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  1. That can’t possibly be true.........or maybe I’m wrong.
  2. Zeke next time give an eye bleach warning.
  3. My wife said as long as l don’t wear jorts or white new balance sneakers it’s all good. Apologies to those who are fans of that fashion.
  4. Thanks I feel better about myself.
  5. Lately I’ve been carrying my Kimber ultra II instead of my 365, shield or j-frame. I’m wearing shorts and have a belly band, it’s comfy, concealed and accessible. I really love cocked and locked carry. Additionally this gun shoots fantastically. Maybe it’s just a fad and I’ll stop but the last week or so it’s been really great.
  6. Ugh me want. Why do I read these forums?
  7. Right about at the old spice commercial. Even simple threads here can turn real interesting.
  8. I’ve used the chamfer tool and have messed up few. I bought a swager a while back.
  9. That’s not completely true he responded by calling you a jackass. Although he could’ve just provided his sources.
  10. They aren’t not good work trucks but I don’t need use it for work. For my needs it can haul and tow way more than my suv. Does it have less capacity than a standard f150, sure. Is it way more fun to drive, sure. I got it because I enjoy the performance it provides, 0-60 in 5 seconds. I’ll take it off road a bit down here and use it as a beach tailgate party vehicle. Do not buy if you have serious pickup needs.
  11. Buy a Bugatti Veyron then please come and take me for a ride.
  12. I have a burnt bronze DE 50 that I recently Cerakoted. I added adjustable fiber optics sights because I struggled with the plain black blades and had it magnaported. The latter is the best 110 bucks you’ll spend on it. It’s more effective than the $350 brake (barrel assembly) from MRI. https://magnaport.com/hgun.html I know the photo is upside down. I took from the cerakoter’s instagram.
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