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  1. My newest Marlin is a 1979 1894 in 357 Mag. The oldest is a 1967 336. All of my Micro grooved barrels shoot jacketed bullets way better than lead. The 336 will shoot excellent groups using FTX bullets and Leverevolution powder. I shot it last week using 165gr MBC coated lead loads and W748 powder and the groups looked like I was patterning 00 buck. I also shot 150gr JSP bullets with the W748 powder and the groups were 1.5" @ 100yds. I have really struggled to get any real accuracy with Micro grooved barrels and lead.
  2. That is awesome. I love elk meat.
  3. It was very easy, the barrel metal is soft on the Ithaca. The dent in the barrel bothered me and the old M37's had fitted barrels. You cant just buy another barrel for them (according to everything I have read). The only thing I never did was put a bead on it. I may bring it to the local gunsmith to drill and tap for a bead.
  4. I cut an old (1949) Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight down to 19". It had a dent in the barrel at about 21". It was very easy to straighten the cut using a piece of 90 degree angle iron and a file. I then used a muzzle facing cutter/pilot from Brownells. I love the beat up old shotgun.
  5. I have seen the commercials on Newsmax.
  6. I found an article on SOFREP that stated that the 7.62 NATO measurement is in CUP and that the difference in pressure between 7.62 and .308 is 58000 PSI vs. 63000 PSI, not a significant difference. "This is where things get a touch confusing. The maximum pressure numbers for these two calibers are typically shown to be around 63,000 PSI for the .308 Win and just 50,000 PSI for the 7.62. That may seem like a significant difference and grounds for people to think it an ill-advised move to fire a higher pressure .308 cartridge in a rifle that’s fitted for the 7.62 NATO. But hold your horses there, fella. It really isn’t that simple. The truth is that that so-called 50,000 PSI is not accurate, at least not in terms of pounds per square inch. 50,000 is more accurate if you’re talkin’ copper units of pressure or CUP which is a whole other animal. CUP is an inferior method of measuring pressure which depends on looking at how tiny an amount of copper disks compress when you fire your weapon. The approximate difference between CUP and PSI works out to about 8,000 which I think we can agree is a giant leap in terms of rendering a precise figure. To put it another way, the max pressure for the 7.62 NATO is somewhere closer to 58,000, placing it closer to the PSI of the .308 Win than one might be led to believe. The 4,000 difference is hardly a difference at all, at least not one that would disrupt the trajectory of a shot aimed at a sluggish boar."
  7. I can't find black powder anywhere. Just picked up 300 #11 caps at Cabelas in Manassas. They had no black powder, just lots of Pyrodex and 777. Black powder is getting real scarce, especially with Hodgdon announcing the closure of the Goex plant (the only BP plant in the US). The days of real black powder are numbered.
  8. What happens after you get your first handgun is that you start looking for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. handgun.
  9. I agree that both are good but I went with the G34. A major factor in my choice was the price and availability of parts and accessories. The price difference in magazines was enough to sway my opinion.
  10. You can sell out of state through the mail - no FFL. Just cannot ship black powder and caps with it. What is your price?
  11. This is one case where I don't think that it is bureaucratic nonsense. A few years ago I had to bring deer to a check station here in VA due to a CWD quarantine zone being established in the region. I am in the Shenandoah Valley and there have been reports of CWD from WV and MD. The state biologists took tissue samples along with a section of the jaw for testing. I was given a number to check online. All of the deer were clean. My whole area tested negative. The biologist said that the only way to kill the CWD prions is with fire. One major difference between NJ and VA is that we are not allowed to bait for deer or use scents derived from deer urine. Supposedly baiting causes rapid transmission among deer because deer don't normally eat so close together like they do on bait. I wouldn't be surprised if baiting was prohibited in CWD areas.
  12. I just got a call from one of my NJ employees. His house in Mullica Hill was damaged. It was his neighborhood that was destroyed. He said there are houses completely destroyed, cars blown all around, one in a pool. Other houses missing the top floor. He also said the woods behind his house are gone...
  13. The best decision I have made in years was to leave NJ. You couldn't pay me enough to move there. NJ is a wasteland. The only lefties in my family are on my wife's side. They are in Bergen County. We will probably not be going to a wedding up there in October due to her family being so crazy and brainwashed about covid/vaccine, etc.
  14. I was thinking about a flamethrower.
  15. On Friday my wife lifted up a plastic bin lid that I left just outside the garage and came running into the house and said hurry up and get out here. We had a black bear looking in the sliding glass door at me in the basement on Monday so I thought that may be it, I was wrong, it was a coiled up copperhead. I grabbed the Governor shot it with #6 shot. The 2 1/2" 410 hit hard and killed it instantly. The snake was coiled up looking ready to strike and the shot flipped it about 10 inches into the position in the picture. A neighbor told me he has killed 3 already this year. The worst part is that it ate the very large frog in the pond I have in front of the house. My wife got vey lucky that she wasn't bit.
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