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  1. In my opinion Strikeforce should be looking into this. I REEKS of collusion where the Identogo people would intentionally block the scheduling in NJ so they can get the extra money for out of state visits in PA and NY. I find it impossible to believe that their NJ locations are 100% booked 100% of the time. The timing of their scheduling issues and the changes to Carry and FID processes is too great a coincidence. Has the makings of a class action suit. Glad I saved my out of state receipt...
  2. Good guy with a gun is arrested in Baltimore after stopping a would-be shooter. He says he's NOT going to accept a plea deal and will be fighting charges: "After Marine veteran Lloyd Muldrow stopped an attack by an armed assailant at a Baltimore bar, police officers thanked him — and then they arrested him. Now the Good Samaritan credited with saving a man’s life faces up to a year in prison, charged with violating a city ordinance that forbids bringing handguns within 100 feet of a public building, even though he neutralized the attack without drawing his pistol. Mr. Muldrow, a North Carolina security specialist, holds a concealed weapons permit, but it was issued in Virginia, not Maryland. Even so, he has no intention of accepting a plea deal when he appears at his Oct. 31 hearing in Baltimore Circuit Court." https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2022/sep/2/good-samaritan-faces-charges-after-stopping-armed-/ It will be interesting to see how the case turns out in light of Bruen. If he successfully fights the charges it could have an impact on state reciprocity...
  3. I thought is was not allowed (again) in NJ??
  4. Looks like the crisis has been averted. From the link: "UPDATE! UPDATE FROM DAN SCHMUTTER! The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office contacted us to tell us that they are no longer requesting that applicants agree to conditions on their permits."
  5. Well done. I didn't realize there was a limit on the number of rounds someone in DC could carry...
  6. True. I'm grumpy now, but I'm sure I'll go back. I do like the people that work there and IMO it's a great place to shoot...
  7. I have no idea what you're talking about. You're the only one advocating that right now. Now you're being obtuse. My point was that requiring a cop to throw bullets randomly down the range XXXX times a month/year means nothing. Instead of ranting like a child maybe suggest something constructive. Like "Qualifier should be XXXXX" or "Qualifier should be done XXXX times a year"? ANY suggestion is better than ranting on a random internet forum. Stop being a drama queen. There are studies that show most cops (75% ?) never draw their weapons outside training. The logistics and expense of requiring that every cop in every jurisdiction maintain a grandmaster level of shooting is impossible and unnecessary. Statistics tell us about distances and situations where cops use guns. Training and qualifying for those situations should be the focus. You display a child-like mentality where you think the YouTube videos you see of police shootings represent the everyday life of every cop. You're not specifically criticizing (or mentioning) current qualifications or what would make them better, you're just pissing and ranting on the internet. But that's OK too. If you feel better after you rant then it's served a purpose! FWIW, we're all gun owners in NJ trying to navigate the most restrictive laws in the nation, so we should be mad at each other. I hold no ill will towards you, and my comments are often tongue-in-cheek, so I apologize if I've offended you.
  8. I never implied that. I was pointing out that there are proficient shooters in both the civilian and police worlds, so it's not fair to say that the average civilian shoots better than the average cop. I think quality trumps quantity, so if there's a qualification course in place twice a year that adequately tests someones proficiency, I think that's better than just some kind of 'range time' requirement.
  9. Agree with this point. IMO, the "average" gun owner has a pistol or two that sits in the back of a closet collecting dust. Once a year (or less) they get the bug to shoot so they dust off the gun, buy some ammo and head to the range. When they get home the gun returns to the back of the closet (without being cleaned) until next year. I don't feel safe shooting next to these guys at the range as shooting is always a novelty to them. For what it's worth, even guys who consider themselves "regular" shooters only go to the range a 2 or 3 times more than the "average" guy. They may have more guns (an AR, shotgun, etc) so they spend a little longer at the range and shoot different guns, but still shoot infrequently. From there you get the more serious "gun guys" who go to the range on a weekly (or a few times a month) basis and probably have experience in club or formal matches. So where does that leave us? Like everything else in life, the more you practice and do something, the more proficient you'll become. That means cops who are "gun guys" and regular citizens who are "gun guys" will be the best shooters. The "average" and "regular" shooters have cop and regular citizens in their population as well, and they will shoot accordingly. I'll qualify my VERY over-simplified rating system by saying it relates only to shooting a gun (accuracy, timing, reloading, moving, etc, etc). I won't get into the combat mindset portion of the debate as I think there are likely buckets for that as well that both civilian and cops would fall into. Going through, or not going through a police academy may not be the best measuring stick for a warrior mindset, but that discussion will stray in a LOT of different directions...
  10. Ummm, I'm just sharing an experience with my fellow forum members...NOT 'complaining' to the shop. I was highlighting how absurd gun shops in NJ have become. I honestly don't give a shit "why" they're doing it. I find it stupid, so I won't shop there. I'll go to places like FSS in Pine Brook. Smaller shop, but last time I was there I was looking at rifles and chatting with a guy that works there when another guy say, "Oh shit, we forgot to ask to see your FID...do you have it?". I pulled it out to hand it to them and they said "No, that's cool. As long as you have it with you".
  11. Yeah, I attribute it to growing pains. For me it was a friggin Glock, not a $5000 Stacatto 2011, so there was no way i was going to break anything, but the counter guy was acting like it was an honor for me to gently hold it over the counter. It was the perfect opportunity for him to say "Yeah, go ahead and get the feel of it. Feel the trigger and the reset then GO RENT ONE ACROSS THE HALL AND TRY IT OUT!". Opportunity missed...
  12. I didn't state it earlier, but my experience was at Gun For hire as well...
  13. It's the iterative steps that arbitrarily appear with NO reasoning whatsoever. - FID - matching Drivers License - you may not dry fire (a Glock in this case) - you must keep the gun over the display case at all times (you can't take a step back to give yourself a little room) while still pointing in a 'safe' direction. If I go to another shop I can just pick up a gun and handle at my discretion (or when it's handed to me if behind a case)...
  14. I didn't say you were angry, just that you appeared to be looking for a fight. I was referring to "You "been around a while" and "tried different techniques" so, you know it all right?". I think most here would recognize that practice/training can be the great equalizer and close the efficiency/effectiveness gap between techniques.
  15. Jeeze @marlintag, you're getting angry but it seems to me that you both AGREE Sometimes we look for a fight where one doesn't exist...
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