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  1. I’m interested in 1-3 rifles.  Would you consider a group buy discount? I like the .308 650, the afternoon 500, the mosin sniper 450?  Would you offer a group rate?

    1. junkmanted


      not sure of of what your asking. you want a package on tje 308and mosin for 950 ? if thats right sorry no

    2. fuzzsquid


      Noooo that’s not what I was asking. I wouldn’t dissect you with that offer. I wanted to see if you would give a group price discount for the three.  I didn’t sent you an offer. I really want the 308 but would buy more if the price was right. Thanks, Jim. My cell is 201 294-5460

  2. junkmanted

    PSA AR

    PSA AR not sure who makes the hand guard and the butt. low round count $500 picked up in Livingston price is firm
  3. junkmanted

    Century sporter in 308 $650

    Bump up only a couple days left
  4. Sale pending on this 30 06 ammo and Garand clips 4 bandoleers. Plus loose ammo, pictured. With ammo can. $250 picked up in Livingston Look at pictures for count and I’m not sure of the head stamp
  5. junkmanted

    Wts a bunch of long guns

    ill get them tonight
  6. junkmanted

    Wts a bunch of long guns

    I have had more no shows lately it’s crazy !
  7. junkmanted

    Wts a bunch of long guns

    If it doesn’t sell I’ll let you know
  8. junkmanted

    Wts a bunch of long guns

    Pmed them to you also
  9. junkmanted

    Wts a bunch of long guns

    I’ll get you pictures when I’m home. If you pm me your cell I’ll send a video
  10. junkmanted

    Wts a bunch of long guns

    Yes still available can you pm me your cell I will send you a video of it
  11. junkmanted

    Wts a bunch of long guns

    Come and check it out. This gun came from a old guy that passed 4 or 5 years ago. He had about 5 of them. I’m not a 1903 guy.

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