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  1. It will be sometime before Ammo prices return to normal. I strongly believe Trump will win big in 2020. After losing jobs and a lot of money in their 401K's and just the market in general people will vote for the man who wants to put America back to work. I saw the liberals and liberal news praying for a crash economy thinking that will take Trump out. I really believe the're wrong.
  2. I stocked up on Ammo and Mags 3 panics ago. I'm sitting this one out.
  3. I have three .40 safe queens and one other I still shoot from time to time. I was never a big fan of ,40
  4. I bought ammo and mags 3 panics ago. I'm going to sit this one out.
  5. Here's what I'm doing. sdl;kj nsdlfv sd;lkfne kfn ;wkjkrj ig;lh,h r;rlgkg'g 'tl;kgmg poglkg,v 'tk;lgm t'ktmkg mgvG Vvm' t[gpomgt I feel very safe.
  6. Shaneen Allen was a great case a few years ago in NJ that I thought had a shot at changing the law. That story if it went to court would have gone nation wide. The one thing these politicians hate is a spot light on their unconstitutional laws. No way was a black divorced law abiding mother going to jail. That's the one that should have done it for us. If that couldn't break the chains that bind us here in NJ no other case will.
  7. Its funny when I built my house here my neighbors were very welcoming. They said its a great place with nice people as long as I leave the NJ attitude and the NJ politics back in NJ. At first I was a little insulted but when I thought about it and the reputation NJ has I understood. Tomorrow I have to fly back to the people's republic of NJ and get ready for another season of work. One of these seasons when March rolls around I'm just not going to go back.
  8. The P365 is so close in size to the G42 it fits perfect in my Alabama G42 pocket holster. For a micro 9MM the P365 shoots very nice. I was very surprised how accurate for a small gun it is. I went to the range thinking I was going to buy the Hellcat but when I shot them side by side it was the Sig I went home with. The Hellcat has for me what I call the Glock .40 sting from the web of my hand down to the palm. The P365 recoil is softer. Its round capacity for its size makes it a great carry option
  9. I always felt like I'm being bent over by NJ gun laws as it is. When I go into what I consider a friendly place like a gun shop that understands what hoops we have to jump through just to purchase (NOT TO CARRY) than that friendly place starts making up more rules and laws of their own I won't be back. Last month I bought a gun in a free state. I rented one, walked over to the sales counter and bought it. All in All it took over an hour not weeks or months like NJ. The last thing NJ needs is more B/S laws. Gun shops should know that.
  10. Hopefully now with a hearing they have to go on record with a reason why your not approved.
  11. Looks like a good one for NJ gun owners. Its a start in the right direction. https://www.ammoland.com/2020/01/nj-supreme-court-unanimously-rules-in-favor-of-gun-rights-wait-what/?fbclid=IwAR1H2xT3HJji7C2UVTDiLWtaHnGKpK0UcsyMv-C_HtH30aDBr_xj7-77Nlo#axzz6CEiE3vdf
  12. Shore Shot tried that with me a few years ago. I never bought from them again
  13. Sig P365. Its the only gun I bought in the last 2 years. I like it so much I'm going to buy the NRA P365 edition next Year
  14. I went to the range a few days ago shopping for a new CC Gun. I rented the Sig P365, P365 SAS and Springfield Hellcat and shot them side by side. After 200 rounds it was the P365. I really wanted to like the Hellcat but I shot the Sig so much better. I can't believe for a mirco gun how well the Sig Shoots. Another plus when I got home I found the P365 fits perfect in my Glock 42 Holsters. Florida was very easy to buy. The range waved the rental fee on the 3 guns because I was going to buy. As long as you have a home here Florida considers you a duel resident. Just a background check, a copy of your CWFL and you out the door. I hate to have to go back to the Peoples Republic of NJ in a few months.
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