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  1. You might be correct but the're not in there to enforce state laws. If they get you with MANY guns well packaged as in for sale they might call ATF. If Its your legal gun in FL and you go offshore fishing nobody is going to bother you for your pistol or shot gun. In fact you dont violate ANY federal or state laws
  2. I dont know the NJ case but who will check the international waters if you have a gun? " If you are in Florida waters and you have a gun license in Florida, you are good to go. If you cross into International Waters, that very same gun is now illegal to have on your boat." Keep one aboard, shut up and don't be a jerk I Remember a fl guy was asked by the state police if he has a gun aborad while in NJ waters. He answer yes and they arrested him. Later they let him go "because he didn't know the law "
  3. Yep marlintag, now that i have read the previous posts I understand whats going on TY
  4. Thanks Mrs Peel To the guy that asked how UI see this as good news, But I might be wrong "Petitioner asks this Court to grant certiorari to determine whether New Jersey’s near-total prohibition on carrying a firearm in public violates his Second Amendment right to bear arms, made applicable to the States through the Fourteenth Amendment," he said. "This case gives us the opportunity to provide guidance on the proper approach for evaluating Second Amendment claims; acknowledge that the Second Amendment protects the right to carry in public; and resolve a square Circuit split on the constitutionality of justifiable need restrictions on that right." Thomas closed with a parting shot at his fellow justices. "Rather than prolonging our decade-long failure to protect the Second Amendment, I would grant this petition," he said.
  5. Dont know how to interpret this but to me looks like good news https://www.foxnews.com/politics/thomas-kavanaugh-lament-decade-long-failure-to-protect-the-second-amendment
  6. Welcome to TRUE America. It starts on Western border of NJ and extends all the way to the homeless state on West coast
  7. Here is a very good learning lesson regarding all types of ammo in a fire or other ways of abusing them. Will they start shooting lead endangering you neighbors? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SlOXowwC4c
  8. Legal immigrant here, I love the country pay more than most people in taxes, rode my motorcycle in 47 states ( missed N Dakota) have 3 hand guns which I very often conceal carry and I strongly support 2ND amendment. And lastly, I agree with USRifle.
  9. Well.... If true what he did, he does not have the right to have, carry a gun. A guy that steals is not an honorable citizen
  10. Here we go again. Another free state https://www.foxnews.com/us/permitless-gun-carry-oklahoma
  11. Apparently you can have any ethnic organization as long as is not white or FBI will pay you a visit
  12. It sounds racist, right? The media has double standards for a long time. And of course they had to drag Trumps name in there. For video google CBS NAAGA https://www.npr.org/2019/07/10/738493491/with-a-growing-membership-since-trump-black-gun-group-considers-getting-politica
  13. Apparently not so. Although making less restrictive gun-laws in other state might have different results. The conclusion is that Its not the guns, its the people the determining factor in crime rate http://maineexaminer.com/maine-tops-safest-states-rankings-four-years-after-relaxing-key-gun-law/
  14. As I said it many times is warmer in NJ than here in Edgewater FL. We had 89 F today Tomorrow the same. Never had a problem with the electricity since the grid was designed to run at 100% A/C load
  15. Some more https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/new-jersey-residents-flee-millionaires-tax
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