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  1. I don't believe she is. In the event she wins, likely, if she should deviate from state law I will happily, have committed the funds, fund the lawsuit against her. How many missing ballots are ever republican votes? That's normally 0 especially in Coward county.
  2. I'm pretty sure the grendel was based on a .220 russian as well. I like plinking with x39 but even handloaded for precision who makes good brass? What bullets are available? For fun I get it but I'd go with any 6 or 6.5 or a 30BR for anything more "serious". I could be wrong--as usual. @Old School don't make fun of me.
  3. Not in jeopardy because she doesn't decide them the AG does but she would administer them and potentially make them a pain in the ass. I've already committed funds to a local group for the first law suit if she should try to impose her will. It'll be worth every penny and you can't take it with you.
  4. Someone on here got a pet from that breeder I believe. Was it @Shawnmoore81? Here's some press related to the 55k value put on Hulk's puppies. https://www.boredpanda.com/hulk-pitbull-largest-puppies/?utm_source=ar15&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=organic
  5. Which the mutistrada or the 821? 821 is awesome may upgrade to the 929.
  6. I have a Ducati 821 sp. I’ve had a bunch of Ducs over the years and have ridden the multistrada. It’s fantastic.
  7. Amy Comey Barrett
  8. Isn’t a glock 21 the same as an AR15 just more concealable?
  9. I bought one a couple years ago and have a suppressor on it. It’s really great to shoot.
  10. @DK535 There’s an old saying that if you have to ask.....it’s not legal. IANAL but there’s an SBR version definitely out. The pistol version wouldn’t be legal either. I am not sure the legality of a PSB but the weight is over 50 oz and it has a barrel shroud. Those are no-no’s on pistols in NJ with a magazine that is outside the grip.
  11. https://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/10/murphy_wants_even_tighter_gun_laws_in_nj_after_pit.html#incart_river_index libs are never bothered stepping over dead bodies to push their agenda.
  12. Part the rifle out if you want the most money for it--those are nice components. The entire rifle will fetch 1100-1300 bucks, maybe. You can buy a complete 5.56 match grade upper from Wilson Combat for 1295. To assemble the lower with TTU trigger, etc is another 600 bucks or so. If you want to sell, whole or in parts, AR15.com is the easiest place to get money for these parts. Selling the lower is no big deal just ship to an FFL that receives from individuals and you are fine.
  13. Even under a trust it can only be transported to states where it is legal to own. So if you have a valid PA trust and acquire NFA items, suppressor in this example, you still cannot bring it to Nj.
  14. My wife sent me a photo from the island and it looks like a great day there
  15. I enjoy my 19x and carry it when I’m not in shorts and t shirts. I’ll probably end up getting one of these too and a p365