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  1. Have you ever or when is the last time you Limed yer yard? Always good to do twice a year. Its all I do, No fertilizer, nuthin. Just lime twice a year. dont matter if ya use pellets or powdered granular.
  2. Seems like O'l Aunt Mary knew a thing or to when it came ta puttin stuff in da ground before May 15th
  3. Yea but they sure look nice all lined up when I open da box!
  4. I have the same sorting system saves alotta time. It isnt perfect, such as some calibers congregate with similar calibers 44's 38's ect... But it doesnt take long to figure out the best way to do it. Much better than one atta time.
  5. My Wifes Aunt Mary who tended a 1 acre farm plot of various vegtables. She canned the Best Bread and Butter pickles! Anyway she lived in Montville and always said dont put anything in the ground til May 15th.
  6. Im sorry your just not understanding the RCBS Lockout die go to this link it will explain everything. https://ultimatereloader.com/2010/09/19/rcbs-lock-out-die-part-i-theory-of-operation/ Me myself and I made the variations in the powder drops! to put them into the RCBS die to see how those powder drops would affect the RCBS die. There is nothing wrong with any of my Lee Auto drums they work flawlessly with any powders I use flake, stick or whatever. You said previously you look in the case. Well this Die looks for me mechanically, I was trying to see how variations in powder drops would affect the RCBS's die functions pertaining to my reloading. Look at the picture, above the 2 empty cases on the left. you will see a white plastic die adapter hanging down that will fit in the case, its attached to the plunger that goes up into the die. that die adapter will ride on the powder in the case. and function accordingly to the parameters that were set by the operator of the press.
  7. Tuna all the load charges quoted were weighed by me then sent through the die to see if the die would Lockout the Press from cycling or let the press continue its cycling process. The RCBS Lockout Die is static on the press and only "measures" the charge you put in the case at the Powder measure. Its only duty is to Let the Progressive Press continue loading or Lock it out to stop it from loading. Look up Gavintube RCBS lockout die he really has an excellent tube of how it works. My testing has been to see where it Locks out and where it lets pass charges of different powders and different weights. The only consistency was the 40% Lock out of The powder charge for the load data. Everything else had some slight deviations but gave me enough info to make qualified decisions based on my testing.
  8. This test as the previous was done on the Press. The first 3 tests were set up to the Powder charge weight of the load data. #'s 4&5 were not Bullseye Powder powder charge weight for Load data was 2.7gns Test #3 Powder charge weight 2.7gns Set up Die to Pass this charge empty case Lockout - dbl charge 5.4gns Lock out Overcharge: 3.8gns clik Pass - 4.0 gns Lock out Under charge 40% 1.7 gns Lockout. >> This is pretty much the same as the first 2 tests Test #4 - Under charge, set up die on Empty case to Lockout this charge Powder charges : 2.7 passed - 3.8 max load Lockout - 1.7 40% (2.7) passed - 1.5 and 1.0 passed Empty lockout Test #5 - Set up die on 3.8 gns Max load to Lockout this charge Powder charges: 3.8 gns Lockout - 2.7 gns passed - 1.7 40% (2.7) passed - 1.5 gns passed 1.0 gns passed empty case Locked out So I guess, it seems their is a multitude of setups to get the conclusions you desire with these lockout dies.
  9. Nice light setup there. I dont like any of the light systems that plug in, too many wires about. I see yer using Mikes Turret Stabilizers I have a few. I drilled out the lee Turrets to mount my Light. I also have a few of Mikes Billet turrets along with his shake break. I see you prime on the press, I dont, I have a bent explosion plate to show the reason why. I see on your press, Station #3 is Flare case and Powder charge. then bullet seat and crimp. My Press, Station #1 is case flare and powder charge. Station #3 is Mini Mr bullet Feeder. Along with Mikes upgrades I also Milled the Ribs on the carrier where the shell plates ride evening out any highs or lows, also helping unevenness the Billets and stabilizers do.
  10. Its hard looking in 44 mag's 357's and 38 spls, 32 H& r's. So far this test is going well in my estimation. #1 an empty case will not pass. I Prime with the Lee bench prime then resize with the Lee APP, I useta use the breech lock for sizing. My Loadmaster set up, Station #1 flare and powder charge, Station #2 Lockout Die, Station #3 Bullet feed, Station #4 Bullet seat, Station #5 crimp. I have a LED light looking down center hole lighting shell plate. I cant see in any of the cases mentioned unless I stand up with a flash light and look almost straight down at station 3. So this Die has suited me for thousands of rounds, Im very happy with the 4 I have, I just got time on my hands so im doing this. And its starting to look like a 40% under charge will Lock out. Which doesn't appear to give you a squib. and if the 12 % on the over charge holds I dont believe that is a kaboom worthy load at the moment. I dont wanna load 12% over to find out But I do know a dbl charge is kaboom. And this die picks that up.
  11. Well I just started testing since I got all this time on my hands I always adjusted mine to tight tolerance on free passage of charge weight. Just past the bump or clik. I never gave it a thought to find middle ground and see what that would produce, hhmmm. Over charge is the Biggee now isnt it. I have never had a squib or Kaboom. Dont want neither! I load for accurate, high quality and reliable ammo. Not Speed loading ammo. As like you the Die is for powder, no powder and overcharge. how ever if I can get a better handle on how much each swing is that info could be useful. This afternoon I loaded up my Lee auto drum with Unique. Im amazed at how well this measure with a Titan loading Baffle does load after load at the precise charge weight desired. This test was done on the LM Press. Die Locked out on empty Case I set Die up with powder charge of 5.3 gns Unique Overcharge, Die Lock out at 10.6 gns a double charge. Then I started at Max powder charge of 6.9 gns and it passed the die. 7.4 gns. I got a clik and passed - 7.7 gns. Die Locked out. - 7.6 gns Clicked passed. So the Die Locked out at 12% over Maximum Charge. Way under a Double charge that will definitely go KABOOM. Is 12% over a KABOOM? Im gonna keep this goin for now. Next test will be with a 2.3 gn load of Bullseye.
  12. I really like the RCBS Lock Die and have been using them for a while now. So I did a test to see when and where The Die would Lock out on undercharge and overcharge. I don't know if these #'s will work with all powders. I did this test on the bench not on the press. Fer those not familiar, the die has 2 ball bearings in a collar with a shaft down the center with a key way notched in shaft for locking the shaft with the bearings if the pass parameters aren't met. Resources for Test: 38 Spl Federal Brass Vhita Vuori 3N37 Powder - Tubular small grain, flows great through Lee auto drum measure. RCBS M500 Balance Beam scale 6.2 gn powder charge I first ran an empty case through and the Die and it locked, then ran dbl charge 12.4 gn and it locked. Testing under charge weights: 6.0 pass - 5.8 pass - 5.4 pass - 5.0 catch bearing then release - 4.6 catch bearing then release - 4.2 grab then release 3.8 Locked up Die. So a 40% reduction in powder charge locks out the loading process. is 3.8 a squib load? Testing over charge weights: 7.2 Locked - 6.8 locked - 6.6 locked - 6.4 locked - 6.2 free I did not try these #'s on the press. The out come could be different than the bench test. If I do try on press I'll post my findings.
  13. Im in Sussex County how do I get the 243.
  14. Ive never seen any hand gun case lengthen like shouldered cases. Here is a very informative article on it from mass reloading. http://massreloading.com/loading45ACP.html
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