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  1. JC_68Westy

    Scored. P365

    Nope. And I have have no interest in a CZ, not for any particular reason. What model would be similar?
  2. JC_68Westy

    Scored. P365

    I picked up a P365 yesterday. Will be shooting it tomorrow. I cannot believe how good this gun feels (prior to ever shooting). I may get rid of 4 other subcompact (including Glock 26). This gun is awesome.
  3. I believe that a felony is a crime that is punishable by imprisonment for more than one year or by death. It is the amount of time you can be sentenced that matters, not the actual sentence. You can be convicted of a felony and serve no time, but the possible sentence for the conviction must for more than one year. It looks like in OR it would qualify as a misdemeanor.
  4. JC_68Westy

    The cancer is spreading to Virginia

    And no new gun laws. McAuliffe tried to stop CCW reciprocity and it was shot down hard. Last year all of the anti gun proposals introduced by Gov Northam never made it out of committee. As a result of that fight VA recognizes any and all concealed carry licenses. I do happen to live in the most conservative part of the state. It is a different world here.
  5. JC_68Westy

    The cancer is spreading to Virginia

    I am in VA now. There is a very strong 2A presence here. Much more so than in NJ. Politicians from the DC suburbs introduce bills every year like this and they go nowhere. There is a Lobby Day this month that is run in a very organized manner. They have busses and then form into lobby teams to meet with legislators. You then meet individually with your representatives. I rally takes place at the end. Last year it resulted in the governor's anti 2A bills going nowhere. People in VA are very united/organized in their fight for their rights and don't accept it like in NJ. I also never see any infighting on any of the forums in VA concerning fighting for 2A rights.
  6. I cannot understand how anyone would stay in NJ. I moved may family and company from NJ to VA. Since then we have prospered. Much lower taxes and freedom. I can hunt with a rifle or handgun and have done both. NJ just plain sucks. I do have family there, bit it wasn't enough to stay miserable. Most US states are much better than NJ, Just leave and live a free citizen.
  7. JC_68Westy

    Backpack AR

    Fixed it for you
  8. That sounds to me like a conditioned subject, not a citizen.
  9. JC_68Westy

    Mossberg MC1 SC

    Wow, Glock mags and Sig sights, models with or without safeties. An MSRP of $425 means this will be very affordable. Did not see this coming from Mossberg. Will get one once they become readily available and the price is stable (still waiting on this to happen with Sig P365)
  10. JC_68Westy

    12 ga "bear" loads

    Stone Cold Dead on the two bears with the one neighbor. The other neighbor fires warning shots.
  11. JC_68Westy

    12 ga "bear" loads

    A neighbor just shot two bears that were trying to get in his chicken coop. He used a 30-06. One shot each. I heard the shots in the morning. Another neighbor just shoots his 1911 into the ground to scare them off. I am not sure if I would use non-lethal with bears, rubber buckshot could blind them or piss them off.
  12. JC_68Westy

    Red Dot Options for A2 Carry Handle

    There is absolutely no need for an optic/red dot on an A2 being used at less than 100yds for a recreational shooter. Just my opinion...
  13. JC_68Westy

    cordless impact

    I have Milwaukee and Ryobi 1/2 impact drivers. Both work as they should, so well that I have no need for my big compressor anymore. All of the big cordless manufacturers make good tools these days. One of my employees likes his Dewalt, others are more than happy to use the Milwaukee and Ryobi.
  14. JC_68Westy


    He must be really smert...
  15. JC_68Westy

    NJ compliance

    There is no way that I would comply with the 10rd mag limit if I still lived in the sh***ole of NJ. I am not saying that I would take mags with more than 10rd to the range, but no way would I modify/destroy them out of fear. People in CO and NY showed much more backbone than the average NJ gun owner

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