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  1. Is there a requirement to retain and produce on demand such a COE (or to file it with any government entity), by either the giver or recipient? Or can you just say, if questioned, "it's mine," and refuse to answer additional questions?
  2. Am I correct in my understanding that immediate family members can transfer long guns between each other freely without needing to fill out forms or get background checks, provided the recipient possesses an FID card and is not a prohibited person (felon, etc...)? Does this apply to handguns?
  3. It is, but it's also on the low end of 9x19. Anyway, none of the local stores held it, so I ended up just buying it with some other rounds online.
  4. Need 90 grain 9x19. Ammoman's is too expensive. Only thing I can think of is buying more regular 9mm to make the shipping make sense.
  5. Need to buy a small qty of a specific ammo. I could get it online, but the shipping price is fixed so I end up with a high $ / round. Are there any places in or around Bergen County where I can drive and buy to avoid paying shipping?
  6. Just wondering how one would do that. Do you put the unloaded gun into a padlocked case and the ammo into another padlocked case and then stick both of those into a backpack?
  7. Thanks for all the offers, guys. I presently have enough - I use it for barbeques, so don't really need a whole lot. Just wanted to know what options I had if I did run out. I'd have a lot more if I could use these damn pine trees that seem to grow to full size inside of a few months, but it's no good for bbqing (requires hardwoods, nothing with needles for leaves).
  8. Owned by the town. It's sort of like a park. Searched both park website and local law and found absolutely nothing about collecting firewood.
  9. Lots of small sections of wooded areas around here and I was wondering if it was legal to collect small quantities of wood (a bucket or two) from fallen trees. Any experience?
  10. Why would I need a bore snake instead of a cleaning rod? All of my guns have easy to remove barrels. Takes literally half a minute to get it out. I did some reading on bore snakes vs cleaning rods and it seems the bore snake's advantage is cleaning with the entry being through the muzzle instead of the action, which wouldn't be an advantage to me given what I said above. Am I missing something?
  11. Looking for something that has everything I need, except for oils/solvents (will buy separately). https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R7T13KS (the brass variety). Pros: All calibers Long enough for rifles Cons: No box (for solvents, oils, etc...) Thoughts/suggestions?
  12. I think I found a decent/cheap solution: Solvent (stripping): Heet red bottle - this is basically 99-100% isopropyl alcohol with the rest being anti-rusting additives. Heavy grease (for slides): Lucas Oil White Lithium Light oil (for internal mechanisms): 0W20 synthetic motor oil OR Mobil 1 ATF. Has anyone ever used diesel or gasoline as a solvent? I'm pretty sure it won't hurt the metal, but what if it gets on the plastic or the wood pieces?
  13. The rail attached perfectly. No problems! I decided against the 4X scope and opted for a 1X red dot, which also fit very well. Have not fired it yet, but it seems solid. Have not done anything with the Creed yet :(
  14. So I decided against that approach for the Walther. The HMRs that appear to be compatible are either over $200 or fall apart. Will something like this modify the gun to accept picatinny sights? https://www.amazon.com/HWZ-Arrival-Universal-Tactical-Picatinny/dp/B071VSCJBH
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