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  1. Seems to me they have now specified exactly what is meant by substantially equivalent and if you didn't shoot an HCQ with holster draw (e.g., went to Shooters) then you have to do it again. To whit: Substantially Equivalent Courses. An individual who completed a course of fire prior to the issuance of the CCARE Protocol is deemed to have satisfied N.J.S.A. 2C:58-4(g)(2) if and only if the prior course include each of the following: A minimum of 50 scored rounds per participant. Minimum passage score of 80% using an FBI type Q target. At least 10 rounds must be from the 15, 10, 7, 5, and 3 yard lines each. If fewer than 10 rounds were fired from those distances, the remaining rounds must have been fired from farther distances. The participant must demonstrate safe holstering and unholstering during the shooting course, which must include safely drawing the weapon from a secured holster before firing at each of the required distances and re- holstering after completing the round. The participant must demonstrate proficient and safe reloading during the shooting course. No substantially similar courses completed after the CCARE Protocol is issued will be accepted.
  2. Interesting question. I wouldn't chance the school even on the weekend but what about a street fair? The law talks about a permit being required but the question in my mind is "permit required by whom and for what purpose"? For example, if the township issues itself a permit to close the street or vendors a permit to run a food truck, does that count? Vs. say I want to organize a big protest, for which I need a permit. Might need to give USLS another call on this one.
  3. I would have stashed. Most malls have signs exactly like this (out of the way, tiny font) and given the lack of standards it's probably best from a legal perspective. That said, my understanding from speaking with EN, is that as long as it's not a so-called prohibited place and if you honestly didn't see the sign, basically the worst that can happen is you get asked to leave/trespassed (assuming you aren't being a jerk and refusing to leave, that is).
  4. @10X please add the Picture Show movie theatre on Route 130 in East Windsor to the no-go list. Their website doesn't mention it but they are kind enough to actually have a sign on the door.
  5. Anyone listen to Nappen's most recent podcast? He is now saying you need to turn in the new NJSP form to your town (and maybe judge) even if the qual was deemed substantially identical. I did mine at Shooters and just called them and they say their training was GTG (as many have already said here) and that they wouldn't sign the new form unless you requalified, which I don't want to do. They also said the township was free to call them for clarification and that Nappen was fear-mongering. What an absolute ****show. In his podcast AC keeps alluding to something coming on this front but it would be great if whatever it is was revealed before the deadline.
  6. So maybe this is a dumb question but all the talk about "for profit" has me wondering. If I buy a new firearm X for $600 and turn around sometime later (maybe the time gap is relevant, I don't know) and sell it for $500 I am NOT making a profit. It's a $100 loss. As such, no BC needed.
  7. https://www.snipershide.com/shooting/threads/breaking-huge-2a-win-in-massachusetts-penalties-for-carrying-across-state-lines-axed-by-state-court-another-step-to-constitutional-carry.7185308/ UGUST 21, 2023. LOWELL MASSACHUSETTS. Just before the official business day closed today Monday, August 21, 2023, the Lowell District Court had reached it's verdict regarding Massachusett's overbearing gun laws and License To Carry (LTC) requirements. A state with gun laws similar to New York City, which have seen the arrests, incarceration, and fining of many unwary travelers who had carried their legally owned firearms across state/city lines, this case began when a New Hampshire man named Dean Donnell, who is licensed to carry in his home state, was arrested by Massachusetts state police during a routine traffic stop when MA troopers discovered that Mr. Donnell did not hold a MA LTC required to carry in the state of Massachusetts. Instead of taking plea deals or agreeing to reduced/dropped charges in exchange for a hefty fine, Mr. Donnell filed a case back at the state citing that the core principles of the Second Amendment had been violated with his arrest and detaining. In the conclusion of this landmark case today, the Lowell District Court ruled that the State of Massachusett's ordinance barring law abiding concealed carriers from entering the state without a state LTC is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and violates the 2nd Amendment. In addition, they ruled that the arrest of Mr. Dean Donnell on these firearms charges was a violation of his civil rights and had subjected him to 'cruel and unusual punishment' because this issue should NOT have been a criminal issue and subject to criminal penalties. This verdict not only spells doom for Massachusett's blatant constitutional violations preying on law abiding citizens, but sets the groundwork to strike down all other states and localities with similar unconstitutional anti-gun laws. Today's victory is made possible by last year's groundbreaking New York State case NYSRPA (New York State Rifle and Pistol Association) vs. Bruen, which saw the Supreme Court strike down NY State and New York City's anti-CCW and pistol licensing requirements as unconstitutional.
  8. Most definitely! I put it on the calendar. Many years ago I would attend the amp show in Piscataway. Not sure if they are still going on.
  9. Congrats @EdF! What are these guitar shows of which you speak???
  10. Good tune! When I first saw him I thought, damn he looks like Pugsley from the animated Addam's Family movie.
  11. Correct. If, after being asked to leave, you refuse, then you are looking at a trespass charge. What the lawyer said is that this same situation applies to carry in a place you didn't realize that you couldn't.
  12. Wow. Good to know. Appreciate the info! I hope your neighbor is doing ok.
  13. Thanks for that. I am guessing it falls under existing trespass law then. For example, does NJ law explicitly state businesses can post a "no shirt, no service" notice or are there some general guidelines that allow business to post non-discriminatory conditions of entrance that when disobeyed can get you trespassed?
  14. Having trouble locating what you mean by TRO on whole part 24. Would you please provide some more information? I am very curious.
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