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  1. You are absolutely right she is doing her best and I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes with the volume of work she has to do plus replying to emails and returning phone calls I think we should just let her do her work and not waste her time with unnecessary phone calls or emails that may actually speed things up spoke with her once over the phone no complaints there she was nice and when I emailed her she always replied in the same day Thanks again for answering my question EVANGELIONHD
  2. Thank You that is what I needed to hear wait for email and than look out for the call thanks again
  3. Thank You for clearing this for me Did you get any email notifications too or just a phone call
  4. Like I said just trying to see if anyone in my town got theirs recently and when did they pay for the permits making sure I didn’t miss anything and being pushed to the side from the last conversation with them looks like I got another month l am always polite when I talk or email with them for an update not pushing
  5. Not trying to hustle them just looking for some clear info how to To make sure l didn’t miss anything like the payment and now it is not getting processed because I did not pay
  6. Got email reply from her last week that they are processing September and October at this time and that the wait time is at least 5 months
  7. 109 days and still waiting not even a call for payment when is the payment for fid and p2p do in Sayreville from what she told me is that she will call me when they are ready I am assuming that is when I pay very little info on their website almost none
  8. Not trying to stir the pot just trying to see if anyone else is in the same boat and how long it took for them to get it just have to wait patiently
  9. Your p2p were not electronic ?
  10. I applied in late November Got the Nj state email that that the background check is complete 2 days later I called Sayreville in late December with the question about payment they told me that they will call me when is ready and that is when I pay does this make any seance
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