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  1. I have never played Golden Eye in my life...
  2. I saw 3 RV's towing cars camping in the WalMart near me. 2 had NJ plates. All were fully loaded and towing cars.
  3. I have been seeing NY and NJ plates in my area recently. I hope they don't bring the infection to us. We have yet to have a case in my county. With the NY and NJ people showing up I expect that to change. We are definitely in a "redneck" "hick" area that is usually scoffed at by the same people that are fleeing here.
  4. That is not true, herding dogs herd. Livestock guardian dogs protect. I have had Australian Cattle Dogs for more than 25 years and have trained them for herding. Herding is a controlled prey drive, the dog does not have any interest in protecting the livestock. The prey drive is modified so the dog does not maim or hurt the livestock and is used to move the livestock. The livestock fears the dog. Guardian dogs are raised as part of the flock or herd and live with and protect livestock.
  5. Sig P365 has a very thin grip.
  6. The bill was voted down in committee 10-5. It could not move forward. Three Democrat Senators voted with the Republicans. The reason it was tabled it there was no point in trying to move forward or debate it because of the down vote in committee. One thing we did here in VA is we as individuals kept the pressure up with phone calls every day and emails. This doesn't happen in NJ. There are too many naysayers in NJ that are truly defeatists that don't bother to fight.
  7. We never gave up here in VA. There has been a massive phone and email campaign along with people showing up at their delegate and senator's offices to voice concern. I got really involved down here and the sheer number of people involved was awesome. Nobody waited for an organization to do it for them. My county and most others stood up grass roots 2A groups. It was a very organic process. County and Local LEO overwhelmingly stated that they would not enforce any ban. The VASP troopers in private said they did not support it.
  8. One major problem is that the VA Republican party did a poor job in the Democrat controlled districts by not putting a Republican on the ballot in those areas. This definitely kept Republican voters from coming out to vote in those districts which was a lost vote for Governor. In addition, the Democrats were able to target purple districts without having to use any resources where the Republicans didn't put up a candidate.
  9. JC_68Westy

    Beretta A400?

    Beretta makes a great shotgun. I have an A390 Xtrema 2 that will cycle anything I put in it.
  10. I was really impressed with the turnout. Massive is a good description of the crowd. Loads of guns and not a single problem.
  11. I agree with this 100%. I saw it for myself here in VA. There was no single group that put the 2A sanctuary movement in each county. It started with one and VCDL got the word out. It was groups of people in each county that got together and said enough is enough. People in NJ are always looking for one group to take over the issue and it always falls apart. In VA every county had a 2A organization form up overnight. It was just regular folks that decided to do something. The bus transportation to Richmond on the 20th is another good example. Gun shops and 2A groups hired busses and people volunteered to carpool. I believe we will have tens of thousands on the 20th in Richmond. I heard a guy say that the 2A sanctuary declarations are just symbolic. The 2A guy in my county pointed out that the Declaration of Independence was just a symbolic piece of paper to the British at the time and look what the end result was. The fact that gun culture is very strong in VA is another big difference. I haven't heard a single person talking about buying 10rd mags or pinning/blocking mags and stocks. There is a universal "I will not comply".
  12. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the informative responses.
  13. I have been checking out both Dan Wesson Valor and Les Baer Ultimate Tactical Carry and am looking for opinions from people that have experience with both. I don't know anyone that owns either that live near me. Any recommendations? I do realize that the Dan Wesson's are quite a bit cheaper and want to hear thoughts on whether the Les Baer is worth the extra money.
  14. According to the inflation calculator $400 in 1978 works out to $1577.96 today. Looks like the new MSRP on the new Python is comparable or a little less. https://www.in2013dollars.com/us/inflation/1978?amount=400
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