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  1. Time for a plague mask filled with aromatic herbs
  2. That’s sad, but it makes sense. Need to make space for the younger ones getting bigger. It’s not apparent to me how long a more mature hog is “good for” before harvest. I get the care and feeding attribute. There’s plenty of free space in most rural areas, one would hope they could build additional structures for care (dont need to be fancy, think colonial era), and give them a bit more time. Does anyone know processors in NJ/PA, where we could buy “a pig”, or maybe “half a cow”? Would be nice to deal with a smaller processor and stock up on these animals versus seeing them euthanized and incinerated or buried.
  3. That’s fine - but there are reasonable and “rational” explanations behind it. Hopefully most people were prepared. I suspect that the population at large is marginally so. That is what it is at this point. Fortunately, people are highly adaptable to all sorts of things in their diets. So long as the pigs, cows, chickens and lamb are all going on living, not diseased, and are reproducing, this is a temporary matter that will pass. If there’s widespread disease or reduction in the stock of animals, that’s a different problem. Your concern resonated with some of us, and some have freezers filled with “stuff”. It’s the best we can do at this point...
  4. Thought I had read that one of the largest pork processing’s factories had shut down. Then Inthought I had heard of another one. I’d suspect that unless processing is done by robots, social distancing is affecting processing rates. Seems that limited supply is entirely plausible.
  5. How many other states have similar infection and death numbers to NJ? How many states have the same population density in such a consistent manner? Statistics can be massaged to tell many stories... I’m pissed daily when held up to get what I need when shopping, or restricted from my family unit using parks that I pay taxes for. But I also recognize that we have pretty high population, density, and infection cases. While I’d prefer personal responsibility, some folks are just idiots. id have much preferred a stronger emphasis on best practices and responsibility. But it’s reasonable to understand that pickup sports games and other gatherings do increase the chance of transmission. It’s also reasonable to me that if I went to my place at the shore, where the closest hospital is 10 miles or so, versus near my home, where there are more hospitals than I can count within 10 miles, the strain on services could be much more dire in some places if everyone, including some at-risk carriers needed to use that infrastructure. Much of this is common sense, problem is the fact that they have to try to legislate it.
  6. That’s interesting, I’ve tried to be straight up - I want a garage/warehouse for personal use, and the zoning officers of two towns have essentially shot it down because of that. An attorney supporting was a play I was looking into, but then came corona...
  7. Was intended to be a joke. We don’t qualify either. I’m sure the SJW type would classify a comment like yours as “privilege” - shut up and pay for others. Most of these sorts of actions help the upper and lower ends of the earning spectrum, and are paid for on the backs of those of us who are neither rich or poor. In a place like NJ it’s also possible to make too much to qualify, yet not have a windfall of cash, due to high costs of living.
  8. That sounds like privilege to me. Only the elites and the poor can be looked out for. The functional folks who actually execute are just expected to pay for it all, and are brainwashed on either end of the spectrum to accept it.
  9. We live in one of the so-called “restaurant destination towns” in NJ, so we had been doing a lot of take out (I generally hate take out and would much rather go to a restaurant in person), since we can’t go in, might as well try to help them stay afloat. We’re spending as much money as ever, if not more, in restaurants around us. We tried shop rite from home but found that the pickup, let alone delivery times weren’t plentiful. So one of us goes. Fortunately from my woodworking and diy tinkering on cars, I had some N95 masks (which we keep in a Tupperware container and reuse), and 5 mil gloves. Not enough to donate (I’m waiting for someone to try to shame me for wearing an N95 to the store). I have a system to limit use of gloves - glove my right hand, keep left bare. Touch my stuff (phone, cc, etc) with left, public stuff (door handles, items in store, cc pin pad) with gloves hand. Limit exposure, go at off times, don’t go in if it looks too busy, support the little guy in less used stores. We stocked up heavy at the start of this, so we’re generally OK. Lots of smaller shops, as well as some of the diners are selling food at reasonable prices.
  10. That’s absolutely my desired goal. But all the towns around shun this practice based upon zoning. If it’s a residential zoned area then such a building is an accessory structure and needs a residence. If commercial/industrial zoned areas, then they don’t like that there’s not a business being run from such a building. Maybe I’m just explaining it wrong to them...?
  11. Thought in some cases where a full septic is not feasible, a holding tank was acceptable. What I’m looking at is about .8 acres. I might rent the house, might not. I’d buy it for the garage. Even if rented, it’s two bedrooms. Not really able to support a lot of people. I’d be willing to upkeep it vacant claiming it as a “vacation” home, just for the land and garage. Having a house attached is a necessary evil to get a garage on a property at a reasonable price in NJ it seems...
  12. In my town they seem to be continuing forward on a new police station and firehouse complex. Each day I bike by and see a bit more done. It will be interesting to watch if this continues. Currently there is no structure, just ground work. We will see.
  13. It was semi rhetorical... it’s incredible how difficult it is to just find more garage space... including in SJ where there’s a lot of open space...
  14. Thanks for the info. Funny thing to this is I really want the garage, not the house. It could be bulldozed for all I care, or at least be uninhabitable, if they would let me just upkeep it to prevent degradation. I’d accept no COO if they would lite me use the detached garage and leave the house vacant... wonder how that would go over?
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