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  1. It was $30 for an hour (I was a walk on), but they allow time for setup and cleanup, so pretty much an hour from first shot to last shot. I was alone and I only had one rifle, so that was plenty of time for me. If you're a member there are different rates.
  2. I think the target stands are just for zeroing. The first thing they asked me was if my gun was zeroed, so I assume they would have let me do that if I needed. Based on the layout I'm not sure how practical it would be to put the stand out beyond 100 yards.
  3. I was shooting a bolt rifle I put together at the end of last summer: Howa 1500 24" heavy barrel in .308 WIN Bell and Carlson Varmint stock Primary Arms 4 - 14 FFP scope Cheap bipod I didn't have a rangefinder with me (doh!) so after 400 yards it was a bit of guess work (they have stations marked at 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards). I was able to walk out to targets and get hits a lot further than I expected, but well short of what a more experienced shooter would do. I'm actually really happy that my budget build shoots straight and consistently. I also used mostly my own reloads (168 gr SMK with 43.5 gr IMR 4064), so it's good to know that they were consistent as well.
  4. I took a trip to Sheepdog Warrior in Catskill NY this morning. For anyone ion driving distance who's interested in long range shooting I'd recommend trying it out. I had a fantastic time. It took me about an hour and 45 minutes to get there but I would have been happy even if it was longer. The Catskill's are beautiful this time of year so the scenery is great. The range is off the beaten path but there are signs strategically placed so it's very easy to find. It's by no means a modern facility but it's well maintained logically laid out. The owners are extremely nice and accommodating. Since it was my first time I had to fill out a simple waiver, but that was it. Maryanne(?) explained the range and let me know about some upcoming events, then I grabbed my gear and walked to the port area. There are about 10 ports with wooden benches that you can shoot from or move around if you want to shoot prone. I was shooting from about 10:30 - 11:30 and in that time two other shooters showed up, so it was a busy morning The targets were well painted and the ground around them was well cleared, so it was easy to get clear sight pictures. It was my first time shooting past 300 yards, so i was a little like a kid in a candy shop. I'll absolutely be going back.
  5. If you're even considering reloading then I recommend that you start saving brass right now. I started collecting brass about 9 months before I bought my press and it was a great decision. I had learned all about case cleaning and prep before I had any bullets, powder, or primers. I agree that starting with a single stage press makes sense for .223/5.56 If you want to load a lot of pistol ammo a progressive press is the way to go, but for bottleneck a single stage press does just fine.
  6. I'm not sure of the letter of the law, but I'd guess that no FFL will process a purchase if you don't have your FID card. EVERY time I've done a purchase the FFL has checked to see if my Drivers License and FID card are matching.
  7. Ultimately this is where I land as well.
  8. I think that's part of the equation as well...
  9. What's the rifle? Some may be more "sensitive" than others. Decent AR platform .308 should eat those steel cased rounds just fine.
  10. I think more conservative politicians should press legislation like this. POut the other side on their heels and make them defend their positions on the record.
  11. Thanks for sharing the number. I just called and spoke with a woman named Sarah. She advised that she was aware of the promotion I was referring to but said "some people had plastered the link on social media so Glock was inundated with a very large number of requests, so it's going to take a very long time for them to send things out". I said I had already waited three months, but she said it was going to be a long time before I saw any swag.
  12. And we're now 3 months and counting. Nothing from Glock. I get occasional e-mail from them so I know they processed my request, but the swag thing was definitely a scam to get e-mail for their marketing. Disappointing.
  13. Don't go to public ranges on Friday?
  14. I'm not a conspiracy theorist by any stretch, but I won't allow one of those devices in my home. I also won't allow my family to submit to "free DNA" testing programs.
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