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  1. I personally like .and hunt deer with 270, 30-30, .308, .30--06, 44 mag, and 450 Bushmaster. We are required to use a minimum of .23 caliber in VA. I am not sure about .223 for deer. Can they kill a deer, yes, but so can a 22LR. The only bullet I would use with a .223 for deer would be something like a Barnes TSX solid copper bullet. I like a slower big bullet for deer. My cleanest kills have been with bigger slower bullets. I would choose a modern inline muzzleloader over a .223 every time.
  2. I would consider 2000 rds of .factory 223/556 and 9mm barely stocked up. I have the components for 223 and have loaded it, but it just isn't worth it to me to reload. It is way too high pressure of a round for me to load in my progressive presses. When I load it .223/556 is strictly single stage and loaded for accuracy, normally Barnes TSX and similar bullets. I have a lot of factory 5.56 that has been accumulated over the years and it is worth way more to me than a quick buck. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't find ourselves in a situation where ammo and component sales are regulated heavily to the point of putting manufacturers out of business as a back door gun ban. A good example is California and the ban on lead ammo for hunting. This can easily be changed to a ban on lead ammo. This would greatly curtail your ability to buy ammo/components. Copper bullets are very expensive. I believe most primers contain lead.
  3. Thanks, but I have been looking for 120mm. Can't find them in stock. Also 1911store.com is selling the 126mm at $10 above MSRP. Thanks for finding this, I may order a couple if I can't find any 120mm. I am hoping Staccato gets some in stock soon because I get a 15% discount and get them for around $54.50.
  4. I will never sell any ammo unless I no longer have a gun that shoots it. I have a lot of factory ammo that is stored in ammo cans. I shoot reloads exclusively for practice, but if my life depends on t I am loading up on factory ammo. All of my loaded (for defense purposes) AR, M1A and HD pistol mags are loaded with factory ammo. The only exception is precision/hunting ammo. I load my own and it is more accurate/effective than factory loads. Of course there is not much of a cost savings with the hunting loads but the hand loads are way more accurate/effective
  5. Good thing I am in a free (for the moment) state and can buy/own/posses standard capacity magazines.
  6. I am patiently waiting for my delivery. The only downside is that I cannot find any mags, they are also very expensive.
  7. The only thing you would need to do it plug the magazine to only allow 2 shells in the tube. These can be purchased cheap or you can cut a wooden dowel and stick it in the tube behind the follower.
  8. You can hunt with a pistol grip on a pump shotgun in NJ. Many shotguns set up for turkey have pistol grips. I personally do not like pistol grips on hunting shotguns, but that is just preference. I take it that your shotgun is a pump? If so, then hunt with it.
  9. I have ordered from Ibejiheads in the past and have never had an issue until now. I placed an order in August and had not heard anything about it (no status emails). Late in October I received a message that the order was shipped along with a USPS tracking number. The tracking shows that it is still in pre-shipment. Email is unanswered.
  10. I will take a pic of Trail Boss and post it when I get home for comparison.
  11. That looks like Trail Boss to me. I use it to make mild loads in everything up to 500 S&W. Was it loaded up the the bottom of the bullet? It is normal to fill close to case capacity without compressing.
  12. I learned the hard way that 12ga can sometimes be too much I agree 100%. The answer is, depends. When I am hunting with a dog a .410 is plenty, 20ga is the largest I will use. I have pulverized birds with a 12ga hunting over dogs. Without a dog i will use a 12ga with 2 3/4" shells normally #6 or #5 when very windy.
  13. Why does everyone keep responding with interpretations of the law? The OP was asking specifically about the tactical considerations. I believe the intention is to discuss ways of quickly accessing and deploying the gun.
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