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  1. I shoot a G17. If I was going to carry I'd get a G19. Both go bang in the direction I desire every time I pull the trigger and there's a bountiful aftermarket that supports them both.
  2. I just started getting automated messages from Glock yesterday, so it looks like they processes my request. Swag should be here in any day....
  3. Holy shit. He'd be crucified if he was a US senator and made a statement like that. Hard to believe that's legit.
  4. I can understand the desire to not show the video. The victims families haven't even begun to grieve, so I can't imagine how they'd feel seeing their loved ones assassinated every time they turn on the TV or log on to the internet. As for the manifesto, I can again understand the desire to suppress it and not spread the views of the fucktard shooter across the globe. That said, the slippery slope with that thinking is that politicians. media, etc, can then make up whatever they want about the shooter and there's no way to refute it. "The shooter said he was a personal friend of Donal Trump and was acting as his agent" That becomes the truth if there's no evidence otherwise...
  5. Was that link just a scam to get marketing information? I filled out the forms on 13 Feb but received nothing...
  6. I didn't get a chance to go, but I presumed that it would be something they setup on certain nights (on their slowest night?) across a few lanes to bring new people in. Maybe have two stations setup where you can shoot those targets for 15 minutes and then a single port for the rest of your time?
  7. An earlier reply mentioned Shooters Gauntlet - 3904 Millstone Rd, Monroe, PA 18832
  8. I'm interested, but like others it depends on date/time. I'd like to get some trigger time in with my .308 before doing my first Precision Rifle match. Weekday would be fine (again depending on the date).
  9. IMO there's nothing wrong with hooking your kids up when they need it. In fact, I think it highlights the stupidity of Dick's decision. If they have a well stocked shooting section they're more likely to get "add on" sales from people like you when picking up things for their kids. Now they lose that option.
  10. I love the story that your uncle gave you a suitcase full of random old guns! It would be great if you took the lid off the suitcase and used the rest of it as the base of the "shadowbox". Hell, if you could figure out a way to mount them as shown in the picture it would look really cool behind a bar.
  11. Just saw an update on Facebook that Reloaderz will be demoing Action Targets tomorrow: Looks pretty cool. If they're going to let people shoot them I'll stop by and give it a try.
  12. Whoops. Maybe people rushed to judgement on the Fudd owner???
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