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  1. I gave you a funny, well.... because it is.
  2. That’s what happened to all my firearms. Damned boats.
  3. @Zeke gives @Bully the downvote.
  4. Thanks for updating me, I appreciate it.
  5. Yeah, could be. My main point, about myself, was don’t be critical until you’re informed. Thanks again. Are you a member there? I was a guest once and really enjoyed it but lived far from that location. I’m a reasonable distance currently which is why I was considering joining.
  6. I deleted my post because I don’t feel it was the place to ask but I appreciate your response. After I posted asking about the requirements I remembered the golden rule. Their range, their rules. I also emailed the person you mentioned.
  7. I can’t join anywhere it seems unless I get a FPID again. Oh, and the ability to get off my ass which is coming soon.
  8. I had a perf center shield that’s now kind of sitting the box, I’ve sworn off selling stuff, because of my 365. I have more than 2000 rounds through it and my trigger is very smooth when compared to when I first started shooting it. I find the accuracy to be very similar to the shield but find handling the gun amazingly comfortable. I have fairly average sized hands. I also like the sites (night sites) on the sit much better. I am not sure now your finger is coming off the trigger and getting caught between the bottom of the bow and the guard. You should probably try and get a pick of that. I’m not sure how a flat blade would help, I’m guessing same clearance from tip to guard. last bit. I felt the Sig fires SD ammo better than the shield. A bit more controllable and thus a bit more accurate with those snappier rounds.
  9. Yeah I’ve dumped way to much money into my glocks and I’m feeling like I may do it again.
  10. In NYC I am sure there was little ask from non-cops given the difficulty in getting permits for handguns. Moreover, there’s no ranges and I believe a lot of NyC residents would keep there firearms at locations (weekend homes) outside the city. I still love most days on the UWS (well not the last two months) but have my guns in FL and Jersey. I’ve given up on getting a permit to have one I already own in NYC.
  11. How does one join CJRPC? I just read but why does my D/L have to match my FID when it doesn’t for me to buy a firearm?
  12. Sorry just recovered from my bout with the flu. I don’t know why folks are picking you—I really don’t understand it. I thought your offer was generous. I’d get a glock 19 over the 320c. I know that doesn’t make you happy but I find it better.
  13. In a moment of desperation I made ribs in a pressure cooker. I rubbed them hours beforehand and had them raised above the drippings. They weren’t bad, they weren’t green egg smoker good but I was alone in my small apartment in NYC.
  14. I have some spare 9, 40, 45 and 10mm brass. I think I may have a bunch of .300 BO sized and primed. Still digging through some boxes.
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