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  1. I seem to recall you stating several times that you would like to punch Nazi's in the face for being Nazi's. That is a threat (at the very least avocating) using violence against people you don't agree with. What happens when it is people that you are aligned with that that become the target of red flag laws? You haven't been around the block enough times to see how cyclical things are. The pendulum will swing and you will be on the losing side one day. That is the way it is.
  2. As a former resident hunter in NJ and current VA hunter I can say the quality in NJ is nowhere near what I have now. NJ changes way too much for tags. VA is statewide. My firearm, muzzleloader, and archery licenses allow me to hunt anywhere in the state and kill 6 deer (unlimited in some counties). For $18 I can get a permit to shoot 6 more antlerless deer. I don' need a license to shoot deer on my property (I don't hunt them because they are too tame). I thought deer hunting was going to be harder in VA because baiting is illegal. This was not the case, I have killed many more quality deer here without bait and will never bait again. It changes the natural habits of deer and is a waste of money/time. In NJ you won't see deer if you are not baiting. I also like not seeing any other hunters when I hunt which is difficult in a crowded state like NJ.
  3. I agree and typically only buy guns from independent brick and mortar shops. There is something about establishing a good relationship with a local shop that can't be had from the online or big box retailers. A recent example is a local shop that I frequent got in a huge amount of stuff from an estate. I was able to get 5 Dillon powder measures along with tool heads and an RCBS automatic primer and some high end case trimming equipment for $10. The guys knew that they could get a hell of a lot more but they remember me buying a pair of Colt LE6920 m4s and a S&W 329 within the past few mos. This is in addition to a lot of reloading supplies.
  4. That whole illegal transfer thing is so NJ stupid. Now that I am in VA I can lend a gun to a neighbor or friend if I want to. Here is our State Constitutional Provision: STATE CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISION - Article 1, Section 13. “That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.”
  5. 22LR 32 H&R Mag 327 Fed Mag 380 ACP 357 Sig 9mm 38 SPL 357 Mag 40 S&W 10MM 44 SPL 44 Mag 45 Colt 45 ACP 500 S&W Magnum 223/5.56 270 Win 30-30 Win 300 BLK 7.62x39 308/7.62 30-06 303 7.7 Jap 7.5 Swiss 12GA 20GA 410 Bore
  6. Hodgdon does not list a 52gr on their site, but it does list a max for both 50gr and 53gr at 26gr of powder @52,000CUP. You are playing with fore exceeding 26gr of H335.
  7. I read through 2C:39 and could not find a definition for the following: "daggers, dirks, stilettos, or other dangerous knives". There are three types of knives that are defined: Gravity Knife, Ballistic Knife, and Switchblade. What is the NJ definition of "daggers, dirks, stilettos, or other dangerous knives"? I cannot find it anywhere. Who is to say that a double edged knife like the OP posted is a dagger? I would define it as a double edged boxcutter.
  8. The Canadian Forces have been using a 20" barreled upper with a carbine butt stock for quite a few years (C7A2). I believe they use an H2 buffer with it.
  9. I have to ask, what is the desired outcome of giving a low paid phone marketer some grief over Wayne? Do you think that the message will reach him? All it probably did was make the telemarketer's day a bit more miserable.
  10. How can people not see that they are falling for the media trap that has been set. The NRA is the biggest target because they are, by far, the strongest 2A group in the world. Joining in because of some bad press and decisions does not negate the fact that the NRA has a much larger infrastructure in place to lobby very heavily. None of the other 2A groups can mobilize the numbers or have a fraction of the clout of the NRA. The other groups are great, but they can't do what the NRA can do. Having the NRA act as the large firewall for anti-2A allows for the smaller boutique 2A groups to do what they do best.
  11. Tony, I would file in Special Civi court. I had a deadbeat tenant that owed me almost $10K in back rent when evicted. I filed all of the paperwork myself and won by default because the renter did not respond to the complaint. I had to file two more times to have wages garnished and got every penny owed me plus mileage and interest. It is a very simple process that just requires documentation. I had attorneys tell me that they would handle it for 1/3. It cost me postage and one trip to the Ocean County courthouse. Don't believe that you need an attorney to handle simple filings, especially when it is a clear cut case with documentation.
  12. I have to ask, how can you stay somewhere you don't want to be for 16 years? Is it a job? If so, then there are jobs elsewhere.
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