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  1. I went today, but I won't go again for a month. Just going to let it die down for awhile. I asked what the line was when I cam in, it was the checkout line 45 minute wait. An associate tried to put some blazer 22 on the shelf it was there for like .5 seconds.
  2. I have been thinking about trying to trade my Ruger GSR for a CX4 in 9mm. I had a Sub2k and wasn't impressed with it.
  3. I was at Tanner's in PA and I asked about one they had in stock. It had a camouflage stock and it had the threaded barrel with a flash suppressor on it. I wanted to buy it but the young man at the counter said no that it was not Jersey legal. I am 99% sure he is wrong, but I refuse to argue with someone about NJ's laws, I'll just get it in NJ instead.
  4. Maybe that's why the Delaware one had a slingshot above it in the case! (in the pic)
  5. Just got to hit the right Philly/Delaware Walmart at the right time!
  6. I worked at UPS for 6 and a half years in the inside of the building as a loader and then a supervisor. The ammo is heavy as hell but doesn't get moved with the irregular items on a trolley instead of on the conveyor belt. On the belt there are all manners of slides and chutes and turns if a corner gets caught it is game over and the box will be chewed up and the items get spread all over. I have cleaned a catch grate at the end of a belt one time and found about 50 forks and knives, a couple of hundred rounds of 9mm and 45. and about a million pamphlets for clementon amusement park. It is simply that the belts were not meant to carry that small and heavy of a package in its relatively flimsy normal packaging.
  7. I used to live two blocks away, my friend still does! A broken fire hydrant is something that just shouldn't happen.
  8. I'd hate to see another shop go away in South Jersey. A firefighter friend heard that the hydrants closest are inoperable.
  9. While I did not know him I currently serve with and have deployed with more than a few of the soldiers in that video.
  10. got the call after 16 days. 24Apr-09May
  11. I had the small multicam pack and a plaid shirt
  12. I was hoping to find one for a decent price, I wasn't gonna pay $400-479 for one.
  13. I saw mosins that were listed as Chinese, they were like 199 and the finishes on them were actually moldy.
  14. I was wavering on whether or not to sell my .22 in the show. When I saw the prices they wanted for a box of federal 525 from, $62-80 I said fugg it and made a little sign for my backpack. 20 minutes later my backpack was 25lbs lighter.
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