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  1. Do those rules change if there is an under-18 visiting? How do they change?
  2. If I don't have any kids, do I need to keep guns locked in a safe or can I just keep them laying around in a place I choose, loaded or unloaded?
  3. Yes. That employer info you enter on your app? They call to verify you work there.
  4. Could someone explain to me what happened? Assuming Murphy will sign anything they put in front of him, they basically banned tasers (again). Other than that they required smart guns to be offered, which basically activates the 3-year timer on ABN700 that requires ALL guns sold in NJ to be smart guns? nvm it repealed the old law, so retailers are just required to offer it, which means what, offer it on "special order?"
  5. Not sure if this was mentioned, but it is now impossible to have a reference that does not use email. The form cannot be completed without an email address. Not sure what they do if the email is invalid or they don't answer back. Will they call? Mail? In either case, seems if the email gets lost in the spam you are going to have major delays in getting a permit. They also call your workplace. Talk about breach of privacy! Better hope your boss isn't a vengeful liberal that retaliates against you for owning a gun. Basically, I think the system is technically faster now, but only if you're on top of your references. Get them to check their email same day/next day and answer the questions ASAP. Also means no: non-English speaking references, old folks who don't use email, etc...
  6. So when are they going to pass and enforce felony anti-bully laws that make it a felony to bully someone? Bullying, you know, that thing that actually caused some of these shootings, rather than allowed them to happen?
  7. They're fighting tooth and nail to make NJ unattractive to anyone except violent criminals, hood rats, welfare queens, and other democrat supporters. Technically a good long-term strategy to ensure you keep winning: get rid of opposition supporters.
  8. Really? Didn't know that was on the table. I thought it was smart guns?
  9. Yes, there's that plausible deniability. I was just curious if police would ever bother to go: 1. The person never lived outside of NJ. 2. The person never had a gun-owning relative die. Therefore... etc...
  10. Right, I'm not talking about a specific gun which can be traced to a specific bullet used in a murder. Just whether or not I have to have a gun permit copy or a "story" for each handgun that exceeds the number of handgun permits ever issued to me.
  11. In other words, a gun in my car or my house is presumed to be my legally acquired property by virtue of being in my physical possession unless something direct exists to prove it is illegal, like a 15-round mag, witness testimony that I stole that specific gun, etc...?
  12. What are the records I need to keep regarding handguns in NJ? For example, let's say, hypothetically, police stop me on the way to an NJ range with 4 handguns locked in my trunk and for some reason it becomes known to them and they find it. I have an FID. Obviously, for an NJ resident to buy or receive as a gift a handgun, he must get a handgun permit for that particular acquisition. Does that mean that if police find, say, 4 handguns in the person's trunk, whereas the local PD/State police only has records of 3 handgun permits ever being approved for me, does that get me into legal trouble by virtue of me being unable to prove how I legally acquired the guns?
  13. jasonx

    Recommend handgun

    Yes, I have shot before. My favorite was shooting a 9mm rifle with optics.
  14. jasonx

    Recommend handgun

    The recoil is certainly part of the equation, to make it easier to hit a target if I have to shoot more than once. But the other two are a bigger deal to me.
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