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  1. Trade I need 45 70 and I have 35 rem. box for box If you have some to sell let me know also looking for 45 70 dies
  2. I’m in Livingston if you aren’t to far I’ll take it. I’ll pm you
  3. Trade the slugs for two boxes of bird shot cross posted
  4. What do you have ? im always looking for lever guns but I’m open
  5. I have some I’ll send a pm
  6. Mosin 91/59 Numbers matching, bright shinny bore, not counter bored. You’ll have a hard time finding a better one. Ffl on buyer meet with in reason. I’ll take it gets it. Trades can be worked out $600.00 I’ll be listing more stuff.
  7. 1929 Tula Finn 91/30 with front blade sight. SA stamp. Bore good lands and grooves frosted and counter bored, sling hangers and still has the hang tag and grease. $600.00 dealer on buyer and distance with in reason
  8. Sold 1943 Finn Tika m91 Nice lands and grooves, frosted bore , not counter bored. Sling hangers great shooter, Finn spliced stock $700.00 I’ll take it gets it and will do trades. Ffl on buyer and will meet with in reason
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