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  1. I agree. All of mine are 20rd with the exception of a few 15rd and one 5rd from when I was a subject of NJ. The 20rd mags just look right.
  2. I agree with this. I have found Federal Flight Control 12GA seems to leak buffer material after staying in a loaded tube for a long time. This is probably due to the fact that the other shells I use in my HD guns don't have any shot buffer in the shell. I haven't had an any feeding issues but there is definitely some stress on the shells.
  3. While I agree with the majority of your post I disagree that gun shops are making next to nothing on a transfer. I would argue that the gun shop is probably making the same profit on a transfer as the profit made on the average new gun. $50-&100 transfers are not uncommon and a good encounter at a local gun shop can lead to a lifetime customer. The person that buys a gun online will also likely buy the higher margin accessories at the local gun shop if treated well. Any customer that walks into a store is potentially a great customer. Many are turned off at local gun shops when they feel ignored or not one of the "regulars". It goes both ways (shortsightedness).
  4. I usually buy from Underwood and Doubletap. A lot of the major manufacturer 10mm is really weak 40 S&W power ammo. The only other brand I have liked is Magtech. It is full powered as well. The price for the full power Underwood range ammo is .50/rd. and Doubletap is 1.00/rd.
  5. Same here, one one you have is better than the one you want if you don't have it. I carry LCP when the situation makes it hard to carry anything else, which is rare. There are many times I will have the LCP in my pocket when carry a larger gun. I really don't like 380 at all but it is better than nothing.
  6. I haven't had any issue shooting lead or coated lead bullets. Coated bullets don't leave any residue in any of my barrels.
  7. The owner at my local gun shop told me that 380 is by far the hardest common use ammo to find in the US. I don't shoot 380 much but am glad I have a set of dies, pile of brass, and 500 bullets. Never reloaded 380 in my life but I am glad I have this stuff just in case.
  8. Am I reading this correctly that people are waiting days for a NICS check? That is criminal. Mine took 5 minutes yesterday and the same two weeks before. What is the hell could take so long? Is the NJSP using teletype or telegraph? Maybe carrier pigeon? That is ridiculous.
  9. JC_68Westy

    S&W 610

    I just put the 8" barrel on one of my Dan Wesson 15's. It provides a real nice sight radius. Sucks getting older.
  10. JC_68Westy

    S&W 610

    I have no clue about mods. Mine is a 586-3. I used to like 4" better until my eyes betrayed me. The extra 2" is enough for me to see the front sight clearly. In a few years I will be shooting all 8 3/8" S&W's...
  11. JC_68Westy

    S&W 610

    It is great not dealing with permits.
  12. JC_68Westy

    S&W 610

    It's funny you mention older 586's. Here is a 6" pre-lock I bought two weeks ago at my LGS for $550. It has the best double action trigger of all of my revolvers. It is also very accurate.
  13. JC_68Westy

    S&W 610

    I picked up a new 6.5" S&W 610 yesterday and my first shots were really impressive. The double action on this is very smooth. I shot 18 rds of Underwood 180 FMJ through it and the recoil felt less than a full power 357 mag.I have had mixed luck with the double action trigger on post-lock S&W revolvers. In my experience K and L frame newer S&W revolvers have ok DA triggers at best. I have three newer N frames (including this 610) and the N frames have much better DA triggers.
  14. What are these "good times" of which you speak? NJ hasn't had "good times" for many decades.
  15. I agree that the "best" gun s the one you have when you need it. I love shotguns for HD. I keep the following ready in various places in my house: Benelli M1S90, AR, AR pistol (300 BLK), 1911 (2), and Glock 19 loaded and ready to go for HD. I trust my skills with the Benelli in a HD situation, but will use whichever one is handy when I need it. I have trained lot with shotguns and know what I can do with them with them. Shotguns are devastating weapons when used correctly. All of my HD guns have lights on them.
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