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  1. I would have, but I got my ID card when I was 18. Couldn't apply for a pistol permit until I was 21, so it just didn't work out. I just never did after I was 21 and now it's been a few years. But I'll keep it updated now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey everyone! I found a great deal on a PX4, and I really want to jump on it. Problem is I don't have a pistol permit, and because I live in Old Bridge and haven't appliedin 2 years, which means I need to start the whole process again from scratch. My question is will a FFL hold the firearm until my permit comes in? Or did my lack of preparation make me lose out on a great deal? Thanks guys!! Any FFL recommendations would be appreciated!
  3. Question, lets say I do the EPL, if I want to pay it off all at once lets say next year, is that an option? Or am I stuck paying $25 a month or quarter until it pays itself? Sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors, this was posted from a mobile device.
  4. Am I the only one who saw the mistake? Look at the index, there are two "IV" sections. One called the "Domestic Violence Forfeiture Statute". Sounds... interesting... I just think its hilarious, give us a comussion full of lawyers and educators and they cant even make an index correctly... Sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors, this was posted from a mobile device.
  5. Seems too good to be true... Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  6. Thank you for all your feedback. I live in Old Bridge, so I will call the records department and double check!
  7. Hello everyone, The last time I was finger printed was around march 2011. I had thought the finger prints expire after 3 years, unless a permit is processed within those 3, then it extends 3. But I read on here its 5 years. Can anyone help me out? Id rather not pay for new finger prints next month when I apply for handgun permits. Also, I will be getting fingerprinted for a substitute teachers liscense soon, can I use the same set of prints for both? Or do I need to pay double? Any help is appreicated!
  8. First of all, I know that no advice here is legal advice, and I would have to talk to an attorney. Lets just say that someone wanted to ooen a gun store. They solicit an investment from someone who cant legally open a gun store due to being in jail. Can this person invest? Will the store be able to obtain an ffl? How would the store be able to use this investor, if at all possible? Thanks guys!
  9. You have to pay NICS and fill out state paperwork. No federal paperwork. I worked there for a while, did this all the time.
  10. I work at the Woodbridge location. The fid is only required for handgun and rifle ammo. Shotgun ammo is fair game. Now that doesn't mean that an uneducated employee won't ask for one and refuse to sell you without one. The reasoning behind it is we sell shotgun ammo to NY residents also, who usually don't have a fid card. But they can not buy handgun or rifle ammo from us.
  11. You do not need a FID for shotgun ammo, but we do ask the register questions. Again, there is no other reasonable explanation except to cover their ass in a lawsuit.
  12. I may be able to offer some insight as an employee of Dicks. When you give your id and fid at the gun counter, they write your birthday in a box. Now people make mistakes, especially with the high turnover rate, so a 20 year old could be given a box of .22. The illegal alien question is pointless, probably just to cover their behind in case any legal issue arises. But the birthday is important. They are supposed to look at the birthdays entered at the register and compare them to the birthdays given at the gun counter to ensure that the fid holder did not give the ammo to an Ineligible person on the way to the register. But it is never cross referenced so it is pointless. But it's the corporate policy.
  13. I think a lot of us are forgetting the fact that somebody someday will sell this gun. Whether this guy sells smart guns doesn't really matter. As long as the gun exists, someone will be willing to sell it. It's a losing fight. All your emails and calls to this small business owner is a complete waste of time. If you really want to make a difference, go volunteer for a pro gun candidate who will repeal the 3 year law. Don't know one? Then be the candidate.
  14. As many of you probably know, every month radio station 101.5 hosts Governor Christie for a public Q&A. I think we should collectively call between 6:50 and 7:00 and tell them we want to ask the governor how he will protect our rights, especially with the bills that are nearing his desk. I have called a few times and have been turned away by the screener. Maybe, if they don't take our question, we can tell the screener some fake story and once we are on the air, ask our real questions. We deserve to be heard. 1-800-283-1015
  15. I actually visited the range on Wednesday. I brought a 20 year old friend, had no issue because of his age. I was able to teach him how to shoot. Very friendly staff. An hour of range time for 2 people, rental of a beretta px4, 200 rounds of 9mm, eye and ear rental, and 6 targets came to about $130. I actually had a jam. I was not familiar with the gun, so I called a rso for help. I usually shoot a glock, so I've never experienced a jam. He showed me how to safely fix it. I would highly recommend this range. And even if you already have a home range, you should mail Antony a check for being awesome. I really believe you are doing New Jersey a great service by having such a beautiful, top of the line, safe range. Thank you!
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