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  1. He want to the local dept and local cops gave him the usual "we're overloaded" response. But it's been over 6 months and I know people who applied around the same time and got it done within a month. He got the references to respond back immediately after applying, got the prints done a little while later, and been waiting ever since. Is there some sort of contact fax or address for the state police? Doesn't look like the locals can do anything.
  2. Used to be around 5 weeks before COVID. Then it turned into 3-5 months. No idea what it is like now. Seems as though every organization is using COVID as an excuse for being inefficient.
  3. "Carry" an unloaded rifle or shotgun? You mean locked in the trunk of your car? I do recall hearing something about open carry in NJ, but didn't know it was allowed in practice.
  4. My understanding is the FID card has nothing to do with transporting or owning firearms and everything to do with buying or otherwise acquiring them (except for certain very limited exceptions, such as: moving to the state from another state and bringing legally owned guns with you, inheriting firearms). FID aside, owning and carrying firearms in NJ is still so heavily restricted that it's almost illegal. I'm not sure where they got the transportation/FID law from. Otherwise by being a private company they can set pretty much any policy they want.
  5. I guess I'll just follow the PD website's instructions, which at this step says to just wait for a phone call. No mention of that SP-066 at all.
  6. I keep hearing about some kind of mental health release paperwork that needs to be signed separately, perhaps at the station? Anyone know about that?
  7. Helping out a first-time applicant get initial FID + handgun permit. He did the following: 1. Applied online. 2. Had both references submit questionnaire. 3. Gave fingerprints at Identogo. 4. Received email: Status Update: Criminal History Check completed. What is he supposed to do next? Wait for call from local PD? What is the usual wait between step #4 and the call from the local PD? 30 days?
  8. Seems to me like the numbers are pretty low. I bet if they weren't counting it or giving it a special name, nobody would notice it anymore than they notice the seasonal flu.
  9. Helping someone get a permit and according to the cops, he can start the process on the NJ website, but per the cops AND the NJ state website, fingerprinting is apparently not available due to COVID. Is this correct? Is the only option now, once the application is filled out and the references all send back their online questionnaires, to wait for them to take that message off of the FARS website?
  10. Is there a requirement to retain and produce on demand such a COE (or to file it with any government entity), by either the giver or recipient? Or can you just say, if questioned, "it's mine," and refuse to answer additional questions?
  11. Am I correct in my understanding that immediate family members can transfer long guns between each other freely without needing to fill out forms or get background checks, provided the recipient possesses an FID card and is not a prohibited person (felon, etc...)? Does this apply to handguns?
  12. It is, but it's also on the low end of 9x19. Anyway, none of the local stores held it, so I ended up just buying it with some other rounds online.
  13. Need 90 grain 9x19. Ammoman's is too expensive. Only thing I can think of is buying more regular 9mm to make the shipping make sense.
  14. Need to buy a small qty of a specific ammo. I could get it online, but the shipping price is fixed so I end up with a high $ / round. Are there any places in or around Bergen County where I can drive and buy to avoid paying shipping?
  15. Just wondering how one would do that. Do you put the unloaded gun into a padlocked case and the ammo into another padlocked case and then stick both of those into a backpack?
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