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  1. How can it follow? Other states don't ask about denials in NJ. In VA we have no questions about ever being denied. That is a NJ thing.
  2. It would be cheaper and quicker to move to a free state where you don't have to deal with the NJ crap.
  3. JC_68Westy

    M&P 2.0 10mm

    Just picked up a new M&P 10mm this week. Sot it yesterday and have to say that my Glock 20 will probably be on it's way out of my collection. This is the first non revolver S&W handgun for me. I have to say that it feels and shoots great. I was shooting full power loads and the recoil was not even noticeable. The chamber is a lot more supported than the Glock barrel. This matters to me because I reload 10mm.
  4. Here in VA we are a hybrid. We have Constitutional open carry and Shall Issue for concealed carry.
  5. The primers arrived yesterday. I loaded up 4 primer tubes and plan on loading 400rds tonight. Will shoot in this weekend and reports back. From what I have read they will be exactly the same as Tula primers.
  6. I bought a lot of cast bullets in the past year fro Rim Rock bullets https://rimrockbullets.com/. Excellent selection and quality. Shipping is cheap as well.
  7. I have a lot of powder, brass, and bullets (with the exception of certain hunting bullets). We are in a sad state of affairs.
  8. After posting this I looked at more forums and the consensus appears to be that Murom primers are good to go. From what I read, they are the company that makes Tula primers. I have had very good luck with Tula primers. I have thousands of Tula primers that I bought in 2007-2008 and have never had an issue. I ordered yesterday and will have them on Thursday. The cost was $499.90 for the primers and shipping $22.57 for a total of $522.47. Looks like HAZMAT was baked into the price. If they work well, I will be ordering another 5000.
  9. I can't believe that I just spent $500 for 5000 SPP. Especially a brand I have never used. Has anyone here ever used Murom primers? It is ridiculous that CCI and Winchester haven't been available in bulk for quite some time. I was going to buy 1000rds of 9mm but looked at all of the components and powder I have. $500 wouldn't even buy me 1500rds of 9mm. Has anyone found any good sources online? My local gun shops are selling primers by the 100.
  10. Nice, I have both and really like them. The X-Compact is an awesome gun. It may replace my P365 as my EDC.
  11. They are progressive, see my other response. The priming system and indexing are the two areas where I like the Dillon presses better. The biggest advantage the Hornady has is cost of accessories like caliber change plates and consumable parts.
  12. I don't really ever have to tweak either of my Dillon's once they are dialed in. The Hornady LNL seems to always need some tweaking, especially the indexing. The Dillon's also have much better priming systems. The LNL priming system is a PITA.
  13. I have both brands and will go with Dillon every time.
  14. Rubbing it in would be mentioning that I am placing an order with Silencer Central today...
  15. Just wanted to post some gun stuff instead of political crap. The two new guns are a CZ Scorpion EVO with Holosun and SB Tactical folding brace along with a Sig P320 X-Compact with Leupold DPP. I waited until the accessories arrived until posting. Both guns are awesome and a lot of fun. I have been carrying the Sig a lot. I was on the fence about red dots until a few months ago when I realized my old man eyes needed some help. Shot both with my son in the back yard today and we had a blast.
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