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  1. Does anyone even have a drive for these?
  2. Funny it just came over on my Reuters feed yesterday.
  3. This the case from Hawaii where George Young sued for his right to carry in public. This is for open and cot concealed carry but the real shocker is this is the 9th circuit in SF. I mean that’s a progressive Mecca. I’m not really sure what it mean in the long term but interesting ruling nonetheless. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-guns-court/u-s-appeals-court-upholds-right-to-carry-gun-in-public-idUSKBN1KE28C
  4. I’ve done the exemption s few times when my being held inventory was getting to large. I took home a dozen pistols one time and 8 or 9 one other. You need to have all the serial numbers before you fill out the forms.
  5. No one raindrop feels it’s responsible for the flood. Which tax dollar matters in the most taxed state in the nation? I’d pay the $1.65 but reduce my, former, $30,000 plus property taxes or reduce the 8.97% top income tax rate I was paying or maybe uncap the property tax write off, which may have happened. Sure an extra 4.3 cents on top of what? 37.5 cents? Formerly 14? Where does NJ rank in gas tax now? NJ currently ranks 7th and after this increase NJ will the rank 5th. It used be second lowest, one benefit in an otherwise awful tax domicile, but that money was sucked out to pay for other structural shortfalls. Had the gas tax money been left for road repairs, or perhaps if Nj didn’t cost 1mm / mile, not including debt service, none of this would’ve been necessary. So yes in isolation $1.65 is no big deal but how do you isolate that money from the barrel of money that’s already being paid? However in the last two years the change in gas tax alone is $10.82 / week, using your example, or ~$564 / year This still doesn’t capture the entire issue in NJ as outlined above in short I have to disagree with your analysis in justifying increasing taxes by focusing on the $1.65 / week. By doing so you are ignoring the rest of the issue related to taxes obscuring the true picture. This is a tactic often employed by progressives when trying to justify yet another new tax increase.
  6. 30 rounds mags on this. They make a 60.
  7. I haven’t been going as much as I’d like due to travel and family responsibilities. I got there today before heading to the beach and starting my holiday drinking. Btw made a killer brisket. Well I brought a few things but couldn’t put this down. I SBR’d this and liberty made a custom mount for my mystic can. It was just great and I never got to my sp5.
  8. Sorry @Zeke mine is a 320c.
  9. @ZekeSorry didn’t see this. Send me a phone number and I’ll mms a couple pics.
  10. I like rock creek and Bartlein barrels a lot. Jimmy at GFH has done both AR and bolt gun builds on proof and he’s a fan. I just don’t see how it justifies the price. However if you’re getting a good price, similar to the blanks from the other two mentioned providers I’d go for it.
  11. I like the P30SK a lot. However I feel the need for a 365. Maybe ditch my shield with crimson trace laser.
  12. I’ll sell you my unfired FDE 320 cheap or you can get a glock 19.
  13. I believe criminal only. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Instant_Criminal_Background_Check_System