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  1. I contacted them months ago and sent them my serial number as requested. Never heard back so I guess mine was early enough to not be a problem? Brought it to the shoot last week and it cycles just fine. Fun to shoot at 25 yards.
  2. Not my target, I only shot Maks 1911 at the #1 Triangle.
  3. Had a great time shooting tonight, Thanks everyone for sharing their guns. Really liked shooting Maks 1911 again.
  4. Dammit, when will I learn to not feed the trolls?
  5. I was hoping this was going to catch on again as well?
  6. I was asked by S&W for my serial number and sent it in. Never heard from them again so I guess mine is OK?
  7. Yeah, wish I had taken some pics of the guns but was enjoying the company and shooting too much. Big thanks to all the guys for sharing their guns. I really liked the new Thompson 10-22 clone and M&P Shield. I had a M&P 40 when they first came out and was not a fan and moved on to my XD Tactical 9mm which is my go to gun. The new shield was fun to shoot and very comfortable. Dammit, I hate these Greet & Shoots! Now I want to go get some permits and buy some new toys :). I was planning on getting another upper for my AR build (but how many black rifles does a guy really need??) Maybe a .357 wheel gun? Haha!
  8. Had a great time seeing Tony, Max and a lot of the old timers tonight. So many nice guns brought tonight! Looking forward to next month.
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