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  1. JC_68Westy

    Beretta A400?

    Beretta makes a great shotgun. I have an A390 Xtrema 2 that will cycle anything I put in it.
  2. I was really impressed with the turnout. Massive is a good description of the crowd. Loads of guns and not a single problem.
  3. I agree with this 100%. I saw it for myself here in VA. There was no single group that put the 2A sanctuary movement in each county. It started with one and VCDL got the word out. It was groups of people in each county that got together and said enough is enough. People in NJ are always looking for one group to take over the issue and it always falls apart. In VA every county had a 2A organization form up overnight. It was just regular folks that decided to do something. The bus transportation to Richmond on the 20th is another good example. Gun shops and 2A groups hired busses and people volunteered to carpool. I believe we will have tens of thousands on the 20th in Richmond. I heard a guy say that the 2A sanctuary declarations are just symbolic. The 2A guy in my county pointed out that the Declaration of Independence was just a symbolic piece of paper to the British at the time and look what the end result was. The fact that gun culture is very strong in VA is another big difference. I haven't heard a single person talking about buying 10rd mags or pinning/blocking mags and stocks. There is a universal "I will not comply".
  4. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the informative responses.
  5. I have been checking out both Dan Wesson Valor and Les Baer Ultimate Tactical Carry and am looking for opinions from people that have experience with both. I don't know anyone that owns either that live near me. Any recommendations? I do realize that the Dan Wesson's are quite a bit cheaper and want to hear thoughts on whether the Les Baer is worth the extra money.
  6. According to the inflation calculator $400 in 1978 works out to $1577.96 today. Looks like the new MSRP on the new Python is comparable or a little less. https://www.in2013dollars.com/us/inflation/1978?amount=400
  7. Thanks for putting this on the forum. I finally ordered a fake can for the CX-4 along with 20 and 30 rd mags.
  8. Unlike the right to keep and bear arms, none of these jobs are protected rights under the US Constitution. I have to maintain business insurance, it is not a constitutional right for me to own a business. Your argument is a false equivalence, and therefore invalid.
  9. That is great news Tony. I have had a Square Deal since about 1992 and is hasn't broken yet. I can now rest assured that if and when it does break Dillon will fix it.
  10. My county is having a vote on this on 12/9. The turnout is huge at 2A events here. Our Sheriff (and all of the others in the Shenandoah Valley) fully supports the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement.
  11. Ocean City Sportsman's Club had one most Sundays when I was a member. The club is in Bass River Twp just past Tuckerton.
  12. JC_68Westy

    10mm Glock

    I think it is a combination of the slide and the flex in the frame. 10mm out of a 1911 is way more intense than through a Glock.
  13. These Houston cops are not the good guys that were "cops were hurt trying to take down scumbags and the scumbags are dead". Look into the story, two of the cops were arrested by the feds for civil rights violations and by the state for murder in the case. They made it all up... "To obtain the warrant, the indictment alleges, Goines stated a confidential informant had purchased heroin at the house—but after the raid, the narcotics officer admitted that he made up the informant and lied about buying drugs at the home." That early information was all fabricated. Look at the updates since January.
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