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  1. Used this method on my last 2 builds. Easy peasy
  2. I believe we should keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill. Being that liberalism is a mental disorder, no liberal should have access to firearms.
  3. Got my checks 2 weeks ago, still no shirts
  4. They're on sale again and include their new Trigger Action Chassis. http://www.larue.com/larue-tactical-tac?mc_cid=3a07c2de4e&mc_eid=63bf33eef4
  5. A little late, but Happy Birthday Ray!
  6. Should've taken the sign for a target stand.
  7. Thanks for posting that 45. I saw that the other night but didn't listen as I expected the usual Dreyfus ultra liberal view.
  8. Not me, thanks. Even when I was flying for a living and making good money I probably wouldn't spend that kind of money on something I'll piss out a little while later. I enjoy nice things, but priorities.
  9. Oh well. We all make mistakes. Maybe he didn't say what he meant or maybe he was misinformed about what an ATP is. I don't know. Maybe he knew something I didn't which is why I asked him where he got it. I haven't flown in the 2 years since moving to FL. The FAA makes changes to the regulations all the time.
  10. I like this for a next build idea: http://www.alloutdoor.com/2017/03/09/watch-breakdown-9mm-ar-deployed-fired-re-stowed-less-30-seconds/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=2017-04-01&utm_campaign=Weekly+Newsletter
  11. Been drinking Gentleman Jack which is pretty smooth. Recently tried Buffalo Trace and think that will be my next purchase. Was in a bar yesterday chatting with the bartender about bourbons and he said Hudson Baby was really good but expensive at at $42 to $51 a bottle of 375 ml. A little rich for my blood these days
  12. They do? News to me. I've held an ATP since 2004. Not aware of any mandatory retirement age. Where you getting your info? There is a mandatory for airline pilots if that's what you meant, but many pilots have their ATP and it doesn't have a mandatory retirement age.
  13. Try not to get too excited. Gorsuch is replacing Scalia. Scalia was there for the last couple 2A cases and they couldn't get the votes to take any of them. If he were replacing Kennedy or one of the 4 libs I'd say I'd have more hope of them taking the case.
  14. Always loved him on Get Smart
  15. Yeah. Was $9.99 a box a few months ago and I didn't buy any until I got my sbr and had to pay the $10.99. Sucks