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  1. Perhaps I should have been more specific in my previous post to this thread. I was simply asking for a news source of the image that you posted of the judiciary committee amendment regarding ICE notification of illegals trying to purchase firearms as it might prove useful in the future. I am well aware of what it is going on in our state.
  2. Dang, I gotta try this. What else did you put in the crock pot (e.g., seasoning, broth, etc.), if anything?
  3. The timing never ceases to amaze me. As soon as there's a push for more GC something like ATL happens...
  4. Freedom Ammo in West Deptford. Will run you around $50.
  5. I'd like a carbine visible laser to start. Already have a light. One day down the road perhaps might get some NV, in which case the IR laser and illuminator would also be nice to have. Not an operator by any stretch, more thinking about gaps in the gear, nice-to-haves, and cool factor (flame suit on).
  6. For those that don't wanna spend DBAL dollars, does anyone have experience with the Holosun L321? From what I've read, it's a bit too tall for top-rail mounting and the IR illuminator only goes out to about 100 yards. Also sounds like there have been "out of the box" reliability issues but if it works at first, it generally doesn't have problems over time. https://holosun.com/index/product/detail/id/165.html
  7. I have the CMMG conversion kit and for the most part it has worked really well as long as it's properly lubed. I think I ran a few hundo down it the first day I used it without a single failure (I don't remember what brand of ammo). The follower on the mags tends to get dirty and sticky but cleans up ok and hasn't really been a problem. I agree with all the comments about accuracy. If you have 22 laying around and don't wanna send dollar bills downrange it's a great way to go.
  8. Old school. I like it!!! When I was growing up my father was on a "navy shower" kick for a while. Something tells me if I did either of these I'd never be spoken to again.
  9. Agreed but I am way too lazy to relocate it at this point. I will definitely check out that paint. Appreciate the tip. Speaking of paint, I've had a few instances with recent repairs where applying primer with a roller lifts of small blotches of drywall compound. I do the standard surface prep (good cure time, sanding, TSP, cleaning, wiping, etc.). It seems like the primer is very thick and the surface tension strong enough to just pull bits off. My workaround was to brush on the first pass as they were small regions and then roll on the second coat, which worked and also looked ok. Would love any theories on this.
  10. That's a bingo. It definitely wasn't primed. No staining or soft spots that I could find so what you suggested was exactly my plan. In the "gift that keeps on giving" dept, I started this project because of some software drywall right on top of the shower/tub surround. When I started looking at it (i.e. cutting stuff out) I found out that the drywall was 1/2" too short and their solution was to run paper tape across the gap, mud it up, caulk the bottom, and call it a day. The caulk dried out and failed (20+ years old) and softened up the paper tape. I solved this bit using plaster of paris, though I still need to sand and paint. Thanks everyone for your input, much appreciated!!!
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