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  1. redid my bathroom about ten years ago, pex pipe sharkbite fittings. Easiest plumbing job I've ever done. Pex allowed me to nearly have no 90's. I always had at least one fitting leak whenever I soldered fittings. The time saved using sharkbite is 50% less time. Did some pipe work at my boiler and used all sharkbite fittings. I'm a believer, I haven't had one fail yet.
  2. Carl moved to West Virginia, better business environment.
  3. I have a hi-point firearm and thier manual states "using reloads voids warranty".
  4. BROWNING BDA 45cal IE: Sig sauer P220 45cal. Still shootin since 1978
  5. My wife is using rem golden bullet which occasionally does what your speaking of, I make sure its lubed in the lube whole. Winchester Super X which did not cycle well at all Have used rem yellow jacket and never had issues we used another but I don't remember what brand it was but it was a hot load like yellow jacket Mosquito just likes hot loads
  6. If we follow your advice we will be fostering the outcome that you so factually reported. Panic Buying!
  7. Just shipem out when yer movin and make it signature reply this way they wont be on the stoop if fer some reason yer delayed
  8. I have a long time friend who has been reloading for 25 plus years he got me started. I still call him when ever I need a helping hand or advice. He told me to get a book and read it. I got the Lee Modern reloading 2nd edition and the lyman 49th edition. many various reloading forums and websites as its been repeated already GO slow and check and recheck and did I mention go slow and recheck?
  9. Let me get this straight. yer powder tray is gets an extra load and yer dumpin a load in the bathroom? They sorta balance each other out don't they? I mean if ya get a foul load on the range it stinks right? And if ya get a foul load in the bathroom that can really stink! I sure do hope you keep yer foul loads to a minimum! Wwwaaaayyy to much personal information goin on in dis thread.
  10. 13-3 SMOKELESS PROPELLANTS 13-3.1 Quantities of smokeless propellants not exceeding 25 lb (11.3 kg), in shipping containers approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation, shall be permitted to be transported in a private vehicle. 13-3.2 Quantities of smokeless propellants exceeding 25 lb (11.3 kg) but not exceeding 50 lb (22.7 kg), transported in a private vehicle, shall be transported in a portable magazine having wood walls of at least 1 in. (25.4 mm) nominal thickness. 13-3.3 Transportation of more than 50 lb (22.7 kg) of smokeless propellants in a private vehicle shall be prohibited
  11. its only needed if you have no other means to measure your powder drop/load/volume
  12. This plus a beam scale ( Lee) to verify and as a back up
  13. I use the WFT for 223, It replaced the lee 3 Jaw chuck you put in your drill chuck. I like it and its fully adjustable to whichever length you choose. I use H335 spherical powder for both 223 and 7.62 I also use Hodgdon Benchmark,an Extreme Extruded propellant for 223 Rem. and it performs superbly with light match bullets in 308 Winchester. With small, easy metering granules. My steps for rifle prepping 1. decap with Lee universal decapper 2. Clean with Lock N load sonic cleaner 3. Inspect all cases under magnification lamp 4. lube with RCBS case slick spray 5. Resize with lee Full length sizer ( use collet neck sizer on "my" brass only) 6. trim with WFT trimmer 7. Clean with Cabela's case tumbler with corn cob media and brass cleaner 8. Prep cases with Lyman case prep xpress Cases are now ready to reload.
  14. Hey sig fan let me know how ya made out. I recently purchased a load master. I haven't set it up yet, time... I use Federal primers mostly since they seem to be available most of the time. I've used a Lee turret press without incident. I've read and researched enough about the Loadmaster and feel the problem may be on the lines of what mikeyjones said, but not limited to his statement as their could be other factors. That being said with all the Federals I have, It'll be full steam ahead with the blast shield on the loadmaster!!!
  15. From What Ive heard the Ruger will eat anything you feed it
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