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  1. Depends on the “generation” of the M&P. the trigger on the original M&P series is terrible. Need to upgrade it. I have a few M&P 2.0 (new gen) and the frame texturing is much more aggressive and the trigger is way better than the original in my opinion (triggers) M&p 2.0 > glock > M&P 1.0
  2. I have many handguns, many metal guns, polymer and revolvers. it all depends on what feels good to YOU and YOU shoot well. my first pistol I ever bought was also a Glock 17. wait until the ranges open, rent some stuff and make a personal decision. I own 5+ glocks and shoot them well, I own 4 M&Ps and shoot them great too. M&P 2.0 series feels a lot better to me than any Glock, and are cheaper. I own 3 sigs, polymer and metal, they feel great, but I shoot them like ass. My favorite? Perhaps my CZ P-01.
  3. Just saw this as well. just looked at their Facebook page. It says two of the original owners (Jeff and bill) are retiring, and Tony took on new partners. appears to be a rebranding.
  4. I have an Aegis Elite Pro in 9mm. great shooting gun. It doesn’t like like Winchester White Box!
  5. I live in old bridge , but am a member at union hill. Is old bridge gun club worth it?
  6. My FFL doesn’t ask for FID when buying a pistol. Pistol permit and DL.
  7. I have a good tax guy in Colts Neck if interested
  8. Old bridge. I was thinking my last round would be slower because the lady in the records department retired, but the new person is just as fast. she stated they try and get them done quickly. I have applied so much over the last 8 years I wouldn’t be shocked if mine are getting fast tracked or something. I have other friends in old bridge that get them just as fast, and others that are slower.
  9. Here is my last breakdown: Applied 1/19 via FARS- paid town same day online both reference submit their stuff on 1/20 email from state on 1/25 stating my criminal history was done email from state on 2/1 stating Approved emailed from town on 2/3 stating I can pick up.
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