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  1. I have one that I must have preordered over a year ago and received it in March or April. It's really is lot of fun. I bought it with the bolt carrier so I wouldn't have to do the machining.
  2. I'm guessing you have a nice stash of tools and a press. I don't I had to get a gunsmith to help me assemble mine.
  3. I haven't seen this posted anywhere but if it has feel free to delete. This is an experiment to see if guns kill people. https://www.2ndvote.com/guncam/
  4. Big fan of the Vortex HD. I'm actually a fan of the 1x mag scopes no too, one optic now rotating the rifle 45, which I agree is way better than looking over the Acog to the RMR. I have a Leupold 1-6 as well. For some reason I never feel as comfortable with RDS.
  5. I bought 107 parts kit from AK builders and a nodak spud receiver. I'll be painting mine when it's done. I'm also not using AK furniture but instead AR buffer tube, stock, rail system, gas block front sight. Shortened the barrel as well.
  6. I have an RO champion and I love it.
  7. Well it's good they date them the pickup date.
  8. I hope your dad does well after the transplant. You can extend your permits an additional 90 days. In my town the young lady that handles permits does the extensions while you wait. When you pick up ask how they handle the extensions.
  9. Where in FL did you move?
  10. That's why stocking up now is important. It may be a much more burdensome process until a court finds it unconstitutional.
  11. I'd think swapping entire uppers would be better. The OD of the 40 cal barrel is different than the 9 if I'm not mistaken. There are a few Glock armorers on here to correct me if I'm wrong. However, the frames are the same so the slides will swap.
  12. Very sorry to hear that.
  13. My wife is very proud of her Italian heritage so all of the dogs have names that she finds appropriate. My two bullmsatiffs are named Capri and Luca Brassi. When we had boxers (3 at one point) Bianca, Bella and Botticella.
  14. It doesn't seem to bother him/her at all!
  15. I have trijicon hd night sights in a few of my glocks. I think they're fantastic.