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  1. I also have a gen 4 g19 MOS I would sell
  2. I have a glock 23 gen 4 slide I would be willing to sell if interested
  3. sorry. actually got rid of it yesterday. a local gun shop bought it from me from what I was asking for it online.
  4. I don’t have a slide, but if anyone is looking for glock 19 gen 5 complete frame, let me know. I have one I am willing to sell.
  5. under 3 weeks in Old Bridge. just got the email the other day.
  6. Just got the email from Old bridge, permit approved in 19 days.
  7. No experience yet, but have been monitoring progress for years. Pictures they posted online seem very nice. a range with no gun or ammo sales. how is that going to work?
  8. Gunnz

    LEO trade in guns

    I’ve been looking for Glock 22 gen 3 (trade in) recently and can’t find one anywhere. as with new handguns, the used market has also dried up.
  9. I’ve bought from classic once, Glock 23 gen 4, police trade in, paid a little extra for the handpick option, the pistol is pristine, maybe not issued. ive read a few horror stories about them too.
  10. Classic firearms had excellent condition models in stock in March when I was looking. I just got a in stock notice alert that they were in stock a few weeks ago. I was in no position to buy, and all my permits were spoken for.
  11. I was looking at police trade in models, most had minor holster wear, some in great condition and priced in mid 300 range.
  12. Ahhh.... was in the market for one of these months ago when I still had permits. Remember the price on them?
  13. Depends on the “generation” of the M&P. the trigger on the original M&P series is terrible. Need to upgrade it. I have a few M&P 2.0 (new gen) and the frame texturing is much more aggressive and the trigger is way better than the original in my opinion (triggers) M&p 2.0 > glock > M&P 1.0
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