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  1. In Florida we now have over 2 million licenses issued. NJ like Florida will be seeing people applying for non residents permits too. The number here will be high, maybe not Florida high but high enough to tie up the courts. Someone else posted pages back Judges will still have a role to play in this with appeals. It would be great to see a million permits here.
  2. My plan is to wait too. I leave for Florida in November and won't be back until March. I'll still watch this forum and the State Police page to see what required. When we have something concrete than I plan to move forward.
  3. Looks like I'm going to bring my Glock 42 back from Florida along with a few others. I never thought that would happen. Hopefully NJ will have its act together by the spring.
  4. I love the fact New Jersey was mentioned too. I never thought I would live long enough to witness this.
  5. My takeaway on them waiting until the end of the session so they can get out of town, before a 2nd amendment ruling is they're cowards. This should have been decided long ago. We're talking about a Constitutional right that's being infringed on, and government overreach. To list decisions on other cases before this one speaks volumes.
  6. Maybe they will just fall under new LEOSA rules? Government likes to say we're all equal but we know that's not always true. Especially when it comes to the 2nd amendment here in NJ. If we were all equal we wouldn't be having this conversation about the right to carry in this state.
  7. You really think cops will have to follow the same rules as us little people?
  8. I think Monday is Jones VS Crab. Mr. Jones was arrested for putting his hook in the water 15 minutes too early after a complaint by his neighbor for violating city ordnance 324392 (Fishing before 9 am) His tackle box was searched for illegal hooks. None were found. Mr. Jones sandwich was taken as evidence. He's seeking relief and his sandwich back.
  9. This reminds me of NJ even though its in California. A man was arrested for carrying a gun in public for self defense . He tried to get a permit but was denied under may issue. His lawsuit is that how can he be arrested for doing something that he tried but was denied a permit for? Here's the link.
  10. Murphy is a politician not a judge. He's not going to have a choice. The law will be the law. Judges and lawyers respect Supreme Court rulings even if they don't agree with them. I really don't think NJ will ignore a Supreme court ruling. If they were to do that it would undermine our court system in this country. If politicians and judges can ignore the Supreme court than we have a dictatorship.
  11. The rumor mill is either Thomas or Barrett Again just going on what I've been reading with his seniority he could take it. Also the betting people are saying neither Thomas or Barrett haven't written any recent decisions . The Las Vegas money is on either one of those two leaning towards Thomas with his seniority. Myself. I don't trust Barrett.
  12. Gun control is an issue neither side wants settled. Both sides like to use it for leverage to play to their base.
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