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  1. The sale is active. They got around the free shipping by being sold out online, you have to buy it in store. Great price either way though.
  2. The Name of the Rose. One Crazy Summer and Back to School are all Great yet underrated.
  3. Back in the day my friends and I were "wannabe" big shots and spent way too much on appearances going out and partying at home. Needless to say, that's not the case any longer. I have a few bottles left but am only looking at these two to get rid of. I'm not in dire need for cash, but I saw a rifle I'm interested in and figure I can offset most of the price depending on what these are worth. I'm definitely not a wine guy so they bottles I'm keeping will be sufficient for me. As far as online prices, for what looks like the same bottle of 98 depending on what site it sways from around 2 to about 6, but some of the places with prices are sold out. I haven't seen any in stock prices for the gift set. Thanks for all your input fellas.
  4. They were stored on a shelf in a closet on the first floor since I don't have a cellar. They have always been stored laying flat so the cork stays saturated. I do not believe they are any type of limited/special edition.
  5. I have a couple bottles of Dom Perignon that I am looking for the value of. I have checked out some websites and Google but the prices seem to be all over the map. I have a bottle of Vintage 1998. The box was opened by the Liquor store when I bought it to verify contents but the bottle is still sealed and in perfect shape. I'm not even sure the bottle has been out of the box. The second is Vintage 2000, it is a Gift set with the bottle of Champagne and 2 crystal glasses. The shrink wrap is still and the box has never been opened. ***The attached pics are not mine, but they are identical to what I have. Thanks.
  6. How about an Otter? My Grandparents had them when I was a kid. Very playful and easy to take care of.
  7. I know this isn't a "safe", but it might be a viable option. http://www.covertcabinets.com/covert-cabinets-gun-storage-shelves-lg-46/
  8. Why not make a deal with the country who's port you're near, or another steamship line and sell the cargo to them.
  9. http://cdn3.volusion.com/nkuqa.knlbw/v/vspfiles/photos/WPK380AB-2.jpg just over $400 https://gastatic.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/kimber-bel-air-29.jpg around $650
  10. Just have it sent to an FFL that will pin the mags.
  11. Snopes also says the Little Mermaid VHS tape covers didn't have a pecker on it, it did. Snopes is as accurate and trustworthy as Casey Anthony babysitting!
  12. They can't be too closely watched, I had 100 or so for a cat that had diabetes.
  13. Sometimes I feel extremely lucky, sometimes I feel like I'm getting ripped off. I have the unlimited data, so I can't do any of this without losing it, I end up paying a lot per month and I have to pay retail or buy used to upgrade, but I stream music all day at work, and watch movies, I also tether my laptop and tablet when we go away i'm usually way over 20/30 gigs at the end of the month.
  14. From their Facebook page. It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that as of Monday July 11, 2016 Alias Training & Security Services, LLC will be closing its doors. An ongoing dispute with our merchant services financial company has made things untenable. Our apologies to all affected students, instructors, etc. To all students of upcoming classes please expect an email early this week to explain the situation in more detail. Again our most sincere apologies, Alias Staff
  15. No. I just had a thread protector pinned/welded, added a Toolcraft BCG, Raptor charging handle and ammo, no need to do anything else but have fun.
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