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  1. I know this isn’t what you asked and honestly I’m not being an ass. Buy a Glock 19 and even with NJs mag laws it still holds more and put 2000 rounds through it and it’ll just start getting good. The trigger will wear in and everything will be just right. WRT a 1911 a fair bit of the initial resistance is the mainspring.
  2. Hey Rosie thanks for the news. I’d probably wanna join so I could come and go as needed. Believe it or not I have my old FPID so would only need to do a change of address!
  3. I just finished my new home on Amelia Island, FL in July and my wife informed me she’s tired of her NE time being in Manhattan, she just ain’t a city girl. I also think my adult children who live in Manhattan manipulated her into building a getaway for them on summer weekends. So the time I spend up here will be ferry commuting from Highlands, NJ (luckily it’s part time and I’ll save 4% in city tax). So I’m renting out my condo on the UWS and hoping my house will be done by 3-31. I plan on repatriating some NJ legal stuff (a few 1911, wheel guns and a bolt action or two) so I’d like to find a place to use them.
  4. I saw it on ARFCOM they’re going nuts over there.
  5. Rob0115

    New SW 610

    Scored the 4” and put 100 rounds each of 40 and 10 through it. Really nice very happy with the purchase.
  6. Rob0115

    10mm Glock

    Take a look at Lone Wolf. I’ve done two of their slides one of which was a G40 (in 9x25 Dillon) and one was a 35. They often have sales for complete slides that you pick the parts. Good stuff and good prices.
  7. Looks like someone needs suppressor sights.
  8. Rob0115

    New SW 610

    I’m going to buy one of these tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. What’s the thought on 6.5” vs 4”? I’m thinking the 4” works be nice and have better balance than the 6.5”. I should mention I have an original in 6.5” smooth cylinder.
  9. Rob0115

    10mm Glock

    But make no mistake the 40 is one I really enjoy and it’s cheap in comparison to the legion gun.
  10. Rob0115

    10mm Glock

    Discounting the wheel gun I’d say the 220 legion. It’s jut silky smooth, heavy enough to handle the hotter stuff and great trigger. After that I’d say the EAA Match Witness.
  11. Take it from someone who’s dumped way, way, way too much money into stock Glocks....do it and just have fun.
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