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  1. Nice I got mine back a month ago and it shoots like a dream.
  2. I thought someone had one for sale on the site.
  3. I have a home in Florida
  4. Maybe the lead isn't as large as first thought? http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2017/09/murphys_lead_over_guadagno_not_as_wide_in_new_poll.html
  5. A bit off topic but NJSP requires a bachelors degree from an accredited college or univeristy as of this past June. If that is on his radar he may want to consider more education after Vo Tech. http://www.njsp.org/recruiting/minimum-qualifications.shtml
  6. Montville does permits in a week no appt.
  7. Call me.
  8. I honestly don't remember its been so long.
  9. I did not have to. I had a reasonably long run, the house was built in 2000 and the plumber thought it was up to the load.
  10. I have the 20kw on my house and it draws a lot but I’ve never had an issue. Well both times I was running my house off of it. In my view they are priceless.
  11. Montville. Send me a phone # and I’ll mms you a pic.
  12. Base with telescoping poll and backboard. Free. Need to disassemble a few pieces to move.