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  1. Is a 9mm version going to be available soon?
  2. About a month faster in my town. Went from 5-6 weeks down to exactly 2. some towns still seem to be dragging their feet.
  3. With the new system received my permits in exactly 2 weeks. New record for Old Bridge.
  4. I have a sub 2k gen 2 that takes Glock mags. It has run flawlessly and is fun to shoot. major negative: the sights. God awful, I couldn’t even use them. I removed the crappy back flip up sight, and have a romeo 5 on it. The red dot makes it very fun to shoot.
  5. Like I stated above, I was worried I would be in the same situation as OP. I talked to someone today about my CCW status, and they said my background check is pending through the FBI. They said they at no time check with NJ
  6. I also think it will be relisted. There aren’t many conference days left this term.
  7. True. the justices probably discuss and vote on stuff tomorrow though. Her untimely choking on a burger or wing wouldn’t help us for this case.
  8. Likely hear on Tuesday. But, most cases are scheduled for conference many times before a decision is made.
  9. I think I got lucky with the NICS issue... definitely would have been in same situation as OP. I did upload my fingerprint card, which they claim was missing. since my fingerprints were missing, I doubt they ran a NICS check. My NJ OGAM is up today. I sent in actual fingerprint card Thursday and it will arrive tomorrow. Though I have a pistol waiting and I am ready to pick up, I am gonna wait a few weeks to make sure I get approved by Florida in the meantime.
  10. Got my letter from Florida today. even though I am in the same boat at OP, my letter said I was missing my fingerprint card. I did submit it online, but guess it didn’t attach properly or maybe it wasn’t clear. Guess I am just gonna mail the card in and see what happens.
  11. My status online doesn’t say denial, it says incomplete. maybe they didn’t like my passport photo. but like you, my NICS might have effected it. should get the letter tomorrow or Thursday
  12. Don’t worry Steve, I’m think I’m caught in this situation too.
  13. They said sending this information in will be sufficient for approval?
  14. Looks like I am going to be in the same boat. picked up pistol in NJ 3/17 picked up pistol in NJ 4/18 Applied for FLA renewal on 3/23. checked my status online, and says on 5/13 they sent me a detailed letter saying my application is incomplete. must be due to the same issue. cant wait for the letter. What paperwork did you provide to FLA to clear it up?
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