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  1. My order from Evike was dropped off by UPS today, so I can recommend them for anyone interested in Airsoft. They had a VERY good selection of guns and accessories on their site and they offered free shipping for orders over $99. I was JUST at that with with the pistol, CO2 (on sale), ammo (on clearance), and an extra magazine. I won't get to play for a while but I shot a couple of magazines and I think this will be a great addition to my 'dry fire' practice. I have a couple of 5 gallon buckets with old towels that I use as target backers so as long as my aim is good the bb's will be captured in the buckets.
  2. Thanks for sharing that. I've make the drive to Cabela's every now and then when I'm bored, so maybe I'll check Sportsman's out next time instead...
  3. Glad to hear that you have others to shoot. When my kids are out of college (eventually...hopefully...) I'm planning on getting a Garand, Mauser, and Mosin to hang on the wall in my office. I'll obviously have others that I bring to the range to shoot, but I like the nostalgia factor of having non shooting/collectable ones as well.
  4. Sweet! Where did you find it? Do you plan on shooting it or is it for collection/restoration?
  5. Article from same author on his 15.5" tactical bolt rifle build: https://rifleshooter.com/2013/11/super-short-precision-rifles-a-16-5-308-tactical-bolt-action-rifle/
  6. Here's an article where the author tested .308 velocity on different barrel lengths as he CHOPPED his barrel from 28" down to 16.5"!!!! https://rifleshooter.com/2014/12/308-winchester-7-62x51mm-nato-barrel-length-versus-velocity-28-to-16-5/ So if you're shooting 168 gr bullets from an 18" barrel you're still floating around 2500 fps. Not going to get you out to 1000 yards, but not going to limit you to 200 either...
  7. About 3 years ago I did a budget .308 bolt rifle build. MUCH easier than the AR build I completed a couple of months ago. Howa 24" .308 Heavy Barrel Action from Brownells B&C Varmint stock Athlon scope Knock-off Harris-style stock I took my time assembling, but everything went together very well. The only challenge i found was that the travel of the bolt was sluggish when I had everything bedded/torqued in to the stock. I took everything apart and put it back together a few times and realized that the channel in the stock behind the bolt wasn't quite deep enough, so the bolt was rubbing against it. This meant the line of travel wasn't straight and there was friction against the metal frame. I used a light tough with my dremmel tool to make the channel big enough for the bolt, and the action is smooth as silk. Before: After:
  8. Thanks Digz. Your perspective has repeatedly and abundantly been made clear. I just placed an order, so I'll update when/if something is delivered!
  9. FYI, there's an Airsoft shop in Totowa NJ which has a good inventory of pistols, rifles, accessories, etc. https://totowaairsoft.com/ It's half Army/Navy kind of store and half Airsoft. It's local to me, so I stopped in and the young guy behind the counter was VERY nice and helpful. I introduced myself as a noob and talked about what he had in stock, my needs, etc. I think the guns they have are more than I really need ($150 and up), but if I do get a gun somewhere I'll try to support them and go there for ammo, gas/CO2, and other supplies.
  10. Soooo...don't do stupid things with an airsoft gun?
  11. You can be charged with anything, but it doesn't mean you're guilty of it. In the case you're referencing the actor was charged with a list of things but ultimately a plea was reached : "Goias pleaded guilty to creating a false public alarm, a charge stemming from the reaction of residents who thought the image of Goias leaning out a car driving down the street firing a gun was real and called police." https://www.mycentraljersey.com/story/news/crime/jersey-mayhem/2016/07/20/actor-pleads-creating-public-alarm-gun-woodbridge-film-scene/87354984/
  12. I have a junior shooter who wants to get involved with action shooting so I'd like to get an Airsoft pistol or two to run some practice stages before entering a match. I'd love to grab something from Amazon but they won't ship to NJ. Anyone know of stores that have a selection of lower budget Airsoft pistols that i can pick up? I doubt there are any websites that would ship to NJ but I'd prefer that (price and selection would probably be better) but let me know if you're aware of any. Thanks!
  13. Sounds like you'll be having a lot of fun. As crazy as it sounds I think you need a purchase permit for pistols, so factor that into your plans as well...
  14. Looks fun, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere near it when someone is shooting...
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