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  1. I looked for it a year ago and couldn't find anything either. You would think that a) the rules have to be posted somewhere, and b) the list of test providers would also have to be listed somewhere.
  2. This is what we did when we moved to Charleston. Got to know the area first so we weren't stuck buying somewhere we didn't want to be, and we were able to pounce when we were ready to buy. Thanks. I forgot to mention, I actually inquired with a realtor down there about both renting and buying a lot to have something built and the answer was the same for both: tons of other people are already trying to do this exact thing and the demand for both is just as high as for homes for purchase (along with low supply). Rentals are around $2k/month. This is exactly what I was wondering. I can wait but my SO doesn't really want to...
  3. Thanks, @Displaced Texan. We own outright now so all we are paying are (high) property taxes. Kid #1 attends school down there and has expressed a desire to live there after undergrad and grad school but NC ranks dead last in her intended career for salary, and as a result that desire may change, and I sure as heck don't want to move twice if I can avoid it (nor do I want to weigh her decision about where to ultimately setup shop).
  4. I am wondering what folks think about this. As previously mentioned my family was considering a relocation to NC and may now have opportunity to execute. I did some research and am not sure how comfortable I am with it in the present market. First, NC is a "buyer beware" real estate state and part of that is that there is a fee due at offer acceptance called Due Diligence (passed into law back in 2011 from what I read), which is supposedly to compensate the seller because the house has to come off the market for inspections, and also protect them against buyers walking away from the deal. The problem is that with rare exception can you get that money back should you find something seriously wrong with the house. In the triangle area the MINIMUM you have to offer is $25k now and upward to $50k (was $5k-$10k pre-COVID). People are apparently buying houses like this sight unseen, which is nuts IMHO. Second, is appraisal risk. Due to bidding wars prices can easily escape the appraised values which means more cash at signing. And you won't know until after you've already paid the DD fee above. Third, prices in the triangle are up over >=75% in the last two years from what I can tell. Where I am currently here in the PRNJ it's probably more like 25%. Given the aroma of 2008 I am not sure I want to buy now and end up being late to the game and then taking a big equity hit when (not if) things correct. My feeling is that the correction will be more down there and therefore it's better to wait. Fourth, mortgage rates are going crazy, more hikes are on the way, and the economy may go (further) in the toilet. While I don't expect rates to drop any time soon, in a couple years we will be in an even better place financially so rates are less of a concern overall. Fifth, given the limited supply of houses and how quickly things go pending, actually getting down there to see things and put in an offer will be challenging to say the least. There are some other complicating factors but from an actual purchase perspective, these are the main ones.
  5. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I forgot to mention I have been to the Smithsonian in DC, which was very good too. Will definitely make in a point to check out the local suggestions. Attached a couple of pics. The guy standing in the B-58 picture was a nav I believe. Chuck Jones was his name I think. IMG_2446.HEICIMG_2415.HEICIMG_2369.HEIC
  6. Interesting. Will that be before the end of the year?
  7. Anyone ever been? Last weekend I took my father there for his birthday (belated). I had been there back in the early 80s when the XB-70 was still parked outside. If you are into this sort of thing it's definitely a must-see. Happy to post a few pictures if anyone would like! Any other good plane museums? I've been to the Midway in San Diego and the Boeing place in Seattle. Also both very cool. I've heard there's some good stuff in AZ too.
  8. From what I read, Apple is working on some changes to help protect against this in an upcoming iOS release. It will be interesting to see if it actually happens and what they come up with. A high-profile stalking/murder case involving one of these things would be absolutely horrible for their PR...
  9. I like Brave, which also has a search function: search.brave.com.
  10. FYI, if you aren't aware people are using Apple Air Tags to stalk people. More useful info at link. https://appletoolbox.com/airtag-stalking-everything-you-need-to-know/
  11. Thanks! Chrome is my browser of last resort but good to know. Updating now
  12. Great, but too little, too late for me.
  13. At couple of shows back I had a chance to check out the SLx. I liked it but my astigmatism didn't. So for the moment I have iron sights.
  14. Welcome! Why so verbose?
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