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  1. Yeah, definitely don't fly the 747 into MMU, but believe they do fly the 757 in there. I believe Paul was talking about where he is in the Phoenix area.
  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there are many mentally ill people, i.e. Leftist progressives, who's say they liked to shoot guns, it's cool or they feel tough, but that's a big difference than someone who believes in and defends the 2nd Amendment.
  3. Born in Brooklyn, raised in jersey, we called it skully too. Used to play that in the street as a kid all the time.
  4. Unfortunately, the corrupt Federal government believes that, like the 2nd Amendment, the 10th Amendment no longer applies.
  5. I've made ribs a couple of times using Sweet Baby Rays Hickory and Brown Sugar. Try adding a cup of bourbon to the sauce. I've baked them in the oven on a low heat, then finished them on the grill. Yum.
  6. I hear ya John. Being in FL for almost 4 1/2 years, I miss a lot of food from NJ. I have found a pizza place and a bagel place here that gets their dough shipped from Brooklyn. The bagel place even has bialys which are decent. They say it's the water, but probably easier to have dough sent then water. Agree, Panera bagels are good, as are the bagels from BJs. BJs here also carries pork roll
  7. For any fans of the HBO show, the movie airs this Fri at 8:00 pm on HBO
  8. Halle Berry doing some shooting.
  9. So they're basically saying you can't use an "assault weapon" in what is already in most cases, a criminal act. Doesn't ban possession in those listed public places, only brandishing and discharging. Pretty frikkin stupid.
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