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  1. This is why I bought my house where I did. I was expecting to have cheap beach front property by now! Sad to say that has not come to be.
  2. This is what I went with. A bit more than I wanted to spend but definitely worth it. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!
  3. Hi all, I am looking for a decent quality knife around $100 if possible, preferably made in the US, that comes with a rigid (e.g. kydex) MOLLE sheath. Click-in retention is fine and I don't really want the sheath to go up the handle. Came across the Gerber Strongarm, Kabar (plenty of choices), and SOG (though not all their knives had the rigid sheath). Suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Thanks! This sounds like what I've heard as the Attorney General qualifier (or something like that), which I formally passed as recently as April 2019 in a training class. Additional questions: Is there a time constraint as to how recently you have to have passed? Do you have to retake the test periodically? Is there a requirement as to what firearm you use, e.g. what you intend to carry? What constitutes proof that the test was passed? Although ANJRPC doesn't need plaintiffs, I know FPC is still looking for folks so I'd still like to apply.
  5. Anthony, can you speak to the training requirements? I want to get involved but don't want to be denied for training...
  6. Good to know (and thanks)! If I can get the training question answered I will definitely apply.
  7. Agreed @Mrs. Peel. This brings up a couple of questions for me. Assumption is we are trying to get Justifiable Need tossed. However, my read of the laws talks about a training requirement but doesn't give any specifics. Web search doesn't either. Does anyone know what qualifies as a valid training requirement? I'd be willing to apply and get denied but don't want to go through the motions and have it denied for the wrong reason. Also, are there any downstream negative repercussions from applying and getting denied?
  8. Wasn't sure if this should be merged with the recent ANJRPC CCW lawsuit thread... https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/fpc-saf-nj2as-file-new-lawsuit-challenging-new-jersey-handgun-carry-ban/ Snippet: From the Firearms Policy Coalition: Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), and New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS) announced the filing of a new federal lawsuit challenging the State of New Jersey’s laws that prevent individuals from carrying a loaded handgun outside of the home for self-defense. This new lawsuit challenges New Jersey’s criminal statutory scheme as it relates to carrying loaded, operable handguns outside of the home without a permit as well as the State’s regulatory scheme as it relates to applications for and issuance of carry permits. The case, Bennett v. Davis, can be viewed at FPCLegal.org. New Jersey law makes it a crime for a law-abiding individual to carry a loaded handgun outside of the home unless they have been issued a permit to carry a handgun, thus denying them their right to bear arms. Worse, State law prevents them from obtaining such a permit because of further unconstitutional requirements, such as the demonstration of “justifiable need”, among others. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has previously said that “private citizens should not be able to carry weapons based on mere generalized fear.” However, say the plaintiffs, the Supreme Court’s precedents take that policy choice off the table, and the Constitution itself provides the only justification necessary for law-abiding adults to exercise their fundamental, individual right to bear arms. “This case is fundamentally a simple but important one,” said attorney for the plaintiffs, Raymond DiGuiseppe. “In New Jersey today, the right to carry loaded handguns in public for all lawful purposes, including self defense, is completely denied to law-abiding people, like and including our clients. But the U.S. Supreme Court has held that such bans are categorically unconstitutional. We look forward to vindicating the rights of our clients and forcing New Jersey to respect the Constitution.” More at link.
  9. Thanks. Is there ever any time off for good behavior?
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