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  1. NOTHING. I refuse to spend anymore tax money on firearms or play ball getting permits. All my future purchases will be done in the state of Florida.
  2. Congratulations with the move. I signed off on my construction plans a month ago. I just signed off on the elevation a few days ago. My builder is breaking ground the first week in December. I'm 53 years old. I got my FID in 1982 and watched our rights go downhill in NJ year after year. I just got my renewal from Florida for my CWFL. I'm going down to see the builder in a few weeks. I plan to stop off and do my renewal in person. I plan on doing the duel resident thing until my wife and I retire and sell our Dairy Queen.
  3. I can tell you what's all but certain. I sent my builder in Florida a check last week to draw the plans for my house. I hope to break ground by December. I'm 53 and I don't have another 50 years left to wait for NJ to get sensible. I'm born and raised here and have seen more and more of my rights get taken away. Its time for me to put a plan into action I know that will work. I'll still have to keep my house here for a few more years but I'm on my way.
  4. I'm very surprised the NRA or other pro-gun sights haven't picked-up on the fact on one was shot and how the armed people conducted themselves in a riot.
  5. It seems to be the worlds best kept secret.
  6. I noticed the media dropped the story real fast about the men on the right who had permits to carry guns and did. I also noticed in a riot no one got shot. What does that say about law abiding citizens that carry guns? The media asked the police chief if his officers felt threaten by the demonstrators that were armed. His response. NO. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/charlottesville-police-chief-defends-officers-police-response-at-violent-rally/2017/08/14/23eff70e-8136-11e7-b359-15a3617c767b_story.html?utm_term=.66b85433af5c
  7. I would take the pardon too. I wouldn't want to be locked up in a building for years. I don't think Bubba would be a problem. Not that I'm any tougher than any other 210 lb 53 year old guy but I'm no Brad Pitt, and I have a skinny azz, He'd find a much easier, better looking mark with a new younger guy with no grey hair. ( I hope) LOL
  8. A pardon is the fastest way to make the problem go away and take the spotlight of of NJ's unconstitutional gun laws. If you have many political victims in jail it shines a light on the problem.
  9. I have 2 Mod 2's. Both SC's. A 9mm and a .45 Very comfortable to shoot. I rented a .40 at the range and I was very surprised how soft it shot for a .40. I was going to buy a .40 SC next until all the Springfield fallout. Now I'm going to wait.
  10. I have a 2015 C7 Z51. its the fastest car I've ever driven. The z06 will get o from 0 to 60 a full second faster than a z51. IMO its not worth the money or the overheating problems the z06's are having. I've yet to max mine out. Even with all the computers and traction control the wheels still break loose when you get on it.from a standstill. The only way I would trade mine and maybe get another is when all wheel drive comes out . Than you can lay down more HP. You can pickup a nice 2014 or 2015 z51 at a good price.
  11. You have to wonder whats going on at Springfield Armory. They sold out their customers to the anti gunners who don't buy anything from them. Are they crazy? I was looking at another FDE SC mod 2 in .40. Not going to happen now.
  12. That's already being done with trucks. For a semi truck to travel from state to state they have to buy a fuel tax sticker for that state. NY was the first state to pass that law. It generates huge amounts of money for the states.
  13. Just my luck I happen to live in a minority state. Had Clinton won that election I don't think it would have mattered what state we lived in. I remember the Clinton Assault weapon ban. Those were not fun days.
  14. Sometimes I think this gun rights issue is a lot like the fight against cancer and Aids. There's just too much money to be made to find a cure. Here we have the 2nd amendment that's in the Bill of rights and the politicians in Washington can't get it right.
  15. I read this today on another page. He feels we're stalled for the year on gun rights. What do you guys think. https://www.ammoland.com/2017/04/no-more-pro-rights-action-in-2017/#axzz4f6KjdVRj