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  1. JC_68Westy

    Stupid Big Gun

    I have a S&W 500 Mag with 8 3/8" barrel. I believe that this qualifies as a Stupid Big Gun. I have had it for years and it goes some years without being shot. Every time I think of selling it I take it out and shot 3-5 rds and it gives me a big smile and goes back it the safe. I recently had a friend from Canada visit and we shot in the back yard. One of the highlights was him shooting the 500. The look on his face was priceless.
  2. I have an eForm account and have never used it. Does this mean that I can SBR my AR pistol with brace along with my CZ Scorpion w/brace and they will be SBR's without paying the $200 per? The downside is the registration, but can I put real stocks on them after the registration?
  3. I have been carrying AIWB every day for years. There is no one single AIWB location that works for everyone. My weight fluctuates and when I am heavier I tend to shift the gun closer to the outer edge in line with the thigh/pelvic bone. I shift the holster to my hip for driving and sitting at a desk and shift the gun to AIWB when walking around. I carry everything from a P365, G19, P30SK, G26, 1911, 92X Compact, EDC X9S, etc. I also wear clothes that are one size larger like others have discussed. The only times I OWB in warmer weather are when hiking, hunting, and other outside activities. I do OWB in the winter quire a bit but I have found that printing is still an issue. OWB make is feel like I am wearing a brick on my side.
  4. Went to a range this weekend to sight in a rifle and also shot 100rds of reloads (115 and 124). The HK shot flawlessly. I can say that I now trust this gun.
  5. I just got done shooting. Put 75rds of mixed 115gr and 124gr reloads with no issues encountered. The gun is very accurate. I was shooting steel at 25yds at it was a bit too easy. I like the trigger way more than the Glock trigger.
  6. 40rds of 147gr HST appear to have resolved the FTE/FTF issues. I was able to shoot a mixture of 124gr and 115gr ammo with the exception of the slide not locking back on one magazine. Another thing I noticed is the frame rails have sharp edges on them compared to other polymer guns. My P320 C-Compact has very polished/smooth frame rails. The HK rails were very rough in comparison.
  7. Update, tonight I shot 10rds of reloaded 147gr HSTs and they shot perfectly. I will put another 40rds of the 147 through it and see if the lighter 124gr will work without issue. Definitely a recoil spring issue in my opinion. Racked it a bunch last night and left it locked open all night and day. Will do this again tonight. What a pain in the ass.
  8. I just shot 10rds and it seems to be getting a bit better. No FTE and 3 Failure to Feed. One failure was a nose up chamber feed failure and the other two feed failures were round ejected and no round loaded from magazine (empty chamber). This tells me that the slide is not always cycling back far enough to strip a round from the mag. I racked the slide a bunch of times last night and left the slide locked back overnight. One additional observation is that the slide stop was almost impossible to release. I used it a bunch while racking the slide and now it feels like a normal slide release and will release like it should.
  9. Light is a relative term. The Speer GD were +p. I measure my reloads with a chronograph and they are not light.
  10. Yes, I did clean and lube it. This is not a dry gun issue. It seems to me that the recoil spring is too stiff. I looked for info on the red paint markings on the spring but didn't come up with anything for the VP9SK.
  11. I was just shooting 124g. My Stacatto and Wilson eat anything I feed them along with the Glocks, Sig, Walther, Kahr, etc. I have a lot of guns and this is the first one that has been like this for me over the years. I appreciate the link and will reach out if this doesn't clear up soon.
  12. Just got home from work and went to the back yard and fired 7 rounds. Shot one fired fine, ejected very close to me and loaded rd 2. Rd 2 fired and ejected straight up about 8 inches, failure to feed rd 3. Rd 3 fired and ejected very short, loaded rd 4. Rd 4 fired, stovepipe. Rd 5 fired and ejected with failure to feed. rd 6 fired cycled fully (ejected brass and loaded rd 7). Rd 7 fired and ejected, slide did not lock on last rd.
  13. Yes, and yes to both. Worst case of FTE I have ever seen. I will continue to shoot to see if this situation changes. The recoil spring assembly has red paint markings on it. Not sure what weight the spring assembly is, not that it should matter for a brand new gun...
  14. I just bought a VP9SK this weekend and shot it yesterday. I have had more FTE with this gun than any I have ever shot. I started with some 124g ammo I reloaded this summer. This ammo cycles every 9mm I own. I had regular FTE at times every shot and every other. It did cycle Speer 124g +p Gold Dot and reloaded 147g HST. I did clean the gun prior to shooting it. Very disappointed at this point. This was the first HK I have purchased and I am not impressed. It is very accurate and has a good trigger, but still not impressed. New had this type of issue with and gun before. I am not going to shoot 200 Gold Dots through it to break it in. Does HK normally require a break in?
  15. AIWB should be in accordance with your frame. I carry more towards my hip and not in the center (halfway between midpoint and hip). Some people carry more centered.
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