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  1. I know this sounds like the devil talking but hear me out... i actually think this is better. Not the time, but the fact the permits go to the same person. It adds way more consistency. There is no sense in bitching that we have to do this because it most likely won’t go away anytime soon. So if we have to deal with it, it would be nice if the process and approval guidelines were consistent. Even for politically biased. At least that bias would be somewhat predictable.
  2. Yes, those explain the issue more but don't necessarily give you much detail on how to actually fix. I'm just doing research for additional info on top what it says when that happens
  3. Cool! Agreed. I wish the suggested fixes were a bit more descriptive
  4. Thanks for the contribution.
  5. Cool man! I'm in
  6. Just had mine arrive today. Pretty cool. however no more Pelican case. Mine is in a custom MantisX case. Username is twospot if anyone wants to add me to their group
  7. Great suggestions. Not sure I'll buy anything fully auto.
  8. Oh no doubt, as soon as I get the PA drivers license I'll get the PA CCW. Then I'm gonna go buy multiple handguns and a rifle IN ONE PURCHASE!!! LOL. That is very true sir.
  9. Thanks man, I appreciate it. I'm sitting here cracking up almost urinating myself because I just realized what your avatar is LMAO!
  10. Oh I know once I cross the bridge I'm a free man. However leaving and re-entering this shithole is a whole different ball game. It's difficult not to overthink with the crap here. I am 100% a cop will say "Well do you have proof you went to the range?" Although the law does not say you need it, it doesn't say you don't. Remember that's how these libs think. Plus no offense against any LEOs here, I don't trust they know the laws.
  11. I work in PA and have Clayton's about two miles from my office. They're not open when I drive into the area in the morning.
  12. I'm seeing more stuff that FOPA doesn't cover me locking my firearm unloaded in the trunk and driving into PA from my home in NJ. I was told by what I consider an incredibly reliable source that FOPA does. However I found threads on this forum and others saying unless you're driving to your own business, another home or a range that its illegal
  13. Mailed my app for NH non rez CCW. They got it last Monday, cashed my check Friday. Then I just realized whats the point. If I can't leave the state with it it was a waste of money. I'm moving to PA this year so I'll get a PA CCW. I guess the NH may help in other states. Should've checked before hand rather than reading after it was mailed.
  14. Do that always. However the return is not necessarily the case.
  15. Oh I don’t disagree with taking advantage of a loophole in any area of life. If the opening is there so be it. My point is 1. There is no gun show loophole 2. Certainly there are loopholes in plenty of things that may not seem “right” to others.it wasn’t specific to this topic.