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  1. Like locusts, they destroy one place and move on to another and do the same.
  2. Of course this ruling came from a liberal state Supreme Court, but still crazy. https://gatdaily.com/connecticut-supreme-court-rules-gun-manufacturer-can-be-sued-for-sandy-hook/?trk_msg=8HGAO2VTIAUK58L6IG7GE7K574&trk_contact=RTKK31HAIK7KJ69QU8BARHKU0G&trk_module=new&trk_sid=3L2GC0NG5EEG1PM10LEAU604EG
  3. Hey Bob, sorry to hear about your friend. Very sad and difficult thing to deal with.
  4. Agreed Screwball. There is no perfect place, everyone needs to decide what's best for them. Almost every place in the country has it's own weather hazards or any hazards for that matter. It's up to each of us to decide what matters most to us. Is FL the perfect place? No, but for me, the weather, lower cost of living and freedoms that NJ didn't afford me make FL a better place, even though I no longer work in my previous occupation. Sure, I miss flying and miss the money I made doing it, but money isn't everything and as they say, it doesn't buy happiness. Cheers.
  5. Ditto to all above. Good experience.
  6. There are trade offs in everything in life. It's not like we get a hurricane a week down here. It can happen just like a tornado has touched down in the town I grew up in in NJ years ago.
  7. There are places here in Jacksonville and St. Augustine that I have found bagels and pizza on par with NJ. As far as hurricanes go, I remember reading a report years ago that more people died from the cold, snow and ice in northeast winters than tornadoes, earthquakes or hurricanes.
  8. Depends what you do as far as income. My girl is in healthcare and got a pretty good raise when we moved here. Also, there is no state income tax, which can be a substantial savings and housing prices, property taxes and homeowners insurance are all substantially lower here than what we paid in NJ. sold a 1576 sq ft House with 2 bedrooms in NJ and bought a 2104 sq ft House with 4 bedrooms, on a pond for less money than Jersey house. Property tax is half and insurance a few hundred less. YMMV
  9. Don't forget, there is a difference between a gun owner and a Second Amendment supporter.
  10. I've always thought this, heather it's Gun laws or immigration, conservatives should file in a friendly court like, IIRC, the 5th circuit and get a pro-gun or pro-immigration enforcement ruling before the libs go to the 9th for there shit ruling.
  11. When I still lived there, I voted against him in every primary. The guys a big gov't liberal who's been in Congress for way, way too long.
  12. Same here, going in today's mail. Good luck Ant!
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