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  1. Sounds like it. Any shop with a Mosin or similar older used guns are at risk...
  2. Indeed. "Chapman is charged with first-degree attempted murder and second-degree firearm possession for an unlawful purpose." Seems like he'd be hit with a LOT more if he wasn't licensed. Psycho even smiled like a lunatic for his booking pic:
  3. Why is that? What if I carry a pistol unloaded or with just one round in the chamber? Not sure what you mean here...
  4. Agree. Add a scary label to something and it's easier for politicians to pretend like they're doing something of value. Interesting article that talks about cop-killer, black talon, and hollow point ammunition: https://www.guns.com/news/2011/10/26/the-myth-of-the-cop-killer-bullet
  5. I'll start reading th e230 pages after lunch, but I'm glad to see that the Insurance requirement is off the table for now...
  6. Just saw the ANJRPC update: COURT CONTINUES BLOCKING MOST OF CARRY KILLER LAW! May 16, 2023. Today, the judge in ANJRPC's lawsuit to overturn the carry-killer law imposed a preliminary injunction continuing and expanding its prior restraining order blocking key aspects of New Jersey's defiant "carry-killer" law. The decision also for the first time now blocks the liability insurance mandate which was supposed to take effect starting in July. The move represents another huge win for New Jersey gun owners, and means that much of the carry-killer law will continue to be suspended for the duration of the case. Gun owners did not prevail on every one of the many issues in the case, but it is clear that gun owners have succeeded in blocking the most significant aspects of the law for the duration of the case. CLICK HERE and scroll to item 24 to see this extremely significant court decision, which is 230 pages long! ANJRPC will be providing detailed analysis of the decision and its implications in an upcoming alert once a full analysis of the decision is complete. Gun owners can join the fight by clicking here to donate to this historic lawsuit. If you are not already subscribed to these free email alerts, click here to sign up -- there will be critical updates and alerts coming in the near future.
  7. Yes, that's what I'm looking for. What's the source of your information?
  8. You could always go with a striker fired pistol with a safety. Or a hammer-fired pistol. Or a hammer-fired pistol with a safety. Or a revolver.
  9. Where are you getting that information? I agree that re-holstering can be a time where ND happen, but I've never seen a statistic that says it's the most frequent cause. I would have guessed that it was "when attempting to clean the gun".
  10. Indeed. IMO unless it's a location that has metal detectors at the entrance or that's specifically restricted by law, I'm not overly concerned with the signage. If they somehow see my concealed gun and ask me to leave I'll do so.
  11. Get one of these for your phone: https://www.amazon.com/Phone-Tripod-iPhone-TalkWorks-Adjustable/dp/B0852K8KD7/ref=sr_1_6?crid=Y97ULYFXQXYF&keywords=flex%2Bphone%2Bstand&qid=1683660780&sprefix=flex%2Bphone%2Bstand%2Caps%2C103&sr=8-6&th=1
  12. My wife and I went the joint-account route and it's worked well for us. We've been married for 25 years (together 28) and for the first 8 years she made more than me. After that I started making more and the gap increased pretty significantly. We have a large family, so the logistics of splitting costs seemed like it would take more time than it was worth (particularly now with multiple kids in college) so we always combined things. I have some guns and some musical instruments, and she has her hobby stuff, but most of the extra spend for both of us has gone towards family stuff (vacations, camper, kayaks, etc, etc). Yes, from a strict dollar perspective I'm contributing 'more', but it works for us.
  13. Thanks Stu. I have a USPSA membership, but it's difficult to get into matches (I'm in north Jersey) so I'd have no problem joining IDPA as well, as long as I can actually get into the matches. Some clubs will allow non-members to shoot, but members register first and matches are always full before non-members can get in.
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