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  1. Are you in panic mode yet? Need more...
  2. I have a lot of components like brass, bullets, and powder. I have been loading a lot of ammo lately and did an inventory this weekend. I am fine with everything but small pistol primers. I am down to 6700 SPP. That may sound like a lot but it goes very quickly. I do have 4500 Small Pistol Magnum primers and about 10K SRP that I will use if I have to. My normal "full" stock is 20K of SPP and LPP. I still have 14K LPP remaining. I have seen too much evidence using real pressure measuring equipment that shows there is no need to drastically reduce loads when substituting SPM for SPP like many people think. Here is an example of one such video.
  3. The silver handgun will not make one bit of difference. Movement and scent are what gives you away when hunting deer (which is what I assume you are speaking about). I find it very difficult to hunt with a scope on my handgun. I prefer open sights and keep my shots within 30 yards (I prefer within 25 yards and closer). Keep the distances within your personal abilities and you should have no problem.
  4. I am referring to the ones styled like the original USGI 20rd mags without a curved body.
  5. The biggest negative on the 45 caliber AR's are the magazines. I have a 450 Bushmaster and regular AR mags are very unreliable unless they are the old style 20rd mags. I wouldn't use the regular 5.56 follower in a 45 caliber AR unless you are just plinking and don't care about feed issues. I know that the 458 is more tapered than the 450 Bushmaster but they use the same mags. Save yourself the headache and use the correct mags (or switch out the followers). They are fun to shoot and I prefer a big slow heavy bullet for most of my purposes.
  6. That is great news. I look forward to buying an 1895 from them. 45-70 has been my latest reloading obsession.
  7. I like using powders that can't be double charged without overflowing or filling the case for this exact reason. I have partially used pound of Titegroup that will probably never be used again. I overcharged one round using it years ago and fortunately it was a 38 SPL that I fired in a 357 Mag revolver. I did pull the entire batch and only that one round was overcharged.
  8. Why bother? If you don't really know it is a scam and you haven't been affected it really isn't your problem. Do you know it is a scam? I have sold guns for less than the market value and it wasn't a scam. Gunbroker are big boys and can handle issues.
  9. Does anybody here ever substitute small or large pistol magnum primers for small or large pistol primers? I see a lot of people saying that you must reduce the load when doing this by 10%. I use Winchester primers quite a bit that say they are good for regular or magnum loads and have never had an issue with either. There is a lot of anecdotal information posted but I have never seen real difference. The reason I am asking is that I have a lot (1000's) of magnum primers and am down to 7000 small pistol primers and have been considering using the magnum primers. There are some powders that cannot be safely reduced by 10% (W296 and H110).
  10. I checked as soon as I saw this post and saw the same, sold out except for 209.
  11. I handgun hunt, no VP9 is superior to any of the revolvers I use. The VP9 is infinitely inferior from this perspective.
  12. The standard (non ban state) C2 comes with three flush-fit 120mm (16rd) magazines. I also bought three 126mm 17rd magazines that stick out a little (6mm)
  13. I feel for anyone that has to buy s**tty restricted mags. I hope this doesn't happen to the rest of us free Americans as a result of the election.
  14. JC_68Westy

    Ruger Mini-14

    I have one and really like it. It is fun to shoot, accurate enough, and very reliable. Even most that are marked .223 are safe to shoot 5.56 (this is according to Ruger).
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