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  1. He was out of lowers, I ordered one from PSA and WESHOOT did the FFL transfer. I have bought several pieces from Tony in the past and his prices have always been very fair.
  2. Didn't they just finish a second run? Not sure who organizes these but they are bound to see this post? Not sure what the minimum number is to get a run made?
  3. Tony, love the look of that Blue against the Black! Very "Striking". Just picked up a lower from Tony at WESHOOT on Thursday and this is the result. Very simple in .223 Wylde.
  4. I have a friend that made an 80% lower years ago while living in a free state. Now he might be transferred to Jersey. Can he bring his 80% lower or should I tell him to ditch it before moving here?
  5. I am sure if you put in where in Jersey you live someone will answer with where there is a FFL that can help you? I am in Central Jersey and my go to guy is Tony at Garden State Shooting Center in Lakewood. Try calling them after 10:00 at (732) 987-6990
  6. Looks like my son may be moving back to Jersey with a job change. Where do you get a new Jersey Legal Comp pinned and welded on Central Jersey? Does a place like Garden State Shooting or Shore Shot do that?
  7. I have seen many articles/posts saying you can shoot 5.56 in a .223 Wilde, is this not true?
  8. I contacted them months ago and sent them my serial number as requested. Never heard back so I guess mine was early enough to not be a problem? Brought it to the shoot last week and it cycles just fine. Fun to shoot at 25 yards.
  9. Not my target, I only shot Maks 1911 at the #1 Triangle.
  10. Had a great time shooting tonight, Thanks everyone for sharing their guns. Really liked shooting Maks 1911 again.
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