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  1. dgstinner

    Grip on my FN 509 tactical too aggressive

    You could try wearing gloves when shooting. My Springfield Armory 45 also has a very agressive grip. I wear MechanixWear gloves when I know I'm going to shoot it at the range. The gloves also help when my range is a little chilly indoors.
  2. dgstinner

    Wine Recommendations

    19 Crimes is pretty good.
  3. dgstinner

    Fried chicken joint discussion

    Chicken Holiday over KFC or Popeye's
  4. dgstinner

    Fingerprints needed

    I emailed GFH and made an appointment just to get fingerprinted there. No need to wait for a class.
  5. dgstinner

    The Walking Dead

    FTWD jumped forward in time so right now, it's ahead of TWD. It's rumored that TWD will make a similar jump so it'll once again be further in time than FTWD.
  6. dgstinner

    Black Rifle Coffee Company

    I ordered one of their 48 count K-cup sample boxes and an enamel mug. So far I like it but not sure if it'll replace my donut shop K-cups.
  7. dgstinner

    Microbreweries In NJ

    Demented in Middlesex Boro https://www.dementedbrewing.com http://www.nj.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2017/04/central_jersey_brewery_named_njs_best_craft_brewer.html
  8. dgstinner

    Receiving random phone calls?

    I have AT&T and installed a free app called Call Protect. It has cut down on the amount of spam calls I get. For my home phone, Verizon has teamed up with a service called NoMoRobo. It's free for my landline.
  9. dgstinner

    Florida permit question

    GFH did mine. I emailed Charlie and made arrangements for day and time.
  10. dgstinner

    GunDeals on Reddit banned

    Apparently cigars are considered a prohibited good now too.
  11. dgstinner

    MantisX Training System

    I created a group named 'New Jersey Gun Forums' for anyone that wants to join.
  12. dgstinner

    MantisX Training System

    I was also upset it didn't come in a Pelican case. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. dgstinner

    MantisX Training System

    I just got it yesterday but already put 50 dry fire rounds through it.
  14. dgstinner

    MantisX Training System

    The review I read said it was pretty durable. https://www.range365.com/mantisx-firearms-training-system-gear-test#page-14
  15. dgstinner

    MantisX Training System

    I've only had mine a couple days but I like it so far. I thought about getting one of those laser training systems but they only help with dry fire. I like how this will work with live fire as well.

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