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  1. My modest review of GFH - Positives- Very clean and modern 50 yard indoor range is nice Relatively close to me (I live in Mahwah) Friendly staff, everyone was extremely pleasant There seem to be numerous new shooters here which im always happy to see Negatives- The wait...oh lord the wait... I went on a Saturday and waited close to 2 hours. Could have just driven down to Range-14 in that time (which was my first choice) Price I made 3 kids on a Boy's Scout trip cry by accident. The concussion scared them. =/ Thats on me though lol For me GFH is not the right fit. If it were the only range in my area though I would certainly have no qualms (apart from the wait) going here as it is a super clean and friendly environment. Always glad to see more options out there for NJ shooters ! I will continue to go to The Bullethole though for my pistol shooting and take the hike out to Range 14 for rifle. Shooting rifle indoors is not really that enjoyable imo, but im glad GFH has a 50 yd range for people who cannot afford to take half a day to trek out to some of the other ranges.
  2. You going for quality or just pure looks? O_o Any specific interface system? Tube, quad?
  3. I bought my lower at the height of panic unfortunately so it would not have been that much of a difference. Still more expensive though. I really do like the Gen2 lower's magwell though. And Lecky, that is up to you to decide. For me and many other shooters this is all just a hobby. Do you want it? Go for it.
  4. Did not mean that as an insult towards Spikes. In many case a lower is a lower is a lower as long as it is in spec, etc. It has not let me down and the fit and finish have been good. Just meant that I could have waited/spent more and gotten the Noveske Gen II out the gate.
  5. Thanks! I used quality components for everything and the only thing I slightly compromised on was the Spike's stripped lower. Did not have the patience to wait for a Noveske Gen II to hit the market at the time. In time a new lower with a bigger flared well and a Geissele SSA or SSA-E will be on its way. The trigger will probably be ordered some time next month. All in all I could not be happier with how this came out. Thousands of rounds down the tube and not a hiccup yet using XM193/XM855. Plus its still light!
  6. DDM4v5 LW URG Battlecomp perm. attached Spikes Stripped Lower Colt LPK Magpul MIAD Magpul CTR 'H' Buffer from BCM DD Fixed Front Sight Troy Folding Rear Sight Aimpoint T-1 2MOA Bobro Absolute Co-Witness Mount HSP Picatinny Thorntail Mount Inforce HSP WML (Momentary Only) BFG Vickers VCAS (NSN) Sling with 1.25 inch QDs and a butt-load of MidwestPX pinned P-Mags Was going to be a fairly budget build then I went a bit overboard. Definitely nowhere near budget at all
  7. Edited my post. =/ Gotta find a way to host it. Picture is coming in at around 1.6 MB
  8. Edit ~Picture too large. Going to resize.
  9. For a barrel to just blast around at the range and teach basics on, I see no reason to not go CL. OP, at what ranges are you shooting at? Regarding the FA I seem to notice that I put personal preference next to it. Why not argue the choice of barrel metal instead of nitpicking on something I clearly marked as preference? And as to your last point, I am talking about 77gr offerings, not 69gr. The real critical point to all this Old School is would you purchase an MMR at close to $750
  10. My fault, I forgot to lead with the qualifier 'Friend bought an MMR Tactical'. The point still stands though. Friend purchased the 'Tactical' model. The fore-end on the Hunter is also another direct screw into the barrel nut type. Beyond that we can pick holes at how the MMR uses a non chrome lined 4140 barrel, no FA (that is personal preference though), a 1:9 barrel as opposed to the (generally) better 1:7 or 1:8 barrels to stabilize heavier rounds, abysmal CS from Mossberg (friendly, but not technically knowledgeable), and an MSRP of nearly $1000 it cuts way too many corners.
  11. Not a fan of how the rail attaches to the gun. How much do they go for anyway? If you are paying around 750-800 already you might as well just go out and pick up a 6920 for a bit more or wait for a nice BCM sale to come around. Friend bought a MMR Tactical (against my suggestions) and now his rail is twisting off center at the sub-200 round count.
  12. Nothing personal, but some of the ARs in the picture thread are eyesores. I know I might get a few "Its not your gun, why do you care?" replies to this but it really makes my brain hurt. KNS pins on Geissele triggers, optics mounted on railed fronts, general crap tier accessories just so they can stick something on, etc. I really do not get it.
  13. DD Fixed front would be my suggestion.
  14. What is the make of the barrel? Gotta give the heart of the rifle (BCG/Barrel) some love.
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