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  1. im in and post here again lol http://www.bulkammo.com/rifle/bulk-.223-ammo#contest
  2. looking at that sa dragon crossbow for 250
  3. my little reminder to never forget rear of my G17 gen 4
  4. no you have to wipe with a wet cloth and then a dry one and it doesnt rub off after that
  5. Hey guys just a FYI post on cracked black leather seats. if you have black leather seats that have cracks in them that are a natural leather or cream color you can take some instant shoe polish by kiwi (it is the bottle with the foam applicator) and apply it to a q-tip and then dab it on the spots that are cracked. after you apply it just wipe off with a damp rag and then dry it and presto the seat looks 1 million times better. i just did it on my mustang seats and they look so much better now. dont have before pics but i do have after and here it is all of those cracks were a white cream color before hand. i also used it on the stitching along the side of the seat because the stitching pulled on the leather causing it to crack around the stitching slightly.
  6. shoot ill join in as well im up for some competition
  7. throwing it over the wall multiple times wrapped in a shirt is the only sure fire way to get anything un-jammed
  8. slowly drill it out or file and then remove the rest
  9. thats fine but a mind altering substance and a firearm normally do not mix and should not be condoned, arent we supposed to be a responsible community. i just feel as many others do that alcohol and firearms should be enjoyed separately go ahead and shoot all you want but as soon as you start to drink the guns should go away. but hey no one has to listen to me its a strong opinion i have if someone gets drunk and screws around its on them but makes us all look bad..
  10. awesome hunt hopefully you got a bunch but alcohol and guns together is a BIG no - no
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