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  1. Not sure I follow. Generally speaking you can put any scope on any brand rifle. You'd want to avoid anything that says it's designed for "rimfire" as the recoil on the .308 could lead to damage, but otherwise brands aren't a consideration. As to MOA vs MIL, that's a personal preference. Once you zero your scope you make your adjustments for windage and elevation accordingly. There are lots of discussions about scopes on the precision shooting forums so it's worth searching for some of those and reading through the posts. There are elitists who say that any scope under $2,500 is garbage, and die-hards who say any cheap glass is fine as long as you know how to shoot, so the truth lies somewhere in between. If you're on a budget Primay Arms scopes are a good value for the money. Next level up is Athlon, then Vortex, and then you're into the +$1,200 range. Regardless of the scope you buy, you need to know some detail about the ammo you use and the shooting conditions in order to effectively dial-in your shots. I use this free online calculator to create a dope chart when I'm shooting long distances: http://www.shooterscalculator.com/ballistic-trajectory-chart.php At a minimum you should plug in the weight of your rounds, velocity, zero range, and wind conditions to build your chart. From there you can dial your scope based on the distance of your targets.
  2. Wow. Howa's are VERY underrated IMO. That's a great price...
  3. You should probably check with the local PD. I recently did an in-town change of address so I didn't need new fingerprints. I had to fill out all the forms (and get references) and do the FARS thing, but the process was pretty quick. I checked with the police clerk who handles the paperwork and asked if there was anything special needed (and also to make her aware that it was coming) and she said that other than not needing fingerprints it was the same as applying the first time. I'd say 2 1/2 weeks start to finish.
  4. Grice Gun Shop has a big Black Friday ad: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7nr3isdr69m4fnp/fall flyer 2019 .pdf?dl=0 Little far from the NJ border, but a REALLY great gun shop
  5. Respectfully Bob, I think you should actually read the "petty details" a little more in these cases. - The two homeowners who were killed had NO criminal record. They sold NO drugs to any undercover officers. - The story from a neighbor about the alleged drug sale to a kid was a LIE. That neighbor is listed in the article that details the arrest of the officers. - That LIE from the neighbor made its way to one of the detectives who further LIED and said an informant purchased drugs from the homeowners. Those lies were used as the basis for the no-knock warrant. As a result you have two homeowners with NO CRIMINAL RECORD sitting at home at 4:00 one afternoon and the door gets kicked in and someone shoots your dog. They return fire and are killed. Most cops are good, but the bad cops screwed up royally here and got people killed. Like you, my reaction is to support police officers but you can't be an ignoramus about it. Calling people scumbags because they got killed by bad cops is poor form...
  6. I think you bring up some good points. Having a gun/scope/ammo combination that's capable of shooting 1 moa groups is very important, but it's even more important that the shooter can keep 1 moa groups. To do that you need to practice a lot. 100 yards, 300 yards, etc., etc...
  7. I don't think so. The last update was that it would be held in August...which didn't happen. I've been to Sheepdog warrior range a few times since then and it was fantastic...
  8. Yes, you definitely need to shop around. I just did a transfer at Ramsey outdoor and it was $35. Not horrible.
  9. Good. Hope this is a final strike that puts him away for a little while...
  10. Yeah, I expect this to end with zero conviction, fines, or jail time for anyone. Another nothing-sandwich designed to sway political voting...
  11. I appreciate that. Honestly I don't post pictures that have serial numbers for guns, musical instruments, electronics, or anything else. I actually never post pictures of guns online.
  12. "The Government" already has the serial numbers on my pistols thanks to the purchase permit process, so I don't understand what additional big-brother reactions could come as a result?
  13. Glad they got his info! What did the police say?
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