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  1. 5 years old maybe a put a ton of pellets through it. We just don’t use it. Works perfect comes with all the flue parts. One clean out, one 90, 4 straight pipes and a cap for the end also the the through the wall plates. See pictures for model number.
  2. On left is Revelation in 30 30 it’s made by Mossberg $250 Center is a Marlin model 1936 in 3030 JM stamped, year made im thinking 1941 $400 Winchester 1894 made in 1976 in 3030 $325 all have nice shiny bores local to me transfer around Livingston and that’s on the buyer. Post I’ll take it and it’s yours.
  3. Nice shape Nagant pistol with a box and a half of ammo and holster. $200 transfer local to me. I’m in Livingston fees on buyer 1st I’ll take it and it’s your
  4. Henry Martini. Comes with a little Ammo, press, dies and some new brass. See the video ! Hit the arrow $600 Mosin ex sniper. I re snipered this with a Acumounts Mount using the existing holes. With a WW 2 scope and a Yugoslav bent bolt. Shoots great. $500 all transfers local to me around Livingston. 1st post I’ll take it it’s yours I’ll get pictures up ASAP transfer on buyer 2BB94C8C-28C1-42FE-BB1C-94325B388860.MOV
  5. How do I delete my attachments ? I'm trying to post some pictures and it says I'm out of room. I can view my pictures but do not see how to delete.. Thanks
  6. I’m interested in 1-3 rifles.  Would you consider a group buy discount? I like the .308 650, the afternoon 500, the mosin sniper 450?  Would you offer a group rate?

    1. junkmanted


      not sure of of what your asking. you want a package on tje 308and mosin for 950 ? if thats right sorry no

    2. fuzzsquid


      Noooo that’s not what I was asking. I wouldn’t dissect you with that offer. I wanted to see if you would give a group price discount for the three.  I didn’t sent you an offer. I really want the 308 but would buy more if the price was right. Thanks, Jim. My cell is 201 294-5460

  7. PSA AR not sure who makes the hand guard and the butt. low round count $500 picked up in Livingston price is firm
  8. Sale pending on this 30 06 ammo and Garand clips 4 bandoleers. Plus loose ammo, pictured. With ammo can. $250 picked up in Livingston Look at pictures for count and I’m not sure of the head stamp
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