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  1. None were out, not saying he doesn’t have any. I couldn’t get near the counter to ask a question
  2. Very crowded today. Few ARs on the wall and a few pistols in the display cases. no milsurps that I saw. Tons of people in there buying shirts and other gear. will go back on another day when it’s less crowded so I can look at what they have.
  3. I’ll be heading over to the grand opening soon. gotta support a local shop
  4. Believe it’s Savage Cerkote that moved and is opening a new retail shop. cant wait to check it it, only a few miles down the road.
  5. Grew up in upstate NY, where I did all my hunters education courses and had my NY hunting license for years. since moving to NJ over a decade ago, I haven’t had a license because I have nowhere to go hunting and don’t know what I have to do to get a license. can I get a NJ hunting license based on having a expired NY license?
  6. Have a friend in law endorcrment who actually camps out sometimes and checks “suspects” garbage. has to be left on the public street. left in driveway or on private property is a no no.
  7. Anyone have one they want to get rid of?
  8. I have a smith and Wesson model 637 airweight. It’s a good little shooter. Very comfortable to shoot with regular 38 special ammo. Very snappy with 38+ ammo. You can find them very cheap. Got mine for about 300, then got a smith and Wesson rebate.
  9. I read that as well. Sucks. also read that analysts are predicting gas to drop 25 cents a gallon in the fall. Hopefully we see some relief.
  10. Only thing I ever bought from them was some .357 sig ammo. It was weak and noticeably underpowered compared to Winchester white box. Where do most people order their ammo online from?
  11. Nice part about open carry is that you can “check out” what others are carrying. guy I saw was carrying a full-size sig 1911 with punisher grips.
  12. I’ve been away on vacation in NC for the last 6 weeks, CCW everyday I go out. have only seen one person open carrying.
  13. I would hope to get the permits soon, use them, go to MVC get a new DL and then apply for a new FID (change of address) and more new permits.
  14. Don’t change your drivers license until you get them and use the permit?
  15. If NJ loses and we are not granted an injunction, couldn’t we appeal to higher courts? doesnt SCOTUS usually take up cases where different circuits disagree?