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  1. I saw one of these deathtraps when I was working on a temporary detail down in Key West at JIATF South about 15yrs ago after it had been impounded. Definitely not a submersible, they are low riders built to avoid radar. They are very crude and dangerous watercraft.
  2. When I lived in NJ I sent two different handguns and a rifle (on separate occasions) to the manufacturers directly for warranty work and all three of the guns were mailed back to me directly. No FFL was used.
  3. As a result of the 39 shots being fired in a VA house in self defense, NJ will enact more strict gun laws...After the VA beach workplace shooting, NJ proposed and enacted more gun laws.
  4. Your argument sounds way too much like the "If it saves just one life" argument that anti 2A politicians argue for with gun bans. What about due process?
  5. It had been a long time since I shot the G20 (5 years or so) and I forgot how much less felt recoil there is compared to the all metal framed guns including the 1911 and S&W 610. It is now going to be my hiking gun along with my G29. We hike a lot in Shenandoah Nat'l Park and have seen bears on hikes.
  6. Finally took the Poly 80 G20 out this past weekend. I shot 100rds of Underwood ammo though with zero issues (used Factory barrel (50rds) and 6" Storm Lake ported barrel (50rds). The Storm Lake barrel shot way better than the stock barrel. The grip texture and grip angle felt excellent. It points like a 1911 now and still shoots 10mm way softer than a 10mm 1911.
  7. I can load 100 rds of 45ACP 230g XTP ammo for a little more than the cost of one 20rd box of similar ammo. I also cast a lot of bullets, that is another aspect I enjoyed getting into. I also don't factor in time. It is part of the hobby.
  8. That flag patch is not worn by all "US troops". I have only seen the flag patch on Army troops, never on a Marine uniform. The Navy allows the "Don't Tread On Me" patch, should that be treated as a US flag? It is just a patch.
  9. The grip is way more comfortable than the original. The grip angle is more 1911 as well. I just received an order of 10mm ammo from Underwood. Will try to get out this weekend to shoot it.
  10. I have shot Tula through my M1A. It works fine.
  11. I recently completed a build of a Polymer 80 PF45 lower for my Gen2 G20. I have a Gen 2 G20 and a Gen 2 G21. I have always thought that the G20/G21 could have a better grip angle. I just bought a Polymer 80 PF45 lower kit (with trigger) from Rockey Brass. The build only took about 2hrs with some fitting. The guns is way more comfortable with the P80 lower. It shoots very well. Found a buyer at my gun club for the Gen 2 lower, actually made money on the build. I am now considering doing the same for my Gen 2 G21.
  12. JC_68Westy

    P365 Update

    I have to say the only thing I don't like about my P365 is the rail. I do not put anything on a gun this compact.
  13. The negative posts in this thread are a good example of how people in NJ are "different" from people in other states. Something about NJ seems to make people negative about everything, including being negative to people trying to provide alternative solutions to the gun law problem in NJ. The same is true for any 2A issues, the negativity stifles everything.
  14. In VA you cannot hunt deer with a .223, but you can with a 10mm pistol or rifle.
  15. JC_68Westy

    Scored. P365

    I appendix carry the Sig IWB. It has the removable claw.
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