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  1. I'd see open carry pass before constitutional carry does. And open carry is very unlikely at that...voted down several times by a congressman in the upstate (name escapes me at the time). Gun laws are nice in this state and nearly all my coworkers have multiple firearms of some sort, but far too many people(instructors...) will lose significant income if constitutional carry passes. Those individuals have convinced many that the 8 hours of training is a god send and missing out on that will turn the state into the wild west.
  2. I can't recall any WH in my area of SC having a gun buster sign, legal one or not.
  3. I think I may need a floating generator. They are calling for 12-18 inches of rain....!
  4. Figures, I have to be back in NJ next week too....
  5. Psh, 100F with a 108F heat index.
  6. I can give you crap about what you say, but I never said make it illegal or bring up other ways to suppress your ideas.
  7. Who deems something a "hate item." How does an object posses hate? The idea that objects need to be censored is a problem. So yes, you are.
  8. IT'S NOT ILLEGAL! You can be offended and complain all your sorry self wants, but guess what? Cops can't so anything! Calling 911 over this is a waste of tax payer's money and ties up resources. This man should be charged for tying up emergency personnel. If you can defend this waste of oxygen with a strait face, you are part of the problem.
  9. Found a 3 foot snake skin in my shed a couple days ago. "Calmly walked" back to the house and grabbed my 11-87 and my buck nighthawk (my .40c is always on me...). Kicked in the door and cleared the shed buy found nothing. My fiancé sees me out there with the shotty and asked what's up. When I showed her the snake skin she goes "what's that exploding target stuff....can we load the shed up with it?"
  10. This is a very dangerous time. I just read congress is going to debate a measure to prevent CSA battle flags in cemeteries. This is no longer America, it's been hijacked by every asshole who feels they are offended and are owed the world.
  11. So my state senator and I are in s pissing match over her vote. Well she keeps emailing me back defending her position which I assume is getting a LOT of heat due to the rural area. But I'm really amazed I'm getting actual emails opposed to template b.s.
  12. Did I say we should make a law against it? No I just made a statement, much like every other asshole can make a statement saying anything confederate related is racist. But now that the dukes are off the air and the battle flag is off the general lee I guess race relations are 100% fixed. I expect all chapters of the NAACP to be eliminated immediately because they are no longer needed.
  13. Some over paid golfer is painting over the battle flag on his general lee. The hell is wrong with this country?
  14. SCOTG: https://m.facebook.com/SCOTG13?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FSCOTG13 I haven't gone yet, but everyone says it's awesome. 6 month anniversary of their 3 gun had an AR-50 shoot at 1k yards...oh and a pistol stage on an inversion table.
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