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  1. I was thinking about a flamethrower.
  2. On Friday my wife lifted up a plastic bin lid that I left just outside the garage and came running into the house and said hurry up and get out here. We had a black bear looking in the sliding glass door at me in the basement on Monday so I thought that may be it, I was wrong, it was a coiled up copperhead. I grabbed the Governor shot it with #6 shot. The 2 1/2" 410 hit hard and killed it instantly. The snake was coiled up looking ready to strike and the shot flipped it about 10 inches into the position in the picture. A neighbor told me he has killed 3 already this year. The worst part is that it ate the very large frog in the pond I have in front of the house. My wife got vey lucky that she wasn't bit.
  3. I saw a lot of 22LR and 9MM at the local gun shop this weekend. The prices were high 22LR was $8 box for CCI and $4 box for Aguila. I don't recall the brand of 9MM but it looked foreign and was $21.99 box. I am glad that I am well stocked on these. At least the ammo was in stock. The gun shops here are fully stocked with guns as well.
  4. Why would the plug have to be permanent? It is not a detachable magazine. Put a small dowel or buy a plastic plug and cut it so it reduces the capacity by 1 in the tube. I am not aware of any requirement for the tube to be permanently altered. As long as you cannot put more than 6 in the tube you should be fine.
  5. Has it changed? Years ago there was a test for shotgun, one for rifle/muzzleloader, and one for archery.
  6. I like how the same politicians that pass laws that are unconstitutional laws are the same ones that want to end qualified immunity for the police. We should be able to sue them for damages caused by the unconstitutional laws they author and pass.
  7. I just went to two of my local gun shops. One was selling SPP for 15.00 per 100. The other was selling SPP for 149.99 per 1000. I am glad that I am well stocked...
  8. I don't have a dog in this fight, but I cannot stand establishment politicians. I helped to choose the non establishment R candidate for VA this year. The establishment was pushing their candidate and the people said F that in all three (Governor, Lt Governor, and AG). The GOPe (establishment) is crap.
  9. I agree 100%. Shotguns are all about fit. All of my hunting shotguns have been adjusted to me though adjustment of the LOP, drop, and cast. A lot of shotguns come with shims for making these adjustments. I never look at my bead when shooting at a moving target. A properly fitted shotgun should shoot where you are looking when it is mounted.
  10. Considering the fact that this is a SP101, I would not hesitate using +p in it for defensive purposes. The SP101 are very strong. That said, I would not feed it a steady diet of +P.
  11. I can't believe how many people don't bother with primary elections. I have been a delegate in VA since I moved here. We had a convention and were able to elect candidates for Governor, Lt Governor, and Attorney General that were not the choice of the VA GOP establishment. I think people were shocked and we actually have very good candidates. It was the largest convention in US history with over 50,000 delegates. Everyone needs to get involved.
  12. I agree with this completely. People seem to be afraid to confront public employees not doing their jobs out of fear of some repercussion. This is what lazy entitled government employees thrive on. One thing a Chief does not want is a letter complaining about one of there employees not doing their job (even if the Chief supports this). It is like when you are a kid, confront bullies and they scurry away. They do not want negative attention. The Chief is the lowest in the Chain of Command I would write. If you get no satisfaction with the Chief, then go to the Mayor and keep going until they do their job.
  13. Change is good. It removes any regrets about not doing something. I think the reason some people don't make changes is fear of the unknown. This is not how I live my life. I left NJ when I realized it was getting more shitty every day and would never get better. It was the best thing I have done in a long time. I packed up the whole family and relocated to a much nicer area than I could ever find in NJ. I say the fact that you are considering a change is enough reason to make the change.
  14. That is good news, you will become a protected class and get whatever you want free from the government.
  15. Wow, I am not the one arguing with anyone on this topic. You seem to the guy that needs to be "be right". You came out swinging with four posts in this thread. Nobody else did. Not being overly impressed by technology you seem enamored with is not trying to "be right", it is expressing an opinion.
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