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  1. On Thursday I went to my local gun shop to see what guns have come in. All of the gun shops are well stocked where I live. They had a Dan Wesson Heritage. I picked it up and was impressed by the fit and finish. I was not familiar with the Heritage so I Googled it from my phone. I saw that it was on the lower end of the price scale for Dan Wesson and the price was almost the same as I paid for my Sig Emperor Scorpion 1911. I bought it and took it home and fired four magazines through it. It is easily the smoothest shooting semi-auto handgun I own. It is also extremely accurate. I have three Dan Wesson revolvers and now see myself heading down the Dan Wesson rabbit hole. If the lower end gun is this nice, then the mod to higher end guns must be incredible. I am now thinking about getting one in 9mm which is something I never considered before.
  2. My Leupold DPP came in so I swapped back to the X5 frame. Shooting with an optic is going to take some getting used to...
  3. The range I am referring to is a WMA range and is only a few miles up the road from Shooters. The entrance is very easy to miss.
  4. Are the Fish and Wildlife ranges actually closed? When I lived in NJ the ranges were always unmanned. I lived right down the road from the Rt. 539 range near shooters. Is access to the road off of Rt 539 blocked? If not, then I would just shoot there. You will probably have the place to yourself.
  5. I have a 760 bdl deluxe in .30-06 and a Remington Model 6 in .270 and they are the most accurate hunting rifles I own.
  6. I find 30-06 very easy to load, especially on a single stage press. The reloading process is methodical. Follow the steps and you will be fine. As a matter of fact I have used an old Lee Loader (no press at all) I bought at a yard sale for $5 just to see if it would work work. It worked fine.
  7. I am up at the northern end, very close to the north entrance to Skyline. We just hiked their on Friday.
  8. This sounds a bit extreme. Following proper reloading procedures and taking your time will prevent issues, this is especially true considering that the OP is talking about using a single stage press. All issues I have encountered have been using my progressive presses and making ammo in quantity. He will be fine if he takes his time and pays attention regardless of caliber chosen.
  9. JC_68Westy

    Glock 43x

    I agree with everything @pjd832 says about this. I stopped carrying any of my Glocks (I have a lot of them) once I got the P365. It is my go to EDC. It is very easy to pocket carry in cargo shorts with the 10rd mag. I carry either a 12rd or the 15rd mag as a spare.
  10. African trailers are non migratory.
  11. I wasn't saying it was better than the Legion grip I have. It is very different and I am positive that I will be able to CCW the gun in the WC grip. It is very small in comparison. I like that I can also use regular 320 magazines with it.
  12. The grip feels really good in the hand. It has a 1911 feel to it, but smaller in diameter. There is a lot of texturing as well, not overly aggressive. I like the thumb cutout for the mag release as well.
  13. I recently purchased a Sig P320 X5 Legion at the beginning of the month and really like the way the gun shoots. I was looking for a Sig P320 full sized grip module to see how the gun handles with the lighter grip module. I found a Wilson Combat P320 grip module for $59 at Osage County Guns and bought that along with 2 Sig SRT kits for my P229 and P227. The grip module is awesome and the gun feels great with the Wilson grip. I shot 50rds through it on Saturday and I may be keeping it in the Wilson grip for quite a while. I highly recommend these grips. Here is a pic:
  14. As an example, I am taking 1/18/21 off work for VCDL for another lobby day. VA resident will show up in force. I know that I tell people and they tell two people...
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