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  1. Not sure it was reloads. Guy is Canadian, so maybe renting the gun at a range and shooting what they sell him.
  2. Shoot what you got. I'm a fan of lever guns and I'm a fan of .357 magnum, so rock on. A lot of "enthusiasts" have multiple guns in multiple locations around the house for different reasons. They become the anonymous experts of the internet who are convinced that their favorite gun is the only one that everyone else should use. For people like that it's easy to talk about which gun is the "best for home defense" or the "best for XXXXXX", but at the end of the day the best gun is the one you can get and operate effectively when you need it. Neighbor of mine has a pump action shotgun. That's it. He's killed things with it, used it for recreation, and you can be sure he'd use it for home defense if the need arose.
  3. Not sure what country this is, but it appears the basic gun safety rules haven't made it there yet: https://flyheight.com/videos/ci0dkl/ It appears that numbskull clears some of the rounds out of the gun. Unfortunately for his buddy he didn't clear them all...
  4. I agree. They're well above the current (insane) market, but I bet it will sell...
  5. "9, 38, 357 to the moon" I just saw a link from Cheaper Than Dirt advertising Winchester white box for a "sale" price of $2/round. Yup. $100 for a box of 50. It will get worse before it gets better...
  6. 124gr9mm

    Ruger Mini-14

    I have one and I think it's a great rifle and very good alternative to an AR for those who are looking. With a 5 round magazine it has a low profile and can pass for a .22 or any other "non-black" rifle. General opinion/observations: I have a newer one (made in 2017 I think) and it cycles every kind of ammo I put through it. I have thousands of rounds through it with no failures. It was the first centerfire rifle that my kids shot and it's still the one they enjoy shooting the most. While I've had scopes and other optics on it, I'm a big fan of the iron sights it comes with. Very easy to see/get on target. Takedown/cleaning/maintenance is easy and it doesn't mind running a little dirty. Accuracy: I respect everyone's opinion here, but I'm not sure that they're all based on the newer (post 1980's) barrel profile. Accuracy is fine. Mine is a 2 - 3 MOA shooter at 100 yards, so for my purposes that's fine. It's DEFINITELY not a benchrest gun and it's not a 1 MOA (or sub MOA if you believe the braggers) AR or high-end battle rifle. The only real gripe I have is that it doesn't take AR magazines. Happy to answer any specific questions you have.
  7. You're late to the party. Retailers are essentially empty. Primers won't be around for a LONG time (other than through private sales) and when you do find them they will be costly. Powder may be available sooner and prices will be very inflated, but it won't be meaningful unless you have a primer to make it go boom. Bullet heads are still available at moderately increased prices, so now wouldn't be a bad time to get a few thousand as something to get started. Brass prices are inflated but there's still some (new) out there. You can get previously fired brass from private sellers (even people here) but prices could vary. IMO you should find whatever you can get at a reasonable price and stock up. At least you'll have brass and bullets handy if primers and powder come back.
  8. If it was pre-COVID and in the general direction of where you were already planning to travel I'd say that you should definitely stop in. Unfortunately in the current environment it might be a lot of people trying to unload their excess garbage for a LOT of money. You'll likely still find some "decent" deals. Looks like admission is only $10
  9. Thanks for sharing. I've never heard of them. Let us know how they look.load when you get them.
  10. Excellent choices!!! Did you get a heads-up about the items in advance, or did you just hit the gun store on a lucky day?
  11. The old PD might not issue the FID to you if you don't have a matching DL, so stsrting over might be the most direct path.
  12. According to their FAQ they will ship to NJ, and the model with a "brace" doesn't count as an SBR, so theoretically you're good to go...until the ATF changes their mind again. https://caagearup.com/pages/faqs-page/ Do you ship to California, New York, and New Jersey? Yes, we do ship to California, New York, and New Jersey the Non-NFA products. It’s up to the buyer to research their state and local laws, as they may change frequently.
  13. That could be part of it. I think a lot of government organizations had some "oh shit" moments when they realized that individual citizens could (and would) actually stop rioting and pillaging with their firearms.
  14. Fine. You're arguing Just to "be right" at this point. Of course you have to practice PROPER mechanics and fundamentals. Nobody suggested that shitty practice on a .22 would in any way be a good thing. The question - "Would it be reasonable to learn to shoot with proficiency on a 22LR pistol and will those skill transfer readily when switching to a 9mm?" MANY people on the forum - Yes. Developing strong mechanics on the .22 will be transferable to other calibers. raz-0 - No. If you're lazy and do bad things practicing on a .22 something, something, something...
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