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  1. Cherry Ridge membership fees - https://www.anjrpc.org/general/register_member_type.asp
  2. One is a members only outdoor range and the other is a public indoor range, so I can't imagine trying to make an apples to apples comparison between them. With Cherry Ridge you're paying for access to the ranges they have. No indoor range can compete with the kind of variety there, but in cold weather you have to bundle up if you want to use it. You also need to bring your own guns, ammo, targets, bows, arrows, clays, etc, etc., so you have to be more prepared. Gun For hire is about the best indoor experience you'll get, and you can go regardless of the weather. They have rentals, ammo, accessories, and even a store now, so they'll cover whatever you need. It''s mainly a pistol range, so you're don't get a lot of value for rifle, shotgun, (or archery) IMO. GFH is also more expensive, so you need to factor that in if you're on a budget. Honestly you should just visit them and see which one would be the best fit for your situation. Of get a membership at both...
  3. Maybe put a VFG on the DDM4? Not the same body positioning as with a Tavor, but close
  4. Doesn't surprise me that the story is from West Virginia. EVERYONE carries in WV!!!! I was there this past weekend to help my wife's family with a move and I saw LOTS of people (men, women, old, young...) with guns printing through their clothes.
  5. He's too old, stupid, and senile to get his talking points right. He was supposed to say 9mm can stop in the body and 22 cal (.223/5.56) cause devastating wound channels, but his mind couldn't keep things straight. Now his handlers will simply ADD 9mm to the list of things to be banned...
  6. I can only imagine the traffic stop where someone has a pistol sitting on their passenger seat on the way to the "buy back". I wonder if the cop would just let them go on their way...
  7. I think it would be great if he'll meet with you, even if it's just for a few minutes. Building a relationship with your local police (particularly the chief) is always a good thing IMO. If they recognize you by name/face because of a regular conversation they had with you, they'll be more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt in future interactions. It won't change the fact that you'll likely need a lawyer and doctor letter for a future application, but it can't hurt. Good luck.
  8. Bunch of if/then scenarios IMO. I think it makes sense checking if you can withdraw the application and start over. With so much of the process being online now I'm not sure it's an option, but if that's possible then that would be best. If not, then you'll have to appeal the rejection. In either case you'll need to get the letter from a doctor saying that you're mentally safe to have a firearm. That will take time and money, so your application process will be further delayed. Also, if you go in front of a judge with "I forgot" when you discuss lying on the initial application (if you go through the appeal process) then it's safe to assume he'll reject the request. Come up with a better BS line than that. I appreciate that the incident happened when you were young, but you're a grown up now, so you have to take ownership of it. If you can't find information about the incident in your own records then contact your parents and get it from them. If they're not around any longer you'll have to do a record search and get it yourself.
  9. I heard end of June as well. Still not optimistic about any changes in NJ, but interested in reading the opinions from justices on both sides...
  10. Welcome. Misery loves company. NJ and Cali gun laws are the worst in the nation...
  11. What kind of communication was there previously? Was it all by text? If so, what were the initial responses like? If the guy has gone radio silent as soon as he got your money then it sounds like he's scamming you. I'd try every method of communication possible to get in touch with the guy immediately (phone call, text, e-mail, letter, Facebook message, etc, etc). Attelboro Mass. i only 3 1/2 hours away, so maybe get up early in the morning and drive up and do some sightseeing and pay him a visit. If there's still zero communication then contact everyone you mention above.
  12. IMO if you're disciplined and just do basic calisthenics every day you'll more than cover things. You don't need lots of time or equipment, just the discipline to do it. Here's a basic routine. Skip to the jump squats if you don't have access to the pull up/dip bars: https://www.healthline.com/health/fitness-exercise/calisthenics
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