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  1. Make sure to search Craigslist and e-Bay for "local" people selling their stuff. Saw these today: https://newjersey.craigslist.org/spo/d/boonton-reloading/7149850366.html https://newjersey.craigslist.org/spo/d/essex-fells-dillon-precision-650xl/7136886841.html
  2. Patience is your friend. The turnaround times and communication vary greatly from town to town, so there's no way to predict how long your wait will be at a particular jump. If you started on 6/15 and waited 2 1/2 weeks to get fingerprints that means you got the prints done this week?? It's not uncommon for people to wait over 6 weeks for the process to complete so I'd say you still have a little while (particularly if the person processing your request takes some time off for the 4th).
  3. Stripped frame here - https://www.bigtexoutdoors.com/product/glock-oem-frames-stripped-complete-g17-g19/
  4. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a G17 as a first pistol. There are lots of people who hate Glocks, lots who love them, and lots who see them as just another pistol. They're very vanilla, they're typically VERY reliable and don't need tons of maintenance, and they typically cycle loats of ammo.
  5. Solid rifle and good price. My kids learned to shoot on one. Someone should grab this.
  6. If i were you I'd splurge and rent three. 1- RugerMark IV - 22 lr. - It's a .22 so recoil won't be an issue and you can relax and just focus on your grip and trigger pull (and work out the whole left hand thing). 2 - Glock 19 - Yes, I went there. Very vanilla 9mm semi-auto polymer pistol. There are TONS of others available, but the G19 is a good representation of the genre. 3 - S&W 686revolver - 357 mag - I'm a big fan of revolvers, and if you were to have only ONE pistol in the house for the rest of your life for home defense, this would be a great choice. If you shoot .38 Special out of it instead of .357 magnum you'll be surprised how light the recoil feels (particularly after shooting the Glock). If you're only shooting one I'd go with the Ruger. Focus on getting used to operating a pistol. You'll probably be surprised at how quickly you put nice groups together. Have fun!
  7. I'm actually back and forth between the G26 and G19. I've handled them both so either one would be good. I have a G17 so I initially leaned towards the G26 because it was a bigger difference. But the difference between the G26 and G19 isn't all that great, so I lean back towards the G19. The PS9 looks interesting, but I'll wait for a few generations to go by before taking a look. FOr now it will probably be whichever G19 (...or G26) I come across before my permit expires.
  8. Good point about OEM parts vs. 3rd party. It's NJ so I can't carry, but reliability is always a top consideration, so I'd probably be sticking with OEM anyway. I'd just be spreading out the payments (and adding extra shipping costs). Maybe I'll look around to see if any other compact/subcompacts catch my eye and would be available in the next couple of weeks.
  9. Thanks for sharing this. I'm not a lawyer. Does the above mean that the parties on either side have to provide their feedback by 30 June for the hearing on 2nd July?
  10. I know we can't build a pistol from an 80% kit, but has anyone ever built a Glock from parts online? I have a permit about to expire and I've been looking to pickup a sub-compact 9mm (if for no other reason than I don't have one). Gun prices in general are really high right now, but on Gun Broker I see lots of Glock G26 lower frames available, so I've been considering grabbing one of those and just picking up the rest as the mood strikes me this summer. I've done this before for rifles, but never for a pistol. Anyone build a Glock like this and have any success/fail stories to share? Dropping $200 now on a brand new OEM Glock 26 (gen 3) lower makes more sense to me than spending a LOT more on a complete pistol.
  11. I see those from time to time in my range brass. I clean and reload them like the rest with no issues.
  12. You positioned yourself as a person of means in your introduction ("own my second home , an income property, good job making 100k plus a year") so I don't really understand the hesitation at the prospect of $6K - $7K lawyer fee. There's no shortcut or easy way. You know the path forward so you now have to decide if it's actually important to you.
  13. I'll check my son's work schedule. We have everything in the list. Might be a good excuse for me to pick up another shotgun
  14. I would not buy something that "looks like a gun" to protect myself or my family. It's great that it shoots pepperballs that may or may not stop an unarmed person IF it's deployed correctly, but it's still a hard pass for me. If you're going to use pepper-spray then get an effective pepper-spray canister. If you're going to get a gun, buy one that shoots bullets. That thing has no effective purpose IMO...
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