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  1. I’m a p-01 fan, factory sights are the worst. just ordered a set of meprolight night sights. Might get another p-01 with a steel frame
  2. In old bridge, they make you pay before they would start the process. They did set up an portal to pay online through the township.
  3. Just applied again last night for more permits via Old Bridge. Last time they were ready for pick up in 13 days. I was happy to see they now accept payment for the permits online via the town website. They require payment before they start “doing their work” on the permit, and this would require a trip down to the PD to pay.
  4. I have a regular gen 5 19 I wouldn’t might parting with. or a regular gen 4 19. PM if interested
  5. I am an owner of 5+ glocks including the g48, and I agree that the new 2.0 series is amazing. The 2.0 compact is my favorite polymer pistol put some night sites on it and it blows the Glock 19 out of the water imo
  6. I love my kahr T9. Fantastic trigger!
  7. Been down south for the past month. Been carrying my Glock 48 and shield pc. Both are comfortable to carry
  8. I like the silver finish.
    Steve is my guy. He handles all of my transfers or orders whatever I need at great prices. he has also facilitated two custom purchases from Henry with custom serial numbers. His pinning of magazines and muzzle devices is also fantastic too. On most jobs I can’t even tell where the pin is. His customer service is second to none. He finished up a job and let me come pick up a job on Christmas Day!! Can’t beat that. and of course the conversion is the main reason I go! cant go wrong with Steve.
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