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  1. They wouldn't mail to me. Today I went and picked it up It just simply states that I can carry a handgun.
  2. I love these guys: ANJRPC just sent them another donation. Good work. Thank you!
  3. Every search engine, US Carry or some other sites say that Open carry is not prohibited if you have a NJ carry permit. Somehow, I think that it is not permitted. Can someone enlighten me pls
  4. Now comes the WHY, What is the reason in the state's mind for prohibiting the hollow point bullet?
  5. I know a while back you could only transport hollow point bullets in NJ to a shooting range and some other conditions. Mostly everyone knows that hollow points are used for personal defense. Since the state was forced to allow CCW on the average citizen without "an immediate need" I wonder if they changed their stand on hollow point bullets for those who legally carry a gun.
  6. I dont know if it was posted in here but on Feb 8 2023 the cost to your police department for getting a CCW permit went from $50.00 to $200.00. Nothing will stop them to make it whatever they desire.
  7. Today I have sent an email to NJSP and I was called back in a short while. They say the permit was approved last week. I have to see if I can convince them to mail it to me or otherwise Il pick it up in about 3 weeks I applied around Jan 5 or so. The references were not called as far as I know
  8. Im at about 40 days. How do you guys get notified of the approval call or email?
  9. Glad to hear that no more judge meetings are required. The cost for a FL or other far away guy will be prohibitive. I come to NJ maybe 3 times a year to see family on special occasions, but I cannot schedule a judge appointment. Asides from some speeding points like 30 years ago my past is pristine so I see no problem. If I get the permit that will add only two states. NJ and Minesota. Lets hope that the permit becomes national Having the qualifying gun listed on the back is silly . What happens if you decide to sell it and get a new one? Once you can drive a car you can drive all sorts of cars( maybe not stick shift)
  10. you said you have a court appointment to pick it up. How did it go?
  11. Well I think thats what the cops say not the law. Unfortunately, I can see see the gun ranges pushing for it as there is in their interest. With some luck some other state gets sued to make these permits universal in all the states as your driver license is
  12. Thank you for posting I put in my application on Dec27. I also had my qualification done here in FL. I don't understand why there is a need to see a judge again but were talking NJ here I had the fingerprints done by IDENTOGO here in Fl because they didn't have any appointments for the days I was in NJ. They charge $40.00 more because it's out of state. The total charge was $100.45 I was told by an officer that starting July they will take applications online. He actually said that Murphy signed such a law. I tried finding it but no luck .I appreciate all out of state experience postings so we can get a reference point
  13. I will be in NJ on the end of December. I have all the paperwork done, I see the forms posted online are old so im not sure what amount the check should be for permit to carry, Can I give them a personal check or a credit card, when do I pay for fingerprinting, and can that be done out of state? Thank you
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