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  1. I wasn't aware of that. It was my understanding that there was no broad database available. Local PD's receive a copy of the purchase permit, but I didn't know there was a database where the information was loaded/stored.
  2. If you think about it, that's the same process as buying online from a place like Bud's or Gunbroker. You complete the sale first, and then the seller delivers the gun to your FFL. Seller has his money and your FFL has the gun.
  3. My wife mentioned that to me theis weekend. She said it was like some kind of mass squirrel execution took place on Rt. 23.
  4. So in these imaginary scenarios you're leaving firearms in your vehicles, unattended, for extended periods of time, right? Like if you're going to the grocery store, church, the mall, etc, you're bringing your long gun with you and just leaving it in the vehicle? Or are you only loading up when going to get gas or on short trips where you won't be leaving the vehicle? It won't help in a carjacking or a drive-by. I'm trying to figure out the scenario where the risk/reward calculation makes sense.
  5. They were being funny. Ammo is very expensive now...
  6. Unreal. Kel-Tec Sub 2000. Looks like the idiot had finger firmly on the trigger while charging the action. Thankfully the barrel was pointed at the ground...
  7. Absolutely. Bring whatever you have to the fight. If all you have is a .22 (or if your .22 is all that's within arms reach when you need it!!!) then use it. I personally wouldn't limit myself to .22 for home defense, but if a bad guy broke in I wouldn't bypass the the .22 and fight empty-handed because I thought my .22 wouldn't be effective.
  8. My experience has been the same. I'm not picky, so i've been able to find 9mm, but options for .224 have been very limited, particularly 55 grain stuff.
  9. In my opinion 38sp, 380, and 9mm are all reasonable calibers to use for home defense. I think a lot of people have a single pistol in a drawer somewhere (maybe passed down from a relative) that they dust off and shoot at a range once every few years. If someone can put any of those calibers into the center mass of a bad guy it would be effective. I personally went with 9mm because I needed my first pistol to wear multiple hats (home defense, sport/competition, carry (potentially), etc) and I felt a full sized 9mm (Glock in my case) was the way to go. I've since added a revolver in .38 Special/.357 Magnum because I think having a revolver is a good idea, and I have a pistol with .45 acp and 9mm slides that another family member uses for sport/competition. I have nothing against .380 acp, but for me it doesn't make sense to get one. There's nothing special the caliber offers that the others don't cover. We can't carry in NJ, and if we could I'd just get a sub compact 9mm. I understand the 'bigger is better" concept that helped to boost the popularity of 10mm, but i think the majority of gun owners would have challenges managing recoil and keeping the "bigger" calibers on target.
  10. Agree. I buy powder, primers, and bullets even when factory ammo is cheap/available. My daughter and I shot a Steel Challenge match in February right before everything closed down due to COVID, and some of the young guys were teasing me because I was picking up brass. They said "9mm is so cheap now you're only saving 3 cents per round. It's not worth the time to reload". Guarantee that they're not laughing right now.
  11. I switched to online a few years ago (around the same time I started reloading). Prior to that I'd wait for family trips and pick up ammo at places like Cabela's or even WalMart in other states. When I need something more immediately I'll make the trip to Sloatsburg NY and stop by Master Arms or Davis Sports.
  12. Good luck. Share some pictures when you finally have the pistol in hand!
  13. Respectfully, referencing an urban combat scenario doesn't really support a "case closed" home defense argument.
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