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  1. @Ray Ray I missed a compact and now WC does do them any longer. They are doing a full size frame compact slide with a 20 round mag. https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Order-the-92G-Centurion-Tactical/products/975/ id really like a compact but I may get this instead.
  2. My WC 92G and my very old but completely redone by WC 92FS.
  3. Why do I enjoy these videos so much?
  4. Get one of those 18 core i9 processors.
  5. Me too but I’ve resisted.
  6. But in my case it would be true.
  7. I thought when he said hey handsome he meant me.
  8. If you start with just the action there are no replacement parts just the parts you want. If you buy a complete rifle you’re paying for things that you may not use. The upside is you’re out shooting as soon as the nics check is done.
  9. OS X is UNIX based micro kernel and windows is still monolithic. Microsoft is in the process of making windows more OS X like and you can see it in early previews with Ubunutu running with no perceptible hypervisor. They quietly released the Ubuntu subsystem about year or so ago. Eventually they’ll make it the primary kernel and focus most of their efforts on user experience. You further see this by porting SQL server and their CLR (common language runtime) to Linux the latter removing the need for mono. Lastly Mac’s are modestly more than a comparable non-Mac at this point especially in the laptop space. Mac Pro is a bit pricey.
  10. +1 I took this advice. If you’re building from scratch do s G3 RTF frame. I just received one recently and love it a lot. Zev slide with RMR cut and suppressor sights on top.
  11. They argued (among other things) that magazines over 10 rounds are dangerous and unusual weapons not protected under the Second Amendment, are not needed for self-defense, and are a danger to the public, even in the hands of law-abiding citizens. The entirety of this paragraph irks me to my very core. However, I feel even more angry with the, “even in the hands of law-abiding citizens.” They, without regard, have impugned my character and all other decent gun owners with no evidence or facts. Arguing mags greater than 10 rounds are not common should be interesting. We just need to a manufacturer website and see most standard capacity mags are greater than 10. Also gun crime stats would prove illegal guns are used in the overwhelming majority crimes. I feel my tax money is dangerous, especially in the hands of libtards.
  12. What a great deal from Big Texas Outdoors. Thanks @High Exposure. I received the G3 RTF 19 frame. I can't believe it was 79 bucks and only 7.95 shipping. I paid to xfer it. Popped my zev slide on it and good to go. Can't wait to get the 17 frame.
  13. I'm going to wait for Sig to work out some of the issues with the 365 and then grab one. I have a hard time not carrying my 340PD scandium J frame, trijicon sight, clip, boot grip and a speed strip for reload.
  14. Sorry about your dad. Are you prohibited from owning firearms? If not take his, now your, shotgun home and don’t worry about it.
  15. Breyer is 80 and Ginsburg is 85. Well past their actuarial life span.