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  1. I’m in Rumson. Let me edit the original post.
  2. The mill is from harbor freight and is pretty good. I have a Chinese branded AC/DC 200 amp TiG welder with torches and a bottle of argon, table and some filler rod. These are at my house in NJ and I don’t get around to using them at all. I’ll give them to someone who can pick up when I am around. If you feel great about receiving these items you can make a small charitable donation to any charity of your choice. If not you are still welcome to the items. You just need to be patient as I am in and out quite a bit. THis is the welder https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00REX6USW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Seems like more NJ wealth distribution.
  4. No greater truth has ever been told.
  5. That’s my point, he’s not relevant or opposition to Trump. He was more widely heard as a pundit than a candidate.
  6. I’m actually stunned he’s making another run at this. Maybe it ups his price tag for the next job at CNN.
  7. When did this did happen? 25 bucks for a pistol permit? That’s what I said when the Rumson PD called me after I filled out the online form. I guess democrats hate poor people. I haven’t bought a gun here in awhile because, obviously, it’s much easier in FL. However, someone has a pistol I want and it’s just easier, so, I thought, to buy it in NJ directly. But 25 bucks for a permit and all the transfer costs kill the economics. I did commit and, of course, I’m gonna complete the deal. I can’t believe the price of the permits though.
  8. Anyone submit before qualifying? Says there is 6 months to get quals done.
  9. Gun For Hire site is super helpful so thanks to them. However, the link for the mental health background check says it needs Internet Explorer and that link does fail using other browsers. Isn't this the same form at this location? NJ SP-066
  10. Is it me or is there no place for the applicant to sign the SP624? I looked at the link on GFH and went directly to the State Police website. I know I'm idiot but didn't realize I was this dumb.
  11. @falcone Be mindful of reasonable driving to Jacksonville. I don't think people realize the traffic that surrounds that city for commuters etc. I've owned homes on Amelia Island which is 27 miles from Jax airport. It ain't easy getting around if it's at commute time. Even navigating the loop I've sat for more than an hour around Orange Park.
  12. State ID isn’t relevant. I have Florida ID but still domicile in NJ because of number of days in each state.
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