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  1. I'd also recommend Gun For Hire for your first visit. The staff is extremely helpful and they'll take as much time with you as necessary. Just be prepared for things to be much louder than they were shooting clays outdoors. If you're shooting next to someone with a large caliber pistol, a shotgun, or an AR/AK with a muzzle brake, you'll experience a lot of feedback...
  2. It was my first time there and they seemed pretty cool. Are they a-holes?
  3. Looks nice, but it's about 4 hours from where I live, so it's just a little too far for me. Also, looks like $150 for out of state. Still insanely good deal IMO. For 1000 yards I go to Sheepdog Warrior range. About an hour and 45 minutes for me. https://sheepdogwarrior.com/
  4. Depends on how you define "typically". Pre-pandemic, absolutely. But as others have mentioned, it will be a long time before those prices return, if they ever do. Just as the panic buying is starting to die down, we now see supply chain issues that will impact availability and pricing. Limited availability of cheap Russian ammo and components is also a factor that will keep prices high for an extended time...
  5. I was in the East Stroudsberg area on Saturday for a family thing, so I stopped into a small gun show (interesting) and then dropped into Dinkelbergers Sports to check things out. They had a very good selection of guns and the staff was very friendly/talkative. I was chatting with one young guy behind the counter and I asked about his stock of powder and primers. He said they would small quantities in from time to time which would sellout relatively quickly. He said there was a delivery the previous day, so they'd probably be good for a week or so. we walked down to the powder area and there was a good supply of 1 lb. bottles of Hodgdon and IMR powders. I don't "need" any powder right now and prices weren't fantastic, but I was there and i didn't have to worry about shipping or Hazmat, so i picked up a pound of H335 for $37. The kid said they had CCI No 41 sm rifle primers, so I picked up a box of 1000 for $70 with he same rationale that while I dont' "need" them right now, it's better to grab while they're in front of me and i don't have to pay shipping or Hazmat. Next time I'm in the area I'll definitely stop back in and check them out again. They seemed to have a decent selection of used rifles, so something may come home with me.
  6. Same. Fortunately our town clerk is fantastic with ID's and permits, so it was a quicker turnaround for me than the initial application. As others have mentioned you'll need to get your new driver license first.
  7. Yeah, because of the uncertainty of the NICS turnaround timing I usually plan to go to the gun shop to complete paperwork and pay on one day, and pick up the following day. I consider it a pleasant surprise or bonus if I get a call from the gun shop on the same day telling me I can pick up at any time.
  8. Agree. Personally I wouldn't trust someone else with my guns, so I'd drive them myself. As for ammo and other related gun stuff, unless you have it labelled as such or clearly stored in firearms-looking bins, i don't know how the movers would be able to tell that they're moving it.
  9. That's crazy. I understand why they didn't want to put the flash can thing on, but to randomly pin and weld something to your rifle is unacceptable IMO.
  10. Sounds like someone needs another safe. I have multiple. Allows me to have easier access to firearms regardless of where I am in the house.
  11. I hope they face some kind of charges. I doubt that they intended to hurt the thing, but they absolutely wanted to get video of the gator chomping it out of the air.
  12. Thanks for sharing. I like the line about permanently attaching the brake being up to the owner...
  13. If it makes you feel better I'm sure there are LOTS of people who did (and are still doing) exactly what you did. I was very lucky that I had just stocked up on my normal volume of primers before the panic began, so i haven;t had the need to get get any at the absurd prices..yet! I traded for some SPP, but that was straight up for LPP (which I had extra) so it wasn't really painful. I did have to buy some powder, but that was just the normal hazmat/shipping pain.
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