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  1. njpilot

    Honda CRV 1.5L fuel in Oil

    When my girlfriend got her civic, they low balled us on my Sonata with no AC. Took it next door to Carmax and got more than 3 times as much. If you still have the civic and you have a Carmax nearby, try them Mark.
  2. njpilot

    Honda CRV 1.5L fuel in Oil

    Yeah, I hear ya. I remember my Lexus looking like that up there. Hope she enjoys it.
  3. njpilot

    Honda CRV 1.5L fuel in Oil

    Nice. Yeah, I'm normally not charcoal grey, but I liked this color when I first saw it and it was one of the few AWD ones. I got many compliments on the color when I first got it.
  4. njpilot

    Honda CRV 1.5L fuel in Oil

    Nice. What color? Mine is Sandstorm
  5. njpilot

    Honda CRV 1.5L fuel in Oil

    Great. Congrats & best of luck. I hope that's true. Happy New Year
  6. njpilot

    Honda CRV 1.5L fuel in Oil

    Hey Mark, I bought a 2018 EX in Feb. Have 11,000+ miles on it and not aware of any issues. It is a very nice vehicle for the money. Just had an oil change at dealer last month. They didn't say anything, but then again, if it was an issue, not sure they would. So far I am happy with it. Good luck on your decision.
  7. njpilot

    Modern Warriors

    Marcus Luttrell, Dakota Meyer, Rob O'Neill and Sean Parnell
  8. True, not to mention all of the liberal transplants from up north
  9. njpilot

    Coolest Boss Ever!

    The 2nd one has to be an anti. No real gun owner would ever make that statement and turned down the money to buy another.
  10. Wyoming and Utah are pretty damn red.
  11. Well, DeSantis race called, DeSantis is governor. The socialist picked up 1 vote in the recount. The Broward county machine vote was done on time, but the dopes couldn't figure out how to send the info to the state through the website, so it was 2 min late and not accepted. Scott actually went up 700+ votes, but now the original count is what counts since it was sent late. Some are saying they deliberately sent it late so the higher count for Scott wouldn't be official. Now they go to a hand count. A judge, whose wife donated to Nelson ruled it unconstitutional to throw out ballots with signatures that didn't match. Also heard a judge said they couldn't throw out ballots with no birthdate sorry wrong birthdates. Cant make this shit up. They should just throw out all of the votes from both counties. If the residents don't like it, too bad, you voted these corrupt asshats in over and over.
  12. Well, unless they can prove the fraud that is occurring or throw out all the ballots from those 2 corrupt counties, she's ahead by 5000 after trailing by 40,000. I'd say she's in unfortunately.

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