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  1. I think it went well today for us. The case isn't about where we can carry its more about a shall issue. What NY is requiring is a need statue. Just like NJ.
  2. I've never been to that range. I've Only been down there for two winters. Cape Coral is divided up in 4 zones. I'm up in the NW Cape. We bought the lot back in 2010. Last I looked there were 167,000 people living in the Cape but you would never know it because of how large the city is. Where I'm at up in the NW there are so many empty waterfront lots just waiting to be sold and built on. I wish I was going down there too.
  3. North Port is about 50 mi north of where I'm at in Cape Coral. Its a quiet area. Not like Miami. Your going to find it so different going there than your local police dept in NJ. if you have time stop in some local gun stores. Even with low stock you'll still be surprised. If your staying south of North Port checkout Shoot Center in Cape Coral. Its worth the trip, https://www.shootcenter.com/
  4. I Hear Costa Rica is beautiful. That's one place in the Caribbean I haven't seen yet .
  5. Oh no. you missed a great opportunity to get down to Florida for a day or two and meet some very nice people. You'd be shocked how different gun owners are treated in Florida VS NJ. I try to take advantage of EVERY reason to get down to Florida or just out of NJ for that fact. LOL
  6. No Problem. It really is a good idea to go in person. They do everything right there. Picture, electronic prints, and application. They send it right out. Its like one stop shopping. Florida is so different from NJ. The state workers are very helpful and nice. My last renewal the women asked me way I wasn't a Florida resident yet. The're very happy to see their state grow.
  7. I think it was about two weeks before I took the class At Shoot Streight in Ft. Myers. I started calling around for an appointment. They had an appointment available in Miami the morning after I took the class. Checkout this group. Lots of info there for Florida carry. https://www.floridaconcealedcarry.com/forums/
  8. They've always been by appointment Check the surrounding area. I'm in Lee county. I have two offices close by. The first time I applied we didn't have the house yet.The only appointment that worked for me was in the Miami office. It was a bit of a drive but worth it.
  9. I have an early 90s Beretta Centurion in my safe. I don't shoot it much. I took it to the range and I forgot what a pleasure it is to shoot it.
  10. I find the best way to apply and renew is to make an appointment at a Licensing center. They can do everything there while you wait. Fingerprints, and application. I have a bad scar and they usually have to do my electronic prints twice. The machine tells them right than and there if its a good print or not. Before I got a winter home in Florida I took the class here and than made the appointment at the Licensing center. I got my License in the mail 3 weeks later. When I renewed I went back to the Licensing center and the women told me to become a Florida resident and she would than be able to give me my renewal right there on the spot. I've never waited more than 3 weeks for my renewal to come in the mail. I have 5 years left on my current CWFL. My next renewal I will be a Florida resident. As others have said just be careful. Your Florida CWFL isn't valid in some states if your not a Florida resident. https://www.fdacs.gov/Consumer-Resources/Concealed-Weapon-License/Concealed-Weapon-License-Reciprocity
  11. I only have .45 ACP Ball left up in NJ. When the state went to 10 rounds I moved everything else out. Its funny a few years ago I was going to sell my Glock 30 and my Springfield XDM .45. Glad I didn't.
  12. I found a video that might help you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOjjTGa673Q&list=PLr1S2rbOF4eJ0zHoazyTGq27m6qmXv7Mb
  13. Load shedding is all automatic. Its designed really to manage startup loads. Once a central A/C is up and running it will allow another to start. it will also dropout a load if your generator is close to max output. Another option you can do is a propane tank. I put in a 1000 gallon tank at my house in Florida. It feeds a Kohler 30RCL. generator.
  14. If it were me It would be the New HK Vp9. They just melt into your hand.
  15. When I first got into Glocks an older gentleman wrote to me on the Glock form His suggestion was to buy A lot of spare mags,an extra recoil spring and a lot of ammo. I use that advice to this day on every gun I buy. I always buy spare mags.
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