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  1. And Chief Irving in Bosch. Sad. Great actor.
  2. March 31st? Isn't that only roughly 60 days? I thought the magic number was 120 days.
  3. FYI, I just spoke with a US Law Shield attorney regarding amending permits, etc. This is what I was told. There are two sure-fire ways to "remove" the restrictions: Wait 2 years. Surrender your existing permit and reapply, "surrender" being the key term in order to be able to honestly answer (I think) question 19 on the new application. One not-guaranteed way to remove the restrictions: hire an attorney to deal with the township and courts. However, PD and courts in OTHER counties may not honor this. The counties appear to be roughly split in half on this question. The legislature took away the courts' authority to issue permits so on paper they cannot modify existing orders (NJSP direction aside). He used the example of a restraining order. Should the local PD be able to change what a judge ordered? Or if the judge is no longer serving (retired, defrocked, or restricted legally), should he/she be able to change the order? As well, this issue has an automatic sunset built-in when everyone's permits need to be renewed. At that time any court cases or challenges will be rendered moot. So, if you don't want to wait, Option 2 will be your cheapest. I am sure the townships will love this but the legislature being derelict and judges doing stuff not required are to blame. Also, regarding training requirement changes, which should land in about three months, the rumor is that basically the NJSP won't rock the boat too much for existing permit holders, e..g., if you took your training from someone of the official list at the time you will still be good.
  4. A friend of mine in DE just had this happen today. I applied to Delco Friday and it went through. Guessing they moved up the 4/1 deadline.
  5. Anyone from Hamilton in Mercer, I spoke with the court today regarding amending the list of qualified weapons. He suggested I start with the Township and if that doesn't work then go to the Ombudsman's office and file a motion to amend with the court. He didn't think there was a form or anything but did suggest a lawyer (???). Will reply with any updates.
  6. I bought a couple of small lockbox-style safes and they are a royal pain to access inside the car. One car has a decent amount of space but there are cables and crap all over the place. I still haven't tried in the other car but I am thinking it won't work as the seat lever is a smidge too low.
  7. For those of you considering applying to DelCo, I suggest getting the lead out. I applied today and this was on the second page I saw: Effective April 1st, 2023 out of state applicants will not be accepted online. Out of state applicants must apply in person at our office. Failure to comply will result in a withdrawal of your application and a loss of processing fees. Also, when doing the conviction checklist, the last question asks if you are out of state. Clicking yes brings up the following, which is hopefully just a website programming issue:
  8. I have a few stock Troy CQB VFGs and never had a problem with any of them. Last time I looked it seemed like there were putting something new/different on their others. https://www.opticsplanet.com/troy-cqb-polymer-vetical-grip.html
  9. The response has been entertaining, to say the least. https://www.foxnews.com/media/twitter-laughs-groans-jill-biden-gives-biological-male-women-courage-award-game-ladies
  10. Let's do sanctuary cities next please.
  11. Years ago my girlfriend (now wife) and I stayed at a hotel that she booked and about 2am someone comes knocking on the door saying they brought the towels she requested. I recall thinking this is really fishy so I told him go away in the manliest voice I could muster. Could have been a simple mistake but it was very eye-opening at the time. Ever since, we are always careful.
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