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  1. That's usually the trade-off. Rule of thumb for skilled work is you can choose two of the following but you won't get the third: Quality - Fast - Inexpensive
  2. This. The data is garbage. " But "Injury Prevention," a scholarly journal, has released what may be the closest look yet. Their survey, published in 2015, asked a representative sample of 4,000 adults nationwide whether they own firearms. The findings helped the research group estimate gun ownership rates in each state."
  3. Sounds good. Let us know what you think once you get it in place. I'm actually thinking about getting another one to put in the basement. The basement stairs can't accommodate my large safe so I have to divide and conquer a bit.
  4. I have one of those and I really like it. I'm not a fan of digital keypads so I like the keyed design. Comes with hardware so you can secure it to a wall/floor, it easily accommodates 4 rifles (5 if they're smaller), and it has a small top shelf where you can put a pistol or ammo. It's definitely not a safe, so if someone has a crowbar or some tools they'd be able to get in to it. But if you have it screwed into the wall and floor in the back of a closet someone would have an extremely hard time getting it out to work on it.
  5. Here's a different angle: Looks like the guy emptied all 15 rounds he had, so odds are that one was a head-shot.
  6. The article is shit, but I'm glad that drug dealer is off the streets...
  7. In another thread somewhere I said that I'd continue to contribute to the NRA and other 2nd Amendment/Firearms groups. IMO the NRA is the face of the 2nd Amendment. They take the VAST majority of the slings and arrows while other groups can focus on litigation and legislation.
  8. The list of guns that will be banned is pretty comprehensive. If it goes bang it's probably on the list...
  9. Can't make it this weekend, but thanks for the offer. Hopefully next time. Pics and video would be nice.
  10. The cop is lying to you and trying to scare you. Can you prove that the cash in your wallet is yours? Can you prove that the tools in the trunk are yours? Can you prove that the coat you're wearing is yours? Keep the guns and ammo separate in the trunk and don't drive like an asshole and you don't have to worry about any "what if's".
  11. Still confused. At Cherry Ridge there was discussion about someone who bought a completed lower with from PSA (through his FFL) and had a 12.5 inch upper sent to his house. He put the two together in his basement and added a vertical foregrip to it. Two shooters said it was totally illegal but the RO said there was no way for him to know, so we should just shut up and shoot. Is slapping a complete upper and complete lower together different than putting all the pieces together yourself?
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