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  1. Thanks. I saw that thread but it seems geared toward carry/usage insurance, not theft/loss/etc.
  2. Looking for opinions on insurance for firearms. Most home/rental policies don't cover very much. NRA's website links through to Lockton Affinity and they seem pretty reasonable. A few other hits come up in an internet search but otherwise not many options. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks!
  3. I have USLW but not their ID theft coverage and have talked to David at Nappen's office 3-4 times.
  4. Thanks for the reply. So, just to clarify, the court is the entity that cashes the MO? Also, does the clerk's response rise to the level of contacting the ANJRPC strike force? Last, any idea what Judge we are dealing with here?
  5. Where did you hear this? Do you have any additional details? What guidance do they need? Didn't the AG already do this? Anyone else here live in Mercer that has applied? I think @bennj applied basically at the same time as I did. Other than that I don't recall anyone from Mercer posting on their progress (or lack thereof).
  6. That works too! I am just lazy...
  7. This. Someone posted a video recently (that I can't seem to find now) about carry holster setup that was very informative and included suggestions on good holster brands to checkout. I know Vedder and Tulster are adjustable for ride height.
  8. If anyone is looking for aftermarket AIWB holster wedges, check out Mastermind Tactics. I just picked up a set of 3 different wedges to go with the Vedder holster I am waiting on since they don't sell wedges. Quality seems decent. https://www.mastermindtactics.com/shop?category=Wedges
  9. +1 for the VP9SK. Great gun! A tad on the wide side though.
  10. I did prints in PA today too, got the same response you did so that's good. They said not to bring the money order until they say to. Not sure why they are doing things differently from other towns but this is what we were told.
  11. You should go into comedy! In the past I've said the same thing when schools want to do random student drug testing... yeah, sure, if you also randomly test the staff, which would, of course, never fly.
  12. Thanks. Any idea the reasoning behind this? Other than, say, making life more difficult for us proles?
  13. I am admittedly a bit naive about the courts... these all go through county courts, not municipal?
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