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  1. Anyone submit before qualifying? Says there is 6 months to get quals done.
  2. Gun For Hire site is super helpful so thanks to them. However, the link for the mental health background check says it needs Internet Explorer and that link does fail using other browsers. Isn't this the same form at this location? NJ SP-066
  3. Is it me or is there no place for the applicant to sign the SP624? I looked at the link on GFH and went directly to the State Police website. I know I'm idiot but didn't realize I was this dumb.
  4. @falcone Be mindful of reasonable driving to Jacksonville. I don't think people realize the traffic that surrounds that city for commuters etc. I've owned homes on Amelia Island which is 27 miles from Jax airport. It ain't easy getting around if it's at commute time. Even navigating the loop I've sat for more than an hour around Orange Park.
  5. State ID isn’t relevant. I have Florida ID but still domicile in NJ because of number of days in each state.
  6. This is why I don’t like investing with short term horizons.
  7. Converted .223 with mixed headstamp, a bit over 150 pieces. I'll ship it to you small flat rate on me as a pay it forward, be patient I work all week. I think it's a bit over 150 pieces left.
  8. It's in the packing. I will ship to you flat rate, I'll pay, if you make a 25 dollar donation to St Judes Children's Hospital. That's a 35 dollar value for a 25 dollar tax deductible charitable donation. LMK? Can send photos if you reach out to me.
  9. These are all in burnt bronze and the grip module has some nice stippling. The mag release is installed as well. I don't know if it's factory or after market as I bought it just for the FCU. I can send pictures if you contact me. I will send this all to you small flat rate, on me, if you make a $20 donation to St Judes Children's Hospital.
  10. @Shockerabsurd for FA 50 AE DE (lots of caps and I'm not yelling) is probably the best description.
  11. I’m curious, how would one interpret this? Semi-automatic version of an automatic firearm There is no automatic version of this firearm.
  12. Because the magazine is in the grip it’s not regulated like an AR pistol is or any pistol where the mag attaches other than into the grip. I don’t how you’d thread the barrel one but it would be legal. NJ frequently blusters about banning .50 cal firearms and it is yet to pass. If it does you can lose it in a boating accident, store it or move out of state, sell it to someone in a freer state. I sold mine and miss it. Prob get another.
  13. It says Union County so I would say no. The original is in Randolph.
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