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  1. I’m interested in 1-3 rifles.  Would you consider a group buy discount? I like the .308 650, the afternoon 500, the mosin sniper 450?  Would you offer a group rate?

    1. junkmanted


      not sure of of what your asking. you want a package on tje 308and mosin for 950 ? if thats right sorry no

    2. fuzzsquid


      Noooo that’s not what I was asking. I wouldn’t dissect you with that offer. I wanted to see if you would give a group price discount for the three.  I didn’t sent you an offer. I really want the 308 but would buy more if the price was right. Thanks, Jim. My cell is 201 294-5460

  2. PSA AR not sure who makes the hand guard and the butt. low round count $500 picked up in Livingston price is firm
  3. Sale pending on this 30 06 ammo and Garand clips 4 bandoleers. Plus loose ammo, pictured. With ammo can. $250 picked up in Livingston Look at pictures for count and I’m not sure of the head stamp
  4. I’ll get you pictures when I’m home. If you pm me your cell I’ll send a video
  5. Yes still available can you pm me your cell I will send you a video of it
  6. Come and check it out. This gun came from a old guy that passed 4 or 5 years ago. He had about 5 of them. I’m not a 1903 guy.
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