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  1. junkmanted


    I’d like to trade this for a rifle. it’s about two years old and runs great it’s listed on Facebook for $425 I’m in Livingston 07039 let me know what you have. I’ll pay the ffl fees, but need to be close to me because of the waiting time.
  2. I’ll take them if you can wait till November 7 or 8th
  3. Do you ever come up north ? I’ll take the 3 of them if you have plans to travel
  4. junkmanted


    These have 1500 miles on them, just went with a bigger tire. See pictures. always will to trade for other stuff
  5. Can I get pictures and a test run
  6. How do I delete my attachments ? I'm trying to post some pictures and it says I'm out of room. I can view my pictures but do not see how to delete.. Thanks
  7. I’m interested in 1-3 rifles.  Would you consider a group buy discount? I like the .308 650, the afternoon 500, the mosin sniper 450?  Would you offer a group rate?

    1. junkmanted


      not sure of of what your asking. you want a package on tje 308and mosin for 950 ? if thats right sorry no

    2. fuzzsquid


      Noooo that’s not what I was asking. I wouldn’t dissect you with that offer. I wanted to see if you would give a group price discount for the three.  I didn’t sent you an offer. I really want the 308 but would buy more if the price was right. Thanks, Jim. My cell is 201 294-5460

  8. never had a range bag last for me , i use a tool bag, been using the same one for years
  9. use his pisto' permit , just fill it out and follow the instructions on who to mail the copies to. Done
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