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  1. I've shot it before as well and had no issues. Free shipping by the case as well. Good deal for those in need.
  2. Tanfoglio/Witness are essentially CZ clones, so you can cross them off the list if you don't like CZ's. Good luck on your search!
  3. Decision, decisions... If you keep the M&P for home defense then I'd say get a CZ or Tanfoglio/Witness for competition. You can find them reasonably priced (non-pimped) and have something "different". If you keep the M&P for competition you could get a Glock (gasp) or Sig, or HK, etc, etc for home defense. Either way...you'd be getting a new gun
  4. As for the new pistol you should ABSOLUTELY buy, what kind of competition shooting do you do? Buying the same pistol again would work...but that's not really as fun.
  5. I picked the TLR-3 for my Glock 17. Like you, I thought the TLR-1 was too bulky. TLR-3 seems just right to me:
  6. Check out the classes offered by Gun for Hire. They seem to have a great mix of pistol, rifle, adn shotgun courses for all skill levels: https://gunforhire.com/academy/ Their instructors are current or former LEO/Military with lots of training experience.
  7. Same. I was there on Saturday with 2 of my kids and there was plenty of space between shooters.
  8. Precedent setting. The more cuts they can add at time like this the more it bleeds into "normal" life.
  9. Oh stop. It's not like you're a long standing member of the forum who's having trouble finding some rare part for a gun. You're like a noob who opened the door to a new club and asked if anyone knows where to get toilet paper. You're asking your question a few weeks too late. Like JackDaWack said, it's going to take a long time for things to catch up. If you have friends who shoot ask them if they have a box or two to spare, otherwise take it as a lesson learned and be sure to have some on hand for next time.
  10. Yeah, I think the pendulum will swing back and we'll see some cheap AR's and AK's. Might have to wait until after the election as people tend to get nervous and drive prices up a bit.
  11. Not sure you're giving a fair representation of .308 velocity. Rifleshooter.com did a test several years ago where they shot rounds from a barrel that they incrementally chopped from 28" to 16.5" and recorded velocities. While the drop from 28" to 16.5" was significant, only the heaviest bullet (180 gr) dropped below 2400 fps. I think "most" people use 147/150 grain bullets in their semi-auto's, so the results for those might be considered more typical. Not sure that it would fall into your "sub optimal" category for OP's purposes. 308 Winchester Barrel length in inches versus Muzzle velocity in feet-per-second (ft/sec) Rifleshooter.com Barrel length Winchester 147 FMJ IMI Samson 7.62 150 FMJ Federal 168 Gold Medal Winchester 180 PP 28 2965 2823 2706 2632 27 2962 2800 2697 2607 26 2955 2801 2673 2597 25 2917 2769 2659 2585 24 2909 2766 2635 2553 23 2877 2744 2618 2553 22 2837 2718 2597 2527 21 2807 2683 2580 2507 20 2804 2679 2565 2478 19 2757 2634 2532 2441 18 2739 2595 2523 2411 17 2707 2577 2481 2401 16.5 2682 2561 2466 2373 AVG velocity loss fps/inch 24.6 22.8 20.9 22.5 Interesting read for anyone interested in this stuff: https://rifleshooter.com/2014/12/308-winchester-7-62x51mm-nato-barrel-length-versus-velocity-28-to-16-5/
  12. I think it's fine. I'm a fan of the .308 caliber. Look like it will be point and shoot up to 200 yards.
  13. Agree. I've had a few friends who think they're "gun guys" (they have a pistol in the house that's been fired once, but they have no ammo) ask me how they can 'stock up" on ammo "just in case", but my more liberal friends are still hunkered down and confident that the police will protect them.
  14. Agree. Judge needs censure of some kind. Glad the appellate judge got it right. I'll retreat to my home. Beyond that there is no retreat...
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