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  1. See prior comment about street dealers...
  2. 124gr9mm

    Kel-Tec KS7

    Good for Kel Tec. I'm a big fan of the KSG, so I'm not surprised they came out with a single stack version. Hopefully they make it out into the wild at some point.
  3. Did you read the original post? Among other things he was charged with "Possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose", "Unlawful Possession of an Assault Rifle", "Pointing a firearm in the direction of a person or property". This wasn't a happy suburban chap who followed the letter of the law his whole life with the exception of this one slip up. It's a thug who didn't legally possess or handle the weapon. It's like you're making a theoretical argument and ignoring the article. I think the opinions are based on the totality of the scenario, so in this case the tattoos are just the icing on the cake.
  4. 124gr9mm

    In Defense of the .22

    Nice find! He's a funny guy...
  5. Boo, hoo, hoo. Looks like jumping on the anti-gun bandwagon isn't paying off for Dick's With sales falling after the implementation of corporate gun control Dick’s Sporting Goods may have to close 35 stores across 18 states. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2018/12/11/corporate-gun-control-fail-dicks-may-close-35-stores-across-18-states/?fbclid=IwAR2bnzHx00pZlmhci_sfAFbFs0Wo-U-DRiu1iDXLjkl0jBto7i8ewFSFX2Q
  6. 124gr9mm

    Brownell's: $35 off $300 with code VBY

    Thanks for sharing.
  7. 124gr9mm

    223 Reloading Stuff

    That's a good deal!
  8. 124gr9mm

    Beware of the Tristar setter...

    Sorry to hear about this. I was looking at the Tristar over/under last year for the same reasons as you (inexpensive shotgun for clays). 1600 rounds seems like a really low round count for the problems you're experiencing so hopefully they take care of you. Zero response so far isn't good but there are a lot of companies that are just getting back to work today after the holiday break, so fingers crossed that you hear something today. Good luck.
  9. 124gr9mm

    "Responsible" Training?

    That guy is a fucking moron. Glad nobody got killed...
  10. Guess that means they'll be changing from 9 counts of aggravated assault to 12 counts...
  11. What a dumbass!! He only used NINE rounds so he didn't even need the high capacity assault magazine-clip!!!!!
  12. I agree. I know a couple of older guys who go pistol shooting once or twice a year (they're mainly rifle and shotgun shooters) and they didn't believe me when I told them about the new law. One guy said, "I went shooting last week with my Glock (15 round magazines) and nobody stopped me".
  13. 124gr9mm

    Finding Powder/Primers in NJ

    I'm in Morris county so there's really no place close with decent prices. Like others I order from Midsouth Shooters when they have a "no hazmat" deal and I need powder. Otherwise I look for places in PA or Ohio when I'm traveling with family and i stock up as I go.
  14. 124gr9mm

    Ugly Duckling

    Very nice! Yes it is ugly, but I wouldn't pass one up!!

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