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  1. My FFL doesn’t ask for FID when buying a pistol. Pistol permit and DL.
  2. I have a good tax guy in Colts Neck if interested
  3. Old bridge. I was thinking my last round would be slower because the lady in the records department retired, but the new person is just as fast. she stated they try and get them done quickly. I have applied so much over the last 8 years I wouldn’t be shocked if mine are getting fast tracked or something. I have other friends in old bridge that get them just as fast, and others that are slower.
  4. Here is my last breakdown: Applied 1/19 via FARS- paid town same day online both reference submit their stuff on 1/20 email from state on 1/25 stating my criminal history was done email from state on 2/1 stating Approved emailed from town on 2/3 stating I can pick up.
  5. In Old Bridge they also make you pay before they start processing the paperwork via FARS. But, they did create an online website you can pay through so you don’t have to go in and pay in person. last 2 rounds of permits has been exactly 15 days from start to finish.
  6. Took my G44 to the range tonight and only shot cheap 22LR ammo. winchester bulk- had 3 malfunctions out of 100+ rounds 1 Failure to feed (first round of a mag) 2 stove pipes remington golden bullets- 100% reliable and I shot over 200 rounds of it. only positive experiences so far.
  7. I bought one online for $350. Still sitting at Monmouth arms. Hard to get out with 3 kids. hopefully it’s not a lemon
  8. I’ve used both locations and purchased from both. Back years ago, Shore Shot had a much larger inventory and stock of handguns. They also had much longer lines on weekends for range use. Again this was years ago. If I had to choose one location it would be GSSC as I never had to wait for a lane there, but maybe that’s changed.
  9. I Have watched some review videos on them. Everyone keeps saying the lower is exactly the same as a gen 5 G19. would it be possible to just slap a G44 slide on a 19 frame? I know just getting a G44 slide will be very hard. not sure I would want a dedicated 22, but a “Glock conversion” slide would be nice.
  10. Do the old M&P 9c mags fit in the new subcompact?
  11. For anyone interested, the last 2 times I applied in Old bridge it was 13 days and then 15 days.
  12. I’m a p-01 fan, factory sights are the worst. just ordered a set of meprolight night sights. Might get another p-01 with a steel frame
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