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  1. If you build it you'll know the quality of the components (because you selected them) and be able to build the gun specifically to your needs. If you know what you're doing I would assume it's also fun/rewarding/relaxing to take the time and attention to detail that wouldn't necessarily be spent on a mass-produced firearm. If you don't know what you're doing it will probably be an exercise in frustration and you could end up with a kaboom. Fully assembled rifles are ready to go and enjoy out of the box. They usually come with a warrantly if it doesn't operate as advertised.
  2. Where/how did you get yours? What was the price? How does it shoot?
  3. I don't think he necessarily disagrees with your enthusiasm, I think he's pointing out that trying to get random people to send random "2A Resolutions" from an unknown "2A Sanctuary" group to county governing bodies is about as effective as shouting out the window. I personally think that ANY effort like this is a good one. It's polite, orderly, and at a minimum brings attention to the fact that there are people in NJ who are looking for change. Also, for what it's worth I'd recommend re-shooting the video at the website. Have the person shave the awful neckbeard and DON'T shoot the video in a friggin car. It would look 1000 times more polished/professional if you simply put the guy in a button-down shirt sitting at a desk or table. Good luck.
  4. Depends on condition, timing, and how you're selling IMO. Most people who bought cheap Mosins realized that there's not much you can do to make them sub-MOA guns, so outside of fun/truck gun status there's not really a huge demand for them. Also, the crates of cheap surplus ammo aren't so plentiful anymore, so it's getting a little more expensive to shoot them. I suppose you could get $400 for a numbers matching M44 in really good condition, but I doubt it would sell quickly since there are now NICS and transfer fees involved. I still see them around for $250 - $350, but if your patient then start high and see what happens. I still enjoy shooting my M44...
  5. If you're in NJ you can't purchase it to begin with, so you wouldn't get the chance to put the vertical grip on it If you purchased it somewhere else (somehow) and put a VFG on it I think you're in the land of "don't ask, don't tell" because you'd have a compliant gun in your hands. Lot's of "what if's" (where you live, where you're buying, etc, etc) would impact your results...
  6. Crazy situation. Wonder if this can happen with the non-firearm short barrel AR's that are being sold now...
  7. Here's the video that's linked in the article. It's from 2017:
  8. What kind of ammo are you using? A friend at my club had similar issues with his brand new pistol but he was running handloads through it, so that was the culprit. Some manufacturers recommend running a few boxes of 147gr ammo through the gun first to break things in, but I'm not sure about Sig...
  9. Unfortunately this is a good point. I always get some ammo on Black Friday and look for sellers online who are getting rid of excess just so I have some on hand. I reload, so I have LOTS of powder, primers, and bullets stashed away for the rainy days when they come back.
  10. Depends on how much you shoot and how much you want to buy. If you only shoot 100 rounds every other month then it doesn't really matter where you get it. If you can afford to put out a couple hundred dollars and buy in bulk you'll save a lot in the long run.
  11. I think the "out of reach" is the most important part. Like others I think it's ridiculous, but I keep them separate so I don't become the test case...
  12. 124gr9mm

    10mm Glock

    I have a steel frame EAA Witness in .45acp that takes conversion slides. I picked up a .22lr slide when my daughter got interested in shooting, and a 9mm slide when she wanted to shoot centerfire matches. All this 10mm talk makes me think I should get a 10mm slide for me:
  13. I always have a separate container for ammo, but I've seen others combine it all into one. Your decision...
  14. I agree with you. I appreciated the effort at working around the NJ laws, but the execution was a little short IMO. Just seems strange that the ATF would state that the rifle isn't a shotgun and then in the very next sentence say it IS a shotgun.
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