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  1. I took the NRA CCW course through ROC Training. At the end of the course we did the 50 round NJ Approved Security Guard qualification.
  2. I have a Holosun 508t I would part with. PM me of interested
  3. Title explains it all….. haven’t bought ammo for awhile…. what’s the going rate for 9mm and 22LR?
  4. send you my cell number in the private messages
  5. I sent you a PM the other day, did you get it?
  6. i sent you a private message… possible to upload more pictures including the sights ?
  7. sir- willing to drop to 450 on the kahr k9 elite 2003

    You would cover transfer/ffl fees


    let me know if this works?

  8. alright, let me know if you change your mind! I’m local to Monmouth County too.
  9. Tempting ….. I sold a T9 a few months back and am regretting it ….. Any room in price?
  10. I also have a gen 4 g19 MOS I would sell
  11. I have a glock 23 gen 4 slide I would be willing to sell if interested
  12. sorry. actually got rid of it yesterday. a local gun shop bought it from me from what I was asking for it online.
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