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  1. Well shit. I was going to order tonight...
  2. I'm a fan. I like his no-nonsense approach...
  3. You'll get an e-mail notification...eventually.
  4. I don't know anyone who uses a bellyband holster for their EDC. There's probably a reason for that.
  5. Police and resort owners ($$$$) are probably trying to spin as best they can to make it seem like a "consensual" encounter.
  6. IMO you should be looking at places in Florida (maybe the Keys), the Carolinas, or even Hawaii. The 'service' culture that used to be present on most of the Caribbean islands has eroded significantly over the last dozen years or so. There's an arrogance and indignant attitude that's replaced the friendly smiles in the shithole countries. They all have cellphones, so they see the difference between the squalor the live in and the the non-squalor we come from. I'll go to the 3rd world on mission trips but I won't vacation there...
  7. This. Bruen allowed for permits, dude in Hawaii was carrying without one. Judge seems like a hipster douchebag based on his comments...
  8. A quick trip to the hobby store would make it easy to make a similar product at home for a proof of concept...
  9. A few things: - MY EDC is also a P30sk, and I'll say that it feels 'thick' to me. I'm a lean guy, so IWB isn't a challenge, but my P30sk is the most needy when it comes to positioning. When I'm just wearing shorts and a t-shirt I usually carry a Taurus G2C. Thinner and less bulky. Long way of saying you may want to look at other pistol options for IWB carry. - Stock up on Hawaiian shirts and bowling shirts for the warm weather. - I've seen a TON of advertisements for this 'comfort' product recently that seems designed for the issues you're facing. I've never tried it, so buyer beware:
  10. SUPER easy process. In the confirmation mail I received there was a link to online scheduling, so I didn't even have to call.
  11. Being able to hold it BEFORE buying is a big thing IMO. Looks like a great setup...
  12. Agree. Definitely not a rabbit hole that would yield a great return on investment...
  13. IMO, if you're going to pick up a gun for the .303 Brit ammo, you should go for an Enfield No. 4. Great looking gun and very fun shooter.
  14. That article is from October 26, 2023, so nothing has changed recently. Theaters, health/medical centers, schools, etc are still sensitive places...
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