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  1. EX Carnival man

    My first Law enforcement encounter while CC

    Cape Coral
  2. I took a 2 hour drive north up to the Tampa Florida fair. Before I left I checked the Fair web page for their policy on CC. I found very little. After we parked the car I was standing at the main entrance ticket booth and noticed metal detectors and a few deputies. I walked up and asked if concealed weapons were permitted on the fair grounds. He asked if I had one. I told him I did and he asked for my CWFL. He got on his radio and ran the number. It came back with my full name and he said follow me around the line and the metal detectors. He than said have a nice day. I waited for my wife and noticed other deputies escorting others around the line as well. Very professional law enforcement agency.
  3. EX Carnival man

    movie Dirty Harry

    Who says there's no such thing as a one stop shot caliber in a handgun? He makes people fly through the air with that gun.
  4. EX Carnival man

    NJ “Rain Tax”

    Everyone who lives in the State of New Jersey NEEDS an exit plan. Its not just about firearm ownership I don't know too many people who can afford to retire and still live there.
  5. EX Carnival man

    NJ “Rain Tax”

    I never seen them fill. The're two of them. One on each side of the parking lot. What they are are deep wells that have stone at the bottom. The water runs into the grates from the parking lot then flows into the wells than is released back into the ground. Nothing goes into the city sewers
  6. EX Carnival man

    NJ “Rain Tax”

    When I built my Dairy Queen the town required us to put in dry wells in the parking lot so no rain water would runoff into the streets.
  7. EX Carnival man

    Self Defense with AK-47

    He did the community a favor.
  8. EX Carnival man

    Six weeks

    I like pocket carry. My G42 fits nice in the front pocket. Feel's like a cell phone. Another plus for pocket carry is when using a public restroom. You don't have to worry about your weapon like IWB. Every once in a while you read a story about a gun being left behind.
  9. I visited the Ft. Myers gun show today and tasted freedom. I walked from booth to booth looking at everything from firearms to parts to cleaning equipment, Ammo, safes, and clothing. Even CC classes were being offered. Two and a half hours went by in the blink of an eye. I walked outside to get something to eat and people watch. I watched men an women young and old walking around with all types of rifles and firearms. I could't help but think about home and how our politicians have brainwashed the public. I looked at those many people and didn't see not a hint of a problem. I felt safe there. On the way home I passed by all the advertisements for the show. Freedom sure did taste good. Well for a little longer anyway.
  10. EX Carnival man

    Glock 48. The new NJ G19.

    Agree on the G43. The smallest 9mm I like at the range is my G26. I find the G19 and the G26 to feel about the same in recoil. Anything smaller I prefer .380. If Sig releases the P365 in .380 I'm going to trade my G43 in.
  11. EX Carnival man

    Glock 48. The new NJ G19.

    You guys might want to wait for the Glock 50. That's the G19 size Glock with the 5 round NJ compliant mag. Glock will have it out in about 2 years.
  12. EX Carnival man

    Glock woes!

    I lost a pin once. I've never broken one.
  13. EX Carnival man

    New Jersey

    I knew when I was a teenager and traveled around a lot that I wasn't going to stay in NJ. The only thing I'm going to miss are the Boardwalk's. There's something special to me about the smell of the food cooking mixed with the smell of the wood boards and the ocean on a hot summer night. In the cold winter it has a special feel to it too.
  14. EX Carnival man

    FLA renewal

    I renewed in person. Last time I gave one check. Here in Lee county the women working in the office is in her 60's. She's so nice. Welcomed me in and suggested I get a Florida DL so she could issue my renewal the same day. Fingerprints, renewal, Background check forum all done in the same office in about 15 minutes. I got my new Florida CWFL in the mail two weeks later. It made me hate Jersey even more. Fly down for a day or two. Enjoy the weather and renew.
  15. EX Carnival man

    Glock 48. The new NJ G19.

    A few years ago I was going to trade my G30 Gen 4 in. I couldn't find a need for it after buying a Springfield Mod 2 .45 ACP Glad I didn't. Governor Murphy created a reason for me to keep it.

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