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  1. I'm hoping to head out there soon as well.
  2. Hope the homeowner makes a full recovery. Horrible scenario. Glad he was able to get to his gun in time...
  3. Might be hard to avoid picking one up if that happens.
  4. I wet tumble and I dry pretty much the same as above. I just set them upside down like that for 24 hours and then throw them in the "clean" bucket.
  5. I was in the clerk office in my town last week so I stopped to chat with the lady who processes permits. When I asked about her supply she turned and pointed to the printer that produces them and it looked like there were several hundred blank ones there. She said there was never an issue in the past getting them.
  6. Looks like it's at $739.99 now. Glad you were able to get one!
  7. Unfortunately MOST people don't know how ammo is sold, so they hear 130 rounds and think it's a massive stash. The guy probably hit a "by 2 get 1 half price" sale at Dick's and still had the bag in the trunk. Definitely glad they got him before he did anything to hurt someone, but the media will run with this and splash Hollow Points, Clips, 130 Rounds, Loaded and ready to fire, in order to generate as many gasps as possible...
  8. Looks like my new favorite place to shoot will have to fight in court to stay open. An actor who lives a mile away from the range is suing to have it shut down. " The attack on this facility started as a noise issue. We proved that we are well below the legal standards set by the State. Then they complained about safety issues, that we also proved were not an issue . Next, it went to us being an ISIS / Terrorist training facility. They said that we were teaching people to conduct school shootings, and teaching people how to shoot from rooftops, like the Vegas shooting. They wrote to the Governor and said we were shooting “Black Face” targets. Of course these are all lies! The majority of our members have dedicated their lives to serving and protecting this country! This is offensive to us, our facility, and our members!! The training facility was built because I saw a need for a place that agencies could train, and maintain a level and quality of training. Training that matched the ever changing violent levels of crime and violence that we have seen on the American streets, and in the areas of school, worship, and the work place. The Police departments do not have the proper areas to train, so I, a retired detective and law enforcement officer, created one for them. The local agencies are allowed to train at this facility for free. The range also offers a safe area for civilians to shoot, and receive professional assistance if needed. The range also provides a location for professional competition shooters to train... ... The Actor who lives over one mile away has hired an attorney who has stated that the definitions of “Recreational, Club or Memberships” do not support The Police or Government agency training for those while on duty. The Town in their infamous wisdom has now ordered me to stop professional training , because the actor has threatened to sue them. This nonsense has cost us tens of thousands of dollars. I desperately need your help. The actor and his friends have said they will not stop, and will nickel and dime me out of business. Why wouldn’t we want to provide a FREE place for local law enforcement to use, and receive the level of training that they need!? This is not a noise, or safety issue. This is an anti-gun issue!" https://www.gofundme.com/attack-on-2nd-amendment?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fb_dn_cpgnstaticsmall_r&fbclid=IwAR1SRsxIV9gYgMBzwXblB1eS82ig8Un1fmY_QopUHXMATY-fKTZW44f5on8 I don't know the name of the actor, but if they have deep pockets and connections with the local politicians then there's probably not a lot that the range owner can do. It will just be a matter of time until they find something in the fine print of the town code that the zoning board can use as justification for pulling the permits.
  9. Yes, I could definitely see these falling into the "suddenly illegal" category.
  10. If you're leaning that way then go with it. It's a good firearm.
  11. The smart gun bill is one of the ones linked above. For some reason they're calling them "personalized" guns: https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2018/Bills/A1500/1016_I1.HTM None of the bills will do anything to prevent, reduce, or otherwise impact crime.
  12. IMO this is close to the arguments regarding bump stocks. Should accessories be covered as part of 2nd Amendment arguments? If so (or not), which ones? If there are limitations on the guns themselves (like full-auto) then it would seem that certain accessories would face regulation as well. The slippery slope is that the anti-gun groups would push to the limit and have everything except for the physical frame of a gun regulated.
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