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  1. If Im not mistaken CCW's in NY are County issued, so each County may have different ways to make it easy or harder to finalize a permit. I know Someone who took 6 months to get CCW Permit in Buffalo Area. 5 year CCW License/permit, all carry guns listed on License/permit.
  2. Yes I did! I wasn't responding to the Original post. He did mention Deer hunting and mentioned .223 did he not? I was adding nothing more than to what you posted.
  3. Expunged adjudicated records, hides the records from Public scrutiny. Law enforcement still retains knowledge of the courts judgment. even though they are expunged.
  4. DEER Hunting in NJ. Rifle: Muzzle Loader Not less than 44 cal rifle. smooth bore Muzzle Loader not smaller that 20ga. not larger that 10ga. SMALL GAME in NJ. IE: Coyote or Fox: Centerfire rifles: from .17 to maximum of .25 caliber with soft point or hollow point bullets and maximum of 80 grains. .223 cal semi auto Rifle is perfectly legal in NJ to hunt Coyote Or Fox I use a Ruger American .243 Winchester with a vortex scope. Rifle Hunting is allowed 30 mins before sun up to 30 mins after sundown. Shotgun allowed Day or Night. Predator calls Manual or Electronic "is required" The Season is called "special permit season" which runs from January to March
  5. very nice. Nothing more satisfying than rebuilding something that was tossed aside as worthless.
  6. whats that darn thing say, anything you say can and will be used against you... Do you think Gerbal S. Grewel is on yer side??? Ask fer yer lawyer to be present before answering any questions. When law enforcement uses deadly force, a team of investigative and support teams go into action, with the officer usually given time to address the stressful emotional adrenalin driven episode of what just happened before making an official statement. Im sure psychiatric eval is needed to return to duty.
  7. Just my opinion, using over the counter mass produced self defense ammunition by a federally licensed manufacturer that is considered everyday common use ammunition for self defense can not be used against you negatively in the course of your legal self defense in your home. how ever, in home Reloaded ammunition's are not made by a federal licensee and do not meet everyday common use therefore it is quite possible Reload ammo could be used against you negatively...
  8. I just looked and I have the original Auto Prime. Not the auto prime 2.
  9. Ive got one here laying around somewhere. Ill look today and see if its what ya need
  10. I have both the RCBS Lockout die and the Hornady Powder cop. They both work equally well IMO. My motto is When in doubt hammer them out (bullet puller) although I use the RCBS collet puller die set on my press, really helpful when pulling more than 2 rounds. Ive pulled 100 rounds before. If doubt creeps in im pullin and startin over. Oh and the 100 rounds I pulled were all good better to be safe than sorry.
  11. Just saw IMI di-cut 9mm 115 gn. JHP on Midway for $1.20 per round. Shooting sports is starting to get too expensive for the little man. go shoot 50 rnds of 9mm and it costs $60. How long does it take to shoot 50 at the range? heh
  12. I have Lee Loadmaster (Modified), Lee Turret, Lee Breech Lock Challenger, an Old 45 Degree offset Challenger and the APP All work just fine for me and make bullets that hit targets like all the rest of the Reloading Presses. I have made thousands and thousands of pistol and rifle ammo. In fact i wore out my first Loadmaster. Reloading lets you work the loads right down to the absolute sweet spot for your gun. Pretty amazing thing actually. My son out shot a friend of his using reloads with a Hipoint 45 it was more accurate than his friends Glock.
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