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  1. I have Lee Loadmaster (Modified), Lee Turret, Lee Breech Lock Challenger, an Old 45 Degree offset Challenger and the APP All work just fine for me and make bullets that hit targets like all the rest of the Reloading Presses. I have made thousands and thousands of pistol and rifle ammo. In fact i wore out my first Loadmaster. Reloading lets you work the loads right down to the absolute sweet spot for your gun. Pretty amazing thing actually. My son out shot a friend of his using reloads with a Hipoint 45 it was more accurate than his friends Glock.
  2. My short haired pointer has got one, she's working on #2 The best explanation I've heard about the exploding squirrel population is that the yearly spring birth control measures were interrupted due to China Virus. We all stopped driving during the spring leading to a large population growth. And now its mating season again so all them squirrels are lookin for Darla.
  3. From Hodgdon website: Lead bullets and copper plated lead bullets yield very similar pressure and velocity results, so when the weights are the same, the same data may be used for each. Jacketed Lead core bullets come in a variety of configurations. Jacketed Hollow points and Jacketed Flat points of the same weight use the same data. Round nosed, lead core, full metal jacketed bullets of the same weight can also use the same data. In conclusion, bullets with similar shapes and construction materials will utilize the same data. And, above all else, work up your loads by starting with the beginning load and increase charges in small increments, From the Blue Bullets website: We recommend that you use published lead load data from reputable sources. A coated bullet will run slightly slower than a lead bullet (5FPS-10FPS.)
  4. Good guys dont tell others how to live their lives or tell others how to think! Sounds like Fascist and Communistic economic determinations and intolerant views of how a person should adhere to the central authority on what a price or cost should be. Liberty and freedom can only be restricted by man. I seem to see alotta restrictions of Liberty and Freedom on this board. Pretty funny since a this Forum is about supporting something called the 2nd amendment, a Right. Yet the Right of the 1st Amendment is being attacked in this thread. Anyone can disagree with price, Once you attack the individual, its no longer about the price. Its about...
  5. kinda funny how a person selling something he owns is told by another person who doesn own it. Says to sell it his way or he is a lesser person for not complying. So you sell it fer what ever you want and if I buy it, its cuz it was a price I was willing to pay. "Worth" is what any person is willing to "personally" pay for it! Liberty and Freedom allows you to sell for what ever you want and allows me to buy or not.
  6. Have a family membership and many times 3 of us have taken turns going through magazines. It's a membership outdoor range not an indoor port per $$ person range
  7. VLADTEPES said "you support one of the largest anti gun machines to ever exist... the NJ government through your tax dollars.. which is exactly why I left NJ.. worrying about dicks sporting goods while living under the oppressive NJ government is like worrying about a faucet in your house dripping while the entire second floor is engulfed in flames.." Says you who lives in Pennsylvania and belongs to a NJGunforum??? So you just decided to personally attack me cuz deep down it hurts to know your supporting an anti 2nd amendment retailer? Moderators are here to moderate or attack posters? I notice JackDaWack is of the simular opinion as I, yet you didnt comment or attack his post. Wonder why that is? Last I checked yer Federal tax $$$ are used in the House of reps everyday, whenever they can thwart your 2nd amendment rights they do and will. Oh wait thats right you live in Pennsylvania, They are exempt from Federal law I fergot. While Im at it why is someone from Pennsylvania a Moderator on a NJ Gunsforum? Maybe you should go find a Pennsylvania Gun Forum to Moderate. So you wouldnt have to read from all of Us NJ taxpayers who support an anti gun State such as NJ.
  8. After what Dicks did, no longer selling “assault-style” weapons., (you know these items as AR-15s and standard-capacity magazines, respectively), and would no longer sell firearms to anyone under 21 I would not BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM PERIOD. Why support an anti 2nd amendment retailer!
  9. Apparently "all" reloading hardware is not sold out. Just gotta look around. https://www.precisionreloading.com/cart.php#!l=LE&i=90030 They also have a Hornady single stage kit that is almost $400 more than the Lee kit. The only difference is the Lee doesn't come with a reloading book. Weather you spend $3000 for a Mark 7 press or $50 Lee press. The one thing they will have in common, is in the end both will make ammo that goes bang.
  10. IMO go buy a reloading book. ABC's of reloading, Lyman, Hornady ect. Buy a single stage press. Breech lock is a little easier changing dies than the standard screw in press. Look on line for "reloading kit" it will have all the hardware needed to start reloading. The exception to that is the dies neccessary for the brass will have to be purchased separately. Least expensive would be Lee Precision, Lee Reloading 2nd Edition is an excellent book to learn with Lee equipment. Look online for beginner reloading ect. Plenty of resources out there to gain an understanding of what's needed to get started.
  11. America’s ‘New’ Favorite — 9mm Luger By Gun Digest Editors June 22, 2018 Found this. pic from above article
  12. What ammo you use will be a personal preference of recoil, accuracy and cost. All guns are not the same, all ammo is not the same, what is accurate in mine may not be accurate in yours. Its conceivable and or actual that recoil can be heavier with a lighter bullet than heavier bullet. Yet many factors go into "recoil" weight of gun experience of shooter, high power factor ammo or minor power factor ammo. Whichever ammo you choose, it should be the one you hit the target with the most and what you feel comfortable with. just try different ammo manufacturers and different weights of bullets and you will find yer preference!
  13. Have you ever or when is the last time you Limed yer yard? Always good to do twice a year. Its all I do, No fertilizer, nuthin. Just lime twice a year. dont matter if ya use pellets or powdered granular.
  14. Seems like O'l Aunt Mary knew a thing or to when it came ta puttin stuff in da ground before May 15th
  15. Yea but they sure look nice all lined up when I open da box!
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