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  1. HR38 passed the house and went nowhere. Trump will veto it or will try to work a deal for national carry
  2. why would you kill an animal that you really cannot use for any goods. My neighbor got mad cow disease from eating one long ago. Same goes for pigeon shoot.
  3. South Dakota has passed the Constitutional Cary into law https://www.nraila.org/articles/20190131/governor-noem-signs-nra-backed-constitutional-carry-bill
  4. Darn it, time flies by quickly. Seems like it just happened last year
  5. So I guess a judge will drop a shooters charge of "attempted murder" of a cop if his lawyer states that he didn't want to kill the cop, just wanted to prevent the cop from apprehending him. We didnt want to kill the Germans, just tried to stop them taking over the world. See the idiocy? Whats more idiotic about this is the High Exposure will aim at head and chest as I do. But I want to kill while he wants to stop the threat. BS describes it.Same very action different wording. And if the guy still moves he deems the threat wasn't stopped and puts another bullet in the guys head. Nuff said.
  6. As I said before, just word play. Putting an animal "to sleep" or "euthanizing" it is just another word for killing it. But it sounds nicer. Stoping the threat is nicer but you aim to kill. Maybe after the guy being shot in the leg or arm decides to put his hands up and THEN you stop shooting. But things happen very fast in close shooting quarters and you dont have the luxury to analyze the situation during the incident. Yep we shoot to stop the threat by aiming at chest, head and put sufficient lead out till the guy drops. Happy now? And that was my last comment on the subject. It getting boring.
  7. It is political now. Dont use the word "kill "but "stop"instead and you'll be fine. Ill be happy to admit to my being wrong if I was, but as you could see by other posters Im not. Cops dont aim for legs unless that all thats visible. Its fine with me :be the "good guy with a gun"
  8. Lay down and die? I just cannot see myself carry all that stuff around. Its like wearing a helmet in your car or having a fire extinguisher strapped to your back at all times. But whatever makes you feel more comfortable.
  9. Cops are shooting to stop the treat not by aiming at their legs. Your theory only applies when you confront someone that has some weapon other than a firearm AND is at some distance. While we celebrate that pretty lady, either she missed her intended target or made a judgement mistake. Or she might be Clint Eastwood in disguise. In real emergency the sights on your gun are useless and one that says he tries to stop the threat by hurting rather than killing someone is full of BS Shooting to stop encompasses all sort of shooting . Maybe you are an expert but I doubt it
  10. Carrying in National Parks has been legal by a long while now. Just dont carry inside the buildings
  11. I tend to believe you dont understand the immediate need or urgency of using a gun. Not that Im an expert either. You shoot the gun out as the last resort. If your life or someone's else life is TRURLY in danger and there is no option but shooting to kill. This lady was lucky but things could have turned ugly and she easily could have been killed herself. What happens if you try to just stop somebody by injuring and accidentally you kill him ? " I just tried to stop him" doesn't work well in court. I admit at times just producing the weapon might stop someone in his track but shooting to hurt is no way to go for me. JMOHO
  12. Are you telling me You carry an emergency kit at all times? Gun and no gun.
  13. She certainly did her job well. Way to go lady. But no first aid kit in my outing with a gun.I have no intention of shooting anyone.If I do I would want to be fatal.
  14. Maybe this is the first case for someone to be charged with hi cap magazine. The crook will probably sue the shooter and win in court. NJ makes me puke. https://www.nj.com/bergen/2019/01/car-burglary-victim-charged-with-shooting-fleeing-suspect-in-the-back.html
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