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  1. Head up be a proud plastic gun owner.
  2. Looks good but you know you own a Glock now, right?
  3. It was a sig but I don’t buy it. If he had dropped it maybe but just fired? No effing way.
  4. Plus the amazon led 750 million. Saw the Rivian at the auto show. It looked fantastic.
  5. I used the sticky holster all last week and it was excellent in both shorts and jeans.
  6. @AVB-AMG the few folks I know with experience with clear really like it. A big time saver. At this point most of my travel points don’t have it. I hope that changes soon.
  7. Rob0115

    MP5 Variants

    The NJ compliant PTR looks awful. I’d get a good AR 9mm like the Wilson combat for similar money.
  8. If everything tasted like bacon the world would be a better place.
  9. I did it over 6 years ago so to my business travel and the side benefit of pre-check is the best. I’m waiting for clear to hit some of the airports and terminals I frequent before applying for that.
  10. Eeh Ghad this went way off. BtW HD motorcycles all torx. Funny i just upgraded the SSD today in my Mac Pro cylinder and it was security Torx.
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