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  1. Am I interpreting this correctly? For the most part, the judge's questions seem better than I would have expected (bar set low to begin with).
  2. https://babylonbee.com/news/stock-market-analysis-eclipse-glasses---sell-sell-sell
  3. Xtors

    M1A part ID help

    Cleaning the M1A today and noticed a tiny black plastic part that I don't recognize. I cannot figure out where, if anywhere, it goes, except for maybe on the left side of the receiver. It's also entirely possible it's something random laying around on my bench (or maybe from a different firearm?). Anyone have any ideas? IMG_5451.HEIC IMG_5450.HEIC IMG_5452.HEIC
  4. Interested in this discussion (hopefully without sidetracking the thread too much). I have an Elite forward-facing fanny pack with an internal velcro 'holster' for running and now I am wondering if it's legit. For the record, I've tried a belly band for running but it prints too much. https://elitesurvival.com/collections/concealed-carry-bags-packs/products/marathon-gun-pack?variant=36966185173160
  5. That may be the silver lining here. Maybe this is the shot across the bow, unintentionally as it may be, to kill FOIDs, P2Ps, etc. And from a liberal judge no less.
  6. Yes, I realize that. In a state like NJ you cannot purchase a handgun without a background check. Nor can you apply for a CCW without a background check. And you can't carry a gun if you don't legally own one.
  7. In states with NICS requirements for purchasing a HG (because you need a gun to carry one) or obtaining a CCW, how exactly does an illegal pass a NICS check?
  8. What about IWB at 4/5 o'clock?
  9. Are you sure about what you said regarding NJ? My understanding from talking with Evan Nappen was that (at least for inadvertent violations of said signs) you could be asked to leave and if you didn't comply you could get trespassed. No felony. And there's no way they could prove you did it intentionally. Now, if you keep going back in violation of a trespass order then that's something different. Also, for the record, I am not talking about locations that are prohibited directly in the law. There was some recent discussion here about the signs, saying in effect that they also don't carry the weight of law because the law doesn't specifically cover this. The law says you have to post a sign saying firearms are ok but that got put on hold, which is interesting but regardless I will still respect the no-go signs until there's more legal clarity.
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