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  1. Because they make it look so fun and easy!
  2. Nice find. Seeing your post made me curious, so here's how to reload brass shotgun shells: You can buy a box of 25 for about $20, so I might give it a try just for the fun of it; https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/25-rds-magtech-loadable-brass-shotshells-12-gauge?a=518023
  3. Thanks for sharing. That's a good price. I buy Nobelsport Minibuck when it goes on sale, but it's rarely under .50 per round.
  4. I think most of the places around here say "no reloads", but I've yet to have anyone check. Yes, when i go to a public range I put my reloads in previously used factory ammo boxes, but i've still never been questioned...
  5. Not sure about that GRIZ. The court already had a protection order in place that said he couldn't carry, so this ruling was made on a petition by the agents lawyer to have the protection order modified. Generally speaking I don't believe being an FBI agent insulates someone from rulings in criminal cases. I'm not a lawyer, so I could be wrong...
  6. Was told by a judge that he's allowed to carry again while his criminal case is taking place: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-44775118 Judge: FBI agent charged after backflip shooting can carry gun An FBI agent who is accused of accidentally shooting a man while performing a backflip in a bar can have his gun back, a judge has ruled. Chase Bishop, 29, was off-duty when he was filmed dropping his gun while dancing. As he picked it up he fired one shot, seriously wounding a man. Video of the 2 June incident in a Denver nightclub led to his arrest. On Tuesday a county judge in Colorado - where he is facing a second-degree assault charge - issued the ruling. During the court appearance in Denver Mr Bishop's protection order was amended to allow him to resume carrying his service pistol both while on and off duty... A lawyer for Mr Bishop told the judge that the man who was shot in the leg, Tim Reddington, 24, and his family did not object to the agent continuing to carry his gun. In an interview less than a month after the shooting, Mr Reddington, who had recently moved to Denver from Chicago, said he did not blame the agent. "I don't want to blame anybody, throw anybody under the truck," he told ABC's Good Morning America programme. Dancing FBI agent charged after shooting Mr Bishop's drug and blood alcohol tests, which will not be released, do not warrant any further charges, prosecutors told the Denver Post. Colorado law prohibits anyone from carrying a gun while under the influence of alcohol. Lawyers say that a plea deal is being negotiated to settle the assault charge, but did not disclose any details." Looks like it's being swept under the rug. I can only imagine if this was happening ot a regular citizen and not an FBI agent. I doubt anyone else would get away with the "Ooops" defense.
  7. Indeed. While they certainly can sell online, it's reasonable to assume that NJ-based residents are their primary customers, so it will definitely be a pain to shift gears and sell online or in a different state (gun shows, etc).
  8. An FFL's inventory is unsalable to NJ residents. Doesn't mean they can't sell them to people in states where 15 round magazines are legal.
  9. I can't imagine anyone ever being prosecuted for that.
  10. I don't think your ears would notice the difference between the 9mm and a .357 magnum: db Environmental noise 0 Threshold of hearing 10 Normal breathing 20 Rusting leaves 30 Whisper at 30 feet 40 Quiet street 50 Interior home noise … … 120 Threshold of pain 158 .38 Special revolver 159 .30-06 160 9mm Para pistol 163 .41 Magnum revolver 164 .357 Magnum revolver 164 .44 Magnum revolver https://www.m1911.org/loudness.htm
  11. IMO a lot more information is needed before an accurate answer can be provided. Will this be a home defense gun, carry gun, for a man or woman, someone with lots of experience, no experience, etc, etc. In very general terms if it's going to be a gun that sits in the nightstand or under a pillow and rarely (if ever) get fired, then go with the revolver. If it's going to be used at the range or for carry purposes then go with the semi-auto, but again, there are too many variable that come into play to make a decision based on the original post.
  12. VERY good point Jack! Glad I bought mine from you!!!
  13. Great deal. I reload, but that's a cheap way to get target ammo and fresh brass for reloading at the same time.