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  1. Come down and let us show you our appreciation! We offer a discount to ALL First Responders all day Thursdays. You will receive half price walkons, member pricing on ammo and rentals. We really appreciate everything you guys do for us. Whether you are Police, Fire, Military, EMT, a doctor or a nurse we want to thank you. So come join us down at the range!
  2. Shore Shot has been serving the New Jersey Firearms Community for over 25 years! We are a family business that was established in 1993. We are a full retail store, offering a wide range of products and firearms. We are 3.5% on all sales. Shore Shot has a 25 yard / 12 stall indoor rifle and pistol range. We allow up to 308win. Shore Shot is a great place for all your firearms needs. We have a extensive wall of rental firearms to allow you to try and experience shooting different type of firearms in a safe and controlled environment. We pride ourselves on the quality of service that we provide. New shooters and seasoned vets alike enjoy Shore Shot for the safe and fun environment that we provide. Shore Shot loves introducing the sport of shooting to new shooters. We cater to them as we do not require any experience to come shoot. Our range masters are on staff during all open hours and are always available to lend a helping hand or show new shooters the rope. Come down and give us a shot. Find out why we are one of the longest running shooting facilities and retail stores in Central New Jersey!
  3. Maksim, Please send me a email. My user name is scig and I am a member.
  4. Sorry as I do not check the forum as much as I should. We are extremely busy down here and I am usually dealing with 3-D customers. To deal with the issue about the not being able to use the other lane, I was not here so I really dont know the details of the event. With that being said Sat's and Sun's have been extremely busy. Im talking about an 1hr to 1hr and a half wait to get on the range. I dont know if people where about to be coming out or not. Also the problem we have a lot is that when two friends are out on two lanes a majority of the time is spent watching each other and leaving a lane not being fully used while people continue to wait. I am sorry that this might have turned you off and I will be talking to Matt about it. If youd inbox me your address I will send you out two free passes to reimburse you and let you give us another try. If you come down on the weekdays we are a lot more leniant but we are just trying to make the range move as smoothly as possible. But once again I was not there and do not know what actually happened.
  5. all the info is at the beginning of this post and also the original GSSF Post
  6. Everyone dont forget next Monday the 28th is the second round of Shore Shot's Indoor GSSF Match! Please email me for additional information as we have been very busy and it is hard for me to always check the forum. [email protected] or better call 732-905-6888 ext. 0 See You Guys There!!
  7. we have these in stock.. and yes the do take the g19 mags tho it comes stock with glock 17 mags to satisfy both nj and ny
  8. glad you guys are having a good turn out.. too bad i dont work tuesday nights so i can meet some of you guys
  9. our rental is $15 for non member $10 for a member.. NJGF gets member pricing.. never was $20
  10. not to mention this was after the town approved it, all permits met, it was built, and about to open... we spend a average of 15,000 a week on guns alone... to give you a lil bit of the picture and selling firearms would not keep us afloat
  11. shore_shot

    Kel-Tec KSG

    just give us a call and ill write you up for one.. problem is i dont have the pricing but we are taking orders for them
  12. shore_shot

    Kel-Tec KSG

    my girl is hot thanks
  13. shore_shot

    Kel-Tec KSG

    sorry so small taking on a phone
  14. shore_shot

    Kel-Tec KSG

    this gun is slated to come out third quarter... although Kel-Tec says it is going to be sooner.. this was the most talked about gun at the Shot Show and apparently they are running more then one factory making them
  15. we carry c-products 15rd ar mags.. ar mags must be manufactured 15rds since about 2-3 years ago the attorney general had sent a letter to all FFLs stating that.. they go for 24.95
  16. what day are you going? Doug works friday night saturdays and sundays..
  17. print out this page because the guys that work sunday dont work any other day and dont know about the specials.. sorry for any inconvenience. any other day you come in the guys will know about it.. ill leave a note but i cant promise they will know whats going on sorry
  18. Please see the photo I have posted above. It is the Stage A course of Fire that we are running at our matches. I could not locate it online, and all the matches you listed are for the outdoor glock match.
  19. Thank you very much.. Just for everyones information we are going to start the match asap after we close at 6 pm so feel free to show up a little bit early if you'd like! Thanks again everyone!
  20. Thanks again Im glad you enjoyed how it was ran! Its always good to get new guys down to the shop especially from the forum. If you have any input positive or negative we are always open to new opinions on what we can do to better ourselves as a range and store so please do not hesitate to give any feedback. Being at the shop for so many years it is easy to over look things that new guys pick up on right away so any feedback would be appreciated to help run the matches smoother as well as our store.
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