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  1. I own a 92 FS INOX. I bought it here in FL brand new about 4 years ago for around $600.00. Thats the restricted gun I would like to take across Canada to Alaska.
  2. I plan to fly to Alaska this Fall or Winter to see Aurora Borealis. Do the airline charge a fee for the gun transportation?
  3. OMG . I know people have different taste of movies. My wife and I hardly can watch the same film. HOWEVER we both agreed that Take Shelter is THE WORST movie we ever watched. She quit mid movie and like a fool, I was waiting for some dramatic improvement. I wasted 2 hours and one minute of my life + 2 dollars for youtube. Netflix does not have it. I rate everything from a scale of 1 to 10. This movie was a 2 .
  4. Being in Fl my permit is accepted in almost 40 States. However when I travelled thru Illinois this Summer I had to store my gun in the trunk. In there it is as good for defending myself or others as my motorcycle horn would be. Support NRA in the fight to have National CCW passed! http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/09/14/licensed-gun-owner-aids-illinois-cops-in-shootout-with-suspect-1-officer-injured.html
  5. Surprised most guys dont know these days a garage opener has a rolling code. "Modern garage door openers transmit a radio signal that has a binary number encoded in it. The transmitter transmits a binary number, the receiver looks for that number, and it only opens the door if it "hears" the correct number. To prevent replay attacks (that is, to prevent a criminal from using a radio to listen to the code that is sent by a remote, then just playing the same code back to open the garage door), each time a code is used, a new code is generated. The radio transmitter and the radio receiver both contain a chip that uses the same system for generating new codes."
  6. At times I dont use my generator for 3-4 years but I always run the carburetor dry and add some stabilizator in the tank. I put a bit of gasoline in the air intake and it starts easily. The old gasoline purrs like fresh one. Just pour it in the car and will be fine
  7. I made a mistake in the original post. They said they would give me a ATT if I permanently relocate to ALASKA. I might consider leaving it in the US someplace.
  8. I travel the country East to West and North to South and all around on motorcycle with my wife. The word is that we'll be traveling to Alaska. As always, for peace of mind we'd like to carry a gun or two along. The only problems we have in the contiguous US are 12 states but we deal with them transporting under Code 18/926A which is a bit more relaxed than what NJ has with regards to transporting. Canada is more restrictive. You cannot import "prohibited" handguns which includes most of the guns with a barrel less than 4.1 inch. Fortunately I have a Beretta 92 FS which is a "restricted gun" . To transport it thru Canada one needs Authorization To Transport ATT and Firearm declaration form. No problem. Easily done. Except, if you're not Canadian resident you have to call Chief Firearm Officer for the province you want to enter the country to get a mailing address. A few years ago I did call and they told me I would only receive the ATT if I was to permanently move to Alaska. I see this rule made up,as they feel like, because I couldn't find it black on white. I will try again, who knows maybe I get another guy on the phone who is not paranoid about guns.
  9. I appreciate your comment. TY
  10. Once you have been found guilty it never expires. Because the OP did not show in court he most likely was found guilty. If the cops could prove NOW that I did something wrong 10 years ago then I will be covered by the statute of limitation
  11. I was wanted by cops too. A tenant handed me an old warrant for my arrest for not showing up to pay a garbage ticket in New Brunswick. The ticket was mailed to the wrong address even though the property tax bill was being sent to my house. I went to the police station and I posted bail, then paid the ticket. Later the city told me to call the inspection department and change my address with them.
  12. I tried to look back at my posts to see if I ever divulged this part of my life. I cannot find it but I only can look back so far. This link takes you to the motorcycle forum where I post about my trips. I find it pretty boring at the beginning but gets more interesting later. There are 3 or 4 trips in there. I started participating in the forum after the Nova Scotia trip so you wont see that trip in the blog. I hope you'll enjoy the read/ pictures. My guns are mentioned in a few occasions. Have fun https://www.goldwingfacts.com/forums/3-events/619793-trip-far-away.html
  13. I love all animals and I dont like to see them killed but sometime it is a "must". However being a motorcycle rider I think deer population has exploded and presents more of a problem then bears. Do bear eat deer? I think so. So maybe thats and answer of reducing one of the nuisances. Beside that Al Sharpton might have a problem with hunting black bear.
  14. I despise Howard Stern, for the way he got himself known. He humiliated his wife. A lot of people listened to his show because he was vulgar. No scruples. I only listened to his talk involuntarily at constructions sites. To each his own. Im glad that he, having a large audience, is pro Second Amendment.
  15. mean time you go across the bridge to PA and buy all you want at Walmart with no question asked.