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  1. Why would I need a bore snake instead of a cleaning rod? All of my guns have easy to remove barrels. Takes literally half a minute to get it out. I did some reading on bore snakes vs cleaning rods and it seems the bore snake's advantage is cleaning with the entry being through the muzzle instead of the action, which wouldn't be an advantage to me given what I said above. Am I missing something?
  2. Looking for something that has everything I need, except for oils/solvents (will buy separately). https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R7T13KS (the brass variety). Pros: All calibers Long enough for rifles Cons: No box (for solvents, oils, etc...) Thoughts/suggestions?
  3. I think I found a decent/cheap solution: Solvent (stripping): Heet red bottle - this is basically 99-100% isopropyl alcohol with the rest being anti-rusting additives. Heavy grease (for slides): Lucas Oil White Lithium Light oil (for internal mechanisms): 0W20 synthetic motor oil OR Mobil 1 ATF. Has anyone ever used diesel or gasoline as a solvent? I'm pretty sure it won't hurt the metal, but what if it gets on the plastic or the wood pieces?
  4. The rail attached perfectly. No problems! I decided against the 4X scope and opted for a 1X red dot, which also fit very well. Have not fired it yet, but it seems solid. Have not done anything with the Creed yet :(
  5. So I decided against that approach for the Walther. The HMRs that appear to be compatible are either over $200 or fall apart. Will something like this modify the gun to accept picatinny sights? https://www.amazon.com/HWZ-Arrival-Universal-Tactical-Picatinny/dp/B071VSCJBH
  6. What I have: Ruger Mark IV Hunter What I plan to buy: https://www.amazon.com/Ruger-90623-1913-Picatinny-Rail/dp/B06XG9PJ2B What I want to mount: https://www.amazon.com/Swiss-Arms-rifle-weaver-picatinny/dp/B001KN32AQ --------------------- What I have: Walther Creed What I plan to buy: http://www.egwguns.com/pistol-and-red-dot-mounts/trijicon-rmr-sight-for-walther-ppq/ What I want to mount: https://www.amazon.com/Sight-Tactical-Micro-Adjustable-Reflex/dp/B07T4GRZSZ
  7. What's the general consensus regarding police questions about origin/destination while transporting a gun? I was reading this: https://www.state.nj.us/oag/dcj/agguide/transporting-firearms_guide.pdf and it seems like there's a hundred ways you could give a wrong answer and end up arrested. Can any lawyers chime in and say whether it's better to answer questions or tell him you're going to want to talk to a lawyer first (thereby remaining silent)?
  8. Do I need to have my FID card with me when transporting a handgun to and from a range for target practice?
  9. Can you confirm/deny if this will work on a Walther Creed/Ruger Mk. IV Hunter rear sight? https://www.amazon.com/NcSTAR-VTUPRS-Universal-Pistol-Sight/dp/B01HU4NNDE
  10. They don't really want to "solve a damn thing." That would require getting rid of MS-13 illegals and being tough on inner city crime, the things that are actually driving the murder rates. But those are also the groups voting blue, so they get a pass. Let's instead focus on the statistically insignificant occurrence of mass murder with semiauto rifles. Surely the threat of jail time and a felony record will deter a clearly suicidal group of people!
  11. I think they just say "use lube" in the manual. And I already have motor oil, diesel, ATF, and lithium grease.
  12. I read a lot about people using regular Dexron III ATF fluid. Heard others use synthetic motor oil or lithium grease. Any experience with this? Also, diesel for cleaning after shooting and before lubing?
  13. Here's what Amazon has: https://www.amazon.com/D-D-Machine-Handgun-pusher-Universal-Standard/dp/B0125M9LRS Looks like the same thing. I also have a Ruger Mark IV Hunter. Would be nice to get a tool compatible with that, too.
  14. Haven't found any compatible red dot accessories. What are my options? As far as installing, anyone know if something like this will work? https://www.ebay.com/itm/UNIVERSAL-SIGHT-PUSHER-ADJUSTMENT-TOOL-Gun-Glock-Handgun-Front-Back-Sylvan-Arms/273966655349
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