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  1. Yes GRIZ, I was referring to the statement you’ve made in the past about this subject, just didn’t want to put your name out. As I said in my original post, “so much for the saying”, but some people who don’t comprehend the English language too well, were asking “where in the statutes does it say ‘add on charge’ “ and other comments about the statutes. I never said it was law or even unwritten policy, just that you had stated it was normally not an only charge, but an added on secondary charge in most cases. Thanks for posting.
  2. Maybe you never read it, but in past discussions about some people’s “concerns” about traveling even to from the range with hollow points, it has been stated by a former LEO here, that they never heard of anyone being charged with possession of them without another more serious charge. If you don’t want to believe it, nothing I can do about it.
  3. We have had former LEOs on here in the past, state that they've never heard of anyone getting charged for possession of JHP Ammo if no other crime was committed, that it was always an "add on" charge. Thats why I posted what I posted.
  4. So much for the saying " hollow points" are an add on charge. Not that these are considered hollow points by new jersikstan laws.
  5. I just read the article in last May's American Rifleman. Went online to read this story mentioned in the article. Thought it was worth reading and remembering the sacrifices of so many. Sorry if this was previously posted. https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2019/4/16/known-but-to-god-the-unknown-soldier-and-the-uss-olympia/
  6. This time in Forrest City, AR. Just happened, not many details. 3 people shot. Here in Jacksonville, right up the street from me, some nut job liberal ran over a tent and chairs in the Walmart parking lot where the local Republican Party was registering voters. Luckily, no one was hurt, but they did catch the guy.
  7. Gunfight at the OK Corral, Tough Guys
  8. Just curious as to why people say they can’t do a Royal Blue finish? I’m a little behind on my American Rifleman mag, reading April 2019, and there’s an article about a company, U.S. Armament Corp getting permission from Colt to build a “limited quantity” of the Colt 1903. The article says it will come in “Blue, Parkerized, Nickel or Royal Blue finishes.” If they can do Royal Blue on these, why can’t Colt do them on their new Pythons?
  9. I've seen some scary pilots and read lots of articles that left me shaking my head over my 25+ year career. My motto now is if I don't know the pilot or there isn't a set of controls in front of me, I'm not getting into a sightseeing helicopter.
  10. There was no autorotation. Low level scud running into rising terrain. Most likely inadvertent IMC (instrument meteorological conditions), loss of control or CFIT (controlled flight into terrain). Although the pilot had his instrument rating, I’ve read he never flew into a cloud. As other instrument pilots here know, flying instruments is a very, very perishable skill. Even with experience, regular currency is required. Compare to airplanes, it’s hard to get actual instrument time in a helicopter. I have 2000 hours in S76B, C+ & C++ helicopters and they are a good IFR helicopter, but many helicopter pilots who don’t fly in the clouds, will generally do everything they can to stay out of them. This isn’t the first crash for these reasons and unfortunately won’t be the last. The fact that they were a only approved for VFR operations should’ve had no bearing on declaring an emergency and climbing above the fog and low cloud layer. Better to deal with the consequences of that then ending up dead and killing 8 other people.
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