy? Gun store with a good selection of used S&W revolvers would be great!
  3. I saw that 10 yards distance and believed it must be a typo. I do seem to remember 15 for pistol and 100 for rifle, but I couldn’t find any documentation for it (at least looking from my lazy boy last night).
  4. Nice setup looks good! Since you moved down to the Glassboro area I was going to suggest you find and check out Fazio’s, but I see you’ve already figured that out. once you’ve settled at Quinton, be sure to look up Louu (NJGF member). I believe he is with the group that builds the steel for Quintons events. I’m thinking you guys could share some ideas
  5. The following is excerpted from Quinton’s Club rules (Complete copy can be found on their website under the membership dropdown). ...C. RIFLE / PISTOL RANGE RULES 6. Personally-owned steel targets may be used if targets are set at least 10 yards from the firing point. They must be shaped so that the actual bullet impact area is flat and placed parallel to the firing line. All steel targets shall be removed from the range when the shooter is finished.
  6. I’ve been able to keep my Ammo cost down by buying in bulk, but for all the regular reasons I want to learn the reloading game. I’ve been looking forward to getting into reloading for the past year or so. I have 3 Homer buckets of brass to get started. ‘Someone mentioned not cleaning revolver brass, sounds reasonable seeing most reloads are over a surface, and a lot of times the brass never touches the ground. Even with the brass looking clean I’d be concerned with the burnt and unburnt residue inside of the brass. My plan is to start (and learn) with .38 on the single stage, next step will be 3006 Springfield, after that I’ll look into a progressive press. I do appreciate to tips and comments I’ve been getting on this forum.
  7. (Just my opinion) SJSC can’t compare with what Quinton has to offer for events (games). They simply don’t have the room.
  8. Thanks for the great responses. ‘This is all new to me, I’ve got some hesitations but your responses build up my confidence.
  9. I belong to both... I’ve been a member of SJSC for 6 years, I joined Quinton just last year. I’m 19 miles from SJSC, and 35 miles from Quinton. Hands down, if I had to give up one right now, it would be SJSC, so much more going on at Quinton. I shoot at least 2 of the competitive sports per month at Quinton. Members get a $5 discount at each event, so just the discounts pay for my membership (after the initiation fee). SJSC is good for me to get out for a quick 100 - 200 rounds of target practice. There seems to be more restrictions at SJSC (no holster draws being the big one). Also, not much you can do with a shotgun at SJSC (5 stand, trap, skeet, and sporting clays at Quinton). Tough call, I guess it depends on how much and what kind of experience you are looking for. Suggest you look at Quintons calendar and come down for one of the events to check it out - membership is not required for most of the events. I have friends and family members that are happy with USANA, and Mullica Hill Rifle and Pistol Club. I also hear of folks happy with Telco.
  10. sequence of steps for a beginning reloader...loading 38 Special on a RCBS single stage. de-prime and size my brass, then clean it (vibratory), prime, powder, crimp....?
  11. He’s Kidding! (I hope)
  12. No sound and I’m not a lip reader, but I clearly heard “Oh Shit!”
  13. My wife shopped for and bought her own S&W M&P 380Z - loves it. At lease give it a look....(where are you located?)
  14. http://Image result for popcorn gif
  15. “I’m not a lawyer, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn once” isn't there a joke along that line? Seriously, my opinion, there are/will be consequences to documenting that information on a firearms permit application. Again in my opinion, it would be much more economical to invest in a professional opinion rather that trying to undue a mistake following poor (unprofessional) leagal advice. There is an ad for FREE leagal advice on NJ Firearms law for ANJRPC members, if you are not a member (again my opinion, you/we all should be), it’s only $40 annual fee.....a small price to pay for reliable information. Good luck with this, I’m glad you got the help you needed ..... if you get a chance, come back and let us know how things worked out....