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  1. I tend to lean this way as well. I prefer manual/key/combination pad locks. The last thing I want to deal with is a battery or electronics failure...
  2. Thanks all. I appreciate the feedback. Valid arguments for both, so I may just do a wait and see and grab whichever comes available first.
  3. I agree. I think that's a big reason they're making a media circus out of these high school kids and turning them into minor celebrities. They're hoping that when they turn 18 the kids will still be on fire and turn out to vote against anyone who received money from the NRA.
  4. Politics, politics, politics. Democrats and liberals are still stinging from the loss to Trump and the fact that he's had some success so far. They've been clinging to the Russian collusion thread in hopes that it will help in mid-term and the next Presidential election, but they've been desperate for something better. Now they think they have it. They have immediately cast the NRA as the enemy, so they are already "outing" anyone who has received campaign contributions from the NRA and will directly target them in negative advertising. Since they don't have any platform of their own to run on they will make gun control their sole focus.
  5. Glad there's some improvement. Honestly I think the best thing for you would be to keep things as quiet as possible. Outside of work keep everything as soft as possible. Turn off the radio in the car, no TV or music at home, etc. Hell, wear some earmuffs when you get home from work and just read books for a week or two. Be as aggressive as possible keeping things quiet.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Based on internet postings the AA kit was my top choice so it's good to hear someone validate that it functions well.
  7. I have a 1 year old goldendoodle (about 50 pounds) and we've always given her Performatrim Ultra from Pet Valu - http://us.petvalu.com/products/dog/food?brand=4&home=0&no_cache=true&p=2#!/no_cache=true&p=clear&brand=4 She has solid poop every time. We feed her twice a day (and put some cooked chicken or beef in at dinner time) and she's never complained. We like it because it's limited ingredients and limited grains.
  8. I don't currently own a .22 pistol, but a couple of kids (already rifle shooters) are interested in shooting pistols, so I want to pick up something that they can start with without worrying about recoil, and I think it would help my pistol technique as well (and maybe get me started in some friendly Bullseye shooting at the range). With that in mind I was considering getting a .22 conversion slide for either my EAA Witness (full sized stainless) or my Glock G17. The logic there is that I don't need a purchase permit, and the transition back to the standard calibers (.45 and 9mm) would be more familiar on the same frame. Cost on the conversion kit would be about $200 - $250 for the witness and $300+/- for the Glock. However after looking around online it looks like there are some good .22 pistols that I can get for the same price as the conversions slide, so it would be easier to just get one of those and be able to have someone shoot the .22 while someone else is shooting the others. Anyone have experience with both?? Ultimately it's a win-win as either option achieves the goal, so I won't be offended with differing views (though I'm currently leaning towards a dedicated pistol chambered in .22) Thanks!
  9. Better do it quickly before it's identified as a "loophole" in the gun laws...
  10. How long ago did this happen? If you had a (successful) hearing test and the Dr (not nurse) saw no tear in the eardrum then I'm not really sure what you're looking for.
  11. I agree. My range toys aren't nearly as nice as those!
  12. Nice collection Given your thoughts about carry I think the Glock 19 is a good choice. You seem to be a Ruger fan so how about a Ruger LCR in .357/.38 Special for carry?
  13. Same here. Sometimes I don't need/want $500 worth of ammo, so getting free shipping when ordering $50 worth would be a good thing.
  14. Thanks for sharing this.
  15. Might be worth giving him a call. " For sale: A rare Kel-Tec sub 2000 in 9mm, wich accepts Glock 19 magazines, Nickel Boron. Need some money for college so, unfortunelly, it has to go... " He probably has a lower price in mind that he'll accept. Saves money on a NICS check, FFL fee's, tax, etc. The Glock 19 version is pretty hard to find locally. Just sayin...