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  1. Yes, I've gone to Guardian Training Center and Ready Aim Fire.
  2. Fair enough, I'll accept that, Unfortunately since we're in one and surrounded by others it feels like the whole country LOL.
  3. This stuff has been out there for years. not sure why this company got DOJ approval to begin with. As plenty others have said there are books an digital media on things well worse. I blame DD for making a big deal out of releasing them. They should have just put them out there. WOuldn't garnered the attention, unless that was their point, which is possible. In either case, clear violation of 1A. Building it is a separate issue. This country is really going to hell in a hand basket folks.
  4. Agreed. If I'm selling I just wanted to make sure buyer coming to me is cool. I wouldn't risk going to him unless we met at a range.
  5. Thank you very much. This is very helpful!
  6. Can you do a private sale of a handgun (assuming buyer has all proper paperwork Photo ID matching FID, P2P, etc.) from home or do you have to meet at a range? In other words, buyer goes to sellers home to do transaction.
  7. I know this sounds like the devil talking but hear me out... i actually think this is better. Not the time, but the fact the permits go to the same person. It adds way more consistency. There is no sense in bitching that we have to do this because it most likely won’t go away anytime soon. So if we have to deal with it, it would be nice if the process and approval guidelines were consistent. Even for politically biased. At least that bias would be somewhat predictable.
  8. Yes, those explain the issue more but don't necessarily give you much detail on how to actually fix. I'm just doing research for additional info on top what it says when that happens
  9. Cool! Agreed. I wish the suggested fixes were a bit more descriptive
  10. Just had mine arrive today. Pretty cool. however no more Pelican case. Mine is in a custom MantisX case. Username is twospot if anyone wants to add me to their group
  11. Great suggestions. Not sure I'll buy anything fully auto.
  12. Oh no doubt, as soon as I get the PA drivers license I'll get the PA CCW. Then I'm gonna go buy multiple handguns and a rifle IN ONE PURCHASE!!! LOL. That is very true sir.
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