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  1. Right about at the old spice commercial. Even simple threads here can turn real interesting.
  2. I’ve used the chamfer tool and have messed up few. I bought a swager a while back.
  3. That’s not completely true he responded by calling you a jackass. Although he could’ve just provided his sources.
  4. I’m gonna have to go with sniper and say any of these four are the greatest of all time. I particularly like the first one because she looks muscular and can protect when I can’t carry a firearm.
  5. They aren’t not good work trucks but I don’t need use it for work. For my needs it can haul and tow way more than my suv. Does it have less capacity than a standard f150, sure. Is it way more fun to drive, sure. I got it because I enjoy the performance it provides, 0-60 in 5 seconds. I’ll take it off road a bit down here and use it as a beach tailgate party vehicle. Do not buy if you have serious pickup needs.
  6. Buy a Bugatti Veyron then please come and take me for a ride.
  7. I have a burnt bronze DE 50 that I recently Cerakoted. I added adjustable fiber optics sights because I struggled with the plain black blades and had it magnaported. The latter is the best 110 bucks you’ll spend on it. It’s more effective than the $350 brake (barrel assembly) from MRI. https://magnaport.com/hgun.html I know the photo is upside down. I took from the cerakoter’s instagram.
  8. Rob0115

    Recommend handgun

    First time I’ve ever been able to face palm Mrs Peel. Sorry couldn’t resist. NJ does not allow NFA items at all.
  9. Where in Florida? I’m glad you’ll be here to vote—we can use someone who will vote on the proper side. GLWS.
  10. The Ranger Raptor already exists abroad. I don’ t know if they’ll bring it to the US. I don’t know if you seen the new Ranger but it isn’t as small as it used to be. It looks good though.
  11. If you’re going to single stage jut get a cheap rock chucker setup. I’ve been using the same one for 30 years for my single stage needs. It’s as good as the day it was new. If you want to go progressive then I’m going to say join the blue master race and get a Dillon.
  12. Bringing this back from the dead. I thought I’d buy a 2017 Gen 2 Raptor and never completed a deal. I ordered from a dealer in CT for a bit over msrp but it didn’t happen. I let it go for quite some time and recently got the itch again this week and made sure I scratched it today. I scored a 2019 (a lot of nice enhancements for 2019) today and actually took it home. Surprised how nimble it is for something of its size. I was out on the beach for a while tossing sand around but then had to run back to go to a dinner at a friends. Initial impressions are surprisingly balanced, nice ride quality and it’s fast.
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