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  1. Interestingly this has been the case for a while yet they continued to sell standard, greater than 10, round magazines till this past week. I’m guessing that they have drop shipping arrangements where they are sent from warehouse to purchaser directly and those warehouses could be outside Illinois. I think the timing of making this announcement is odd. I’ll stand firm and still not purchase from them.
  2. Here he goes: http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/02/murphy_promises_we_are_doing_everything_we_can_in.html#incart_river_home
  3. I've purchased standard capacity, 30 round cause that's the standard, from them in the recent past. I'll have to scan my email but I think I bought new Glock mags from them when I moved to FL to get the 17 rounders that a 34 comes with instead of the ban non-standard 10 round magazines I received it with in NJ.
  4. Yeah I’m calling bullshit
  5. I think that press release is a reaction to the backlash
  6. I’m going to email them today and let them know, in my view, no real gun owner will buy from them again. They can scour the forums on their own but I’ll let them know there’s plenty of threads—arfcom has a big one going.
  7. I read in several places and searched their site and the ar mags were all 10 rounds.
  8. They may as well become democrats. Optics Planet now has a policy where they will only sell standard capacity magazines, aka 10 rounds only. Who decided 10 was standard, I always thought 30 is standard, anyway? I regret every penny I’ve given to them as they are participating in suppressing the rights of gun owners. I implore you to consider purchasing elsewhere when thinking of using optics planet.
  9. and NY and CA on some of the crazy parts all out ban is the mission.
  10. I just watched it. All examples regarding personal gun issues they pointed out are already illegal. The best case is they get overly agressive and to make court challenges easier.
  11. I'm very welcoming of new folks, as is all on here, but can't help but feel it's odd when the opening salvo starts with the gunshow loophole.
  12. Something smells fishy in here. Oops there goes my paranoia again. Here is the simple answer: there is no such thing as the gunshow loophole. It does not exist.
  13. Going to the Second Amendment, I don’t think they had AK-47s and everything else in mind [when they imagined] the right to bear arms and protecting yourself. Going to the first amenment, I don't think they had the web, instagram, facebook and everything else in mind [when they imagined] providing the ability for you to make an ass out of yourself at light speed.
  14. I’m biting my tongue.
  15. @remixeris in Monmouth I believe and has a great reputation.