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  1. I found a video that might help you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOjjTGa673Q&list=PLr1S2rbOF4eJ0zHoazyTGq27m6qmXv7Mb
  2. Load shedding is all automatic. Its designed really to manage startup loads. Once a central A/C is up and running it will allow another to start. it will also dropout a load if your generator is close to max output. Another option you can do is a propane tank. I put in a 1000 gallon tank at my house in Florida. It feeds a Kohler 30RCL. generator.
  3. If it were me It would be the New HK Vp9. They just melt into your hand.
  4. When I first got into Glocks an older gentleman wrote to me on the Glock form His suggestion was to buy A lot of spare mags,an extra recoil spring and a lot of ammo. I use that advice to this day on every gun I buy. I always buy spare mags.
  5. The God Dam Germans got nothing to do with it.
  6. All Florida CWFl's are marked the same. The resident and non resident look the same. No address are on them.
  7. I see your problem I wouldn't bring anything I bought out of state back to NJ. NJ is a crazy place as we all know when it comes to firearm ownership. I brought almost everything I own down to Florida. I just kept 3 here that I purchased in NJ for H/D.
  8. I have a NJ FID. I had one since 1982. They never asked to see it. The Property tax information and a photo ID is what they need.
  9. As long as you have a home that's in your name and not a trust, all they have to do is pull up your property tax record your good to go.
  10. Its non. I have an old NJ Drivers license that's up in June. The Florida CWFL's don't have address on them
  11. Not True. I bought a handgun in Florida last January with my NJ Drivers license. They made a copy of it along with my Florida CWFL. On the application I had to use my Florida home address. They looked up my Lee county property tax record. I was told as long as I have a home in Florida that's in my name the state of Florida considers me a duel resident. Being I had a CWFL I was able to take my new Sig P365 with me that day.
  12. It will be sometime before Ammo prices return to normal. I strongly believe Trump will win big in 2020. After losing jobs and a lot of money in their 401K's and just the market in general people will vote for the man who wants to put America back to work. I saw the liberals and liberal news praying for a crash economy thinking that will take Trump out. I really believe the're wrong.
  13. I stocked up on Ammo and Mags 3 panics ago. I'm sitting this one out.
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