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  1. Looks like this was stopped. https://www.gunowners.org/na1202202111/
  2. Thought I just read somewhere (either here or ARFCOM) that u-tube pulled the dislike/thumbs down widget.
  3. Saw this. Got an email from GOA. Anyone have any updates? ION, I have SOOOO had it with Chris Smith and will never vote for him again. Don't care who or what runs against him.
  4. Was just visiting Sons of Liberty Gun Works and on their homepage was a video of BCGs. Seems apropos given this thread.
  5. On a NiBo or nitride or both? Curious why as I've never heard this. What about other lubes such as CLP? The NiBo is so slick is doesn't appear to hold lube anyway, especially after the first couple shots.
  6. I was thinking about this in a related way recently. With all the new gun owners in this state... are they so dumb they don't see FPM for what he is? Or did FPM cheat enough to overcome it?
  7. Thanks. Refresher: Requiring Firearm Safety Training: S-2169/A-5030 (Weinberg/Reynolds-Jackson) would modernize firearm ID cards, as well as require completion of a firearm safety course in order to receive a permit to purchase a gun or receive a firearm ID card. Connecticut, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Rhode Island, Maryland and the District of Columbia all have laws requiring individuals to undergo safety training prior to being able to purchase. [How would this apply to existing FID holders? Definition of acceptable training? Conspicuously absent. Potential impacts on passing on firearms to your heirs.] Mandating Safe Storage of Firearms: Owning a firearm for protection in the home can present a substantial obstacle to safe firearm storage, with individuals often opting to keep weapons loaded and easily accessible. Last legislative session, the Assembly passed A-3696/S-2240 (Downey/Gopal) requiring firearm owners to store the firearm in a securely locked box or container; in a location where a reasonable person would believe to be secure; or to secure the firearm with a trigger lock. Raising Minimum Age to Purchase Long Guns to 21: Under current law, a person 18 years of age and older may obtain a firearms purchaser identification card and a handgun purchaser is required to be at least 21 years old. The bill (A-1141/S-3605, Freiman/Cryan) increases from 18 to 21 the age at which a person is eligible to receive a firearms purchaser identification card used to purchase shotguns and rifles but would still allow for those at least 18 to possess a long gun for purposes of hunting; military drills; competition; target practice; training; or under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Promoting Microstamping Technology: Microstamping technology provides law enforcement with the tools to quickly link firearm cartridge casings found at the scene of a crime to a specific firearm, without having to recover the firearm itself. The technology essentially creates a “license plate” on cartridge casings to identify the gun that was used to shoot the ammunition. Last legislative session, S-112/A-1098 (Weinberg/Downey) would require within a year that firearm manufacturers incorporate this technology into new handguns sold in New Jersey. [This worked so well in CA... IOW, no more new pistols for sale.] Establishing Electronic Ammunition Sales Recordkeeping: The State Commission of Investigation (SCI) issued a report in 2016 finding that straw purchases of ammunition were unchecked because firearm IDs lacked photo identification. The SCI also found that sales records were often hand-written into log books — a problem for law enforcement, which should be able to consult an electronic database when it investigates questionable ammunition purchases. A-1292/S-1481 (Greenwald/Weinberg) would require manufacturers or dealers of handgun ammunition to keep a detailed electronic record of ammunition sales, and report ammunition sales to the State Police. [Any talk of banning internet sales?] Banning .50 Caliber Firearms: Military-style .50 caliber rifles are banned or restricted in several other states. California has a complete ban on .50-caliber rifles, Connecticut bans specific models and Maryland has some restrictions. S-103/A-1280 (Gill/Greenwald) would revise the definition of "destructive device" under New Jersey law so that it includes weapons of .50 caliber or greater. [It's about time. These things are used in what... zero crimes in this state annually?] I wouldn't be surprised if remaining evil features, others, and internet sales, among other things, get added to the list.
  8. I dropped my Trenton Times subscription after the January 7th headline. Bought a paper last week on Thanksgiving for my wife... $8 and completely useless! Won't be doing that again.
  9. I read the article on my wife's iPad but couldn't copy the text out. Does anyone have access to copy here? https://www.nj.com/politics/2021/11/from-taxes-to-guns-to-abortion-heres-what-to-expect-from-gov-murphys-second-term.html
  10. Ouch! I wonder if a Schuster or Garand Gear gas plug would have helped?
  11. I have a Toolcraft NiBo BCG ($160) I got from PSA as well as a Right-to-Bear (RTB) nitride one ($120). Very happy with both!
  12. I sent back the Swampfox today. The UH-1 looks great but it's a too rich for my blood and maybe overkill. A friend of mind also has an astigmatism and mentioned the Primary Arms SLx microdot with ACSS reticle. He said the chevron is a bit small but with the horseshoe target acquisition was fast. Price is good too. I would like to see one in person before buying. Maybe at the next show.
  13. Looking for other's experiences and opinions here. First off, I like prism optics because I have an astigmatism. It's not terrible but I find the smear from a red dot pretty annoying. As such, I already have a Leupold Prismatic, which I love. It's true 1x, great eye relief, and excellent with both eyes open. Since they aren't easy to find anymore, for other hardware in the collection I have tried a Vortex Spitfire, which seems less than 1x and therefore not as great with both eyes open, and also a Swampfox Blade, which is almost/kinda 1x if you are close enough to the eyepiece and not far from the target, though at distance shooting with both eyes open didn't seem practical. I like the reticle which gives simple 5 and 10 yard holds but the fact that it's not as easy to use as the Leupold bugs me. Any other suggestions for a honest-and-for-true 1x prism that works with both eyes open? Or maybe it's me? Thanks!
  14. Anyone who has the Hulus, have you watched Dopesick about the Oxy-created opiate crisis? I thought it was pretty interesting. If even half of what was show is true... wow. What an avoidable mess. So many victims. https://press.hulu.com/shows/dopesick/
  15. Xtors

    What are NICS

    So about a day then?
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