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DirtyDigz's Feedback

  1. Redeye65 left Positive feedback   

    Doug was nice enough to sell me some ammo, great seller, awesome ammo, at a very reasonable price. Don’t hesitate to buy from Doug. Great guy.

    DirtyDigz was The Seller

  2. rps944 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Sold: Springfield XD-40 40 cal; SPF to DirtyDigz
    Another easy sale to Doug. Wish I had more he'd be interested in. Great guy!

    DirtyDigz was Trading

  3. rps944 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Sold: S&W 686 Distinguished Combat Magnum 357 mag/38 spl +P; SPF to Doug/DirtyDigz
    Great to meet Doug and sell him my very sentimental first handgun - the one that always helped me feel like the best shot on the range. Enjoy!

    DirtyDigz was Trading

  4. Topshot56 left Positive feedback   

    Easy transaction and easy to work out a deal. Provided quick answers to questions and pictures of the item. Definitely recommend!

    DirtyDigz was The Seller

  5. medved11 left Positive feedback   

    Just completed another sale with Doug. He's a great buyer with super fast payment and great communication

    DirtyDigz was Trading

  6. Zeke left Positive feedback   

    Easy to work with. Met 1/2 way for sale. Buy with confidence.

    DirtyDigz was The Seller

  7. medved11 left Positive feedback   

    Excellent buyer - fast payment

    DirtyDigz was Trading

  8. Blake left Positive feedback   

    Easy to work with, good communication. Enjoy!

    DirtyDigz was Trading

  9. bhunted left Positive feedback   

    Fantastic guy, good deal, great chat...

    DirtyDigz was Trading

  10. chris327 left Positive feedback   

    good buyer, fast payment easy transaction.

    DirtyDigz was Trading

  11. junkmanted left Positive feedback   

    always a pleasure

    DirtyDigz was Trading

  12. Lalo left Positive feedback   

    Fair price. Fast, easy transaction as always!

    DirtyDigz was The Seller

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