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  1. Thank You for the info I think the criminal history check is only when you are applying for initial FID and when you are applying for P2P permit to purchase they on do the nics check Thanks again for the info
  2. How many emails did you get Confirmation reference 1 submitted reference 2 submitted and criminal history check completed Or you did not get the confirmation for criminal history check completed
  3. They call you did you give them your confirmation number and they actually said that they are working on it
  4. Thanks for the info at least I know I am not alone with this
  5. On 5/11 you applied for P2P did you get email confirmation that your criminal history check completed
  6. Same here back in November 2020 it took 3 days after my references submitted and fingerprints done on November 25th I got an email on 28th criminal history check completed and than 4 months later I got my fid and P2P this time l applied for P2P on April 22 references submitted but no email about criminal history check completed
  7. How long did it take to get an email criminal history check completed when you applied first time for your fid and P2P
  8. I applied for P2P in April 22 2 references submitted in the same day got 3 emails from the state same day firearms application submission confirmation And two for Reference Questionnaire submitted did not get the email for criminal history check completed how long did you wait for that email from the State?
  9. Applied for P2P April 22 references replied same day did not received an email from njsp that the criminal history check was completed am I missing something?
  10. You are absolutely right she is doing her best and I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes with the volume of work she has to do plus replying to emails and returning phone calls I think we should just let her do her work and not waste her time with unnecessary phone calls or emails that may actually speed things up spoke with her once over the phone no complaints there she was nice and when I emailed her she always replied in the same day Thanks again for answering my question EVANGELIONHD
  11. Thank You that is what I needed to hear wait for email and than look out for the call thanks again
  12. Thank You for clearing this for me Did you get any email notifications too or just a phone call
  13. Like I said just trying to see if anyone in my town got theirs recently and when did they pay for the permits making sure I didn’t miss anything and being pushed to the side from the last conversation with them looks like I got another month l am always polite when I talk or email with them for an update not pushing
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