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  1. Are there any other manufacturers of 7.62x39 ammo other than TulAmmo? Ive only been able to find one.
  2. Cameron, the class was great. My two friends and I enjoyed it a lot, and have our applications in the mail. I'm looking forward to taking more of your classes
  3. Lol idk, I'm up in the air about it still. Mainly wanted to know the market value, but its my first too.
  4. i thought the tlr 3 came with the laser. id rate it around a 95 atleast, gun was never exposed to elements, always shot indoors with american eagle ammunition. always fmj, only shot a handful of hollow points through it that were lawmen. ill post pics tonight.
  5. its a gen 3, with a streamlight tlr-2 i think. the one without the laser
  6. if i remember correctly, its based on external condition, how many rounds have been put through it, quality of ammo used, if its been detail stripped or just field stripped, any repairs done, etc etc.
  7. Well id love to keep the glock, but I know I could get a decent amt of money for it bc its in great shape. The shotty to me is more appropriate bc I have four dogs that I keep off leash in my backyard, and. There have been a few bear sightings recently. Just don't think my .40 would b able to help me protect them against a pissed off momma bear
  8. I still havea few posts before i'm allowed to post. already tried that with my ammo.
  9. Where would b the proper place to sell it?
  10. i'm lookin at sellin my glock with ~1500 rounds through it, and a hogue grip. gun was cleaned after every range trip, i'm lookin at getting a mossberg 12 ga. for the house instead of my glock. my question is how much would it be worth? i'd also probably sell it along with 2k rounds of american eagle forty cal.
  11. lookin forward to attendin the course anthony, see you than!
  12. hey, i'm movin from hanover twp to bridgewater, anyone know what the going rates for moving companies is on a 4 br house?
  13. edit, by 1600 entries i meant 1600 slots. i have about 100 so far. i tried going to the b/h last night but read their site wrong so i waste an hour of driving for nothing.
  14. I had my dad get them from eveyrone he works with and sees on his routes (copy machine tech) as well as make the copies for me. i've gotten about 20 from my shop. i'm hopin sig sauer day at the b/h will be a big hit for this. we'll see. its amazing how uncomfortable people become when u start talking about it lol. oh well. and i will have multiple copies on hand if we do reach the goal.
  15. i have 1600 entires for the petition so far. If people want to help and have a petition sent to them for others to fill out. please email or PM me. i will send the petition in a binder along with a display if you wanted to set up at a competition or something.
  16. i was actually planning on having cards to hand out with information. having njgf on it, as well as the site the other gentleman posted on here. i'm already getting grief from some of my close minded friends, but hey. if they're not open to new things, who needs them. hopefully i'll have the petitions printed up today. i'm going to the bullet hole this weekend, so i'll talk to the owner and see if i can go there for sig sauer day. i'm going to talk to some of the fire arms training places and see if they'll let me sit in on their training days or give them some of the petitions to get signed.
  17. alright cool guys. i'm going to get these made up today, my dad's running a few thousand copies. anyone who would wanna distribute/can get people to sign, email me at sypher00@optonline.net and put in the subject line petition. i'll send out about 100 pages to each person if they want.
  18. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/new-je ... aled-carry thats my online petition i started. I'm going to send it to different websites as well in the NJ area, including newspapers and training centers. Hopefully I can get it facebook and some other sites as well. a paper petition will also be in the works. hopefully between the 2 forms we can get our 10000 names.
  19. you've got a point. i know the bullet hole is having sig sauer come in during june. that would be a great day to go there, i'll talk to manny next time i'm there and see what he thinks. maybe anthony from gun for hire would take one of the petitions or something. i can cover northern jersey, idk about central or south jersey. i think we can also forward this petition to steve lonegan (sp) and show him what the gun owners of nj want.
  20. so whats the general opinion on this? see if we can get some legal pads printed with the CCW petition at the top? or just Give Lined notebooks to diferent gun shops/ranges/clubs and have their customers/members fill it out?
  21. what i was thinking was contacting the owners of each shooting range/gun store and some gun clubs. i know a guy who owns a print shop that can print up pads for the petition. it'll include their names address and emails. only thing is it'd have to be kept safe behind the register or something, because i know some people get uneasy if someone has easy access to their address (although..a phone book would prob easier if someone wanted their address that bad) but 10,000 signatures is a goal that could be accomplished. if you take the 10,000 signatures that we should be able to get,and multiply that by the 20$ per permit, the state could make 200,000 just from permits. i remember seeing a statistic (i think) where close to 6-10k people in nj applied for their permit to carry, and only 1100 received it. if they upped their permit cost to 50 (which i wouldnt be totally against to be honest) they'd be able to make 500,000. and if people see that they're able to get the permit, women especially, there would be more than that. and if the state gets a surplus of 200k-500k every 5 years, that'd help our horrible state economy atleast a little bit. i'm going to draw up what each book would look like and find out how much it'd cost. might just be easier to get notebooks, but i'd rather it look as professional and neat as possible so no politician can say the petition was tainted or messed with in any way. what pisses me off is i'm a law abiding citizen, willing to take a great deal of NRA courses because i like accelling at my hobbies. i'm going to be a deputy sheriff in essex county hopefully, and i'm going out to become a police officer. yet i'm still not allowed to carry to protect myself or my family. its bull. and there's people out there who have more reasons to need a firearm on them than i do, and they're all getting denied too.
  22. thats what i'm hoping to do. i know an assemblyman in morristown was one of the ones to push for the ccw proposal, so i'm going to contact him monday. i dont like being told i'm not allowed to do something lol.
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